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November 01, 1959 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1959-11-01

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NIBER 1, 1959


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Olive Featured in Casuals;
Expected To Rival Tan, Gray
Continental Effects Showing in Casual Slacks:
Khakis with Frontier Pockets, Beltless Backs

New Continental Styles Treat for Students During Rain;
Greatest Change Seen in Water-Proof Fabrics Entrance


Olive is the big news for men's
fall fashions in the casual line.
Sport shirts, flannels and khaki's
will all feature this color which is
expected to rapidly approach the
traditional gray and tan shades.
Corduroy slacks are seen often
in the classroom and on casual
occasions. Selling very poorly last.
year, they have made big strides to
rival the popular khaki's for hon-
ors this season.
They are selling well in the new
olive shade and also in the tradi-
tional sun tan 'and antelope tan
tones. The new continental styling
has influenced cords which feature
both standard and the Frontier
Khakis in the sun tan color are
the favorite for classroom wear
this year as in the past. A few
more wash-pants in the other
shades will be sold this year but
sun-tans are still in vogue.
k MenDs Suits
In Olive Dr'ab
The biggest news in men's suits
this year is that olive drab has
surpassed the ever-popular gray,
,and is now selling as much as gray
and brown combined.
The Ivy League suit, though
more correctly known as the natu-
ral shoulder style, is here to stay.
Its main features are natural
shoulders, slim, non-pleated pants
and a narrow lapel. It is especially
popular among college students be-
cause it is comfortable and con-
servative, and can be worn well
by anyone of average build.
A new addition to the Ivy
League suit is the return of the
'vest. Three-fourths of all Ivy
suits are currently being sold with
The newest style, the Continen-
tal look, is more prevalent in large
cities than on campus, because it
is flattering only to men of very
slight build.'
The Continental has a jacket
two or three inches shorter than
r the Ivy, but maintains the three-
button style.
Other features, such as cuff
sleeves and the absence of pockets
and trouser cuffs, vary according
to manufacturer.
The current best-seller in Ivy
League suits. is the Chevoit pat-
tern, a small herringbone tweed.
The standard herringbone of /s-
% inch isAstill very popular.
The only'sad fashion note this
year Is for aspiring young execu-
tives, who will undoubtedly be
pained to hear that the old stand-
by "gray flannel suit" is definitely
on the way out.

The Continental has made its
mark on the khaki field with the
arrival of sun-tans featuring Fron-
tier pockets, beltless backs and no
Mixed Opinions
The Continental styling, how-
ever, has been received with mixed
opinions from various merchants.
Some feel it will not seriously
threaten the Ivy styles while
others predict that it will sell as
Wool flannels will be sold in
both the Ivy and Continenal styl-
ing. The Ivy is the larger seller.
The Continental has not made a
serious impression on the makers
of men's dress slacks and so Ivy
will reign supreme for another
year at least.
The popular charcoal gray and
brown tones will still retain their
positions as best sellers.
Ivy tailoring will still be the
style in men's sport shirts with
solid colors, small checks and
bolder patterns vying for top hon-
ors. Foulard patterns are definitely
on their way out. The fitted shirt
in the cotton broadcloth seems to
be the new trend in this field.,
Slipover Shirt
This style features the big shoul-
der tapering to a narrower waist.
There also appears to be a trend
toward the slipover shirt in both
knit and broadcloth.
Knit shirts will be selling a little
better than last year but will still
not reach any great popularity
with men this fall and winter.
Irridescent solids are expected to
sell stronger than last year.
In dress shirts, the button-
down Oxford cloth shirt continues
to stay on top. Making a big surge
on the dress scene is the English
tab collar in both the stripe and!
white shades. Pastels are not in
style although the light blue con-
tinues to sell fairly well.
Wash-and-Wear Shirt
The appearance of an Oxford
cloth wash-and-wear shirt on the
market will boost the popularity of
that type of shirt. Wash-and-Wear
will probably have its biggest sell-
ing year this season.
In summary, olive willsell bigger
than ever in both corduroy and
flannel. Sport shirts will also see
more of this color. Traditional Ivy
styling in dress slacks, khakis and
c')rds will predominate.
Corduroys will sell more, this
3 ear, but the sun tan khakis in
both Ivy and Continental styles
will be the pace-setters.
The English tab collar will in-
vade the button-down oxford cloth
area. Altogether, the status quo
remains with olive making a
strong bid in the over-all color

