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October 12, 1978 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1978-10-12

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Page 10-Thursday, October 12, 1978-The Michigan Daily


This week's results

Court shortage
For campus racquetball afficionados, finding a court on which to play
often preclu'des the challenge of the game itself.
The recreational sports department has, for some time, recognized the
lack of court space, and last spring it decided to resolve the situation by
proposing the installation of ten courts at the Sports Coliseum.
UNFORTUNATELY, SEVERAL roadblocks have placed the project's
realization far down the road, perhaps as much as five years away.
After the Advisory Committee for Recreational Sports (ACIS)
determined the project to be structurally feasible, an investigation was
launched into the method by which funds could be raised to build the courts.
An estimate of $300,000 was given. This would be a sizable chunk of the
rec sports department's budget, thus the realistic alternative seems to be a
generation of funds from outside the department.
"The money could come from several sources," said Bill Canning,
associate director of rec sports. "We could get some from the General Fund,
some from public donations, or we could try to generate some ourselves. We
could submit the issue to a referendum, and see if the student body would be
willing to tax themselves," explained Canning.
Canning added that the department will have to wait until the end of the
year in order to decide how the money will be raised. "We won't know if our
department can raise the funds until the budget is examined," he said.
RACQUETBALL COURT space, isn't the only problem under
consideration by ACRS; there are other renovations, such as the lighting of
the Palmer Field tennis courts, which may be placed higher on the list of
"There are many areas in which we would like to make improvements,"
said Canning. "Our department has to decide which project gets priority."
As with the fund raising issue, such a process may take a good deal of
And until that time, fanatics of the nation's fastest growing sport will
just have to keep on plugging away for that precious court space.

Co-Rec Competitive
Cass "A" Playoffs
Knockers 9, MoJo Coed I
Los Burros 9, El Seremo Banditos 6
Habs 13, Co-rection 10
Breakers 7, Knockers 2
Los Burros 10, [labs 2
Class "B" Playoffs
Mich. Bar Assoc. 7, First Couzens 0 (f)
VD 6 + 4 11, Law Maroon 10
Geeks 7, Chicago House 0 (f)
U-Towers 8. Mich. Bar Assoc. 2
Geeks 11, VI)6 + 46
Class "C" Playoffs
Boogie Oogies 7, In-Sink-Erators 0 (f)
Michigan House 7, Hole in the Wall (f)
Nine Sharps & a Flat 7, Waldos 0 (f)
Boogie Oogies 9, Brothers and Sisters 3
Nine Sharps & a Flat 7, Michigan House 0 (f)
Class "D" Playoffs
Alpha Delta Phi 17. Nematodes 8
Alpha Delta Phi 7, Chi Phi 0 (f)
Co-Rec Recreative
West Side Coed 7, Carps 0 (f)
Alice's I1, Butler 11
Theta Xi O, Newman (df)
Law Strawberry 0, Law Peppermint 0 (df)
Fabius 7, No Sox (f)
Frost House 0, East Side Coeds 0 (df)
Co-Rec Competitive
Los Burros 6, Chi Phi 0
Chi Phi 4, Boogie Oogies 2
ISR 4, Co-rection 2
Hunt-Taylor 4, Michigan House 2
V-Ballers 6, Midnight Skulkers 0
Standard Deviates 5, MoJo Coeds I
Law Maroon 5, First Couzens 1
Pi Beta Phi 4, MoJo Misfits 2
Co-Rec Recreative
Mich. Bar Assoc. 6, Alice's AP 0
Mich. Bar Assoc. 2, Law Strawberry 4
VK'S 6, Oxford 0
Nads 6, Bursley Blasters 0
Van Tyne 6, Ham:San 50
Delta Eagles 3. Kingsley Street Gang 3
Wesley Foundation 2, School of Social Work 4
East Quad 4, West Side Coeds 2
Walden NC Co-ops 5, MBA1

