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May 15, 1969 - Image 5

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Michigan Daily, 1969-05-15

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Thursday, May 15, 1969


Page Five

Thursday, May 1 5, 1969 THE MICHIGAN DAILY


Advertisernent--Paid fr by the Organiza/ioi, of Arab Students

Most of those who en
so not because they
cuted but because the
treated and bribed.
Zionists find it necessa
rect anti - semitism
either through contri
tions or in highlightir
Historical Perspective
While the creation
of Israel on Arab soil
ing discussed in 1947,

nigrated did tary affairs would believe that for Israel's security within the the world are not citizens of their ate" directly with the Arabs, Is-j
were perse- such an elaborate, coordinated areas under its military occupa- respective countries but of Israel. rael has left the Arabs nothing toI
ey were en- attack had not been planned well tion or on its expanding borders. (2) That the natives of the "prom- negotiate about, by openly annex-
That's why before and probably rehearsed." In fact the Arabs would be less ised land" are either not people or ing occupied territories, setting up
ary to resur- Another paradigm case of ag- than human not to react the way do not belong there (despite the settlements on land taken away;
occasionally gression through sly provocation they are doing by resisting the fact that they represent the indi- from the Arabs and denying any
ved accusa- is the attack on Tawafiq in 1960, piecemeal invasion of their land. genous stock of the area which responsibility toward the refugees.
ng historical the preliminaries of which are de- The Arabs could not be expected had undergone little racial change Israel's treatment of the Arabs
scribed in U.N. report S/4270, to accept the occupation of their throughout its known history. under its occupation is summed
February 16, 1960, "An Israeli land any more than the French Many conquerors came and went, up by Michael Adams in the Man-
of the state armored car, mounting a light could have accepted German oc- each leaving behind some imprint chester Guardian, January 26,
was still be- machine gun was seen by a- U.N. cupation or the Jews, the Nazi of its culture.) 1968: "I had my ups and downs
Zionist ter- military observer while he was extermination program. In his recently published diary during four Years as a prisner of

