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December 10, 1978 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1978-12-10

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The Michigan Daily-Sunday, December 10, 1978-Page

Vance warns Soviet Union

LONDON (AP)-Secretary of State
Cyrus Vance warned Moscow yester-
day against using strategic arms
limitation talks with America to
establish supremacy in tactical nuclear,
weapons in Europe.
Vance, in a major and wide-ranging
policy speech, also ruled out U.S. inter-
vention to aid the embattled Shah of
Iran-while reaffirming support for
what he called Shah Mohammad Reza
Pahlavi's efforts to establish "a
liberalized democracy."
VANCE SPOKE in London at the
Royal Institute for International Af-
fairs before going on to Cairo and
Jerusalem to press Egyptian President

Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime
Minister Menachem Begin for the
peace settlement they outlined at Camp
David 10 weeks ago.
The two Middle East leaders had
established the Dec. 17 date as a
deadline for reaching a full accord.
Vance said he was willing to shuttle
back and forth between Cairo and
Jerusalem if developments warrant it.
DURING HIS London visit, Vance
also met with British Foreign Secretary
David Owen for a working session on
southern Africa, Iran, Eastern Europe
and other topics.
In the speech, Vance focused on
American and Soviet moves toward a

strategic arms limitation treaty, which
is intended to put a ceiling on strategic
nuclear weapons by limiting the num-
ber of their vehicles-long-range bom-
bers and missiles.
Vance said the superpowers have
recognizI "the central fact" of arms
equality and that "the pursuit of
superiority by either side would result
in frustration, waste, increased tension
and in the end reduced security for all."
BUT HE SAID Soviet improvements
and increases in tactical nuclear forces
targeted against Europe have been ob-
served, and "the Soviets must under-
stand that we will not let a weakness
develop at any point."

Vance said the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization has "several" nuclear
modernization programs of its own in
process and the NATO allies are trying
to fashion a common plan regarding
their needs.
NATO authorities, who met in
Brussels last week, had hinted at a
build-up in Soviet tactical nuclear
weapons-from new medium-range
missiles to the already deployed Back-
fire bomber.
believed the Soviet buildup is geared
toward enhancing Moscow's
bargaining position in advance of
future SALT negotiations.


to energy
(continued from Page 1)
depend on oil revenues to finance theirI
modernization programs. By cutting
back on production, they are also cut-
ting back on their much-needed
revenues for these programs, Wilhelm
pointed out.
Currently, anti-Shah forces in Iran
want to cut back the nation's oil produc-
tion. The many protests and demon-
strations in that country over the past
few months have been spearheaded in
part by devout Moslems opposed to the
westernization that oil revenues have
brought to Iran.
Yet Wilhelm believes Iranian oil cut-
backs will only "modify the time before
OPEC. will get into trouble."
To Wilhelm, modernization in Iran
will be hard to reverse. He said he
doubts many of the former nomads now
working in the oilfields would want to
return to their former, lower living
"The OPEC monopoly is under con-
tinuing, steady pressure," Wilhelm
1 3

QUESTION: I am going to Florida sun's ultraviolet rays
over Christmas vacation and am con- years may cause pre,
cerned about all the sun I will be getting the skin or skin canc
(skin cancer). Do you know which sun- the American Cancer
tan lotions protect against harmful rays all of the 300,000 or m
but still allow you to get a tan? (One of cancer each year are st
the things I like most about going to tunately, if these are
Florida is that I can get back my sum- they are curable.) It is
mer tan.) helps our bodies pro
ANSWER: First of all, you are wise (but a well-balanced d
in being concerned about the harmful Vitamin D added will a
effects of the sun. Although you may result) and helps son
hear the, comment "Look at her/his asthma, aching joi
healthy tan," quite bit, scientists have psoriasis, but for most
discovered that the tan is not so healthy benefits are mainly psy
after all. Excessive exposure to the According to an expe

over a period of
mature aging of
er. According to
Society, almost
ore cases of skin
un-related. (For-
treated in time
true that the sun
duce Vitamin D
diet or milk with
chieve the same
me persons with
ints, acne, or
, of us,athe sun's
ert panel recently


a warm break

L sees end.
And this pressure will increase as
time goes on, he said, especially as
more oil and natural gas starts to come
from Alaska's North Slope and the Nor
th Sea. Mexico and the Pacific Ocea
floor off the Chinese coast also hol
large oil and gas reserves waiting
tapped, the professor added.
Over the next decade or so, Wiln
expects the price of oil and natural ja
to drop due to the increasing supply
originally brought about by the Arab oi
embargo of five years ago.
As a result of this expected drop ii
prices, Wilhelm feels that alternative
energy sources such as geothermal,
wind and solar power will satisfy only a
small portion of the world's e gy
demand. To Wilhelm, homeownerjIn
stalling solar panels are pro ly
wasting their time and money becaus
it takes several years to recover' the
cost of one of these units.
In the meantime, he said, "you;find
yourself with a high-priced
uneconomical unit" as oil and natura]
gas prices continue to fall.
We've got
to satisfy
every palate
Pizza and Grinders
SUN-WED open til 1 am
DtSATti + 3 am

