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November 05, 1964 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1964-11-05

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Johnson Asks American Unity
Following Democratic Sweep

LfJ -h" - r"


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Johnson repeatedly has told
friends in recent days that he
wants each member of the cab-
inet to stay with him, that he
seeks no resignations.
Lots of Praise
Johnson, over the past 11
months, has been particularly
free with praise of Secretary of
State Dean Rusk and Secretary
of Defense, Robert S. McNamara.
It had been considered likely

that Johnson's attitude toward
cabinet resignations might change
after the election. If it has
changed, however, he has given
no indication of it and, quite the
opposite, has made periodic per-
sonal efforts to scotch such talk.
Two-Party System?
The Republican inroads into
the Democratic South raised the
question of whether this sector
of the nation may again foster the
active two-party system it had

before the Civil War.
On the basis of this electioit
the pollsters said no.I
They pointed out that four of
the five "defecting" states were<
the same ones which abandonedI
their Democratic traditions in1
1948 under the "States Rights
Party" banner, and for the same
basic reason: opposition to civil
Political Bolt
In both cases the bolt was es-
sentially from a political party
rather than toward one.
The Southerners' dilemma now
1) Will the Republican party,
which faces a long winter of re-
adjustment after Goldwater's
crushing defeat, accept them?
'2) If not, will the vote-rich
Democratic party take them back?
The one area which is expected
to undergo drastic revision is
Johnson's foreign policy. In the
weeks ahead, the President will
begin work on a post-election for-
eign policy strategy pointing to-
ward talks with allied leaders in
Europe and a possible summit
meeting with Soviet chiefs later
next year.
The global reappraisal, informed
officials said, is likely to put new
emphasis on strengthening ties
with individual allied govern-
ments to get around the split in
the Atlantic Alliance created by
French President Charles de
But the most dramatic result
could come in Southeast Asia.
Some officials are now private-
ly convinced the President and his
advisers may decide an intensive
new political-military effort is
needed to provide a basis for
settlement of the war in South
Viet Nam.
Most of the positions which
Democrats gained in the election
were gained as a result of John-
son's popularity in traditional Re-
publican strongholds. Johnson not
only carried big cities but also
surburban areas where Republi-
cans were traditionally strong.

(Continued from Page 2)
"Resonance in Pressurized Piping Sys-
tems," 305 * W. Engin. Bldg., at 3:30
p.m. Chairman, v. L. Streeter.
Physical Chemistry Seminar-Mr. Ar-
nold Prostak (Chemistry Dept.) will
speak on Modern Infrared Technolo-
gy; Chemical Applications," on Thurs.,
Nov. 5, 1964 at 5:00 p.m. in Rm. 1200
of the Chemistry Bldg.
Botany Seminar: Dr. Herbert Stern,
University of Illinois, "Induced En-
zymes: Their Regulation and Their
Role as Regulators in the Nucleic Acid
Metabolism of Meiotic Cells," Thurs.,
Nov. 5, 4:15 p.m., 1139 Nat. Set. Bldg.
Tea will be served at 4 p.m.
Now playing through Nov. 7 is "The
Imaginary Invalid," by Moliere, employ-
ing the English actor-playwright Miles
Malleson's rtanslation, in Trueblood
Aud., Frieze Bldg. Box office open 12:30
to Curtain time-8:00 p.m. The pro-
ducers-The University of Michigan
Players of the Department of Speech-
announce tickets are $1.50 and 1.00 for
tonight and Thurs., 1.75 and 1.25 Fri.
and Sat.
Following "Invalid" into Trueblood
Aud. Dec. 2-5 will be Carl Oglesby's
"The Peacemaker."
General Notices
Applications for LSA scholarships
for the winter term and the spring-
summer term (IIIA and IIIB), 1964-
1965, are now available in Room 1220
Angell Hall. Applications will be due no
later than November 16, 1964. Appli-
cants must have had at least one full
semester of resident in this College
and have attained an over-all grade
point average of 2.8 or better.
French an'd German Screening Exam-
inations: The screening examinations
in French and German for Doctoral
candidates will be administered on
Tues., Nov. 10 from 3-5 p.m. in Aud.
B. Angell Hall. Doctoral candidates
must pass the screening examination
before taking the written test in French
or German, unless they have received B
or better in French III or German 111.
Those who fail the examination may
take it again when the test is admin-
istered in January.
Candidates are asked to bring their
own number 2 pencils,
Admission Test for Graduate Study
in Business: Candidates taking the Ad-
mission Test for Graduate Study in
Business on Sat., Nov. 7, are asked to
report to 130 Business Administration
Bldg. at 8:45 a.m.
Astronomical Colloquium. Friday, No-
vember 6, 4:00 p.m., Room807, Physics-
Astronomy Building. Dr. G. H. E. Elste,
Department of Astronomy, will speak
on "Turbulence inl the Solar Atmos-