"Our fathers made the borders of Burns, U.N.T.S.O. in his book "Be-
'47. We made the borders of '49. tween Arab and Israeli" says:
You made the borders of '67. An- "Nearly all the publicity media
other generation will take our accepts the Israeli version of
' frontiers to where they belbng." events in the Middle East . . .
-Moshe Dayan over many years it is only Is-
a documentary review rael's side of the story which
Introduction has been presented in the press."
The worsening situation in the Carl Von Horn, the Swedish
Middle East threatens to engulf commander of the truce supervi-
the rest of the world at any time. sion team, in his. book "Soldiering
The stalemate among the super for Peace," 1966, p. 85 says:
powers has paralyzed the United ' "We were amazed at the in-
Nations while the accelerating genuity of the falsehoods which
arms race continues to hold the distorted the true picture. The
Middle East in an imbalance of highly skilled Israeli Informa-
terror. tion Service and the entire press
The United States involvement combined to manufacture a
in this dangerous conflict has so warped, distorted version which
far been ipdirect. Except for the was disseminated with profes-
34 American lives lost during the sional expertise through every
Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty available channel to their own
(June 1967) no American troops people and to their sympathiz-
have been involved. ers and supporters in America.
Besides the interest in prevent- Never in my life had I believed
ing another global war, what is the truth could be so cynically,
the American role in the Middle expertly bent."
East? Count Bernadotte, U.N. media-
Vital American interests and tor who was entrusted with find-
American principles are at stake ing a peaceful settlement did not
in that part of the world. This live to tell of his experience. The
paler will not deal with the prag- Irgun Zionist terrorist group saw
matic viewpoint of American na- to that on September 17, 1948.
tional interests. It is well-estab- Judaism, Zionism Not the Same
lished that American interests Against the rising tide of chau-
(whatever these are) have suffer- vinism which has swept the ma-
ed considerably as a result of the jority of Jews, stood a tiny
U-S. stand in the past 21 years in minority of American Jews who
the Middle East. saw in Zionism a serious threat to
As to American principles, it the spiritual values of their faith
will be up to the American reader and to their status as American
to decide whether these have been citizens. Moshe Menuhin outlines
served or violated. Without an en- the position of this group in "The
lightened understanding of the Decadence of Judaism in Our
situation, however, the American Time" (Exposition Press 1965). He
citizen is ill equipped to assess also relates his expeience in Pal-
what the United States role in the estine when Arabs and Jews were
Middle East should be. The Amer- living in peace. He points out that
ican mass media have failed the the million Arab refugees dis-
American people in not providing placed by Israel in 1948 were
a well-rounded and undistorted honest to goodness farmers, doc-
picture of the Middle East con- tors, merchants, etc., not as Zion-
flict. ists portray them as a few thou-
This short paper cannot begin sand listless bedouins.
to counteract the effects of two Alfred Lilienthal in "The Other
decades of one-sided presentation. Side of the Coin" gives a stirring
However, if it' does no more than account of how Zionists manage
stimulate further investigation to silence opposition in this coun-
and raise questions in the reader's try. In his monthly news letter,
mind it would have achieved its "Perspective" (published in New
objective. York, 292 5th Avenue) he presents
As a first step, it is necessary to the usually untold background of
qualify the assertion of bias in events in the Middle East-
the American press. ! Mr. Charles Yost (U.S. Ambas-
'Neutral Observers sador to the U.N.) has written a
The American Institute for Po- penetrating article in the "Atlan-
litical Communication, a non- tic Monthly" (January 19697 de-
partisan organization "concerned scribing the myths generated on
with any forces which serve to both sides of the Palestine prob-
hinder and/or block free flow of lem. A diligent observer of the
information" conducted an exten- Western press would find that the
sive survey of major American rate of production of Zionist
papers and columnists in respect myths rises steeply in the wake of
4 to the handling of the Middle East each Israeli stab into neighboring
Crisis of 1967. The findings of the countries or as psychological prep-
survey (published in a special sup- aration for it in advance. Fre-
plement, July 1967) states: "In quently polished and restated,
more than 50% of the cases in these myths have fooled the un-
which Nasser was a primary wary and have firmly established
source, the headline and/or lead the victims as the villains in most
paragraphs focused on those as- peoole's minds.
pects of his statement which por- The case of the Israeli attack
trayed him as belligerent, threat- on Lebanon is an example which
ening or uncooperative in further- is still fresh in the public memory.
ing peace efforts. Most top stories No attempt is made to understand
attributed to Israeli Government let alone sympathize with the
sources opened, in a way which party at the receiving end of these
tended to place the Israelis in a attacks. The Zionists never failed
cooperative or defensive light . . ." to charge "anti-semitism!" about
The survey also showed a torrent any criticism of Israel's actions.
of editorials and congressional Neither the Semitic Arabs, the
speeches supporting Israel. Con- non-Zionist Jews, the American
cern for Arabs or an understand- Negroes nor the entire United Na-
ing of their position was non- tions have escaped this libel. It
existent. 'has become e hazardous even for
Neutral United Nations observ- the Pope to offer a word of sym-
ers who had seen for themselves pathy to Arabs.
what went on in the Middle Et With the actnal inrannarnne