Dancers perform
new works

(Continued from Page 7)
cronized swimming.
Dressed like beachcombers or ship-
wrecked victims, seven dancers extend
across the floor in a long human chain
and roll downstage as if subdued in
water, creating what synchronized
swimmers call a "bag roll." The chain
then dissolves into individual human
links, with each dancer rolling in a fetus
position. The dancers move upstage
and roll down again repeatedly like the
Meanwhile, a seated, lifelike figure at
the left is manipulated by three purple-
garbed operators. The large man
strokes his head, stands up, reaches
outward. One isn't sure at first whether
the puppet is an actual human being
remaining immobile or a lifeless ob-
ject. He is, it turns out, only an object,
operated with incredible sensitivity and
THE AUDIENCE looks on as the
puppet imitates human action. It also
observes one of the beachcomber's
imitations of its own head-brushing
mntions This heacheomber in turn

watches his peers ape this movement in
a multiple cause-and-effect which
raises intriguing questions about
human destiny and free will.
"Acrylic Flake Diagram" is a free-
interpretation number choreographed
by Gus Solomons Jr. Solomons solos the
first movement, "Layout," with mildly
sleezy hip-shot poses and sensuous arm
movements derived from Indian and
Javanese dance. With amazing
flexibility, his exceptionally elegant
arms reach behind his back and out
around his thigh.
The second movement, "Head-On,"
is a delightful interplay of human.
bodies in psychedelic leotards, hopping,
leaping, flirting, taunting, and pulling
each other. Why impose any inter-
pretation on it? It is an enjoyable num-
ber, and a good one with which to end
the program after the more intense
concerns of "Terranulluis Wrought,"
"The Exiles," and "Muse." Truly the
efforts of Lund, Glenn, and Solomons,
combined with the University dancers,
demonstrate that dance is flourishing in
Ann Arbor

appointed by the U.S. Food and Drug 3-(4-Methylbenzylidene)-camphor; So-
Administration (FDA), persons who dium 3, 4-dimethylphenyl-glyoxylate.
should be extra cautious about ex- Proper use of the sunscreen is very
posure to the sun are those of Northern important. It should be applied 45
European descent, with light eyes and minutes .prior to exposure to the sun,
skin, and who live in sunny climates. and should be reapplied after swim-
Those who.work outside, such as far- ming or excessive sweating.
mers, construction workers, and even " Use a sunblock (it allows no tan-
truckers (with that left arm out the ning at all) for highly sensitive areas,
window) should also be extra cautious. such as lips, nose, or already burned
Certain medications, such as some an- areas. Zinc oxide is a well known sun-
tibiotics, prescription acne block.
medications, barbiturates, and birth bCool, loose-fitting beach robes, caf-
control pills may make the skin more tans, long-sleevedrshirtsiandpwide-
susceptible to burning, brimmed hats offer effective protec-
Some suggestions offered by the tion.
American Cancer Society and the FDA i You are not fully protected in the
are: shade of a beach umbrella because
" Avoid being in the sun between the ultraviolet rays may be deflected off
hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the the sand, water, deck, etc.
sun's rays are strongest. " Seventy to 80 per cent of the
" Use a sunscreen product, which ultraviolet rays also penetrate clouds
screens out the harmful ultraviolet rays and water.
but allows for gradual tanning. Not all " You're better off moving around
suntan lotions have the screening than lying immobile.
properties - be sure to read the " Sun reflectors expose the most
ingredients on the label. An FDA panel delicate facial areas (eyelids, earlobes,
recently did a study, and found most of lips, under the chin) - so avoid using
the ingredients on the market to be safe them.
and effective. A. popular one is called SEND ALL HEALTH-RELATED
PABA (para aminobenzoic acid). The QUESTIONS TO: THE HEALTH
ones not recommended are (are your EDUCATOR, U-M HEALTH SER-
2-Ethylhexyl 4- STUDENT SERVICES, 207 FLET-
phenylbenzophenone-2'-carboxylic acid CHER AVE., ANN ARBOR, MI. 48109.
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presents a holiday gift for you
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