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October 06, 1964 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1964-10-06

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mese Atom Bomb Could Deepen ino-Soviet

'ress Special Correspondent
GTON (A) - Nikita S.
v, known for freely of-
olicited advice, report-
he leaders of Commu-
quite some time ago
untry that strains it-
duce atomic bombs will
unable to slip into its

officials here are extremely
luctant to speak.
One Great Bomb
In January 1963 Japanese
fense chief Kenjiro Shiga
clared that Communist China]
four atomic reactors annually r
ducing a total of about 10 k
grams of Plutonium, roughly
pounds. He. estimated that w(


Khrushchev's benefit Red China clear research institute at Dubna,
would have bombs even if it had 70 miles, north of Moscow. The
to go without pants. work there undoubtedly contribut-
Ironically Russia helped to start ed to the familiarity of Chinese
the Chinese program,. though scientists with the pioneering re,'
Khrushchev and other officials sults of the Western powers which
have always intimated to United had blazed .the trail of nuclear
States authorities that they never development long before.
gave the Chinese any help other In Octover 1957, while work was-
than in the field of peaceful uses. proceeding on peaceful uses in
Evidence indicates the following cooperation between Russia ani
China the two countries made an
agreement, according to 'Chinese
Communist statements, by which.
Russia was supposed to supply Red
China with information on new
weapons technology. The Chinese
interpreted the agreement to in-
}clude facts about how to make
{nuclear weapons.

By contrast U.S. college gradu- recklessly
ates make up 5.2 per cent of the talked.
population and in the Soviet Un-
ion the figure is 1.3 per cent.
Nearly half of the Chinese college In the
graduates hold scientific or engi- into thet
neering degrees. may force
Red China' is believed to have sia andE
1000 to 1500 scientists qualified to pledge no
handle research projects. Since al- mosphere,
most half of these are understood space.
to be tied up in administrative Red Ch
work; the number available for ReCl
basic research is considered by still judg
American standards to be very that this p
small. ed for ma

as they have sor

s be enough to make one bomb.
hev seems never to have The reported minimum amount
dea that Russia's popul- necessary to get a nuclear explo-
aggressive neighbor, sion of the kind the United States
omrade In Communism set off in its first test in Alma-
ceed in developing an gordo, N.M., in 1943 is 13.2 pounds.
it nuclear military strike That produces an explosion equiv-
ever the Chinese leaders alent to about 19,000 tons of TNT.
atedly spelled out their'; When Rusk. issued his state-
tlon for him and ther iMent last week he was convinced
world. j that the Chinese shot which he
considers imminent would consume
go Red Chinese Foreign Red China's entire store of nuclear
hen YI, talking with explosives so -there would be only
newsmen visiting in Pe- PREMIER KHRUSHCHEV one test for the time being.
hasized "We will pro- Ae helpedChina . Canadian Officials
ic. bombs even though . Canadian officials thought there
wve no trousers to wear." A year or so ago, intelligence might be a series. No Western
aclear Threshold revealed evidence that the Chi- authorities are quite sure because
eral years the United nese Reds were building a huge they obviously lack precise infor-
s been predicting that 'gaseous diffusion plant to separ- mation on just what Red China's
would come when Red ate the highly explosive U235 nuclear resources are. They have
uld cross the nuclear atoms of uranium from the more no doubt, however, that the Chi-
This past week Secre- stable U-238 atoms. Its place I nese Reds are on the way to be-
tate Dean Rusk, drawv- the landscape, even so vast a land- n are o e ay toe-
tote ean ush; raw-coming a nuclear. power at the tail
e latest intelligence in- scape as China's, canbe detected end of the race in which the com-
and assessments of Red by flying cameras. from a great petitors in order of might are the
apability, warned the height. United States, Russia, Britain and
people and China's As- The installation is one of at France.
ors: least six atomic installations con- Red China has ample sunnlies
me time it has been tributing to China's nuclear po- of uranium, the raw ore from
t the Chinese Commu- tential. Its significance is that which fissionable materials are
approaching the point the Chinese probably would not most commonly produced, in Sin-
y might' le able to det- have entered into such an elabor- kiang Province and probably else-
fr first nuclear device, ate development unless the, rest where. Other basic materials
xplosion might occur in of their atomic science was well needed such as graphite, which is
Iture." advanced. used to control the nuclear reac-

Power Club
long run China's entry
club of nuclear powers
the United States, Rus-
Britain to review their
ot to test in the at-
under water or in outer
inese developments are
ed to be so primitive
point would not be reach-
ny years, unless by some
iance Chinese scientists
breakthrough into new
for manufacture or new

Nevertheless Chinese Commun-
ist leaders always have the choice
of how they focus whatever talent
they can pull together.

outside ch
made ax

types of material.