rorists were already at work to observing from Tawafiq. Arab Ben Gurion fully anticipated Herzel's innermost thoughts are
clear the natives. The Palestinians farmers w e r e ploughing their the Arab reaction to his ethno- revealed in the June 12, 1895 en-
did not leave voluntarily (leaving fields. The personnel in the arm- centric ambitions. In 1938, the fu- try: ". . . When we occupy the
all their belongings behind) nor at ored car could then be heard ture Prime Minister of Israel land we shall give many benefits
the bidding of their leaders, as the shouting at the Arabs. Some min- wrote, "The Arab war against us to the country that receives us:
common Zionist claim goes. Don utes later the UN. military ob- will be a long one . . . They do not . . . expropriate land, spirit the
Peretz, a Jewish scholar'wrote his server heard shots from the vi- need to buy land and bring in natives across the border or .
Ph.D. thesis on "Israel and the cinity of the armored car which Arabs from abroad. Everything is use them to eliminate wild ani-
Palestine Arabs" in which he out- after a few minutes moved off theirs but government, and it is mals first ..."
lined the measures used to evict though it remained in the demili- government they are fighting for The reader may now ask him-
Palestinians and the value of ex- tarized zone. The Arab farmers (against the British) . . . the self these questions: (1) Are the
propriated property in 1948. Later continued working until fired up- Arabs already possess the land. million and a half Arab refugees
on, the placing of all Arabs re- on from Tel Sanoukh; (the Israeli They need neither laws nor ad- and Israel's acquisition of vast ter-
maining within Israel under mar- police post)." The report con- ministration to transfer it; only ritories from its Arab neighbors
tial law and other Israeli laws tinues, "When it is desired to pre- we (Jews) do." ("Rebirth and mere accidents of war or a result
ensured the transfer of the most vent Arab. farming in' certain Destiny of Israel," 1954, pp. of a carefully planned program?
fertile land still held by Arabs to areas, a patrol of Border police of 94-95). (2) Were its "Wars for survival"
Jewish hands. (Drew Pearson, St. the state of Israel arrives on the Throughout all this tribulation, imposed on Israel as is often
Paul Pioneer Press, July 9, 1967). spot, usually in an armored ve- Lebanon had hoped to survive by claimed?
A research conducted by Erskine hicle. Such action contravenesthe staying out of the fight and has Peace and War in Zionist Strategy
Childers, Professor of History at provisions of article V, paragraph remained virtually unarmed. Its In the past Israel's well-publi-
the University of London, on re- 5(a), according to which, the army of 15,000 men now has the cized "peace offers" have always
cordings of all Arab broadcasts armed forces - military or para- unenviable task of dealing with served as signals of military at-
during 1948 in the B.B.C. archives, military-of both parties shall be the rising discontent of the Pales- tacks in the offing. Here are some
showed tha't at no time did any totally excluded from the demili- tinian refugees as well as defend- examples:
Arab government ask the Pales- tarized zone. The presence of the ing the country against Israel 1. January 9, 1952, Abba Eban
tinians to leave; on the contrary, Israel border police in the demil- which has become the world's told the U.N., ". . . The Arab
they were told to stay put. It was itarized zone has been repeatedly t e n t h military power openly and Israeli peoples, united by
massacres like those at Deir Yas- protested against by successive threatening it. so many bonds . . . may yet
sin, Jimassin a n d Nassreldin chairmen of the mixed Armistice Zionists' Own Words make this region the scene of
which started the panic exodus of Commissions and by the other Expose Their Intentions civilization worthy of its an-
Palestine's Arabs. "The evil deeds party to the general Armistice The first of three maps shown cient and medieval past."
committed by the Zionist Jews agreement when this party (Syria) here outlines the area which was On . January 28, three weeks
against the Palestinian Arabs were has considered that Arabs in the assigned by the U.N. for the state later, the Jordanian villages of
comparable to crimes committed zone were unduly harassed by the of Israel in 1947. It represented Falama and Rantis were attacked.
against the Jews by the Nazis . . ." Israel border police." around 60% of the area of Pales- 2. September 20, 1953, Abba
says Arnold Toybnee, the British Thus, over the years Israel suc- tine given to what was then 30% Eban told the U.N., "My gov-
historian (in "A Study of His- ceeded in taking over the demili- of the population which legally ernment continues to uphold
tory," vol. VIII, p. 290). He con- tarized zones on all fronts, one by owned only 6% of Palestine. The the vision of the Middle East
tinues: "The most tragic thing in one, and proceeded to knock down second shows the further acquisi- at peace within itself, uniting
human life is when people who the -Arab villages in these areas tions of 1948 and 1967 (never rec- the efforts of its two kindred
have suffered impose suffering in and expel their inhabitants. Von ognized by the U.N.). The third peoples to heal the wounds of
their turn." Horn sums up the Israeli policy map appeared on the cover of the aggressive violence."
Thus, the neighboring Arab in these words: "This was of official publication (June 1967) of On October 14, the attack on
countries had to send their ill- course part of a premeditated the Hastadrut Party, the second Qibya took forty-two civilian lives
prepared armies in an attempt to plan of Israeli policy to edge largest in Israel. It =shows the and 'thirty-eight women and chil-
restore order. Instead more ter- through the Demilitarized Zone whole of Lebanon well within the dren wounded, a mosque, a school
rorists were lost to the Zionists in toward the old Palestine border "Land that was promised to our and forty houses destroyed.
1948. Sir John Glubb gives his (as shown on their maps) and to Father Abraham" yet to be "lib- 3. December 11, 1953, then for-
first-hand account of that futile get the Arabs out by fair means erated." Zionist territorial ambi- eign minister Moshe Sahret
struggle in his book "A Soldier or foul." tions actually extend even further k declared: "There is also a
With the Arabs." Events Leading to War than the claims of the Hastadrut major problem in our rela-
The Israeli Government has dis- No world awakening seemed Party as evidenced by statements tion with the Arab states
claimed responsibility for the forthcoming and no action was of their leaders in recent history: around us. All I can say on
massacre of Deir Yassin (which taken to enforce the many U.N. - In 1918, Ben Zvi, (who became this is that the conclusion of
occurred on April 9, 1948, five resolutions asserting the refugees' Israel's second President) and Ben permanent peace between us
