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August 07, 1969 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1969-08-07

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Partly cloudy,
if at all

Vol. LXXIX, No. 60-S Ann Arbor, Michigan-Thursday, August 7, 1969 Ten Cents

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FBI officers in Phoenix, Ariz.
yesterday arrested Andrew Man-
uel, Jr., a former roommate of
John Collins, the accused murder-
er of Eastern Michigan University
coed Karen Beineman.
Manuel was charged with inter-
state flight to avoid prosecution
for larceny. FBI director J. Ed-
gar Hoover issued a statement
yesterday which announced the F
arrest and said Manuel did not
offer any resistance.,
Police have said Manuel trav-
eled to Salinas, Calif, with Collins
in a rented trailer. Ypsilanti of-
ficials earlier this week issued a
warrant for Manuel's arrest on
charges of larceny by conversion
for failing to return the trailer.
California officials are investi-
gating the possibility that Manuel
and Collins might have been in-
volved in two murders in the Sa-
linas area. Salinas police have
possession of the rented trailer
which has been investigated by
Michigan state police for possible
connecting evidence with the Ann
Arbor-Ypsilanti area slayings:
Although the state police offi-
cers have said there is little evi-
dence linking the trailer with any
of the local murders, there has
reportedly been evidence related
to the murder of University coed
'Alice Kalom found in it.
Salinas police, however, sayI
they have reason to believe that
Collins, and possibly Manuel, may
be connected with the murder of Senators Mansfield,0
Roxie Phillips, 17, who was vaca-
tioning in Salinas and who dis-
appeared the day after Collins FOREIGN STUDE?
met her friend, Nancy Albrecht.
Phillips disappeared Juneg30,
and was found dead in a gully1
near Carmel, Calif., on July 13.
According to Californian of- '/U LU

4 |~
Cooper nd H art confer

Key amendments
lose 50-50, 51-49
WASHINGTON (A') - President Nixon's Safeguard anti-
ballistic missile defense system narrowly survived its crucial
first tests in the Senate yesterday.
Although more congressional tests lie ahead before Safe-
guard can become a fact, the system's supporters showed they
have the muscle to turn back most challenges for the time
The key proposals for modification turned back yesterday
by votes of 50-50 and 51-49 would have barred deployment
but allowed continued research and development.
A vote was set for today on yet another amendment of-
fered by Sen. Thomas J. McIntyre (D-NH) to permit erec-
tion of radar and computers on the missile sites but bar de-
ployment of the missiles.
Senators have the option of proposing even more amend-
ments on the Safeguard in the weeks ahead, although no oth-
ers have been offe'ed yet.
And even if the Safeguard
proposal is still in the $20 bil-
lion military procurement au-
thorization bill when the bill
reaches a final v o t e which
could be many weeks off,
Congress must still pass a sep-
arate appropriations bill for
construction to start.
-Associated Press The votes were the closest --
after the ABM votes on a national security issue
since the House extended the w
draft by a one-vote margin in
Some Safeguard opponents
had warned that the razor-
thin margins registered would
present Nixon with a hollow Margaret Chase Smith
victory, but a White House
spokesman said the President was pleased.
"He's very pleased, of course, but he's issuing no state-
ment," said the spokesman.
The climatic votes came on two amendments with differing
them-in several cases, couches in wording but largely similar purposes.
1 tha ceut~e± a u''u;R

-Associated Press
Police escort Manuel after arraignment
Bkents educed
in three strike cases


