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October 18, 1966 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-10-18

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Cagers Starting Practice
"I7 To _ ' !-U11 Irv_

Elliott: What Price Victory?

With Soph-L
The University of Michigan
basketball team, a "new look" out-
fit if ever there was one, offi-
cially kicked off its 1966 season
Seventeen players, ten of them
sophomores, joined head coach
Dave Strack in Yost Field House
for light drills and preliminary
Only three seniors are listed on
the roster. Two of them, Co-Cap-
tains Craig Dill and Dennis Ban-
key together have nearly all of
the squad's game experience. Dill
is a 6'10" center from Saginaw
while Bankey is a 6' guard from
Detroit. The third senior is Marc
Delzer, a 6'3" guard who has seen
only sporadic action in the past.
Jim Pitts and transfer studentl

aden ud
Tim Hayes, along with fellow jun-
iors Mark Fritz and Gerald Peaks, By RICK STERN
are the only other players with
any varsity experience and of
these, only Pitts and Fritz have
ever played in a Big Ten game. B m
Fritz, at 6'5" is a forward from
Birmingham. Pitts is 6'3" fromN a D uff
Detroit while Hayes, who played
the last two years at Springfield You have to win, win. win, win.
Junior College in Springfield, Ill.,
is 6' even. Peaks played with the Any cost. All costs. Just win the damn game.
freshman squad most of last year And if you're the best team on the field you really better win.
and is 5'11." No excuses. This isn't tiddly winks. Its college football, man.
Sophomores will carry a major The pros. So you're out there and you outgain Purdue almost by 200
share of Strack's burden. Two and yards and you have to win this one for Pasedena. And you blow it.
possibly three, will start. Listed on So die, die, die. die.
the roster ae Clarence Adams, And Bump Elliott did die. He stood in the locker room and
Willy Edwards, and Scott Mon- died each time a reporter asked a question. He gritted his teeth
Dosss sSewart, and Bob Sullan and he sweated and he cringed. But he faced them and he toldj
Denns Stwart an BobSullvan the truth.
at forward; and Ken Maxey, Ahe
Cedric Dawson, Mike Maundrell, And he could have alibied and made excuses and shifted the
and Ernie Smith as guards. blame or buried it. But instead he chose the rough road. He said
Until a temporary assistant is "If I had to do it over again, I might have done it differently." And
found, Strack will direct the squad from a football coach, that's one helluva gutsy statement. Because
alone. Strack's assistant of six Bump will have to live with this decision for the rest of his life.
years, Jim Skala, resigned last But he didn't tell the reporters that. He didn't say that he
week to accept an administrative wanted to win the game a hundred times worse than they ever will,
position with a business firm, because Michigan football is his life.
And he made the decision and, it turned out to be a wrong

insights and insults

Losting .Faith In
A Flock of People
Choose. Decide, Make up your mind. One from Column A or two
from Column B. Law school, business school, or risk the draft. Do
you want a Coke or root beer?

Choose. Deside. Make up your mind.


Delicious Hamburgers 15c T11!

Do you go for the first down or try for the field goal?



. ^. ..


a shirt laundered at Greene's is
as white as the day you bought it
Claiming to produce a sparking white shirt is
one thing, but proving it is another. That's
why Greene's says simply. . . compare a shirt
laundered at Greene's with a brand new one.
See for yourself that even after repeated wear
a shirt laundered at Greene's stays as white as
it was the day you bought it.
NO 2-3231

-IVI s cores r
First Place Playoffs
Tyler 1, Winchell 0 (overtime)
Lloyd 28, Scott 6
Second Place Playoffs
Taylor 16, Frost 0
Chicago 22, Huber 0
Third Place Playoffs
Williams 18, Gomberg 0
A. Rumsey 24, Kelsey 0
Fourth Place Playoffs
Van Tyne 1, Cooley 0 (overtime)
Hinsdale 16, Reeves 0

A mistake. "How can a football coach make a mistake?", the
Alumns are screaming. You can't make a mistake. You've got to win,
win, win, win. To hell with character, to hell even with being a
human being. Just win.
"'Duffy wouldn't have made that mistake."
"Woody wouldn't have done it."
Its not true. The only thing Duffy and Woody wouldn't have
done is stood in the lockerroom and faced the reporters. That's
what Bump did. And that's the Michigan tradition. Some think
it's win, win, win, win, win. I think it's men like Bump.
Mayby that's what they want though. A kill, kill kill, man-a
Duffy. After all, it's college football the pros. Bring him in, then.
Michigan only had ten losing seasons in fifty years. And Bump had
four of them.
Somehow, somewhere, somebody must know that there are more
important things than winning. At least I think there are and I
think Fritz Crisler thinks so too.
There's character. What Bump has and what he puts in his
players. That's what'Michigan bought when they bought Bump. And
he hasn't let them down for one minute, whether they know it or not.
Kill, kill, kill; win win, win. College man-the pros.
I'll take Bump. Just because he's real. Not super. Not a Duffy,
not a Woody. Just a person. A human being. A football coach too.
And when two teams play, one loses, no matter how much money
the alums give. Bump lost Saturday. But he'll win his share. He
won a Rose Bowl two years ago. He'll win again, too. Maybe not
here. Maybe they will get rid of him. Maybe some place where
they want a coach who knows how to lose as well as how to win.
Who has character. Who has guts. Bump.

