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August 27, 1963 - Image 25

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The Michigan Daily, 1963-08-27

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lonoraries Serve 'U'

Visitors See Various Displays

. i

Often the springtime visitor sees
strangely dressed (or undressed)
students undergoing the mild tor-
ture of crawling from the Diag to
the League Fountain or being
showered with brickdust around an
oak tree.
This is not fraternity hazing-
long departed from the University
--but the honoraries initiating.
A neophyte is "tapped" for the
organization by the old members
in a nighttime visit. The lucky
individual generally finds him-
self taken unwittingly from bed,
immersed with water and brick-
dust or oil, and told of his selec-,
tion. Public initiation ordeals fol-
low on. the Diag, in which the
chosen undergo other tests to
prove their worthiness and self-
dedication to the group.
Women's honoraries do not tap
in as colorful a manner, but they
too have their traditional cere-
monies in which they show the
public that a new class of women
has been honored for service.
Every men's honorary and the
majority of women's organizations
are strictly local in origin and
present status.
Circle, formed in 1957, strives to
recognize leadership, service and
citizenship in the residence halls,
and promote interest in these
Two years ago the group, spon-
sored by Assembly Assn., put on
an art show to display the works
of independent women. It suc-
ceeded so well it is to become an'
annual event.
They have also established a
chapter at Michigan State.
Druids ...
Outstanding senior men in
every school but engineering are
eligible for Druids, which chooses
as initiates for achievement in
athletics and activities. "Saplings"
(those tapped) become mighty
trees through plenty of water and
g r e e n brickdust. Duckwalking
around the Diag and the reciting
of Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" also is
a traditional part of the ceremony.
New members are given tree
names which are announced pub-
licly at the initiation. Druids,
named after the forest priests of
old England, was founded in 1909.
Hectorians, founded in 1953, rec-
ognizes and honors outstanding
fraternity men and meets to dis-
cuss fraternity problems.
Members are chosen from the
fraternity presidents, Interfrater-
nity Council officers, and Frater-
nity Buyer's Association.
The Tribe of Michigamua is an
all-campus senior men's honorary
for excellence in activities and,

athletics. Members dress for
"Rope Day" (initiation day) inl
Indian costume and turn the
chosen palefaces into young braves;
through an ordeal that takes the
selected ones on a duckwalk
journey "seven flights up and
seven flights down" the Michigan
Union. Initiates are doused with
brickdust and water and are given
secret Indian names, revealed only
at the end of the year at the next
Rope Day. Founded in 1901 to
serve the University, Michigamua
is the oldest existent campus hon-
Mortarboard.. .
The national senior women's
honor society, Mortarboard, is the
first of the senior women's groups'
to tap in the spring.
Members, chosen for servicel
leadership, and scholarship, must
have a 3.0 average. The girls tap
at. midnight clad in caps and
gowns, singing their song, "Thy
Ideals." New members wear mor-
tarboards the next day.
The Michigan chapter, Pi Sigma
Alpha, was one of four founding
chapters in 1918. There are now
The Quadrants is the honorary
of the quadrangles. Having chap-
ters in each quad, the group rec-
ognizes leadership in house and
quadrangle affairs.
Scabbard and Blade.. .
Participants in either of the
three ROTC programs are selected
on the basis of leadership, patrio-
tism, efficiency, loyalty and honor
for Scabbard and Blade.
Initiates are tapped in the star-
light with sabers, and during the
trial period must guard the lions
and defend the scabbard and blade
in front of the flagpole.
The group's purpose is to raise
the standards of military educa-
tion and spread information on
military service careers.
Scroll ...
Another local organization, Scroll
honors senior affiliated women for
leadership, character and loyalty.
Members are tapped after hours
by the group singing, "Out of the
night comes a sound of voices.
Scroll is now tapping its loyal
Its purpose is to promote cooper-
ation between alumnae and stu-
dents and further interest in cam-
pus' activities. It also 'grants a
$100 scholarship to aljunior affili-
ated woman on the basis of leader-
ship and need.
Senior Society..
Senior Society recognizes inde-
pendent women with high scholas-
tic averages who have actively
served their dormitories.

Girls recommended by their
house directors and presidents are
tapped by members singing, "In
and out the halls we wander sing-
ing as we go; of the girls we're
going to favor with our pin of
black and gold."
During the initiation ceremony,
each member's name is added to a
long yellow ribbon with the names.
of all members since the organiza-
tion's founding.
Sphinx ...
A junior men's honorary estab-
lished in 1905, Sphinx chooses neo-
phytes for its courts by- the same
standards as the senior groups.
Men may be tapped from all
schools except the engineering col-
lege. Red brick. dust and water
transform the neophytes into
Egyptians and then the initiates
must crawl on their stomachs
looking for the River Nile. When
they 'reach the Nile (usually
known as the League fountain)
they must prove their worth by
a final dip in that body of water.
Members are given secret Egyp-
tian names.
Triangles, for junior engineers,
is also designed to recoknize
achievement and to serve the
campus. Initiates are abducted in
the night and must find their way
back to campus from an isolated
part of the county. Then the
public initiation features such
stunts asn a human pyramid and
scrubbing the Engineering Arch
with a toothbrush. Triangles was
formed in 1907.
Julcans.. .
The only mortal acceptable in
the eyes of the god Vulcan is a
senior engineer who has served
the University in activities or
athletics. Neophytes are abducted
in the night and taken out of
town to find their way back to
campus. Then they undergo a
public initiation by blacking them-
selves with oil, chaining them-
selves to each other and carrying
torches through the underground
steam tunnels. Each member is
given a mythological name of a
god and the society, formed in
1904, works to serve the engineer-
ing college and the University as
a whole.
Wyrern.. .
Wyvern, also a local group, hon-
ors girls who are active on cam-
pus and have high scholastic aver-
The sophomores are tapped
during dinner by a line of girls
singing, "Damn, damn, damn to
Michigamua, to hell with Sphinx
and Vulcans, too, to the Druids
and the rest, for we know we are
the best, we are Wyvern's daugh-
ters tried and true."