Tenants Union members Bonnie Proctor and Diana .ficials, Albrecht said she was
Sherry have received a $188 reduction in $370 rent due stopped i the street a a man
Summit Associates. The 58 per cent reduction was reached student. After talking for awhile'
through negotiation with Summit Associates representatives he sai ed h ivisit her tha next te mj o ra
and a Tenants Union attorney and representative. day, Albrecht reported. o f
The case had been scheduled for trial but -settlement was Capt. Darol Smith of the Mon-
terey, Calif. County sheriff's de- By JUDY KAHN that these criticisms have been
reached before the case came to court. partment said Albrecht told Phil- Expanded temporary housing responsible for instituting the
Although neither of the girls could be reached for com- lips about Collins, the car he was facilities will be available to for- changes. They say the expanded
ment, a Tenants Union representative said the shower in the driving, and the fact that Collins eign students who arrive at the services have been planned since
apartment did not meet city housing code standards. In addi- would visit Albrecht the next day. University this fall without pre- last fall.
..... .. -_____ - - tion, the spokesman claimed "Roxie Phillips was well aware vious housing arrangements. In the past, foreign students
C " - plaster was loose in both the of the existence of John Collins," The lack of proper housing ar- without housing were allowed to
VW ctt bathroom and the kitchen and said Smith. rangements for incoming foreign live in South Quad until registra-
Smith said Albrecht has posi- students has recently been criti- tion, when the dorm's= regular oc-
continuously fell on the ten- tively identified Collins. cized by the International Stu- cupants arrived. But many foreign
* ants. Manuel returned to Ypsilanti dents Congress. students arrive during registration
It1r disorders Summit Associates allegedly did with Collins in July, but he re- Officials in the Office of Uni- or the first week of classes, and
not fix the shower or the plaster portedly disappeared July 24, the versity Housing and the Inter- the International Center has had
Stephanie K. Hendrickson of. although they had promised to, See FRIEND, Page 3 national Center deny, howeve _, to find emergency housing for
Ypsilanti was found guilty Tues- the representative added.
day of creating a contention-a ; In another case involving Sum-
misdemeanor-during the South mit Associates, a $210 rent reduc- t 1 in estigate procedure
University disturbances in June. for Troy Fergen, also at 1030
Hendrickson was the sixth per- Oakland. The settlement was "
son convicted on misdemeanor reached before Fergen's case was o rIu
s charges stemming from the street brought to trial
disturancesRent strikers James' Paul and
The jury deliberated for nearly recivGeis$l reductiE ill am The Human Relations Commis- Ann Arbor for one year before ap- not yet obtained a list of them
an hour before finding Hendrick- a rent a 0edto n in sion has decided to investigate plying for housing. because the Housing Commission
anhu eoefnigHnrc-bc etoe oCmu a-procedures of the city's Housing ConimnJsehEwrsR has no complete listing of proce-
son guilty. A sheriff's deputy testi- agement. Although this case was Commission or ahept ing Councilman Joseph Edwards (R- dare
v fied she was at the head of a also scheduled for trial, the settle- Cis sin g, apn toeart Third Ward) claimed that Weeks
crowd blocking the street and was ment was reached before the case mpin public housing, and to hear had harassed the tenant by mak- In other business, the human
shouting obscenities at police. came to trial. ing 'n unannounced visit to her relations director of the city
Hendrickson contended she had Two other reductions from rent HRC has supported commission apartment. school system reported that "overt
been beaten by deputies. However, due Renken Management were chairman Robert Weeks in a re- racial and religious discrimination
Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Shea reached out of court while the cent controversy over a tenant Weeks denied having harassed has been virtually eliminated."
produced a picture of Hendrickson cases were pending. District Judge who allegedly is living in public the tenant and said he had heard Ronald Edmonds said that the
which he said was taken after her Pieter Thomassen awarded a re- housing without having fulfilled livm se erpbl housing wio as dual track system of college pre-
arrest and which, he said, showed duction in another case involving the eligibility requirements, in- having fulfilled the requirements. paratory and general studies pro-
no bruises. the Tenants Union and Renken. eluding continuous residency in grams has been ended.
_.._ _ - ..I decided, in conference with Black students and parents had

the center'siouoy.
So this year, special plans
been made for housing for
newcomers. Two study halls oz
ninth floor of South Quad wi
converted into men's and won
dormitories from Sept. 1-8. 1
Aug. 10 to Sept. 1 regular hot
in the dorm will be availabl
in the past.

n the
ll be
e as

Although fees have not yet been
determined for the last week, they
will range somewhere between
$1.50 and $2.50 a night, Beth
Chaffee, a counselor at the Inter-
national Center, said yesterday.
Rooms in South Quad before reg-
istration will cost $3 a night.
Neither of these arrangements in-
cludes provisions for meals.
Miss Chaffee said a total of
about 150 incoming foreign stu-
dents are expected to use these
temporary housing facilities.
She added that temporary
housing in South Quad provides
the students with an opportunity
to make friends with both Amer-
ican and other foreign students.
Often, she added, foreign students
make living arrangements with
people they meet while living at
South Quad. -
While the students live in tem-
porary housing, the International
Center helps them make perma-
nent living arrangements. Trans-

