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April 20, 1972 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1972-04-20

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Page Eight


Thursday, April 20 1972

Page Eight THE MICHIGAN DAILY Thursday, April 20, 1972


1:30 to 5:30 p.m.
Sponsored by ENACT,
the Ecology Center,
and the Ann Arbor
Bicycle League.
25 mile route:

Ann Arbor to,
Dexter and back
Pick up sponsor sheets
and information at Fish-
bowl; ENACT ,office
room 2051 Natural Sci-
ence Bldg.; the Ecology
Center,' 417 Detroit St.;
campus U-Cellar, Mich.
Union basement; local
bike shops.
APRIL 22--1-4 P.M.
Major repairs
safety checks
skill tests
bike licenses on sale
The Bike-A-Thon's purpose is
to promote bicycling and other



GUILD HOUSE-802 Monroe
Friday, April 21 - 6 P.M.

Co llege strike against
air war set tomorrow

HRP to run 3 for school board


(Continued from Page 1)

reminiscent of tactics in the late

Benefit Dinner Proceeds
Irish Relief Fund (Irish Red


662-5189 - 663-2362 - 761-8580


Having Trouble Subletting?
UAC Has Established
A Sublet Board

Vietnam. sixties.
Though most members of the On Tuesday, demonstrations at
group are from the University, Harvard University and the Uni-
professors from Stanford Univer- versity of Maryland led to scat-
sity, Ohio State University and tered violence and confrontations
the University of Chicago, as well with police. Police used tear gas
as a local attorney and a local and dogs to break up both dem-
electrical engineer have offered to onstrations.
be "peace hostages." There have also been large dem-
onstrations at Columbia Univer-
Plans for the local actions nsity, Princeton and several other
clude speakers at tomorrow's rally Ivy League schools, as well as at
from Vietnam Veterans Against the University of Illinois in Cham-
ar, taPeople Ait sPary, the paign and the University of Flor-
ida. All these actions were report-
National Peace Action Coalition edly peaceful.
and a local antiwar labor coali- _____-- __
Demonstrators then plan to Summer courses
stage a march to a destination toE
be. determined at the rally. Vacation has rolled around
Prior to the rally, the antiwar quickly this year and that means,
coalition plans workshops about that students able to convince a
the air war. One of the workshops professor to sponsor a reading
will deal with Project Overload, a course can once again pick up
suggested scheme to end the war some valuable credits.
by continuously tying up the Professors Knott and Raeburn
phone lines of executive and mil are offering seven reading courses
itary personnel so they are unable in the English department. Any
to carry out any business. summer reading course in the lit-
Other local actions include a erary college can be taken at a
L. _ . . . .1 tt rf $ f rA 0fnr thre ere.dits

After a lengthy discussion last
night at the Human Rights Party
(HRP) weekly mass meeting, a
decision was reached to run three
HRP candidates for the June 12
school board election.
The actual endorsement of can-
didates is set for Thursday, April
27 at 7:30 p.m. in HRP head-
Before the discussion of wheth-
er to run two or three candidates
for the board, party members de-
N. Viets st(
U.S. destro
(Continued from Page 1)
The planes purportedly stayed
away from the Hanoi-Haiphong
heartland for the, third straight
day, U.S. military sources allege.
Despite denials from Washington,
sources in Saigon say President
Nixon has put the area above the
20th parallel off limts to American
bombers in hopes that Hanoi will

bated the merits of "splitting the "We're not afraid of splitting
liberal vote." + the vote." voiced another member,
Mention % as made of CARE - "we should run on our platform
a liberal democratic organization and our ideas."
designed to decrease the possibil-: "As a party, we want to offer
ity of the kind of split in the left: peonle a clear-cut alternative,"
vote which resulted in the election! added party member Steve Nissen.
of three conservatives last year. The alternate pronosal at last
However, according to HRP nioht-' meeting conoerned running
member Doug Cornell, "We want, only two HRP candidates.
to make it perfectly clear to CARE' One party member, sneaking in
that if they want to cut down the favor~ of the two-candidate pro-
field of radical liberals, they bet- nosal felt that it was "more i -
ter not run against us." nr'tant to get someone elected
- - -than to follow third party moral
" and nhilosophical strategy."
Up drive-Party member Mike Shapiro
)said it. was a tactical advantage
"to run two candidates, and Chuck
Ream. kindergarten teacher who
exressed his desire to run for
the school board. felt that "run-
g nina three .ndidates would show
dication of concern that the Dem- we are politically irresponsible."
ocrats might take a stand againsty
the war. An opriosing party member