"A" Competitive Softball
Long Ballers 11, Gues All-Stars 5
Beaver Patrol 4, Cambridge Men's Club 3
The Forum 7, Bones 4
Good Times 11, Power House 4
Canyon 16, Manilla Folders 2
Herpes Simplex 3, Mohawks 2
Pizza Bob's/Yellow Cab 10, Yardbirds i
Long Ballers 5, Beaver Patrol 3
Good Times 18, Forum 3
Canyon 3, Herpes Simplex 2
"B" Competitive Softball
Anarchists 7, Plus One 0 (f)
Talent Unlimited 7, Fupped Ducks 0 (f)
Couzens Gold 11, Joint Effort 2
Full Mooners 11, Keelsmi 0
Drugs 7, Heat 0 (f)
DAILY LIBELS8, Midshipment 3
Buddy Kidds 7, Irradicators 0(f)
Talent Unlimited 18, Anarchists 15
Full Mooners 7, Couzens Gold 0 (f)
"C" Competitive Softball
CW & Co. 15, Stud Servir e, Inc.5
The Pack 5, U Towers "B" 4
Umgana Kick Butty 12, Cann-O-Zeros 5
One Hitters 8, Inhibitors 6
Big Caesars 14, Speed Merchants 10
Jacques Seeds 7, Mudsharks 0l (f)
El Paso Doperunners 12, CW & Co. 1 I
"D" Competitive Softball
The Buds 7, Mockingbird Sox 3
Portney's Complaints 7. Red Devils 0
U Towers "A" 4, IISRI Sled Dummies
Master Batters 7, Bursley All-Stars 0 ()
Elliott 7, Hills Angels 0 (f)
Los Chingones 4, AIAA 6
Recreative Softball
Delta Eagles 15, Relayers 6
Royal Banation S-B Club 14, Couzens Blue 8
TKB 7, Newman 0 (f)
TKB 17, Couzens Blue 7
Royal Banation S-B Club 7, Neman 0(f1)
Carps 13, Relayes 2
Class "A"
Beaver Patrol 3, Joint Effort 0
C'anyon 31, Great Stuff 0
Class "B"
Cambridge Men's Club 2, Fupped Ducks 1
Phantom Knights :1, U-Towers 0
Class "C"
Bones 3, Elliott 0

Psychology 2, The Rookies I
Sam 7, Joint Effort 0 (f)
Sigma Alpha Mu 16, Theta Chi 10
Sigma Phi Epsilon 9, Evan Scholars 0
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 11, Delta Upsilon 8
Phi Sigma Kappa 13, Sigma Phi 3
Theta Delta Chi 9, Beta Theta Pi 7
Sigma Nu 9, Zeta Psi 8
Phi Delta Theta 10, Alpha Phi Alpha 2
Lamda Chi Alpha 10, Phi Gamma Delta 9
Kappa Alpha Psi 16, Delta Tau Delta 5
Alpha Delta Phi 14, Psi Upsilon 9
Chi Phi 15, Triangle 8
Sigma Chi11, Chi Psi 8
Alpha Tau Omega 11, Tau Kappa Epsilon 9
Kappa Sigma 7, Alpha Sigma Phi 0
Deta Theta Pi3.Sigma Alpha Epsilon 0
Phi Sigma Kappa 2, Theta Delta Chi 1
Phi Gamma Delta 3, Sigma Nu 0
Delta Upsilon 2, Evans Scholars I
Law Black/Blue 5.Law Bootero 3
DSD "A" 23, Combined Effort 11
Law Red 12, Nu Sigma Nu I1
Goldinlay 1.Sorlpus Delcti 0
MBA Red 18, MBA All Stars 9
Law Gold 17, Quick Carls 0
Phi Rho Sigma 18, MBA Blue 10
Dental Derelicts 11, Phillies 3
ABAR Cadaver 14, DSD B 10
MBA Green 19, Law Delinquent 2
Phi Alpha Kappa 12, Law AW Chow 5
Law Raza 11, Law Crimson 7
Law Bronze 7, Law Phids 0
Law Orange 10, Law Grey 4

Residence Halls
Competitive Softball
Class "A" Playoffs
Wenley 8, Michigan House 6
Reeves 4, 5th Hamilton 0
Wenley 9, Reeves 3
Allen Rumsey 7, Fletcher 0 ( y)
Class "B" Playoffs
Little House Men 11, Markley Blagdon 10
Kelsey 6, MoJo Maulers 3
Fredrick 9, Little House Men 3
Kelsey 13, Chicago House 12
Class "C" Playoffs
Elliott A 16, Rotvig 3 2
Oxford 7, Scott House 0 (f)
Elliott A 13, Adams House 2
Oxford 7, Hamilton 3rd 0 (f)
Class "D" Playoffs
Defective Quadies 7, Fisher 0 (f)
Recreative Softball
Doulas Nads 7.,6th Floor Rowdies 0 (f)
Allen Rumsey 7, Little House 0 (f)
MoJo Jolly Joes 18, Hamilton-Four 9
Michigan House R 0, Van Hoosen Two 0
Humor 20, Hunt House 0
Michigan louse 6, U-Towers 5
Alpha Gamma Delta 15, Little House Women 12
Brass Tacks 8, MCB's 4
Law Female 7, Wenley0 (f)
MoJo Mashers 7, Brass Tacks 0 (C)
Big Ducks 1, Taylor 0 (f)
Med Center 5, Frost hlouse i
MBA's 2. Alice's 2 (tie)
Rowdies 4, Coast Guard I
Navy 6, Club de Carpes 0
Chicago 2, The Bemo 0
Gomberg1, The Gangue 0
Law Passers vs. MJGO, tie
Kelsey Kameljacks 2, Delta Chi 0
Argentina 6, sigma Chi 0
We advise .. .
The scores and schedules presented
on this page are as accurate as
possible. However, we suggest that you
check with the IM department to
double-check deadlines or if you think
your team's score was reported inac-

