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March 26, 1967 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1967-03-26

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SUNDAY, MARCH 26. 1967



... .. .. " , , . -:tiW.+X aW Y t "t: ":.t }' . :: 1,{" :^ Y:{4i1{l r.A:^' ,..,P :l {{"Yd . y1.;A: 5 2:,Mrv:{""i"'{,'tA,:": }2:" ""2:?":.}V Y:A. ":5- ti5*::":5":5' ;:"'.5 }:tiSV:::":ti":':^::'::"1::
^t " :/; r y "." ^ . ': f:.. YJ."J.R, 1'. 'T,".5, + : .":1..5."tKr"r rr 4:"::4 .1t. JY.V: ". r"SA. : .4:.V:: r.. .'.^.""r.Y
;.;.°": }:Li??">i:?i.'.:izwi: f« 2 7i:{5.2:^' MW ? . ti 'SS"C f.5"4Y r A°. f m T. .. .. :,:44i.Y:65C:Jr:rS".SF,'~a."?tA"^%..n.rr. ,,,.;:h,.,,A.,,4....,rR.,s:".v:.... .a.{".:":":"::5tiv..A..:::?:{v :...............:..........a... .,.
,..: -"- A "A^ vrr:.^.^:. ":. A+r.'o .": ".". t: "vrr:: r: r:: 1^:.^:x::42:"2?':::::.}:":"::": ?:::: ".. ::................................"rr."i":
.. t r ....2. .... ..... ......., F .......................:.v::::::.m. :::::::.. . .......,,... r..::, ..:.4: 4"R{:"222:":4:t:Civ}}22}2:4i}:4'fv." :":..,
......... 1,.^^'J :'.':.. 4V 'ri^^ " 4 , A .A..,... .. . , , .2. .. Jr1"V:. r. ...... .... 1 .............................. .... ......4.
i"..;,.,.....,..:......,....__xd._K.__ , ":atr'1?g." £':~"?".t+ti r7 t $.5.r.:"strtrti.'?e "ztC. .'r i':Tet_ f r._._.ti ''dr}.sty. "41'4'",44".v:.5:..,...:4A .i e .d k'xS_2kx:.::.r....::_r__c:...._n...k:--''---:J.A".""A..:..."...x.. r.... rr ............... .. ....:: x44+u ":2?" , ... .. .,...


Band, Lib., Diag., Type A, H.S.-Voc.
Ag., Math/Sci., Math/SS,dBus., Couns.,
Montclair, N.J.J-All fields.
Whitehall, Mich. - Elem., J.H.-SS,
H.S.-Chem./Phys., Engl./Speech, Engl./
SS, Coaches-Tr., Golf, Tennis. Asst

Announcing the new... ESTH QUAD
SPECIAL OFFER to all residents of EAST QUAD

,.:" .,"""S::i".*'F.:^?:: aS..K y1J,. y 4., F.".,. ..'fi i ' ti ...{,., ,.,. .y-r , r;... iv.:"il.":i{as.v...{.s...ni r...., ....... ss ..... ...................:'r:5{w: "::
'v: 2:":'fi" .'r:4.{J:'":" .X51"::1 f."JL^ Yi"Xh4" "Yr.A 's, v{"fA:Q b s'.+ sa:^: P + . 'sGY'air.:sfR":4$sP.asAX*:.}..fi i ?Z'}S .v... $z, s. {". ..".:cs.:: r. ':.. +".: n.... ..

