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February 12, 1964 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1964-02-12

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U.S., Britain Press Ahead
For Cyprus Peace Force

By The Associated Press
NICOSIA-American and Brit-
ish officials remained on the move
yesterday in a continuing effort
to create a Cyprus peace force. A
new plan, involving the United
Nations, was unveiled in London,
but there was little hope it would
meet with Cypriot approval.
View Mixed
On Revision
LANSING (R) - Gov. George
W. Romney said yesterday he is
willing to consider po s s i ble
amendments to the new constitu-
tion to deal with "special prob-
lems" such as legislative appor-
But the governor repeated his
earlier pledge to oppose any at-
tempt by the legislature or any-
one else to bring about what he
called "wholesale revision" of the
The legislative districting prob-
em, he told newsmen, was dis-
cussed in a meeting yesterday
with his Republican legislative
Special Problem
Although no conclusion was
reached, he said, it was recog-
nized as one "special problem"
arising from the new constitution
that might have to ae made sub-
ject to amendment.
He refused, however, to com-
ment further on the plan by a
House group to put three pro-I
posed amendments-dealing with
the districts and other election
problems-on a special referen-
d cum ballot April 28.
The group would amend the
new constitution to freeze pres-
ent legislative districts until 1966
and also make key changes in
provisions governing election of
county and township offlcers.
No Comment
Romney refused to comment
specifically on any of these ques-
tions. However, he said he would
; . oppose any proposal to restore
the elective offices of highway
commissioner and superintendent
of public instruction.
Although the House group
agreed last week to abandon these,
some Democratic leaders appar-
ently consider them "still nego-
Ronney told newsmen the is-
sues he would consider acceptable
for possible amendment would be
those resulting from "delays which
the delegates to the Constitution-
al Conveniton did not anticipate'
These do not include restoring
the elective state offices which,
were abolished by the documert,,
he said.-
The bi-partisan Hous group,
headed by Reps. E. D. O'Brien,
(D-Detroit), and Gail Handy, (R-4
Eau Claire, says it will ask Rom-
ney's support of its proposals de-;
spite his charge that they are
House Speaker Allison Green,
(R-Kingston), has agreed to serve
as an ambassador to Romney for
the group if the proposed changes
are found acceptable ,tis week by
a majority of both parties in the

British Foreign Minister R. A.
Butler arrived in the United States
yesterday, met with United Na-
tions officials and prepared to join
the talks beginning today between
President Lyndon B. Johnson and
British Prime Minister Sir Alec
Undersecretary of State George
A. Ball arrives here today. Greek
Cypriots are expected to give him
a cool reception, and the possibil-
ity of renewed anti-American
demonstrations has been raised.
New Plan
Meanwhile, the United States
and Britain have drawn up an
amended peace plan for Cyprus,
giving the United Nations a voice
but not a vote on peacekeeping
operations, British officials said
last night.
The proposals were revised to
meet some of the objections raised
by President Makarios of Cyprus
to the scheme for sending a 10,-
000-man Allied peace army into
the island. In particular Makarios
demanded that the force be an-
swerable to the United Nations Se-
curity Council.
The latest version of the Amer-
ican-British proposition-accord-
ing to British officials-incorpor-
ates three major changes:
--It allows the whole peace-
making program to be referred to
the Security Council under the so-
called "consensus" procedure. This
Somalia Yields
To U.N Appeal
To Halt Battle
MOGADISHU, Somalia OP) -
The government yesterday ordered
an immediate cease-fire in So-
malia's border battle with Ethi-
(There was.no immediate word
that Ethiopians also would stop
shooting, but that would be a nor-
mal corollary.)
A foreign ministry spokesman
said the order was issued to So-
malf forces in response to an ap-
peal by U1ited Nations Secretary
General U Thant for halting of
the hostilities.
Thant's plea for a truce was
welcomed by both Prime Minister
Abirashid Ali Shermarke of So-
malia and Emperor Haile Selas-
sie of Ethiopia, but each accused
the other of encroaching on his
Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev
of the Soviet Union-urged an end
to the warfare in messages to the
two leaders yesterday, saying "all
the energies and all the strength
of the African peoples must be
devoted to the goals of construc-
The spokesman here said the
word went out to Somali military
commanders in the disputed bor-
der territory to take all neces-
sary measures on their side to stop
the fighting.

