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October 08, 1961 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1961-10-08

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ancy Clothes, Polished Etiquette
eveal Little of Real Personality

Berets Add
Yearly Fad


n Headwear

Most people have heard the
hacgneyed phrases "handsome is
Ss handsome does" and "beauty
is only skin deep," many, many
But, as is the case with many
time-worn monikers, these too did
not appear on the scene nor en-
dure so long without cause.
And so one could buy the finest
clothes available or use the most
extravagant make-up, but that
doesn't do anything to change
one's real self.
Dress Improves Conduct
Surveys and just general ob-
servations have offered proof that
one's general coduct and conver-
sation tend to vary directly with
one's dress and appearance. If a
person is dressed up in a sport
coat and slacks or a suit, he tends
to act with more dignity than if
he is dressed in a T-shirt and
blue jeans.
And speaking of standards, that
raises the matter of etiquette and
general courtesy, which is a very
re'al part of appearance and de-
A gentleman's opening a door
for a lady, pulling out her chair
so she may sit down, rising when
she enters the room or getting
up when everyone, is seated, all
are slwly taking on the label of
'queer,' 'ancient,' or 'affected,'
when they really are anything but
Brighter Colors
Indicate Decline
Of Beat LookStyle
The most outstanding new fea-
ture of the beat look on campus
is that it seems to be disappearing.
Those few who remain, however,
are still as conservative as ever,
with the same tight blue jeans,
hweatshirts, somber sweatshirts,
sandals, and beards.
One girl was recently observed
'wearing the same'jeans and sweat-
shirt for three consecutive days.
On campus she was barefoot, but
in her lectures she wore tennis
Fringe Groups
An outer fringe is growing, not
quite beat, but hardly of the elite.
In this group, several new styles
are becoming popular. Men are
becoming to favor extremely
bright colors in all-cotton sports
shirts, plaids, paiseleys, and even
.lower prints in pink,, lavender,
blue, purple, orange, yellow, and
Corduroy wash'n wear shirts,
poncho pullovers, and reversible
vests are rising in popularity. The
vests even come in 100 per cent
nylon imitation Persian lamb for
about $20. Other cotton shirts sell
for about $5.Bulky sweaters tend
toward wide stripe and argyle pat-
terns, in subdued rust, olive, and
Sandals Favord
Sandals are still favored, and
poncho pullovers may be observed
on women as on their male coun-
terparts. The beat girl still wears
her hair long and straight, some-
times fastened in the back with a
barette or a more elaborate'orna-
The hard-core beat, though
nearly extinct on this campus, may
be distinguished by his preference
for dark, subdued colors. The sud-
den brightness favored by the
fringe group is a new style unto

This type of courtesy is called
etiquette. It has come to have
rules and "do's 'n don'ts" just
like parliamentary procedure. It's
a sort of chivalry, but it didn't
die with knighthood. And although
it may seem very superfluous and
unnecessary, it sets people apart
from mere animals.
Eases Task
To be sure, etiquette is time-
consuming, and it probably doesn't
add anything to the specific ac-
complishment of a situation. But
one who practices etiquette will
find his task of gaining acceptance
a lot easier.,
Etiquette is quite like flattery-
hard to rebut and very pleasant.
The other type of courtesy is
FQ Quiz Ri
T o Deotermi

perhaps more a courtesy of mor-
als-decorum, if you will.
It involves using clean, pleasant
language, speaking in an enjoy-
able tone, handling any situation
with a certain a propos, behavior
and just generally conducting one-
self with quiet but resourceful de-
It is not at all pleasing to hear
someone going about swearing a
blue streak, or injecting some ob-
scenity wherever it might fit, no
matter how elegantly that person
may dress.
But even the shabbiest person
will not be rejected if he or she is
neat and clean and conducts his
or herself with that certain taste
and aplomb that goes a long way
toward winning acceptance.
ates Ability
ne Fashions]