weeks before any Arab soldier set right to repatriation or compen- Gurion wrote -an article in the depends ,on them aloe ..
foot in Palestine). Yet Israeli sation. For twenty years the Se- June issue of the "Revue" of Lon- on our part we are always
regular forces continued to com- curity Council was content to sit don in which they set out the ready for it."
mit no less revolting atrocities back and hand out one condem- boundaries of the Jewish state as On March28, the village of Na-
over the years such as the mas- nation after another to Israel for follows: to the north, Mount Leb- halin received a similar strike to
sacres of Quibya, Nahaleen, Taw- its constant aggressiveness. When anon, to the east the Syrian that on Qibya.
fiq and many others listed in Israel made its biggest thrust ever Desert, to the south the Sinai 4. January 1955,, Moshe Dayan:
numerous U.N. condemnations. in 1967, the diplomatic shield by Peninsula, to the west the Medi- "Israel has no aggressive de-
Menachim Begin, leader of the the U.S. for Israel (through Mr. terranean. signs against her neighbors."
Irgun group which was responsible Goldberg, then U.S. delegate to In 1919, when Palestine was On February 28, 1955 . . . in an
for the "Supreme Victory" at Deir the U.N. and now National Presi- over 90% Arab, Brandeis, Balfour attack on. Gaza 38 people were
Yassin has now been awarded with dent of the American Jewish Com- and Lord Percy issued a declara- killed, 30 wounded.
a cabinet post in the Israeli gov- mittee) made even a feeble con- tion saying: "(1) Palestine must 5. August 14, 1955, Ben Gurion:
ernment. In his book "The Re- demnation impossible. Americans, be wholly Jewish; (2) Palestine "We must faithfully observe
volt" he writes: "panic over- normally so averse to annexation must be economically - viable, the conditions of the Armis-
whelmed the Arabs of Eretz Israel, of territory by force seemed hard- therefore it must control the water tice agreements . . . strive in-
in the rest of the country Arabs ly to mind. In fact, no one seems resources in the north (Lebanon cessantly for relations of
began to flee, shouting 'Deir quite sure who invaded whom, and Syria)"-from the "British peace and cooperation be-
Yassin'." Much is made of Nasser's block- Government Documents" for 1919, tween Israel and the Arab
Chaim Weizman, who became ade of Aquaba as having triggered Vol IV, p. 1276. states."
Israel's first President, could re- the war. It may therefore be ap- In 1917, Chaim Weizmann said: On August 31, 1955, Kahn Yunis
joice when over a million Pales- propriate to remember the events "We did not know that France and Bani Suheila in the Gaza
tinians became exiled refugees which immediately preceded it. had designs on the Levant and Strip were attacked, the demilitar-
overnight: "It was a miraculous The massive Israeli raids deep thought we could include the ized zone occupied.
clearing of the land, the miracu- into Syria and Jordan in the whole of that area in the Jewish 6. March 21,-1956, Moshe Shar-
lous simplification of Israel's Spring of 1967 (which were con- National Home." ("Frontiers of a et: "Since the summer of 1948
task." (James McDonald, "My demned by the U.N.) were rein- Nation," p. 18) we have made one attempt
Mission to Israel, 1951). forced by the open threats from In 1951, Yehuda Mennon, Min- after another to induce our
The significance of Deir Yassin the Israeli Premier that Israel ister of Religious Affairs speaking neighbors to enter into direct
is further underlined by Jon Kim- would "invade Syria, change the to the Karen Ha'emet, August 8, negotiations with us that
che, a Jewish scholar (in his book, government there and withdraw." stated: "The boundaries of the might lead to peaceful settle-
"The Seven Fallen Pillars," 1953, The Israelis were also pointing out Jewish state extend from the Eu- ' ment."
p. 228), ". . . It is historically im- that Nasser would not be able to 3 phrates to the Nile." April brought an attack on Deir
portant because it was to become come to the aid of Syria because In a speech on April 7, 1950, el Balah, Gaza and Khan Yunis,
the beginning of a second legend of the U.N. forces on the borders Memachim Begin stated: "There 59 civilians perished, 102 were
with which the terrorists sought between Israel and the U.A.R. This will never be peace for Israel or wounded.
to serve their cause and justify U.N. force was introduced in the the Arabs, even if they sign a 7. July 2, 1956, Golda Meir: "I
their deeds. Just as they claimed area to "police" the borders after peace treaty, unless we free the should like to survey some of
credit for the British decision to the French - British - Israeli inva- whole of our homeland." Then on the considerations that guide
leave Palestine as being the result sion of Egypt in 1957. It was not October 12, 1955, in a statement to our foreign policy. First and
of the terrorists attacks on British designed to prevent a major out- the Israeli Varliament he contin- foremost comes peace:
troops, so later they justified the break of hostilities. Furthermore, ued: "I deeply believe in launch- our policy has. . . always
massacre of Deir Yassin because the force was there by Egypt's ing a preventive war against the been one of peace."
it led to the panic 'flight of the consent on Egypt's side of the Arab states without further hesi- October 29, Israel in collusion
remaining Arabs in the Jewish borders. Israel had refused to have tation. By ding so we will achieve with Britain and France invaded
state and so lessened Jewish cas- anything to do with it. When two targets: Firstly the annihila- Egyp't.
ualties." He goes on to describe Israel actually began to prepare to tion of the Arab power and sec- Negotiation or Dictation
the massacre of, over 250 men, invade Syria, Nasser declared any ondly the expansion of our terri- While there has been much pub-
women and children in cold blood attack on Syria would be resisted tory." licity of Israel's offers to "negoti-
as "the darkest stain on the Jew- by the U.A.R. and accordingly he On February 12, 1952, Moshe
ish record." s asked the U.N. forces to withdraw Dayan on the Arabic program over
The Palestinians in Exile out of the way of possible hostili- the Israel radio.said: "It lies upon >,
A. large number of the Pales, ties. Mr- U Thant, recognizing the peoples' shoulder to prepare
tinian refugees have dispersed Egypt's right to such a demand, for the war but it lies upon the
throughout the Arab world and in ordered all U.N. forces withdrawn Israeli Army to carry out the fight
some countries they form an in- including t h o s e stationed at with the ultimate object of erect-
tellectual and technical elite. The Sharm El Sheikh. The U.A.R., ing the Israeli Empire."
number of those in refugee camps having re-established its sover- In 1956 Ben Gurion' in a speech
had risen to about a million and eignty on the entrance to the Gulf to the Knesset on November 8,
a half as a result of the June 1967 announced that it will not allow after the joint Israeli, French,
war. All this "diaspora" now any strategic materials to pass and British invasion of Egypt,