Student Government Council for Lawrence Radiation Lab., affiliated neapolis and St. Paul, Minn., BS-MS: Math, Physics & Psych. Men & Women.
Daily Official Bulletin with Univ. of Calif., is looking for EE and Math. BS: E Math, E Physics Res.
The approval of the following stu- faculty and students for research as- and ci. Engrg. MS: Instrum. R & D and
dent-sponsored events becomes effective signments in exper'1 physics, theoret'l Res. Gibbs & Cox, Inc., N.Y. BS-MS: Naval
24 hours after the publication of this physics, computerprogramming,chem, & Marine. BS: EE & ME. MS: Nuclear.
notice. All publicity for these events mech. engrg, electronics engrg, biol.Me&Wo n.R&D.& es
nut beuwithheld until the approval and med, and hazards control. Appli. Aeroquip Corp. Training program in Men & Women. R. & D. & Des.
mstbeoefeavail at Summer Placement. Filing U.S. for permanent employment in the
has become effective. is Jan. 15. city of Ranchi, State of Biher, India. Grumman Aircraft Engrg. Corp.,
Approval Request forms for student- BS-MS: CE, EE, EM, IS and ME. In- Bethpage, & Peconic, N.Y. All Degrees:
sponsored events are available in Room The Brass Rail, a World's Fair Or- dian or other students interested in AE & Astro., EE, EM, & ME. Prof.: Ap-
loll of the Student Activities Building. ganization, is looking for students in- permanent residence in India. Prod. and plied Mech. BS-MS: IE. MS-Prof.: In-
101gnztoi okn o tdnsI-M. strum. Msics Mat'ols. & T Met. BS:t E Math
Near East Studies Club, Lecture, No- terested in working there next summer. strum.ysic .& .BS:
vember 12, 8:00 p.m., Lane Hall. Pan- The Brass Rail is enthusiastic about & E Physics. No ROTC at this time.
hellenic Association, Ypsilanti State the work done by Univ. of Mich. stu- Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Dev., Des. Prod, Analysis & Test,
Hospital Clothing Drive, November 22, dents and are contacting those who Allentown, Pa. All Degrees: ME. BS-MS: I
-December 6, 1964, Women's Dorms served the first year and want more ChE, E Physics and Met. R & D, Des. . International Nickel Co., Inc., Hunt-
ororities. for 1965. Particulars at 212 SAB. & Sales. ington, W. Va. & Field Offices. BS: AE
Panhellenic Association Mitten Tree, & Astro., ChE, CE, E, IE, Mat'ls., ME,
December 6-December 22, 1964, Dorms, Summer Placement Service - has Met. & Naval & Marine. ales.
Campus, Sororities. briefs on job openings in business and Cornell Aeronautical Lab., Inc. Buf-
industry, resorts, campus of all kinds, falo, N.W. All Degrees: AE and Astro, Johnson Service Co., Milwaukee &
ANNOUNCEMENT: jobs for foreign students, camp jobs EE, and ME. BS: E Math, E Physics & Branch Offices. BS: CE, EE, IE &ME.
Seniors and grads: Reed College, Port- for married couples and waterfront ci. Engrg. Prof.: Applied Mech. BS-MS: Sales.
land, Oregon announces a 12 mos in- personnel for camps. These lists can
ternship program leading to M.A.T. speed up the process of getting a sum-
and certificate for secondary school mer job. Avail at 212 SAB.