How's your F.Q.?-fashion quo-
tient, that is. Being a student at
this tJniversity you should be used
-to taking all sorts of tests.
But this is a quiz that's not only
fun to take, but may tell you
something about the way you
choose your clothes and whether
or not you wear them correctly.
Try your luck.
1. You have just bought one of
the new V-neck sweaters. Do you
wear it with a blouse that has
a) a round collar b) an ivy-league
collar or c) mandarin collar?'-
Football Wear
2. It's raining out, but you just
have to go to that football game.
Do you wear a) a trench coat b) a
slicker or c) either one with a
rainhat or umbrella?
3. You're dying to change your
hair style. You've always worn it,
brushed straight back in a smooth
page boy because you have a small
forehead. Do you a) add the new
eye level bangs b) cut it short in
a bubble or c) put in a soft wave
on one side?
4. Your wardrobe AackR a few
date dresses. Will you a) put all
your money into a dark basic dress
b) buy a vivid blue wool because
blue is your best color or c) select
several inexpensive dresses to give,
you a well-balanced variety?
To Buy or Not To Buy
5. You've always been a con-
servative person, but you'd like to
brighten - up your wardrobe. Do
you buy a) a vivid, but wearable
blouse b) a colorful print scarf or
c) stick to your tastes and remain
6. Red is your favorite color,
but they're showing so much
orange you'd like to add this shade
to your wardrobe. Will you a) buy
something small in orange b) for-
get what's fashionable or c) just
-admire the color on others?
7. People have always told you
that your eyes are your best fea.
ture. Should you a) disregard
what they say b) indulge in a
make-up demonstration or ,c) find
a hairstyle that emphasizes them?
Choose a Perfume
8. You've always been known
as the "outdoorsy" type, but your
taste in perfumes runs to the
exotic Orient. Do you a) follow
your taste and forget your type
b) follow your type and forget
your taste or c) buy whatever
fragrance your boyfriend prefers?
9. You take pains in buying the
right clothes for your figure and
tastes, yet you never seem to look
quite right. Have. you forgotten
to a) keep' clothes clean and

pressed b) shorten hems to fash-
ionable length or c) wear the
proper accessories?
10. You need a pair of gloves to
wear to concerts, etc. Do you
choose a) white shorties b) white
kid or c) black shorties?
Figure Rating
Now that you've taken the quiz,
here's your rating. Give yourself
five pointshfor each correct answer.
1. Neither round nor mandarin
collar would look or feel comfort-
able under a V-neck. Better stick
to b) ivy-leaguers.
2. Trench coats are popular,'
but hardly waterproof enough to
last through a football game.
Slickers are better, but warm; a
rainhat or umbrella with either
c) would be the best.
3. Brave? Cut it off in a bubble.
Not so brave? Try a soft wave. If
you want <o see and be seen, steer
clear of the long, poofy bangs.
Variety Versus Value
4. Variety may be the spice, but
inexpensive dresses will give you
neither the wear nor the pleasure
you desire from them. A basic
dress in black, navy or grey is al-
ways good. Try a vivid color that
looks well on you, if you want a
lift as well as an addition to your
5. Brightening up is fine as long
as you feel comfortable in vivid
shades. If so try a) or b), if not
stay conservative.-
6. Unless orange looks well on
you (and this doesn't often hap-
pen) better just admire it on your
7. Whydisregard your best fea-
ture-if you agree that it is your
best. Try a make-up demonstra-
tion - they're usually free, and
maybe a new hairdo, too.
Types Fictitious
8. Types are fictitious anyway,
so why follow them? Taste is a
better guide. But, other people,
including boyfriends, may know
best since they can tell the actual
scent of the perfume on you.
9. Any or all of these may be
reasons why your carefully chosen
clothes never seem to look right
on you. Check all three.
10. Gloves are a matter of per-
sonal taste. Kid looks dressier,
costs more; black gloves are lim-
ited to fall and winter; white
cotton gets dirty very easily. Any
of them-or all, if you can afford
it-would be considered in good
How's your F.Q.?