shares the common yearning: to through it to Israel, in accordance stated as a second object of the
return to their homeland. Many with the non-military belligerent campaign: "To liberate those parts
still cling to the keys of their rights. of our homeland still under enemy
homes in Palestine and their The only significant strategic occupation."
Palestine passports. material that passed through In 1964, Ben Gurion, in an in-
Lebanon's share of the refugees Aquaba was oil and in an effort to terview to the Israeli paper "Hab-
was around 150,000 and like other avoid a shutdown the U.A.R. had oker" (March 1) stated: "The
Arab host countries, Lebanon offered not to interfere with that boundaries of the Jewish-state
strove to keep them unarmed and to allow an international tri- would have been larger had Moshe
(and to restrain their efforts to bunal to arbitrate on the issue. Dayan been our Commander-in-
regain their land) in the interest While the great powers were ask- Chief in 1948" To which Yigal Al-
of peace and in the hope that the ing Nasser not to strike first and Ion (Commander-in-Chief in 1948)
world conscience would awaken to assuring him that Israel wouldn't, replied: "Had Ben Gurion not or-
their plight. and while the Egyptian Vice Pres- dered a cease-fire then our troops
Of Jordan, Commander Hutch- ident Muhildin was preparing tc would have occupied the Litani
inson, U.S.N.R. writes in his book go to Washington to seek a peace- River in the north (Lebanon) and
"Violent Truce," p. 102: "During ful settlement, the Israeli Blitz the Sinai desert in the south and
my three years on the Jordan- came which virtually decided the also liberated the whole of our
Israel mixed armistice commis- outcome of the "war" in the first homeland."
sion, I watched Jordan's attitude hour. The above statements are not
toward border control change from Palestinians Take Up Arms by -"individuals who represent
one of mild interest to keen de- In the aftermath of the June nothing but themselves" as Eshkol
termination to stop infiltration." war, the influx of new refugees asserts when cornered about the
Similarily courts in the U.A.R. (and second-time refugees) con- notion of "greater Israel." (News-
were meting out prison sentences tinued unchecked. The West bank week, February 17, 1969) They rep-
to refugees caught attempting to to which the Palestinians had fled resent the core of the Zionist idea
cross into the Israeli-held area. from their coastal cities and farms as it is not usually presented for
Von Horn in "Soldiering for in 1948 fell to the Israelis. Thus, outside consumption.
Peace" gives an account of the driven to desperation by the U.N.'s On June 16, 1967, Abba Eban
pattern of carefully planned Is- inability to enforce its fine prin- stated: "Even if the U.N. votes by
raeli intrusions into the demili- ciples and resolutions, the Pales- 121 votes to one, we will not with-
tarized zone with Syria to provoke tinians are now taking to armed draw from the territory we occu-
Syrian shooting from the Golan struggle against the usurpers of pied."-which contrasts from the
TT- which r n v ,iriAd Tca,.a their nrnnt nntinaC +1-ir nn, ',. ,'~ ma n. ,.ar1. . l. 1e i Translation of the Hebrew writing on

