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March 24, 1963 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1963-03-24

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SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1963

II . . T_ ' ____+ r


i I w




C ol
of California
Fourth of July fireworks
in a one-piece Helanca,
knit. Blazing with
brilliant stripes and
anchored securely to
solid trunks with a
dashing life-saver belt.

Fur Lashes
Fringe Lids
Associated Press Fashion Writer
NEW YORK-A shipment of
mink and ermine eyelashes failed
to arrive in time for Janus Mann's
eye fashion show recently, but
the blonde glamour girl batted her
old pretty peepers twice as hard to
make up for things.
They were fringed with fur seal.
Her attractive helpers also wig-
gled their ways through the con-
gested salon, shoved their faces
close to each guest, widened their
eyes and then fluttered the lids.
"I don't even know I have them
on," each assured the women in
attendance. "Don't they look nat-
One model's face, however, ap-
peared lopsided. False fr;nge fram-
ed one eye, but the other had none
and looked small, squinty and
'To demonstrate the method of
application, a brunette hovered
over a flame-haired TV personal-
ity. Relaxed in the lady's lap was
a gray French poodle with sweep-
ing false black eyelashes made of
human hair.
Thicker, More Lustrous
"Fur lashes are thicker, more
lustrous," Miss Mann said, unable
to show the mink and sable ones.
"Really, they look the same as
these fur seal ones I have on. The
only basic difference is the color."
Miss Mann frames her own
brown orbs with brown seal fur
lashes for casual daytime wear,
but dons her black mink lashes for
exotic evening ogling.
Human lashes cost less than
five dollars, mink and ermine
around $10 and seal somewhere in
Trim Lashes
The lashes are trimmed to suit
the face and occasion: short for
day, longer for evening and even
longer for photographic purposes.
The lashes come off easily with-
out taking any of the natural
follicles with them.
"But I was crying in the dentist's
office and my lashes just floated
down my face. It was the funniest
thing," roared the redhead with
the poodle.
%~ r
- - *.

6 1
another Fabeorg6 first
SitVanity Spray +
w,┬░th its own marvelous
little dividend - matching
fill-it-yourself k
spray cologne for the purse
gift-boxed together I
in shimmering
jewelescent colours
Reservoir Spray Kit!
complete 5.00

-Daily-Richard Cooper
BERMUDAS-For long bicycle jaunts, Bermuda shorts are just
the thing to wear. Madras and polished cotton remain the most
popular fabrics for these cool and airy articles of clothing. Seer-
sucker is another fabric that is making great gains in popular
opinion and will be seen a great deal in Bermudas this spring
and summer.
Nile Countenance Goes;
Natural Looki Returns

bloom on many a daytime or eve. hi! -n boots, which match slickers
ning outfit. an, I raincoats.
Wildflower Print Slickers
A shining example of the mod X ..ber slickers were quite pop-
ern "posie" look is a, sparkling 'ular on college campuses last
wildflower print wrap skirt in year. Now, girls can buy rubber
petal-soft sunflower-yellow and boots; to go with last year's slick-
leafy-green cotton. Wear it with er. 'I1ey come in all colors; red,
matching yellow blouse and T- brows.,yellow, black and white.
strap pumps. If br .ught with a slicker, one can
Floral prints, flowerets, brilliant get bt ots with a lining that is
bouquets, and big blossom appli- turned., into a cuff which matches
ques will be luscious flattery to tn1Knir aing of the slicker. They can
any girl. What's more, there will be wi ern cuffless to go with any
be a predominance of multi-color outfit .
abstract flowers, floral embroid- Un: fortunately, though fashion-
ery-and ROSES! able, these boots may not be too
"A rose is a rose, is a rose, is a pract ical. One problem that was
rose." What better place for a foun I with the slickers may carry
rose than on a fresh white field over to the boots. The difficulty is
of silk where it can thrive in eith- ,u they were too hot to wear in
er direct sunshine or jaded moon- the warm, humid spring rains.
light? Rub ber does not let air circulate,

-Daily-Richard Cooper
STORMY WEATHER-In the rain this spring, girls will wear the
conventional white, raglan sleeve cotton coats, as seen on the left.
Chesterfields in black and brown will keep their wearer dry with a
combination of cotton and rayon.
Bridal Fshions Favor
Simple Slim Sheathes