Approximately 95,000 persons
visited the University museum
last year to see exhibits ranging
from ancient bones to a model
of a large part of the moon's sur-
For those who have never look-
ed into the threatening jaws of
a mastadon or a water shrew, the
University Museum is the place
to go.
Occupying two' floors and a
balcony, the' museum contains a
conglomeration of various dis-
The "Hall of Evolution," situ-
ated on the second floor, pre-
sents the plants and animals of
past geological ages.
The ancient skeleton of the
"Duckbilled" dinosaur has a skull
weighing 250 pounds and attracts
quite a bit of attention.
Preserved Mastadon
A mastadon, the best preserved
and most complete ever found in
Michigan, sits wearily on its
haunches waiting for visitors to
come up to it on the second
floor. Mounted' proudly on the
right wall is a pteradactyl, an
extinct flying reptile, with a wing
span of almost 14 feet.
On the balcony, there is a syn-
optic series of Michigan plants and
Environmental influences af-
fecting the life and growth of
plants and animals are shown in
the fourth 'floor displays. There
are also displays on anthropology,
geology and astronomy along with
a planetarium.
New minerology displays have
been set up this year. The museum
has also done much work on a
new ecology exhibit.
Other Museums
The University is not the only
one on campus which has public
The Kelsey Museum of Archae-
ology contains an extensive- col-
lection from the Mediterranean
world and from the Near East.
Most of the relics on display are
from exeditions run by the Uni-

SKULLS: Two workers at the Natural Science Museum examine
skulls of our forefathers. Some of these skulls have been on
exhibit in the anthropological section of the museum. Along
with this section, the museum also has displays on zoology,
botany and other fields.
versity. Seven expeditions were it houses the only known icons
sponsored by the University in that survived the eighth and ninth
the first quarter of 'this century. century iconoclast heresy. The ex-
Between 1925 and 1936 two major pedition is involved in photo-
expeditions worked at Karanis in graphic work which when develo -
Egypt and Seleucia in Iraq. ed will be put on exhibition in
The exhibit shows artifacts, Ann Arbor.
photographs and models of these During the past year, an ex-
expeditions. pedition from the University has
'U' Expedition been working in Egypt at Karanis.
Since the end of the war, an These expeditions supply the
expeditipn from the museum has Kelsey Museum with its extensive
been working at St. Catherine's displays. Jewelry, artwork, food-
Monastery at Mt. Sinai in Egypt. stuffs, coins, glass, pottery and
The monastery, built around 550 writing materials can be found
A.D. by the Emperor Justinian, is throughout the two floors of the
of particular importance because museum


University Health Service
Provides Basic Clinical Aid

<i --- I


University Health Service has
been serving the students and fac-
ulty of Michigan for nearly 50
Providing basic clinical services
and a number of specialty clinics,
including mental hygiene, the
Service is equipped to handle all
types of cases except those requir-
ing major surgery, or special test-:
ing equipment.
Health Service has a complete
laboratory where all the clinical
tests are run. The Service owns an
electrocardiography, a complete
laboratory for blood tests, instru-
ments for making basal metabolic
determinations, and physio-ther-
apy equipment. Emergency dental
facilities and a diagnostic X-ray
department are also some of the
services offered.
Manufactures Drugs
Health Service has its own phar-
macy and many of the drugs used
are manufactured there. Accord-
ing to Dr. Morley Beckett, direc-
tor of Health Service, one of the
finest college or universty allergy
clinics is located in Health Serv-
ice. Allergens are individually pre-
pared in their own laboratories.
Examinations and normal drugs
are free to all students taking
four hours of work or more at the
University and to other students
at a small fee. Expensive X-rays
and laboratory work are provided
at a reasonable rate.
The Health Service hours are
from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1
p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and'
from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.
However, there is a physician on
call from Health Service at all
times in case of an emergency.
Maintain Records
Each new student must submit
a medical history and examination

before being admitted to the Uni-
versity. This starts a folder which
is kept for all students. Present
files extend back about 30 years.
In addition, each student is given
a free X-ray when he enters the
Infirmary facilities include 50
beds, eight full-time physicians,
three psychiatrists, and 15-20
part-time physicians who are on
the staff at the medical school.
Most of the latter are specialists
who are called in for consultation.
The Service has been in opera-
tion since 1913 and moved into its
present location at 207 Fletcher
Ave. in April 1940.
The budget for Health Service
runs about three-quarters of a
million dollars a year, part of
which the Service is required to
raise themselves.
raise itself.
The Health Service established
on a voluntary basis last year a
health insurance plan sponsored
by the Student Government Coun-
T h r' o u g h the environmental
health department, campus hous-
ing is investigated for sanitation
and safety and recommendations



are made to1

the administration.

Hair Styling
WorkmanshipSanitation and
Service prevail at ...
near Michigan Theatre

HEAP BIG BATTLE-Fighting Braves of the Tribe of Michigama, a senior men's honorary, pull a
young buck (initiate) from the socred oak tree preparatory to dousing him with water and brick
dust. Similar scenes are comon on campus duringthe Spring as honoraries tap and initiate those
who will be among the big men and women on campus' the following year.

Whatever your
in shirts . . . be it the traditional button-down
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All have been painstakingly chosen to compliment our
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