war in Germany but the Germans
never treated me as harshly as the
Israelis are treating the Arabs of
Gaza Strip, the majority of whom
are women and children."
The absence of any reasonable
basis for direct negotiation be-
tween Israel and the Arabs and
the necessity of maintaining world
peace makes it necessary to apply
impartial, forceful International
mediation and guarantees. For in
the words of Ben Gurion, ". .
We know of old that international
verdicts can be upset ... Force of
arms not formal resolutions will
determine the issue." (Address to
the Central Committee of the Is-
rael Workers Party, January 8,
1948), "All that we have taken we
shall hold." ("Rebirth and Destiny
of Israel," p. 362)

Israel has unilaterally nullified not correspond to reality.
or broken all agreements it had It also becomes apparent that
entered into as soon as they be- Israel (whose existence was guar-
came a hindrance rather than an anteed by both Russia and Ameri-
aid to its objectives. The armistice ca) does indeed "survive" on war
agreements with neighboring coun- and war psychosis. In 1967 Israel's
tries, the Balfour declaration of economy was in serious trouble
1917 and the U.N. Charter and and immigrants were 'leaving it
declarations (which guaranteed faster than those flocking to it.
the human rights of Palestinian, The war reversed the flow of im-
Arabs) and the Geneva conven- migrants, accelerated the inflow
tion regarding the conduct of war of arms and capital and assured
and the treatment of people in oc- territorial expansion. This situa-
cupied territories, are some ex- tion was predicted exactly by Gen-
amples. eral Burns in 1961 in "Between
In one instance when the Arabs Arab & Israeli":
were naive enough to accept the "The relevant fact is that Is-
principle of direct negotiation with rael's economic position is like-
Israel and cooperated in the Lau- ly to deteriorate within the next,
sanne Protocols f May 12, 1949, few years. If it does, there will
which paved the way to a settle- be unemployment, financial
ment, Israel immediately tore up stringency, a reduction of the
the' protocol which it had signed standard of living. Israel's lead-
as soon as it was assured of a seat ers have a habit of putting down
in the U.N. her economic difficulties to the
Brute force (such as Israel's nu- boycott of all trade and eco-
clear threat) might make the' nomic , relation maintained by
Arabs accept Israel as a cruel fact the Arab states, and the pres-
of life but they will never recog- sure they exercise on other
nize the crying injustice it consti- countries to limit trade with Is-
tutes. rael. In such circumstances,
Arabs and the West there seems to me to be a great
temptation to find some excuse
The propaganda war against to go to war and .. . to force a
Arabs has probably done as much peace on Israeli terms."
harm as the military war. Frus- \Israel's Deputy Premier Allon
trated and embittered, the Arab has presented his plan to establish
nations were forced to seek their Israeli settlements and towns in
fortunes outside the Western occupied .Jordanian territories.
camp, while at the same time (See "Time," February 7, 1969, p.
striving to maintain their neutral- 24) The "Natives" are to be re-
ity and religious tradition. Leba- stricted to the already heavily
non is one of the few remaining populated areas in pockets or sur-
Arab countries to maintain cordial rounded "reservations" on the
relations with the West and to de- lines as South Africa's'apar-
velbp and cherish its own demo- sameineplan.
cratic institutions such as parlia- Jordan and Egypt accepted the
mentary life and freedom of the Joda a Ey a
press. It had also striven not to be U.N. resolutions of November 1967
drawn into, border trouble with which stipulated : (1) recognition,
Israel. Jordan, traditional ally of territorial integrity and political
the West has demonstrated the independence of all nations of the
West's inability and unwillingness Middle East including Israel, (2)
to lift a finger to protect her freedom of international naviga-
against Israel. At no time could tion in the area, (3) withdrawal
Jordan have posed any threat od of Israeli armed forces from terri-
Israel's "survival." tories occupied in the recent con-
flict (4) a just settlement of the
Israel, however, has prpved to Palestine refugee problem. Al-
be no respecter of moderates and though Israel too had formally ac-
pacifists. As one Israeli leader put cepted this resolution it continues
it: "These moderates have donecetdhirsouontcnius
more harm to Israel than the ex- to assert that it is necessary for
mreists they have made Israel's its "security" to consolidate its
tremists;' hyhv aeIre' territorial gains and establish "se-
excuses for aggression sound all cure boundaries." The problem is
the more incredible and have frus- that their concept of "secure
trated Israel's efforts to push all boundaries" is highly dynamic and
Arabs into the Soviet camp and changes after each new conquest
thus 'to become America's only What Cn the U S Do n
friend in the Middle East (See an .S.