(Continued from Page 3)
1, The "Bases for Recognition" of Stu-
dent Organizations enumerated in the
"University Regulations Concerning
Student Organizations" are hereby
amended (a) by deletion of section
(2) of the Bases, and (b) by inserting
in the place of that section the fol-
(2) More than half of the total
membership of any student organiza-
tion must be studentsucurrently en-
rolled, or else students who were en-
rolled the immediately preceding se-
mester and plan to enroll the imme-
diately subsequent one. AND at least
two-thirds the total membership of any
student organization must be students,
as defined above, or alumni of the
University, or people who while not cur-
rently enrolled have either been en-
rolled at the University within one
calendar year previous to the start of
the current semester, or have applied
for and not been denied admission to
the University for a term commencing
within one calendar year of the start
of the current semester. AND, every
student 'organization must have two
student officersentitled to attend every
meeting of the oganization or any part
thereof, including all meetings and cau-
cuses restricted to officers or any other
sub-group of the total membership.
These two officers shall be those whose
signatures must be submitted to SGC
under the Provedures for Recognition
and Registration of these Regulations."
Appointed: Ann Kane to the SGC
Membership Committee.
Appointed: Steve Handler and Steve
Spitz as SGC's representatives to SAC-
UA's Committee on the Evaluation of
Approved: That SGC grant organi-
zation recognition to the Campus Cru-
sade for Christ.
Approved: Regulations on member-
ship selection in student organizations.
Approved: That SGC's Legal Aid Serv-
ice be established on a permanent bas-
is. '
Approved: That SGC authorize its
student legal director to use the orig-
inal $100 publicity allocation for legal
fees, and that SGC allocate an addi-
tional $50 for legal fees. This $150 to-
tal will provide sufficient- funds for
the remainder of the winter term.
Approved: That SGC recommend the
elimination of sophomore women's
hours, effective fall 1967.
Approved: That SGC endorse the fol-
lowing candidates for election: Council-
man 1st Ward-Edward Shafter, Repub-
lican candidate; -Councilman 2nd Ward
-A. Jerome DuPont, Democratic candi-
date; Mayor-Edward Pierce, Democrat-
ic candidate.
Approved: That SGC authorize $300
to the Literary College Steering Com-
mittee for the establishment of de-
partmental advisory committees. This
money will be held in escrow by SGC
for the academic year 1967-68, and
grants of $30 (per departmental- com
mittee), to be used primarily for pub-
licity will be given automatically to
the Literary College Steering Commit-
tee at the written request of the
chairman of the committee counter-
signed by Dean Robertson.
Approved: That SGC recommend that
the students of each housing unit be
permitted to have final authority over
the hours of visitation by members of
the opposite sex.
Approved: That SGC initiate the pe-
titioning process to select two or thre(
students to be appointed to the Uni-
versity Committee to Study the Health
Service and that SGC establish an in-
terviewing committee to consist of three
Appointed: E. O. Knowles, Jud3
Greenberg' and Leslie Mahler to the
Health Service Interviewing Commit
Approved: That Bruce Kahn and Ruth
Baumann be seated as president an
executive vice-president of Studen
Government Council for terms of one

Approved: That the following people
be seated as members of the Student
Government Council for terms of one
year: Judy Greenberg, Marty Lieber-
man, Anne Patton, Kay Stansbury, Jan-
is Sorkin.
Approved: That E. O. Knowles be
seated as a member of the Student
Government Council until the next reg-
ular Student Government Council elec-
Pl acemnen t
The following schools will interview
at the Bureau during the week of
April 3:

Sp. Corr., Type A, Visit. Tch., Instr.
Mason, Mich.-All fields.
Rudyard, Mich.-Elem., Fren., J.H.-
Gen. Sci., Lang. Arts, Math, Geog., Ind.
Arts, H.S.-Engl., Bus., Ind. Arts, Phys.,
Vocal, Type B, Rem. Read., Dev. Read.,
Band, Lib., Chem., Math, Sch. Psych.,
Social Work,
Hartland, Mich.-Elem., Vocal, Type
A, H.S.-Span./Engl., Math, Girls PE,
Engl., SS, Boys PE, Coaches - Asst.
Ftb, 9th gr. Bskt., 7/8th gr. Bskt.,
Baseball, Track.
Coral or Lakeview, Mich.-Elem., J.H.
-Engl., Sci., H.S.-Home Ec., Engl., As-
sistant Var. Ftb., J.H. Bskt.
Flint, Mich. (Kearsley Schs. )-Elem.,
Art, PE, Rem. Read., Type A, J.H.-
Shop, Engl., Lib., Math, Home Ec.,
H.S.-Sho_, Engl., aMth, Wrest./SS, Di-