Floor Michigan


U.S. House of Represen
members, crowded into the
Foreign Affairs Committee
ing room, were heard appl
twice. and Rogers told re
the applause at one pointN
his remark that "the North

tatives nonteGd out that with three can-
a large didates "we'll princinally get 33.3
hear- 'nr cent more coverage of our
auding ideas."
was to e1
hViet- F r



' .The FIT 4 01
OC 01+a t
5~ary 'Dibble
1121 S. University4
t r

petition being circulated around IW2u 'Pau luclO. ,u windc down its offensive in the I namese are the culprits in this."
the Law School calling for sup- South. "We tend to by so self-e'itcal."
port of the strike and plans by the , L y hors But U.S. warplanes yesterday he said. "that we forget the North Iv
Interfaith Council to dig a huge F sbombarded the An Los area with Vietnamese are e invaders, the on R C I 1 w ort
crater tomorrow near Clonlara, For the convenience of students four million tons of bombs. NottVenmeeae sheln.h
School. The crater will be as large who will use the Undergraduate In the central highlands to the cities." Continue from Page 1
as the average hole created by a Library during the study and ex- west of Hoai An, North Vietna- The briefing was held shortly
500-pound U.S. bomb. amination days, the hours will be: mese forces attacked two border before House Democrats were and
Since the American attacks on Monday, April 24 through Monday, ranger camps six miles from the scheduled to vote on an end-the- ~Better publicizing of RC to
the North Vietnamese cities on May 1 - 8 a.m. to 5 a.m. Laotian frontier and 19 miles war resolution. nrosnective students i order to
Hanoi and Haiphong, antiwar ac- After midnight, only the base- apart. House Democrats y e s t e r d a y attract a more representative
tivity has increased nationally as ment and main floors will be open. Secretary of State William P. sidetracked a caucus vote on back- sample of LSA students, especial-
well as locally. Demonstrators During this period the Student Rogers yesterday told reporters ing a 30-day Indochina War dead- ly minority students.
yesterday attempted to burn draft Coffee Lounge will be open 1:30- "we have no evidence at this time" line and scheduled a vote tomor-. The 42 year old RC, housed in
records in Kalamazoo in a protest 4:00 a.m. that the U.S. bombing raids on rote on a resolution to condemn Fast Quad, features a dormitory
- _-_North Vietnam will affect Presi- the recent bombing as "a danger- community where as one RC sen-
__ _ _ ________dent Nixon's upcoming summit ous escalation of our role in the for described. "all we talk about is
meeting in Moscow. Indochina War and a direct con- what we read.
te'S The American Broadcasting tradiction of the administration's While students are required to
TVQ& Stereo Rentals Company reported last night, how- stated policy of winding down the take the college's freshman sem-
$10.00 per month 0 o ever, that authoritative sources in- war." inar and the arts practicum, they
dicate that if the United States Antiwar Democrats expresse divide the rest of their time as
NO DEPOSIT resumes bombing Hanoi and Hai- confidence their resolution will be sh between RC and LS&A
FREE DELIVERY, PICK UP t a ophona. the Soviet Union will can- adopted if a majority of the 256 Rc students can pursue suc
AND SERVICE cel Nixon's trip to Moscow. House Democrats show up so the' Cniuemjs as "thehsuyh
Rogers also denied that the ad- caucus can. function. They expect uiue majors as "the histry of
CALL: ministration has emphasized So- the opponents to boycott the ad create writn
thru iet supplying of arms to the meeting in hones of preventing a ternative to the impersonality of
North Vietnamese in connection quorum from being established. LS&A. the college was designed
NE-AC 7T Rwith the bombing raids, In five hours of Senate debate to nioneer innovations on a small
"We're not fingering them," he on the war yesterday, Republi- scale that thight later be adopted
replied to a question. "We're just cans endorsed Nixon's course and by LS&A.
telling the truth. The truth is that blamed the Soviet Union for the According to Rhodes, RC has
the heavy equipment being used North Vietnamese offensive, while proven so effective that a student-
by the North Vietnamese is sup- Democrats urged an immediate faculty committee has been auth-
RAC K HAM ST U DENT plied by the Soviet Union." end to the bombing of the North orized to investigate prospective
Rogers denied that his appear- and an accelerated pullout of all dormitories that might adopt sim-
GOVERNMENT ance to handle the briefing, which U.S. forces. ilar programs. "We don't want
is normally given by lesser State The only substantive move was exact copies of RC, we want each
Department officials, was an in- ' made by Sen. Barry Goldwater dorm to have its own character,"
E---(R-Ariz.), who sought immediate he says.
Econsideration of his resolution!
T DDALMCAT-DAT-GREpraising the President. He was
TUESDAY-FPIDAY;APRIL 18-2 Ablocked by the Democratic lead -
Rackha Lobbystudent
R c L bNAT'L. BDS. Calling for the continued bomb-
ing of Haiphong, the principal
*Preparation for test required North Vietnamese harbor to has-
for admission to graduate and ten peace, Goldwater said, "It ou
professional schools should have been done by Presi-
-Smail groups dent John Kennedy's adminstra-
tion, not Nixon's.", Q i
''Voluminous material for ton ntNions(,wol hve Il jjr f
If it had, the war would have
pe s it eachprared by ex- been over almost before it start-
ed," Goldwater said. Ronald Adams, '73E, announced
umme Sess SA VE UP TO $400 he will run for the Republican
S~mer esson nmi*t.,-, for W~Xa htova~w oun-1,