Headbands, Barettes
Match Any HairStyle;
Gaining Acceptance
With little significant change in
hairstyles this year, hats and
headbands, berets and barettes
have been called upon to provide
the needed annual novelty.
Specifically designed to go with
long, short, or non-committed
hair, these traditional headgears
are once again flooding the mar-
ket and making a sensational
The beret, which had gone into
hiding last year after the velvet
band came into vogue, is back in
every conceivable size, shape, col-
or and fabric.
A popular variety is the new
knit which can be worn perched
on top of a long pageboy or pull-
ed down over the ears to protect a
French twist or short bob.
Berets and Tans
The traditional French beret
and its cousin the Scottish tam
are especially popular on campus
this fall. The blue beret and the
plaid tam, strictly color pieces in
warmish weather, can be anchor-
ed with combs or even an in-
conspiculously colored hat pin to
keep them firmly in place even on
windy days on the hill.
A sportier version of the tam
is made of leather, with or with-
out a brim or button on top and
comes in shades to match every
conceivable hue of jacket, purse
or coat.
A similar model in velvet or felt
is less sporty and is designed for
evening wear, often with a small,
sparkly pin featured in front.
The newcomer to the beret fam-
ily is the Paisley, featured on the
covers of several fashion maga-
zines geared to the campus set.
They can be worn puffed up or
flattened and come in a variety of
patterns and prices, generally
ranging upwards.
Two Classes
For indoor wear headbands and
barettes are divided into two class-
es, formal and informal. Head-
bands for everyday range from
velvet to plastic, the latter being
painted all conceivable colors, oft-
en with designs, the most modern
being a tyrolean floral-type in
white and pink' on light brown
Tortoise shell is as popular as
ever and of course for evening
wear the old bicycle clip is dress-
ed up in silver and gold with
rhinestones or pearls transforming
it into a tiarra.
The bgrette, however, is the
most versatile of all head wear.
As a curve of gold or silver, it can
replace a hat.
As a plastic pin it can actually
keep hair in place, and as a
wooden and leather ornament, it
not only serves the other two
functions plus identifying the
wearer as a member of the avant
A relatively new use for barettes
is as a replacement for the tra-
ditional rubber band fastening a
pony tail or the newest revival,
the pigtail which may be braided
with a ribbon or swing freely
with only a barette to clip it at
the tip.

