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November 18, 1979 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1979-11-18

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The Michigan Daily-Sunday, November 18$, 1979-'age7

straw vote

By The Associated Press
Former California Gov. Ronald
Reagan beat back a formidable
challenge by John Connally at Florida's
Republican convention to snatch first
place yesterday in a non-binding straw
ballot viewed as an early test 'of
strength in the battle for the presiden-
Depending on how the results were
interpreted, either Connally,_ a former;
Texas governor, or Illinois Rep. Philip
Crane took second place.
Meanwhile, the Democratic conven-
tion in St. Petersburg had all the trap-
pings of a pep rally for President 'Car-
The straw ballots at the' two state
conventions, only coincidentally held, on

the sam~e weekend, are considered an
early indicator of presidential strength.
But the significance is purely
The state's actual delegates to both~
the ,Republican and Democratic
national conventions will not be selec-
ted'until the March ii Florida primary.
Florida will send 100 delegates to the
Democratic National Convention and 51
delegates to the GOP convention.
At the Democratic convention hall, a;
dozen or so green and white Carter
campaign signs dangled from the
ceiling of the Bayfront Convention Cen-}
ter auditorium. But there was little sign
of organized activity from supporters of
Carter's chief challenger, Sen. Edward
Kennedy, (D-Mass.).

Asian-Americans seek

The eastern field representative for
the ,U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
told a crowd of about 50 at Stockwell
Hall Friday night that Asian-Americans
must follow the lead of civil rights ac-
tivists preceding them in order to
achieve racial equality.
"I marched with Martin Luther King
in' the 1960's civil rights marches,"
Eleanor Wong Telephone told the
group, "but was usually the only Asian-
American. Because of past prejudice, a
lot of us have been frightened about ap-
pearing overt. I think many of us are
coming out now and declaring our-
selves a minority."
TELEMAQUE, WHO published her
first novel, It's Crazy To Stay Chinese
in Minnesota last year, specified three
problems Asian-Americans face: being'
considered foreigners instead of
Americans, underemployment relative
to levels of education, and being per-
ceived as a "model" minority.
"Asians are considered a model
minority because we don't get into
trouble, we do well in school, and our
crime rates are low," Telemaque said.
"Then,. there's the stereotype that

we've all sneaked over to this country.
On the one hand, you're a model
minority, and on the other hand, you're
treacherous and sneaky."
Telemaque has worked for the U.S.
Commission on Civil Rights since 1976,
with a one-year leave-of-absence spent
writing her first novel. Prior to that,
she -had worked for the Justice Depar-
tment and the Equal Employment Op-
portunity Commission (EEOC).
Telemaque advised students not to
file single complaints with the EEOC,
or other regulatory agencies, noting
that harsh retaliation can often result.
She stressed the importance of class ac-
tion suits, and of forming coalitions

with other minorities.
'I think there should be a netwoik 0;
Asian-American students throughou
the United States," she said. Citin~g
recent study of the New York Stat
Division_ on Human Rights, Teleniaqu
pointed out the frequent invisibility o
Asian-Americans as a minority. *
"The study said ithat Asian~
Americans have no problems beepus
they don't complain," TelemaqueA~jaid
' I think if we show support fof=oui
causes, white America will realize what
we're doing."~
Telemaque concluded her speech b3
reading selections from her next novel,
"The Golden Mountain."

Carter. urges Americans to conserve
oil due to loss of Iranlian r'esources



From.UPI and AP
The Carter administration is
urging Americans to cut their driving
mileage and dial down their ther-
mostats to make' up for the loss of
Iranian oil..
The president also has urged state
governors to reimpose odd-even
gasoline rationing and minimum pur-
chases at the pump.
GOV. EDMUND BROWN reinstated
the odd-even program throughout
Calif ornia, effective tonight.
Energy Secretary Chartes Duncan,
who has encouraged U.S. refiners to
tshare available supplies of crude oil,
says it's just common snese to plan for
zthe loss of all 750,000 barrels a day of
imported Iranian oil.

But. few oil analysts in government
and industry think Duncan's warning
will materialize fully when the impact
of the Iranian oil cutoff is felt in 45 or 50
MOST BELIEVE the Iranian cutoff is
likely to have a more dramatic impact
on price than supply as U.S. importers
shift to new crude sources.
Charles Schultze, Carter's chief
economic adviser, said the
Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Develop-
ment-representing 24 industrialized
nations-had shown "substantial sup-
port" for the U.S. oil import freeze.
The United States has been importing
750,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil, or
9.5 percent of its total oil imports.

Duncan warned. "there could well be
some spot shortages of home-heating
oil in one place or another this winter"



' Hospitalpianners

(Continued from Pag,


project .creates- new problems,
Diederich pointed out that one alter-
native, a 15-story high-rise hospital on
the site nearest the south bank of the
xHuron, would be so tall it would block
the afternoon sun from reaching a park
3on the opposite bank. Diederich said the
15-story option would -condemn the park
to being frozen over all winter.
Hospital planner Diederich and
Richard Kennedy, University Vice-
President for State Relations, said they
hoped to be able to go to the Regents in
July, 1980 with several possible building
forms for the three sites, from which
the Regents would select the final site
and form.
Kennedy then will go back to the state
legislature for another chunk of funds,
this time to desigs1)he interior of the
ONLY WHEr4 the schematic
drawings of the interior are finished
will University planners have a good
idea of how much the hospital will cost.
Kennedy estimated that $15 million will
have been spent on design by this time.
After schematics are completed,
Kennedy will go to Lansing again to ask
for the bulk of -funding for the hospital,
probably In mid to late 1981," accor-
ding to Dou las Sarbach, director of the
planning office.{
Since the briefing with Diederich in
early October, the scenario has already
changed somewhat.

crn stages
The $2 million for "blocks" is held up
in Lansing, until the executive branch's
Department of Management and
Budget authorizes the state legislature
to release the funds to the University.
The University had expected to have
the money to spend now, but it probably
will not be released until next year, ac-
cording to state and University of-
ficials. The cash flow delay will put the
project two months behind schedule.
Inflation is another worry. (Each
month of delay is estimated to add $2
million to the project's final cost.)
Hospital rvplanners have included an in-
flation rate of ten per cent in their
fionrP . i, d~ri..AJ .3i.AhntAL infn ni

YOU may VOTE in
The LS&A Student
Government Elections
November 19 & 20, 1979 / Monday & Tuesday
if you are currently enro lid in the LS&'A College at
the following polling plac~s '
Monday, Nov. 19:
Fishbowl........ ....... 9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Alice Lloyd .............11:00OAM-1:00OPM
4:00 PM-6:00 PM
South Quad ...... ....... 11:00OAM-1:00OPM
Markley................. 4:00 PM-6:30 PM
East Quad ...\.... 4:30 PM-7:00 PM
Bursley......... .........4:30OPM-6:30OPM
West Quad ............ 5:00 PM-7:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov. 20:
Fishbowl......... ..... . .9:00 AM-4:00 PM
Dennison (or Bus Stop) ...... 9:00 AM-Noon
South Quad.............. 11:00 AM-i1:00 PM
4:30 PM-6:00 PM
Mosher-Jordan............. 4:00 PM-6:30 PM
Bursley .................. 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
East Quad ...... ........4:30 PM-7:00 PM
Your VOTE ican make your
College Government EFFECTIVE


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over 13 per cent this year.
As. chief planner Sarbact
"Nobody's going to know how
costs until it's finished."

Join th,
daily Ec



Viewing 1 PM

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