What is and what might have been.
To be 0-2 and out of contention or 1-1 and playing for roses.
It's over now. The game and the verdict on Bump Elliott. An
entire campus deliberated for nearly a second and returned with a
unanimous decision of guilty.
Last Saturday Elliott elected to try a field goal to beat Purdue.
Elliott who normally becomes irate when his judgment is questioned,
simpy admitted that given the opportunity to decide over again, he
might have done it differently. But that is not the issue.
His call had to be based on scads of information far more
complex than was know to the fan. It was more than a to kick
or not to kick proposition. But that is not the issue either. The call
was not a good one, but it was not a decision that lost the game.
Yet that too is not the issue.
It comes down to a point where you wonder about people
a lot more than you wonder about a field goal. You wonder a lot
more about people than you do about what might have been if
the Wolverines had tried for a first down.
I lost my faith in a flock of football fans, not in their coach.
Can a missed 35-yard field goal turn an apathetic student body into
vigilantes. How little is needed to turn a crowd into a mob. Or how
much is needed.
Where was Harlan Hatcher hung in effigy when he sent left
wing activity membership lists to the House Un-American Activities
Committee. Who cares enough to send, Wilbur Pierporit an open
letter condemning him for totally disregarding campus intramural
and recreation needs. Where are the vicious signs maligning a school
administration which constantly ignores student interests.
When a group attacks any of these issues, the majority of stu-
dents simply turn away. They restrain their venom for something
more decisive and clear cut. They patiently wait for an anemic field
goal try. And pow, then they let loose.
Maybe everyone else is still growling about last Saturday's game.
My fist are still clenched too but for a different reason. Bump, you've
wrecked my senior year. You've made me aware of what a foul,
irrational blob of which I am forced to consider myself a part.

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Re-Licensing " Plane Rides
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eost side
3033 Packard
NO 3-1336

west side
1940 W. Stadium
NO 2-2543

campus' main plant Ypsilanti

Fly In and Visit Us
Gordon N. Lambie, Mgr.
Chas. McGrath, Operators Mgr.
McEnnon Airport
5830 Stony Creek Rd.
Ypsilanti, Michigan

1213 S. University
NO 3-3016

516 E. Liberty
NO 2-3231

MSU Dumps Michigan in LaCrosse


40 E. Michigan
HU 2-5371




Hu ghes announces new
openings on the

Special To The Daily
LaCrosse Club saw a first halfj
lead of 3-2 vanish as Michigan
State came on strong in the sec-
ond half to defeat the Wolverines
7-4, Sunday.I
Michigan, which has never beat-
en the Spartans in the game in-
vented by Indians, had the match
well under control throughout
most of the first half. Led by Bill
Toogenain, who netted three goals
in the game, the Maize and Blue
completely dominated the slow
moving first half which saw MSUI
score both of its goals on fastI
breaks. One of Toogenain's goals in
the first half was a fluke that was
assisted in by the Spartan goalie.
The other Wolverine goal in the
game was scored by Vic Zerby.

In the second half, the tables
turned as Michigan committed
costly mistakes and suffered in-
juries that allowed the Spartans
to take the game away from them.
The match, probably the best ever
played by a Michigan team, caught
a surprised Spartan team offguard
in the first half with its aggressive
play. Michigan had many more
shots on goal than Michigan State
in the game but was just not able
to break the ice more times than
the Spartans.
The many Michigan penalties in
the second half were the turning
points of the game. As in hockey
when a man commits an infrac-
tion, he is sent off the playing
field for a period of time. During
this period the penalized team is
shorthanded. When this happened

to the Wolverines, the Spartans
took full advantage and scored
against a Michigan defense which
lacked some veteran players who
were unable to make the trip here.
Michigan will seek revenge for
its frustrating loss against Mich-
igan State in Ann Arbor on
Oct. 29.
Bil loard
Any student interested in
managing either the freshman
or varsity basketball teams
should contact either Rick Stern
at 662-7663 or coach George
Pomey at 663-2411.

Western Division.P.
W L T Pet. Pts. OP
Green Bay 5 1 0 .833 129 71
Los Angeles 4 2 0 .667 1181 90
Baltimore 3 2 0 .600 139 102
San Francisco 2 2 1 .500 102 117
Chicago 2 3 0 ,400 60 89
Detroit 2 4 0 .333 80 112
Minnesota 1 3 1 .250 105 106
Eastern Division
W L T Pct. Pta. OP
St. Louis 5 0 1 1.000 148 87
Dallas 4 0 1 1.000 193 55
Cleveland 3 2 0 .600 155 86
Washington 3 3 0 .500 121 131
Philadelphia 3 3 0 .500119154
Pittsburgh 1 4 1 .200 112 166
New Yotk 1 4 1 .200 97 183
Atlanta 0 6 0 .000 75 194
Baltimore 45, Detroit 14.
Philadelphia 31, Pittsburgh 14
New York 13, Washington 10
Green ay 17, Chicago 0
St. Louis 10, Dallas 10 (tie)
Minnesota 35, Los Angeles 7
San Francisco 44, Atlanta 7
Atlanta vs. Green Bay
Dallas at Cleveland
Detroit at San Francisco
Los Angeles at Chicago
Minnesota at Baltimore
Philadelphia at New York
St. Louis at Washington


Eastern Division
W L T Pct. Pts.4
New York 4 1 1 .800 128
Buffalo 3 3 1 .500 168:
Houston 3 3 0 .500 1711
Boston 2 2 1 .500 92:
Miami 1 5 0 .167 961
Western Division
W L T Pct. Pts.I
San Diego 4 1 1 .800 158
Kansas City 4 2 0 .667 161
Oakland 3 3 0 .500 108:
Denver 1 5 0 .167 81:
Oakland 34, Kansas City 13
Houston 24, New York 0
San Diego 17, Buffalo 17 (tie)
Miami 24, Denver 7


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San Diego at Boston
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Miami at Houston
Kansas City at Denver
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^- -aftftwgle I rqkfAftrAAftLAI&

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