Shoelaces Unchanged
As Fashions Evolve
These unique shoelaces also
The shoelace industry is fast double as good luck charms for
falling behind on the American the University budget committee
fashion scene, who are the only ones allowed to
The reasons for the lack of in- wear the yellow and blue shoe-
terest in shoelaces in a country laces tied securely to their second
where over 90 per cent of the in- finger. Otherwise everyone else
habitants wear shoes is something must put this good luck charm in
less than tragic. his piggy bank or, of course, on
The major factor hindering the his shoes.
shoelace industry is the growing
popularity of laceless shoes, espe-
cially among businessmen, gram-C oup es
mar school children and psychol-
ogy professors.
Japanese type clogs have also D ress A like
flooded the market and have been
a thorn in the side of the Ameri-smru
can hoelce mker Theshoeace If it seems that there is a sud-
can shoelace maker. The shoelace den spurt of twins on campus it is
lobby in Washington has decreas- definitely not a genetic phenome-
ed in influence ever since Con-nn.Rhriisamnfsain
gress lifted the tariff on imported non. Rather, it is a manifestation
shressrn oaos of "going steady."
shoestring potatoes. Now that the female has been
Length Shrinks emancipated so that she can wear
To make the situation graver, pants and man-tailored shirts, she
the length of the shoe lace has and her "steady" are able not only
shrunk. Gone forever are the days to go places together, but look
of six or eight-eyed shoes while alike as well.
the two or four-eyed shoe pre- The ideally collegiate couple can
vails. The greatest disaster by far wear a multitude of matching
was the decision of the Pentagon clothing, but a typical football
to cancel their order on engineer- Saturday outfit consists of white
ing boots. Think of all the lace sneakers, long high socks, Ber-
that was needed for those shoes! mudas in a solid color, ahbutton-
Lack of variety in shoelaces has down print Ivy League shirt and
also aided the decline. The plaid a trench coat.
multicolored shoe lace is practical- Typical items sold for both male
ly non-existent as many a scav- and female are shirts, coats and
enger hunter can attest. Most shoe jackets. The only difference lies in
laces today come in one of three which side the buttons button;
colors; black, brown and white for the male on the right, for the
for co-ed tennis shoes. The white girls, on the left.
dye on the shoe lace is rather Even this, however, can be over-
expensive but since it is the favor- come; many stores sell matching
ite color, the industry has tol- outfits in a very simple way. When
erated this loss of profit. shirt are wanted, the boys buy one
Recently the industry had a size, the girl a size smaller.
major breakthrough-round shoe- New innovations include the knit
laces. But these, however, were shirt, a type of slipover tee top in
found to be rather greasy and a solid color with small figures on
broke just as easily and as often the pocket. These come for both
as the regular flat cloth lace. men and women and some manu-
Go Blue? facturers make them explicitly for
The search for new uses for matching purposes.
Raincoats, olc otne.Fo e car coats and jackets
the shoelace continues. From re- are usually not made the same for
search laboratories hidden on both men and women, but the dili-
North Campus comes news that gent shopper can find those that
yellow and blue shoelaces with are so similar that no one will
the words GO BLUE printed right know the difference.
on the lace itself will be included Certain plaids and prints are,
in every freshman orientation however, used for both male and
packet. female clothing.

on-camp s ° shpBtYle rne
Harva, th mesiyo icia n
i . h. 4,"i,
rea dies
r .Wtitsl i e
i e o lebtio . T gii
of W1p us
£o 0'twe -ir
S.F.A. stands on tradition-our '
on-campus shops at Yale, Princeton,
Harvard, the University of Michigan and
others have made us experts in clothing college
men. With this in, mind we present these favored
shoes, from the top : 3-eyelet hand burnished leather
with crepe sole in burnt ivory, 20.00. The genuine
cordovan plain toe campus tie or wing tip brogue,
both in wine, 26.50,each.
Saks Fifth Avenue, 332 So. State St.
New York, White Plains, Springfield, Chicago, Detroit,
New Haven, Beverly Hills, Princeton, Cambridge
5 .r,-ca.E &## r r






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J "." M +.. M} J 4..A w.4.. ... . w.f
J.1M :.S" " :"'"1"iJ. 1.AA.k1'l
... ":l14:{1A.L4. L'. w{1":........ }:tiY:::......:":Y:.".u.a ..................«...1.....A:JB.{a.L........... ".......".}} L:L.... .. ". ...




I '
Polished Calf
Here's a shoe that takes a shine-
and keeps it. Because it's made of
"heart of the hide" calfskin-with
quality built in, not polished on.
Trim, handsome, a fine shoe I

The Budget
Campus Sm
Campus Boo
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Collins Shop
Hi-Fi & TV{

Pe Street
* Stores

oke Shop

ate ry

India Art Shop
Kresge (Main & State)
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Marilyn Shoppe
Marti Walker
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Morn Il's
SaffelI & Bush
Saks Fifth Ave.
Van Boven Clothes
Wagner's Clothing
Wild's Men's Store

)r your fall
tng convenience
e following

)erts Gifts


lhMen will they learn that
This couple doesn't realize it . .. lbut clothes
create 90% of the impression you makes That's
why smart folks have us dryclean their wash-n-
wear suits and dresses. Our specialists know how
- _... l,-- - - rmnt I2- orthirhet_ s l




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