Bermudas in Spring

Where have all the flowers
gone? Gone to fashion, everyone.
Gone to hats, skirts, gloves,
blouses, shoes, dresses, purses
scarves, raincoats, sweaters, sleep
wear, bathing suits-gone to any-
thing and everything from lingerie
to silky evening gowns. As in the
past, flowers will play a basic role
in the young modern's spring
The flowery-fresh look is defi-
nitely here again. The garden's
gavest blossoms will appear in full

Season Brings New Rain Wear
,Soon the sun will shine again
ovt r the Diag and spring will come
to inn Arbor.
A s usual it will bring the yearly
An,, Arbor aans. Co-eds will find
*blots ~' necessary, and fashionable .
access' ry for those spring show-
ers. 'I ihe campus is notorious for
its pi iddles and girls now have a
wide assortment of boots to choose
from .
W inter fashions showed a multi-
turd, a of boots of all kinds-snow,
W a) king and dress. The spring
Fty les are showing many types of
rai n boots. The big news concerns

Tiger Lilies

and nPdc might find thPGa hnnt E


The "Cleopatra" look is gone
for spring.
Makeup will go back to the
June Allyson-Doris Day look -
light, natural, blushing.
Heavy eye makeup seems to be
on its way out, with liner and
shadow reduced to minimum with
somewhat heavier touches for
night, as always. Cleopatra's sul-
Jewels Flash
'Fluid' Look
Pins, bangles, and beads com-
pose the jewelry trio for spring.
Uniquely placed, they are de-
signed to add to the flowing quali-
ty of fashions called the "fluid"
look. Pins are more varied than
ever in the forms of flowers, in-
sects, and fruits. Nature is brought
to the wearer by Coro, Star, Tri-
fari, Monet and Kramer.
Bangle bracelets, the rigid ring-
lets, in gold or pastel plastic are
worn in armfuls. "Beads" help you
have the "fluid" look.

triness is fast becoming passe-
even before the movie comes out!
Rouge, so the fashion experts
tell us, is to be used in a different
way this spring. It will not cover
only cheeks, brazenly,as in times
past, but may be used over the
entire face to create a soft look.
It may make its appearance on
the forehead or chin for a glow.
This will simulate the blush
which, experts explain coyly, cov-
ers the entire face of a lovely
young maiden.
Lipstick follows this lighter
trend with the usual spring rosy
and sunny shades. " Very little of
the dark or bright reds will be
seen, although some fashion ad-
visors believe a clear red still is
the best color for a brunette.
Leg makeup may try for a come-
back again this spring. Although
the cost approaches or even ex-
ceeds that of buying stockings, a
lady will find that at least it
doesn't run during the day or eve-
ning and leave the wearer looking
ill-groomed till she can reach her
stocking supply.
New types of leg makeup which
do not rub off easily on clothes
are being developed.

This spring's garden of fashion too I lot to wear.
will also include petunias, forget- Packable Boots
me-nots, tiger lilies, and carna- ' its spring most girls will con-
tions. tinu a to wear clear plastic boots
Colors in great demand will be. whic :h they can carry in their
petal pink, larkspur blue, daffo-: purs es. The rest will trod around
dil yellow, leafy green, wrhite tul- in si ieakers.
ip, creamy lily, tea-rose pink, sun- Ai iy girl will find it hard to be
flower yellow and cornflower blue. a faiy plteindAnnhArbobe-
This bouquet of colors will embel- afshowpaterisAnror be-
ish ccesoris suh a shors.caus Je the weather is so unpredict-
lish accessories such as shoen, O1ir She may start for her ;eight
gloves, and purses. o'cl khdressed for bright sun-
Magic flowers will also flourih ;h ioe and by lunchtime it may
on jewelry. Wear a flower pin it shats esand balunche itrmay
the neckline, waistline or lapihl.fast ar elieBe hen
Earrings in full flower will 'be
perennially beautiful.
Cultivate Bouquets 1r L
Bloom with springtime fresl i-
ness! Cultivate gay bouquets f
flower-strewn clothing. Create a A ter Equinox
blooming wardrobe with fields ofsersEquinox
sunny, sweet, soft flowers.
Top your favorite basic outfits ' l~he colors for women's hosiery
with fresh and flowering clusters thi s spring are saucy taupe, star-
of rosy dreams. lin q and interlude.
.11oo light a shade of hosiery is