failed even in its claim to "nor-
Imalizing" the status of Jews, for
a Jewish American citizen is in a
very abnormal situation when he
is told that he is first and fore-
most an Israeli citizen.
Israel has made remarkable
technological advances, especially
in weaponry but the hoped-for
flowering of Jewish thought, reli-
gious freedom to non-orthodox
Jews and equality for non-Euro-
pean Jews are still a long way off.
The bill that the Palestinians had
to pay for these unfulfilled prom-
ises was much too high. The world
community which recently cele-
brated the "Human Rights Year"
can no longer accept the justifica-
tion for displacement of one na-
tion by another on the grounds of
technological, military or finan-
cial superiority. The riddle that
Israel will present to future his-
torians is how it has managed to
combine twentieth century science
and technology with Bronze Age
narrow tribalism and bigotry.
It must ,becomeapparent that
there is another side to the Middle
East conflict which has 6een either
ignored or distorted by the West-
ern press. The image of a "be-
leaguered little Israel" surrounded
by "Arab aggressors" simply does


"Wall Street Journal," January 10,
By identifying the Arab cause
with communism, the Zionists
have capitalized on the strong
aversion to communism in Ameri-
ca. At the same time, it was the
Zionist flirtation with communism
which secured Soviet support and
Czech arms to Israel during the
Stalinist era.
Thus Israel which was promisedI
to be all things to all people has

The U.S. has a twenty-year-old
commitment to "guarantee the
territorial integrity of all Middle
Eastern countries" which was re-
iterated by every president since
Truman. President Johnson reas-
serted this commitment unequivo-
cably as late as June 3, 1967, but
it was never put into effect when
Arab territorial integrity was vio-
lated. In fact Israel is b'eing re-
warded with the latest Vietnam
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