Fbirst the benate rejeceda 5o-ou a proposa y en. .var-
garet Chase Smith (R-Me) to bar any further spending except
for components such as radars and computers.
When the roll call ended in a 50-50 tie, Vice President
Spiro T. Agnew cast a vote against the amendment, although
a tie vote defeats an amendment.
Then the senators voted 51-49, with Mrs. Smith switching
to the "Nays," to kill the amendment of Senators John Sher-
man Cooper (R-Ky) and Philip A. Hart (D-Mich). The
amendment would have barred deployment and site-acquisi-
tion but continued research on the entire system.
Mrs. Smith lost by 89-11 her earlier amendment to ban
practically all work on the ABM.
Sen. John C. Stennis (D-Miss), floor manager of the ABM
proposal, appealed for the Safeguard system in terms of sup-
porting President Nixon.
"We're going to jerk the rug out from under him and not
give him anything to stand on except a lot of words," Stennis
said, referring to forthcoming arms control talks with the
Soviet Union.
Sen. Richard B. Russell (D-Ga), dean of the Senate and
former chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said
Mrs. Smith's amendment would kill the Safeguard system
and bar further testing of its components.
"This strangles it in the crib," said Russell.
But backers of the Smith amendment insisted that it
would permit the Pentagon to continue to use the various
parts of the Safeguard system in research and test efforts to
develop an improved missile defense.
Symington said the solution is simple.
"I suggest that we do now what we've done six times be-
fore and change the name to the Lifeguard system and then
everything will be all right for research and development,"
Symington said.
voted on ABM
al) Ralph Yarborough (Tex)
n (Mo) Stephen M. Young (Ohio)
La) Republicans voting'for the amendment
rk) were:
) George D. Aiken (Vt)
Lka) Edward W. Brooke (Mass)
la) Clifford P. Case (NJ)
ch) Marlow W. Cook (Ky)
d) John Sherman Cooper (Ky)
(Iowa) Charles E. Goodell (NY)
Hawaii) Mark O. Hatfield (Ore)
y (Mass) Jacob K. Javits (NY)
on (Wash) C. McC. Mathias, Jr. (Md)
[ont) James B. Pearson (Kan)
by (Minn) Charles H. Percy (Ill)
rn (SD) William B. SaXbe (Ohio)
re (NH) Richard S. Schweiker (Pa)

other members of the commission,
that the most direct, open and
prompt course of action would be
to go to the tenant, identify my-
self and ask her if she would mind
tellingme when she moved to'
Ann Arbor," he said.
Weeks said the woman "willing-
ly" answered his questions when
he visited her home. He added
that he first went to speak to the
tenant accompanied by another
housing commission m e m ber,
Elizabeth Barlow, but did not find
the woman at home.
When he went back, Weeks said,
the woman said she lived in Cleve-
land last summer, making her in-
eligible for public housing.
Housing commission, files showu
the tenant applied for public hous-
ing on Jan. 1, 1968, claiming to
have lived at a local address for
one year prior to that time.
However, Weeks said Cleveland
officials haveireported that the
woman was living in Cleveland as

complained that blacks were being portation is provided and staff and
pressed into vocational rather than community members accompany
college preparatory tracks. See TEMPORARY, Page 3
How the Senate
Amendment proposed by Sen. Mar- Alan Cranston (Ca
garet Chase Smith (R-Me) which would Thomas F. Eagleto
have prohibited research and develop- Allen J. Ellender (I
ment as well as testing and deployment J. W. Fulbright (Ai
of President Nixon's Safeguard antibal- Albert Gore (Tenn
listic missile system. Mike Gravel (Alasi
The amendment failed 11-89. Fred R. Harris (Ok
Those voting for the amendment were: Philip A. Hart (Mi
George A. Aiken (R-Vt) Vance Hartke (Ind
J. W. Fulbright (D-Ark) Harold E. Hughes(
Albert Gore (D-Tenn) Daniel K. Inouye (
Eugene J. McCarthy (D-Minn) Edward M. Kenned
George S. McGovern (D-SD) Warren G. Magnus
Edmund S. Muskie (D-Me) Mike Mansfield (M
Gaylord Nelson (D-Wis) Eugene J. McCarth
Abraham Ribicoff (D-Conn) George S. McGovei
William .S axb (R-Ohio) Thomas J. McIntyr


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