Skinny-Look Coat ,

bad for a woman when her legs
later become tanned by the warm-

Major fashion trends in bridal
fashions this spring include bright
colors for the bridesmaid and
new silhouettes for the bride.
In bridal gowns, the controlled
skirt, the slim sheath and the
convertible ensemble are definite
pace-setters for the spring bride.
The very slim controlled skirt with
the high rise waist is quite new
and elegant in the bridal mar-
ket this year.
Top favorites are gowns en-
hanced by detachable, chapel
length trains with the very full
carriage back. Highly emphasized
this season is the jewel neckline,
an easy feature of the simply-de-
signed gown. Scoop and bateau
necks are still popularly received.
Sleeves run from short to long
and come semi-kabuki or loose.
Recommended fabrics include
silk organza, silk or rayon peau,
taffeta and lace along with Irish
linen, silk linen and cotton or-
Styles are kept simple, from the
"sweet young" to highly sophisti-
cated looks. Jackets and capes
easily convert gowns into deb
dresses or long formals.
The color of the bridesmaids'
dress is one of its most important
features. The colors most favored
are lemon yellow, mist,-lime green,
pink and blue, many in two-tone
In the bridesmaid category, too,
the dual-purpose dress is very
popular. The newest look for the
bridesmaid is, of course, the shift.

But sheaths with overskirts, short
sheaths with long, full overskirts,
controlled and bell silhouettes are
very well received.
No one skirt length dominates
in the bridesmaid styles. The bal-
lerina length still seems to be the
most popular, although long for-
mals have been successful.
Fabrics for the bridesmaid in-
clude silk organza, peau jolie, chif-
fon, satapeau, taffeta, silk linen,
organdy and embroidered organ-
Sport Styles
Tend Toward
Modest Lines
The one-piece suit, so popular
last year, will gradually give way
to new, shorter styles, as fashion
pace-setters have decided the fe-
male anatomy is once more worthy
of exposure.
For evening wear and the lady
who does not wish to change from
afternoon beachwear to an even-
ing frock, one designer has created
a suit acceptable for cocktails un-
der a tropical moon.
His new ideas include a semi-
cape over a solid color one-piece
suit with matching sandals im-
ported from Europe. The outfit
is part of what seems to be a new
theory in summer wear, clothes
which are comfortable are ac-
ceptable any time and any place.



C beauty with

"Milk makes the difference

actually made with
fresh whole milk and creaml

er spring and summer sun. Colored
Shaped TO Move stocikings have not taken as large
a r uarket as the manufacturers
Spring's skinnier look is ei-had , hoped.1
dent not only in straight coats, ' Seams are completely gone in
but also in shaped coats that sto ekings. Quite a bit of mesh is
move in-at-front and out-at-back , beil ag used, however.
Chanel-inspired cardigans, CheQ,- Ii i general, the .so-called "run-
terfields and gently flared A_ less' stockings do not run, but
liners. they will still pop holes quite often.
Q Pierced Earring!a
LI Goza Mats-$1 .50j
Q]Handcrafted Pe nda nts-$3.50
L-1 Pierced Look Earrin gs
(original design)--.-$3.00
Q ade Jewel ry ,
Q 'Hammered Steriin g and Gold Wire Pins
Q L Imported Folk A rt
Q Carvings
Q Original Wall Hanc ings (by Lake)
Q L Pottery From Bucha rest
LQ Carved Onyx Ba tf ,.ends
Lake's Arf Shop
211 South 5 tate Street
- e _______-.'d___b________ a aacUl.. .+'t i .c1..C~





Unique, because in all the world there
are no other cosmetics like
Milkmaid! These famous beauty aids
are good for every skin ... actually
contain fresh whole milk and pure sweet
cream blended with rich emollients
and beneficial oils to make you lovelier,
quickly, easily. Available in a
complete line of beauty preparations
... all charmingly packaged in
flower.sprinkled, milk-white containers.A


of California
easy elegance...
straight-away stripes
streaked on easy cotton
jersey. Bared to the
waist in back with a
casually wrapped midriff
and contrasting boy



t !
R!0 0
rc; x

ILK - 80% fresh whole milk, excellent'

Made from a Single fold of
leather, our smart stitched
genuine patented unifold pump
t t UI T"L1.5 - - TA.ig,4C,,,,11 v

deep pore cleanser or to use as a cleansing mask..


MILKMAID EMULSION -2 types, for dry or oily skins, both con-

m in II

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