teaching. Study includes electives in
student's field, paid internship, and
profess. seminars. Scholarships will also
be avail. Apply before March 1.
School of Public Health, U. of Mich.
-Public Health Administration. 1. Ph.D,
M.A., or LLB in Pub. Admin., Pub.
Health, exper in Community organiza-
tion and issues. 2. Ph.Dd or M.A. in
Psych, or Poli ci., research exper. In
community power structures. 3. M.A.
Pub. Admin., Pub. Health Admin, or
Bus. Ad., for Public Health Economic
Analyst-to analyze data and finances.
4. Admin. Specialist, M.A. Health, Bus.
Ad., or Econ. Exper. in statistics meth-
ods and admin. practice. Male or fe-
Allstate Insurance Co., Detroit-Com-
mercial Casualty Underwriter. Immed.
opening for male grad with 3-5 years
casualty exper. 25-35 yrs., married.
Borman Food Stores, Detroit-Market-
ing Manager Trainees, Preferrrecent
grads with some exper in food or other
retail area, for work with chain stores.
U.S. Atomic Energy Comm., Chicago-
Patent attorney, agent or trainee. Apply
principles of chem. and metallurgy to
evaluate patentability of inventions.
Prepare and ame.nd patent application.
Excel opportunity for well qualified
For further info., please call 764-7460,
General Div., Bureau of Appts., 3200
Campbell Soup Co., Napoleon, Ohio-
will be hiring general laborers this

For further details come to Summer
Placement Service, 212 SAB.
VIEWS-Seniors and grad students,
please sign schedule posted at 128-H
West Engrg.
Sperry Rand Corp. Univac Div., Min-
jWelcome Students!



THE SAFE WAY to stay alert
without harmful stimulants


GOV. GEORGE ROMNEY, left, was one of seven Republican
governors returned to their statehouses in Tuesday's elections.
Arkansas' Gov. Orval Faubus won a sixth-term victory over
Republican Winthrop Rockefeller,
Romneyv Mayv Take Lead
Of Republican Party
(Continued from Page 3) ships previously held by Repub-
and the 1968 Presidential election. licans in Arizona and Utah.
Although the division of gov- Control of statehouses is po-
ernorships between the parties litically important because it helps
changed only slightly, there were provide the framework for sub-
changes in some states. Republi- sequent national elections.
cans turned out Democratic state Faubus Wins
executives in Washington, Wis- Arkansas' controversial Gov.
consin and Massachusetts. But Orval Faubus won an unprece-
Democrats captured governor- dented sixth term by defeating
Republican Winthrop Rockefeller,
brother of Gov. Nelson A. Rocke-
feller of New York. But Rocke-
feller put up one of the strong-
S Cest races a candidate of that
Take Controls party has ever waged in that

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Amwmw=mm=m=w! :