aaN, w1 w. wiK.NL wtLe ayLa wttw wlLs al iw+.lLu.ht1 .+ Uw.+ i .*iLe.i1L'.. Uie.+ [Lr.. lta u tia tia.r lia u dlw r lLe S

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Thisis, Newsprint.
@ iH
& J
Harmless looking, isn't it?'

Special Compact Courses uii'a iuWJk V
Weekends-Intersessions ON YOUR NEW MICYCLE AND 'ty Sheriff in the August 8 pri-
Buy ew SATRIUPHNORON, "I would work to change the
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purchase. Wrte now for full details He believes the department
The tutoring school with George Clarke fMotors) Limited,136= could become "an easy-access in-
the Nationwide Reputation 156 Buxton Hill, London, S.W.2:Eng. formation center for the county."
Tel.. 01 -674 3211 Adams says he would:
-- ---- -m.-- - -----_ ----_---.m - -m ._.__-__ -__ - m- M ake the Sheriff's D epart-
ment a service organization;
-Spend less money more wisely
TOYOTA-ANN ARBOR, INC. aforthe overall benefit of the
TO OA--N A BRIN . county;
Reorganize and humanize the
jail'; and
Insure justice and fair treat-
N EW C R t ment for all people.
Adams says he is running as a
i Republican because it gives him
PING-PONG TOURNAMENT : the best chance to win.
"If I ran as a Democrat, all I
' could do is split the vote with
S A L E Postill." Fred Postill is facing
1 Sheriff Douglas Harvey in the
contest for the Democratic nom-
APRIL 14th thru APR:IL 22nd v Adams may face Undersheriff
Harold Owings in the primary
f j__contest. However, Owings has not
yet announced his candidacy.
Receive FREE the Following: for The Student Body:
1) Autofold Regulation Size
5'x9'x h" Ping-Pong Table 1
2) Table Tennis Set with 4 L
Paddles, Net and (6) Balls d
U ____ _____C orduroy

All by itself, this innocuous square of paper hardly
seems important. But every week about 170,000
pounds of newsprint comes into Ann Arbor as news-
papers or to be made into newspbpers. Well-packed,
that would make a square pile 20 feet on a side and
10 feet tall. solid newsnrint. After the news is reand.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Old newsprint can
be recycled and made into paper products, thus
sparing the landscape and trees that would other-
wise have been cut. In Ann Arbor the Ecology
Center has a recycling station on South Industrial
Hiahwav, off Stadium iust south of the Coca-Cola

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