In 1958, again according to Chi-
nese Communism, the Soviet lead-
ers began to try to mover into po-
sitiolls of control of the Chinese
military set-up. The Chinese re-
jected what they .called Russia's
unreasonable demands.
Weapons Technology
A year later in June, 1959, again
according to Red Chinese sources.
the Russians destroyed the 1957
agreement on weapons technol-
ogy and also specifically refused
to give China a sample atomic
bomb as well as technical infor-
ination on how to make bombs.


... to worry U.S.
set back the Chinese program by
many months if not years.
The point which United States'
officials emphasize about this,
however, is that in spite of its
limitations China had the basic
resources all along, even including
such complicated enterprises as
machine to'ol manufacture and
electronic computers, to make even

Long Struggle This is always a possibility, not
Even after a first bomb, the only in China but in other coun-
Chinese face a long struggle to tries with scientific, and indus-
become a nuclear power. A bomb trial resources. In the view of U.S.
is no good without airplanes or officials that is a major reason
rockets to deliver it, according to for trying to break down interna-
bonventional military notions. tional barriers in the nuclear
There are, however, the uncon- field, and promote new agreements
ventional notions and these sug- beyond the test ban for prevent-
gest the possibility of a nightmare ing the spread of nuclear weap-
in international , relations in Asia ons, gradually bringing the arms
if the Red Chinese ever act as race under control.



ut a year United States
e agencies and scien-
been collecting evidence
eoples Republic of China
oping a primitive, nu-
ary capability. There is
le evidence to this ef-
xh the naic AniO

It's a Mystery tion in an atomic furnace (or re-
United States officials have re- actor), aluminum, which is used
fused to pinpoint Chinese defense 'for instrument systems and uran-
installations but information from ium fuel casings,- stainless steel.'
foreign sources in the Far East, and many other materials are
though unverified, is known to judged here to be within Red
indicate at least the probable 10- China's resources.
cations and extent of distribution In the case of nickel and chrom-

...dvelo thebomb. , V,
develop the bomb... The sequence of ; events which such highly complicated devices
U.S. officials generally accept as as atomic weapons. They did not
significant landmarks in Red Chi- true suggests that the Russians have either the large numbers of
na's nuclear program: helped start China on its atomic trained scientists and engineers or
In 1955 Moscow announced it development program but then, the industrial resources for manu-
would supply the Chinese Commu- seeing that Mao Tze-tung intend- facturing their own jet airplanes,
nists rith small quantities of ed to pursue an independent but barring a disaster 'they will
uranium, tritium, deuterium andcourse,dstopped short of assisting arrive at that point too eventually.
plutonium'. A few grams of each; in the developing of nuclear weap- Poef id
of these essential materials in the ns and this in turn sp e e Power of Minds
nuclear science would be all that quarrel which has now develop-
the skillful Chinese scientists,ednt h Some measure of China's brain
ste skillful rhine scientsted into the blocsplitting row be- power resources is to be found in
some of them trained in the tween them, the fact that the total number of
United States, would have need- The break with Russia at the college graduates in the huge
ed to develop the chemistry of end of the 1950s and the with- Chinese population in 1963 was
soviet Domination drawal of thousands of Soviet only 1.3 million and in 1973 will
In 1956 China joined with 0th- advisers in 1959-60, coupled with be only 2.9 million, according to
er countries then in the Soviet- the failure of Mao's "Great Leap present estimates-around .3 per
dominated bloc to participate in Forward" in 1961-62, undoubtedly 'cent of the population.
and help pay the cost of a nu-

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ug ne preciemaig
S hasbeass essed ! of the Chinese centers. ium, which are necessary to
r scientists and engineers.: The' big new gaseous diffusion stainless steel, the Chinese Reds
plant has been reported to be 10- have been importing these metals
t Line Information cated near the city of Lanchow from both Communist and non-
ence about China's nu- in Kansu Province. A Russian sup- Communist sources.
urces wais obtained in a plied atomic reactor which has a Exploding Population
f ways. Some of itcame reported capability of 10,000 kilo- I Though China is a backward
s operating in that coun- watts and would produce some of ' country with an exploding popu-
ding to competent Wash- jthe fissionable material, Pluton- lation of nearly 800 million peo-
urces. Some came from ium is known to be located near ple and a shortage of almost
ras of U-2 planes flown the Chinese capital, Peking. everything, it has the same poli-
Chinese mainland by Other reactors or contributory tical control which the Soviets
st Chinese pilots based installations have been reported also had in early years for focus-
sa. in or near operation at Paotow, ing human .genius, physical re-
iore came' from spy-in- Inner Mongolia, Sian in West Cen- sources, and the work of many
atellites such as Samos. tral Manchuria. There may be hands on a particular project.
on also was fed into the other installations but on such That was undoubtedly what Chen
of intelligence operations precise points of U.S. intelligence, Yi meant when he said for
s from public statements ----
se officials and Soviet- -- ~-

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