Rain or sleet, the new continen-
tal styles are a treat for soggy
students on the Diag. The greatest
change is the introduction of
water-proof fabrics. Yes, it is now
in style to be dry.
Fabric raincoats still go for
everything from the New York
Metropolitan to Michigras. The
casual contour wrinkle, omnipres-
ent drip catch coat still calls the
plays in the big "M" area. Ann
Arbor weather dictates that coeds,
books ,or both ride on a raincoat
The new Gannex windproof,
waterproof fabric has joined the
traditional gabardine, dacron and
cotton in fighting the campus
cough, while the zip-in zip-out
wool or fleece linings still keep out
the cold.
Campus card sharks can keep
an ace up a raglan or set in sleeve
and still be popular. Colors are not
in the shade, however; the light
tones will outnumber the bur-
nished and dark irridescants.
Students can pocket their "A's"
in three different styles and still
make the grade. Upside down welt
pockets keep out the rain. Hacking
pockets keep tradition while the
side vents add the cool touch.
Patterns are overtaking the plain
look. Dark plaids and light checks
can be reversed to plain navy for
more dignified occasions. The over
all look remains somber with
bright check or plaid linings.
Tennis Shoes
Big Winner
The University student in the
know is again wearing the classic
tennis shoe for almost all campus
Attending class, coffee dates,
hours at the Undergrad Library
or constructing a, Homecoming
float are all valid times to be seen
in the white sport oxfords. And the
deluxe models for men, with instep
supports and arch supports, pro-
tect the feet as well as comfort
Even with casual sport clothes,
men find the opportunity to wear
tennis oxfords. A blue blazer, grey
slacks, a striped shirt and the
white sport shoes show people who
dress really casually to their best
Old tennis oxfords serve several
valuable uses after they are too
worn for class. Honoraries have
messy initiations each spring. Old
tennis shoes are worn for tapping,
which involves mud and' various
colored dyes. They are.then tossed
away and a pew pair purchased.
As the all-around student com-
panion, tennis shoes win every.

Bulky Knits
Still on Rise
In Popularity
"Everything in America is bigger
and better" is a phrase known the
world over.
Now sweaters are reflecting the
American way of life in the form
of those mohair, virgin wool, non-
virgin wool, cashmere, horsehair
bulky-knit sweaters.
This change from the old fash-
ioned tight knit numbers is most
obvious on the campuses of Ameri-
can colleges and universities. The
conversion has been a swift one
reflecting the great utility of these
bulky coveralls.
In the female wardrobe, as well
as the male, these sweaters have
come to play an increasingly im-
portant role.
In the old days in order for a
girl to wear a sweater, she had to
have the right kind of figure. To-
day, due to this modern miracle
of complete shapelessness, this is
completely unnecessary. Anyone
can be a sweater girl.
For the male this bulky creation
has many important functions.
Rolling up the collars of one of
the turtle neck models will cover
an unshaven chin. In fact, the
collar is unnecessary as long as the
sweater matches the chin.
Less Laundrying
For the bohemian-beatnik-slop-
py-no-money-for-laundry group, a
dark colored sweater will last a
whole semester before it becomes
obvious that the dirt is caking and
a cleaning is necessary.
No shirts are necessary for this
group, in fact if one doesn't mind
the smooth- rubbing of the bulk
fabric against his delicate skin, an
undershirt isn't even necessary,
which will save even more on the
laundry bill.
* For those hot summer days
'when one is too lazy to put on a.
pair of pants or bermudas, what
is more convenient than a knee-
length bulky-knit sweatez
What the sack dress did for the,
female, the bulky-knit sweater
does for the male. What easier,
way is there to disguise a beer
belly than the gentle folds of this
woven delight?
Human Forms in Test Tubes
And for those 97-pound ones,
additional bulk is additional bulk.
It is quite obvious that in a short
while the, true human shape will
only be revealed in the compara-
tive anatomy labs.
With the many new styles being
revealed every day by the many
clothing stores, one has to really
rush to keep ahead of the Joneses.
Latest model is the sweater built
for two. Why should a steady
couple have to purchase two
sweaters when one bulky Job will
do the trick?
So hurry, hurry to get the latest
in the line. You too, can own the
bulkiest sweater on:ampus.

--Daily-Jim Warneka
PERENNIAL FAVORITE-The trench coat is one garment that is a favorite with both college Joes and coeds on campuses throughout
the country. This is especially true here at the University, for rumor has it that four rain belts intersect at Ann Arbor. The trench
coat is worn even on bright days. In this way students are prepared for sudden showers common to this monsoon area. This year the
trench coat is both attractive and practical. They come in easy to wash, hard to wrinkle dacron-cotton with upside down welt pockets to
keep out rain, and they are available in checks and plaids, as well as in the traditional off-white.


Hand-loomed Handsomeness
Distinguishes Imported Scottish
Checks and
solid-tone Hop
Sacks head the
new-looking j{
weaves. 1K./

Black Umbrella
Accepted by Men
Big black umbrellas have been
inherited from the semi-bohemian.
element on campus and have been
taken into everyone's heart, and
The large instruments are usu-
ally used as walking sticks, or sun
shades, and in the rare occurrence
of rain, as, of course, umbrellas.,
Alorg with the famous green book
bags, they are the most popular
accessories of the men who know
what to carry.
Controversy has developed over
the proper size of the black um-
brella. Currently the extra large,
three-person umbrella is in vogue.
but the medium, or two person
umbrella, is giving it a run
The appearance of black um-
brellas and green book bags,
though apparently faddish, are
not without utility. For a student
at the University can well justify
sporting a bag that makes carry-
ing his load of books that much

More Women's Fashions, Page 3

If I II E I Ij

to buy your books


Your College


4 IL--

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-i 40
" h
Salnet Hrigoetatrs
Drgr nig'lean+untoie
natualshoulderringoe ters
from 69.50

Styled in
smartly casual
Raglan and
Set-in sleeve
A Weavers
with each coat
certifies the name:
and cottage
of the Scottish
hand-loom artist
who wove
the tweed.

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