would entitle the 11-member coun-
cil to discuss the peace-making
arrangements without voting on
them so that "a consensus of
view" could emerge, unhampered
by a veto.
-It tdrops all reference to North
Atiantic Ale arce troops, thus
.'{:..::..'. tii"i+;: 'i . ti:::?:? i. ?x:??:;:
abandoning a previous condition
that the peace force be r aised only
from NATO power.
-It opens the way to neutralist
or Commonwealth countries like
Sweden, Eire or Australia, to con-
tribute contingents.
Little Hope
There was no great optimism
among British government auth-
orities that Makarios will decide
that the modifications meet his
Coming from Turkey, the third
stop on his mission, Ball will con-
fer with Makarios, a Greek Cyp-
riot who is an Orthodox arch-
bishop, and Vice President Fazil
Kutchuk, a Turkish Cypriot.
Meanwhile, fighting between
Greek and Turkish Cypriots
spread for the first time to the is-
land's second largest town, Lim-
assol on the south coast. Greek
sources claimed at least four Greek
Cypriots were wounded.

USSR Virgin Lands Plan
Plagued by Low Output
MOSCOW - Communist Party committeemen heard Premier
Nikita S. Khrushchev's pet virgin lands grain-growing project down-
graded yesterday. Coupled with that was a forecast that the Ukraine,
the traditional "bread-basket" of the Soviet Union, will soon double
Bernard Dvoretsky of Kazakhstan, while skipping over last year's
reportedly disastrous wheat harvest, admitted his government "is
not yet fully utilizing all the pos-
sibilities of the virgin lands terri-
He said "Kazakhstan can pro- am bodians
duce a million metric tons of
grain a year or more" and is ex- aa
pected to double that by 1970.
However, Dvoretsky's targets are
the lowest ever projected for the
vast region plowed up at Khrush- SIEM REAP, Cambodia (A') -
chev's bidding in the last eight Just when a Philippine formula
years. for peace between Washington
'Yields in Kazakhstan, which and Phnom Penh seemed to be
now has nearly 14 per cent of the producing results, Prince Norodom
total cultivated area of the Soviet Siahanouk fired another blast at
Union, have declined since the the United States yesterday.
peak year of 1956, when 23.8 mil- The mercurial, 41-year-old
lion tons of grain were harvested. chief of state told newsmen the
The republic reaped about 16 United States is aiding subversive
million metric tons in 1962 or elements in Cambodia.
about six-tenths of a ton per hec- He charged that Americans -
tare, backing a war against Communist
In contrast to the Kazakhstan rebels in neighboring South Viet
official's conservative plans for the Nam-planned and "are respon-
future, Ukraine official Mark Spi- sible for South Vietnamese air;
vak said the Ukraine will receive attacks on Cambodians" in the
100 per cent more fertilizer than frontier area. He declared the
last year to boost its grain produc- United States Central Intelligence
tion. Agency tried to instigate a coup
Official preoccupation with the against him in 1959.
virgin lands had led to cutbacks Similar accusations-denied by
in the land devoted to grain in the the United States-accompanied
older wheat-growing regions of Sihanouk's decision to reject con-
the Soviet Union. tinued American aid of $30 mil-
In the Ukraine, land sown to lion yearly, a mutual withdrawal.
grain dropped by almost eight of diplomatic personnel.
million acres, though farmers Official sources said three weeks
there were getting about four ago the United States had accept-
times more grain than Kazakh- ed a Philippine proposal to settle
stan farmers from the same the dispute between it and.
amount of land. Cambodia.

By The Associated Press
WASHINGTON-High adminis-
tration officials said yesterday'
that France apparently took the
initiative in breaking relations
with Nationalist China to clear
the way for establishment of re-
lations with Communist China.
Authorities said information re-
ceived here indicates French Pres-
ident Charles de Gaulle acceded to
this Chinese Communist condi-
tion for recognition, although he
had originally taken the position
that the recognition agreement
had been made without conditions.
* * *
John F. Kennedy half dollars
were struck yesterday in United
States mints in Philadelphia and
About 900 million will be made
this year, with first distribution
late next month or early April
after 26 million have been stamped.
* * .
WASHINGTON - The National'
Labor Relations Board said yes-
terday it will seek an injunction
to halt picketing that is holding
up construction on space facilities
at Cape Kennedy.


NEW YORK-Stock market av-
erages reached historic highs yes-
terday with the announcement by
the American Telephone and Tele-
graph Co. of the largest corporate
financing program in United
States history. The company of-
fered $1.3 billion of common stock
to its 2.25 million shareholders at
a price about $45 below the cur-
rent market price. In the Dow
Jones averages, the 30 industrials
were up 3.45, the 20 rails up 1.07,
the 15 utilities up .22 and 65 stocks
up 1.00.

Blame France for China Rift


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