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January 30, 1979 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1979-01-30

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Page 2-Tuesday, January 30, 1979-The Michigan Daily

Carter gives nod to
cut Hearst sentence
(Continued from Page 1)I
In recommending that she be freed,
Deputy Attorney General Benjamin
Civiletti told Carter that Miss Hearst
had suffered "degrading experien-
ces... as a victim" of her kidnappers.
MISS HEARST has announced that
she will marry her former bodyguard,
Bernard Shaw, on Feb. 14..
Miss Hearst would have been eligible
for parole on July 11 and would have
completed her term, including time off
for good behavior, by May 1982.}
She was sentenced to seven years in
prison on armed robbery charges in
connection with the holdup of the
Hibernia Bank in San Francisco on
April 15, 1974,
Miss Hearst maintained she was
brainwashed by her kidnappers and
forced to take part in the bank robbery.Hearst
*0 Oi


Teng: mixed greeting

By AP and Reuter
SAN DIEGO, California - A 16-year-
old schoolgirl who complained "Mon-
days give me the blues" sprayed a
school with 40 rifle shots yesterday,
killing two men and injuring eight
children .and a policeman before she
The girl, identified as 16-year-old
Brenda Spencer, barricaded herself in-
side the family's modest home across
the street from Cleveland Elementhry
School for six and one-half hours before
she quietly agreed to come out.
THE GIRL was quoted by police as
saying she smoked marijuana cigaret-
tes, took barbiturate pills and drank all
the whiskey she could find in the house
during her shooting spree.
The principal of the school, Burton
Wragg, was shot as he went to the aid of
a wounded child and died in hospital. A
maintenance worker was killed when
he was shot in the head.
Police originally said a policeman
and 10 children were wounded, but later
reduced the number of children to
eight. They were between the ages of
six and 14 and were described by
hospital spokesmen as being in fair to
serious condition.
- "I JUST wanted to," the girl told the
San Diego Tribune by telephone from
her house across the street from
Cleveland Elementary School. "It just
popped into my head, about last Wed-
nesday, I think." ,
Before hanging up, she said, "I have
to go now. I shot a pig, I think, and I
want to shoot some more."
When the shooting began, some
students ran in panic from the school

ills two
yard and teachers told others to huddle
beneath desks and keep away from
windows. Later, students were ushered
to safety in the school 'auditorium.
Nearby homes were evacuated.
THE GIRL was alone in the house
and her father was at the scene, trying
to talk her into giving up while dozens of
heavily rmed police' waited and two
police helicopters circled overhead. She
was reported to have 500 to 600 rounds
of ammunition with her.
She told the Tribune she began
shooting because "I don't like Mondays
- this livens up the day," Asked if she
was shooting at random, she said she
had no target. "No one in particular."
The shooting began about 8:40 a.m.
as the students were entering the school
in the city's northeast La Mesa section,
a middle class area of quiet, tree-lined
streets and modest frame houses. The
last shots were fired about 8:55 a.m.
However, the girl, identified only as
Brenda by police, remained in the
house more than an hour later. She was
described as a "pretty good shot" by of-
ficers on the scene. -
A POLICEMAN on the scene, Sgt.
Dave Kelly, said Miss Spencer emerged
from the house, put two guns on the
ground, then calmly went back in the
home and brought out her ammunition
before heavily armed officers grabbed
the girl.
Miss Spencer was whisked to a near-
by patrol car and driven to police
Police spokesman Bill Robinson
said, "She is willing to talk to a degree.
She is under a lot of pressure. There is
no more danger at the school."

I (Continued from Page i)
Maoist faction opposed to Teng's policy
of reaching out to the West, claimed
responsibility for the demonstration.
State Department spokesman Pat
Lucy said Koximoto and Ms. Ransom
were issued official press credentials
Saturday to cover Teng as represen-
tatives of the Worker Press Service.
Lucy said their applications were
reviewed by the Secret Service before
approval. The Secret Service said it
was investigating.
Carter, who seemed momentarily
unsettled by the outbursts, raised his
voice and continued his speech without
interruption. Teng, 74, looked briefly
NOTING THE START of the Chinese
New Year as well as Teng's historic
mission-the first state visit by a leader,
of the People's Republic of China-the
Presdident declared: "It is a time when
family quarrels are forgotten ... a time
of reunion and reconiliiation."
Carter said: "Today we take another
step in the historic normalization of
relations. We share in the hope which
springs from reconciliation and the an-
ticipation of a common journey."
After the speech-making, the two
leaders chatted in the Oval Office,
where Carter disclosed that he and
Teng had almost met once before
during China's Civila War in 1949. As a
Navy officer Carter had stopped briefly
in the eastern Chinese port of Tsingtao
which was surrounded by Chinese for-
ces headed by Teng.
TENG LATER had lunch at the State
Department where his host was
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. Guests
included Defense Secretary Harold
Brown, national security adviser
Zbigniew Brzezinski and presidential

aide Hamilton Jordan. Mrs. Vance en-
tertained Teng's wife at a separate lun-
Rounding out Teng's first full day in
Washington was a second meeting with
Carter, a state dinner in his honor at the
White House and a $750,000, star-
spangled gala at the Kennedy Center
Opera House, financed by U.S. business
corporations and televised nationwide
and by satellite to China.
Among the guests invited to the state
dinner Monday night was former
President Richard Nison, who set into
motion the sequence of events that
culminated in Teng's visit with his
breakthrough trip to Peking in
February 1972. It was Nixon's first
return to the White House since he
resigned in disgrace in August 1974
because of Watergate.
TENG LEAVES Washington Thur-
sday for visits to Atlanta, where he will
inspect a Ford Motor Co. automobile
assembly plant; Houston, Texas, where
he will visit the Lyndon Johnson Space
Center and Hughes Tool Co.; and Seat-
tle, where he will tour the Boeing Co.
aircraft plant. He returns to Peking on
Feb. 5.
In his arrival speech, Teng warned
without elaboration that "the factors
making for war are visibly growing."
But in an interview published Monday
in Time Magazine and The Washington
Star, the vice premier made a pointed
reference to the Soviet Union as "a hot-
bed of war" and said the United States
was in "strategic retreat."
During the White House welcoming, a
crowd of several hundred stood on the
Ellipse behind the White House. Some
of the crowd waved banners and called
for independence for Taiwan.