Of Legislature
(Continued from Page 3)
uary. Through a gradual process
of attrition, the so-called hard-'
line conservatives have been elim-
A Democratic redistricting plan,
approved shortly after the one-
man-one-vote decision of the
United States Supreme Court last
June, was responsible for the
sweeping changes in this year's
legislative elections.
In the last Congress, Republi-
cans held 11 of the 19 seats,
while the Democrats only held
eight. Only seven GOP members
were returned in the election yes-
Democrats captured all four
districts where because of re-
apportionment, there were 'no in-
cumbent congressmen; John Con-
yers Jr. of Detroit in the First,
State Highway Commissioner
John C. Mackie in the Seventh,
William D., Ford in the 15th and
State Auditor General Billie Far-
num in the 19th.
Republican Reps. August Jo-
hansen in the third, Victor Knox
in the 11th and George Meader
in the second lost their seats to
Weston E. Vivian's margin was
rather thin over Meader in the
second ,Ann Arbor district which
sent Meader to Congress 14 years
ago. A recount appears imminent.
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In another race in which the
GOP was looking for a possible
future Presidential candidate,
Charles H. Percy lost in a bid to
unseat Gov. Otto Kerner who won
a second term in Illinois.
Texas Gov. John B. Connally
won an easy re-election victory
over GOP, Dallas oil man Jack
Republican in Mass.
In Massachusetts, former Gov.
John A. Volpe defeated Lt. Gov.
Francis X. Bellotti, his Demo-
cratic opponent.
In Arizona, a Goldwater lieu-
tenant, Richard Kleindienst lost
to Democrat Sam Goddard.
The last gubernatorial race to
be settled was in Montana where
Republican Gov. Tim Babcock
turned back Roland B. Renne,
former Assistant Secretary of Ag-
riculture under the present ad-
There are 25 "holdover" gover-
nors, governors who did not run
for reelection Tuesday. Of these,
16 are Democrats and 9 are Re-

Large enough to hold your future,
Small enough to know you.
ENGINEERS: American Air Filter Company,
Louisville, Kentucky, is the world's largest
manufacturer of air filters, dust control, heat-
ing, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.
Yet AAF is small enough for you to know well.
AAF needs graduate engineers to fill respon-
sible jobs in sales, product engineering, re-
search and industrial engineering. Eventual
location might be in any of AAF's six plant
cities or one of the more than 150 sales offices
throughout the U. S.
Men who join AAF will be given training
which is designed to fulfill their early career
needs. This may be on-the-job training or formal
classroom experience, as the job assignment
dictates. Interested Seniors should make an
appointment now through the Placement Office.
An AAF representative will visit the campus on


and the PARTS.
We have the MECHANICS
319 W. Huron

President Hatcher speaks on the subject:
"The President and the Student
Look at the University's Future"
An open question. and answer period follows.
Rackham Lecture Hall
Tharsday, November 5, 7:30 p.m.



' I


MfVCkARCD 1' lOr-A

"An equal opportunity employ
;. American Air



"The development
of management
is essential
to our goal of


"l:: ii: i.:'.::::: is is i. :i ::::: is
': J.: }:Sl ": Ti:
?: : ' .... ..1

great growth"



your yearbook

At the 1964 stockholders' meeting, Arjay Miller,
President of Ford Motor Company, emphasized the
Company's far-sighted recruitment program and its accent
on developing management talent:
"'One aspect of our planning is crucial to the success of
everything else we do. It engages the best thoughts and efforts of
our whole management team, from top to bottom, throughout the
world. I am speaking of the development of management. The
immediate future of our Company depends heavily upon the abilities
of the people who are now key members of our management team.
"In the longer run, our future depends on what we are doing at
the present time to attract and develop the people who will
be making the major decisions 10 to 20 years from now. We are
developing management competence in depth in order to attack the
problems that will confront a company of great growth-and
great growth (both in profits and sales) is exactly the goal
we have established for Ford Motor Company.
"We are continuing to emphasize recruiting. Last spring, 180 of our
management people devoted part of their time to recruiting
outstanding graduates from colleges and universities throughout
the U.S. Last year, these efforts resulted in our hiring over
1,000 graduates, 220 more than the year before.
"We are seeking and we are finding young men-and young women,
too-with brains and backbone-people who have the ability and
the desire to make room for themselves at the top. We give our
trainees challenging assignments with as much responsibility as
they can carry. We promote them as fast as they are ready. Those
who are interested in easy security soon drop out. Those who
have what we want stay with us, and move up quickly to increased


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