°O 1






PABST BREWING COMPANY Milwaukee. Wis, Peon,, Heights. Il. Newark N 1. Los Angeles, Cal Pabst, Ga


By SCOTT M. LEWIS What motivates the groupies to
Next time you visit one of the flock to recreation facilities,
University's three recreational conquering numerous obstacles
sports buildings, notice some of the (including class schedules)?
people around you. Even if you Enjoyment, responded junior
exercise only occasionally, chances Chris Doig, 'a four-day-per-week
are excellent that you'll see these groupie who spends most of his
people again. . , and again. CCRB hours on the basketball court.
They are in the IM groupies. "During most of the week I work out
Several of the groupies lift to stay in shape, but mostly I come
weights. Some jog around the indoor here for enjoyment."
tracks. Most play basketball. Not all Doig said that most of the IM
are obsessed with being in top groupies are former high schoo.
physical condition. In fact, judging athletes who want to keep in shape.
from some of their waistlines, a few At the same time, however, the ex-
don't really care about the health jocks realize that drop-in
benefits which are derived from recreational activities (except in the
exercise. intramural program) are hardly
But they come in droves, competitive, nor should they be.
comprising a large percentage of the "Everyone who comes here
2500 or so persons who enter the IM regularly knows that the two middle
Building, CCRB and NCRB every courts (at the CCRB) are more
day. And they leave in high spirits, competitive than the outer courts,'
even though their bodies may feel noted Doig. "But actually, everyone
ready to collapse. playing ball is here for fun."
The groupies are a devoted bunch, It might be fun, as Doig insists, but
albeit a mite overzealous. Last running up and down the court car
January, when the Blizzard of '78 be a taxing experience, especially it
shut down classes for one of the few you're not fit. The chubby chap who
times in University history, a dozen comes to shed extra pounds may fee
groupies were lined up in front of the uncomforatble playing with sleek,
CCRB, hoping that the doors would experienced cagers like Carl
open. They didn't. Williams.
Corn ing.soon

:Some exercise, lots of fun


"Playing basektball is something
I just like to do," said Williams, a
junior who last year could be seen at
the CCRB every afternoon. He has
established regular recreation
hours, as have most other groupies.
"You'll see the regular crowd here
between four and seven during the
week," Williams said. "Right now
(about 2 p.m. last Friday) I only see
about 15 guys who I know. But they'll
Sure enough, two hours later the
regulars did arrive. The middle two
courts (denoted as "Challenge
Courts") had games lined up three-
deep. The quality of play improved
vastly as more and more groupies
stepped onto the court.
Lest you believe that the groupie
syndrome ends with basketball,
several other recreational activities
have their own loyal followings.
Take weightlifting, for instance.
When you walk into the weight
training room in the IM, CCRB or
NCRB, you're likely to see men and
women punishing their bodies, their
brows a stream of perspiration,
their faces grimacing with pain.
Although the most serious lifters
frequent the IM Building, many
dedicated conditioning enthusiasts
opt for the CCRB with its new
Nautilus machine. Both locations
attract their share of groupies.
One of them is John Villanacci, a
graduate student and teaching
fellow in the physical education

running and working out. By this
time of the year, though, only the
die-hards remain.
"The fact is, if you really want to
doit (exercise), you'll do it. If you're
just in a passing phase with no
ultimate purpose in mind, you'll
Another IM groupie, senior Larry
Lipnik, cited "groupie unity" as a
motivational factor. A handball
enthusiast, Lipnik and about seven
others head for the CCRB courts
during winter to play "handball
"It's conducted like a tournament,
but it's all done in a very friendly
way," said Lipnik, a three-sport
letter winner at Southfield Lathrup
High School. "At first no one knew
each other, but eventually we got to
be friends."
They became such good friends
that, after finishing play on
Mondays and Wednesday, they
often cap the evening with some
post-game refreshment at local
One can find the most
heterogeneous gathering of groupies
running around the tracks. Students,
staff, parents and faculty all make
use of the three-lane ovals, each
runner with a different gait. Some
sprint for short distances, while
others prefer to cavort about at a
leisurely pace, chatting with friends
and stranger alike.
For the most part, however, it's

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