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Iran's doors o en to Khomlni
aContius edom Page o MONDAY'S VIOLENCE exp ed in At nearby Kennedy. Square, other him three blocks to the Tehran U
Bakhtiar scrapped plans to go on a late afternoon and early evening after rioters set fire to a regional office of sity campus, kicking and beatin
mcemaking mission to Khomei's Moslem militants learned of Bakhtiar's SAVAK, the shah's secret police. State along the way. A police spok
vile headquarters i France because latest defiance of Khomeini. radio said they also set fire to a pork' later said the general was hospi



ng him

Programming Langucage
References-- ALGO G





of the Khomeini's "unacceptable con-
dition that Bakhtiar first resign as
prime minister.
"I will negotiate, but I will not
resign," Bakhtiar told a news con-
ference. He said he was leaving "doors
open" for an accommodation with
Khomeini, who wants to replace
Bakhtiar's , government with a
religiously-oriented republic.

The rioting was centered in the poor
district of south Tehran, where mobs
chanting "Death to Bakhtiar," set fire
to the Shokoufenou nightclub, Tehran's
largest, a brewery, restaurants that
serve liquor and five beer trucks. They
threw furniture, including a heavy
refrigerator, from windows of what
they said were brothels.

and sausage factory. Islam prohibits
the eating of pork,
THE RIOTING spread to 24th of
Esfand Square, where 30 persons had
been killed in fighting between troops
and protesters Sunday.
A gang pulled police Lt. Gen. Taghi
Latifi from the back seat of his
automobile near the square, dragged

in a coma. Rioters accused Latifi of
having ordered security forces to shoot
protesters Sunday.
There were no reliable overall
casualty reports yesterday. One am-
bulance driver said he alone had tran-
sported three dead, and one hospital
reported receiving three wounded, but
the final casualty count was expected to
be higher.

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stem invasion

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71 __EA


BANGKOK (Reuter) - Prime
Minister Pol Pot's ousted Cambodian
government claimed yesterday it has
recaptured almost the whole of the
country's southwestern region and
pushed its area of control to within 12
miles of Phnom Penh.
The loyalist Radio Democratic Kam-
puchea (Cambodia) also said Pol Pot's
Khmer Rouge troops were making
daily incursions into the capital from

the west, south and northwest.
IT SAID THAT apart from the
southern coastal towns of Kampot and
Kef, "we have totally liberated the
southwest region."
The area controlled by the Khmer
Rouge, forced out of Phnom Penh by a
Vietnamese-led offensive three weeks
ago, extended to Kan Tuot, 12 miles
southwest of the capital, the radio said.
Diplomatic sources here were unable
to confirm the claims and were
cautious in their assessment of them.
They said the Khmer Roughe was
making gains, particularly in Takeo
Province south of Phnom Penh, where
they apparently have regained control
of the town of Takeo and were causing
their opponents trouble.
The radio made no mention of other
provincial towns it claimed in lengthy
battle reports yesterday also were
surrounded nor did it mention Angkor

Wat, the centuries-old complex of tem-
ples which it said yesterday were in
Khmer Rouge hands.
The new government of Heng
Samrin, installed in Phnom Penh by the
Vietnamese-led offensive, claims con-
trol over the whole country and the
reports of the rebel SPK news agency
quoted by Radio Hanoi and the Vietnam
News Agency have made no mention of
the fighting.
MEANWHILE, Vietnam said more.
than 100 Chinese troops crossed the
border yesterday, shooting and woun-
ding many civilians.
Radio Hanoi said the incursion in
Lang Son Province was designed to
provoke tension.
Relations between the two countries
deteriorated rapidly after Vietnamese-
backed forces ousted the Cambodian
government of Pol Pot earlier thisamon-
th. China supported the Pol Pot ad-

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THE NEW CHINA-News Agency ac-
cused Vietnam of trying to wreck Lunar
New Year festivities in the border
provinces by opening fire in-
discriminately. It said targets included
a school and homes.
Meanwhile at the United Nations, the
Pol Pot government accused Vietnam
of pillaging Cambodian works of art
and called on the United Nations and its
members to condemn and halt these
"new crimes."
In a letter to Secretary General Kurt
Waldheim, Ambassador Thiounn
Prasith of Cambodia charged the
"Vietnamese army of aggression" with
committing crimes "worse than those
perpetrated by the Hitlerite hordes
during World War II."
Among the art objects which he said
were seized and taken to Vietnam were
statues of l$uddha in solid gold and
silver from various pagodas in Phnom
Penh. Statues, sculptures and stone bas
reliefs from Phnom Penh's National
Museum and School of Fine Arts, and
from the monuments at Angkor also
-were taken, he said.
"The government of democratic
Kampuchea (Cambodia) calls on the
U.N. and all governments of countries
which love peace and justice to denoun-
ce, condemn and halt these new crimes
of Vietnam against the nation and
people of Kampuchea, and demands
that Vietnam restore to Kampuchea all
the stolen art objects and that it respect
the national patrimony of Kam-
puchea," the letter said.

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