Vocal, Lang, Arts, Couns., Art, Hist., Make appointments now.
Hist./Geog., Home Ec., Read., H.S.- For additional information and ap-
Ind. Arts, Girls PE, Math, Chem., pointments, contact Miss Collins, Bu-
Engl., Ger./Engl., Home Ec., Biol., Hist., reau of Appointments, Education Di-
Type A, Type B, Diag., Sp. Ther., Visit. vision, 3200 SAB, 764-7459.
South Haven, Mich.-Elem.. 6th gr.' SUMMER PLACEMENT SERVICE:
Block, H.S.-Lib., Instr., Engl., J.H.- 2l2 SA -S
Crystal Lake. Ill.-Elem., Fren, J.H. MON., MARCH 27-
-Math, Lang. Arts, Instr., Fren. Camp Winnegabue, Canadian-oed.
Milwaukee, Wis.-Elem., J.H.-Engl., % -5 p.m. Male & female for counse-
SS Bs., Home Ec., Ind. Arts, Engl.,tlors.
MathPhys.Sci.. Spec. Ed. Camp Missatukee, Mich.-Girls. 10-4
Oscada, Mich.-Eleh.,yVocalPhys m. Unt directors, spec. in arts &
Ed., Elem. Guirl., J.H.-SS, Lang. Arts/ rafts, nature, one cook and two as-
Read., Math, Sc., Gen. Shop, Art,ysistant c< oks.
PE, Couns., H.S --Engl., Latin Engl., TUES., MARCH 28-
or Fren., Sci./Math, Type A, Rem. Howard Johnson Co., Chicago, Ill. -
Read. a-5 p.m. Offer mai.ager trainee pro-

any one item
30c for each additional item
Offer good March 27 thru March 30
Call 761-1111 for fast free delivery


MO.API3- ag., Em. Dist
MON. APiL E 3-H.- .rosse oine ESalinas, Calif.-K-6. gram while earning money in summer.
Montrose, Mich.-Elem., Vocal, J.H.- groa oitMc.-li. usc i-
Math, H.S.-Home Ec., Bus. Ed., Band/ Art, PE, J.H.-Engl., Fr., Ind. Arts, Belding, Mich.-Elem.. J.H.-Type A, Country Lake Camp, Indiana-Boys.
Glee Club Math Lib., Bus. Ed., SS, H.S.-Home Ec., Sci., H.S.-SS, Engl., Instr., Se. - woodcraft, tring unit leaders, asst.
DeWitt, Mich.-All fields. Ger., SS, Boys PE, Girls PE, Type A, Vocal/Instr.r ppin,
Richmond, Calif.-Elem., Id. Arts, Rem. Read., Sp. Corr., Soc. Work. Em. Grand Island, N.Y.-All fields. pvgampg.
Girls PE, Lib., Math, Bio., Physics, Spec. Dist., Dev. Kdg., Psych., Nurse, H.S.- Bay City, Mich.-Elem., Spec. Ed., Pr ,
Ed., Vocal/Instr. For. Lang., Gen. Sci., Phys., Chem., Art J.H.-Math, Details and applications at Summer
Farmington(L)vonia)1,s/ C -B, Mich. (Cr h.iDlst. St.Clair, Mich. (East China P.S.)- Placement Service, 212 SAB, Lower Lev-
enceville F.S.)-Elem., Instr./Vocal, PE, Flinit, Mich. (Carman Sch. Dist.) Elem., FE, Art, J.H.-Math/Sci., PE, el.
Sec.-Sci., Math, SS, Art, Bus. Ed., Ind. Elem., Lib,. Ment. Hdcp., Emot. Dist.,; -_---.
Arts, Span., Girls PE, Engl., Diag., Type Sp. Corr., Read. Cons., Soc. Workers
A, Visit. Tch., Spec. Ed., Music Coach. Couns., Audiometric Testing. 5' N
Rockwood, Mich. (Gibraltar Schs.) - THURS., APRIL 6-
Elem., Art, Vocal, Instr.. J.H. - Ind. GHURAPIsM.-wQ
Arts, Si/ah pn,~on. ah Grand Rapids, Mich. (Northview Selhs)
Lang., Type A, H.S.-Chem./Sci., Math, -Elem., Rem. Read., H.S.-Guid., Girlsv
LSng.TeAH.C m/c, PE, Math, Sci., Engl., SS, Home Ec.,
SB, EnglM/SS. _nSpeech, J.H.-Engl./SS, Sci./Math.
EOrtonvile, Mich. (Brandon Schs.) Roseville, Mich.-Elem., Art, Vocal,
Grand Rapids, Mich.-All fields. Type A, Sec.-Engl./Latin, Lib., Math,
Lansing, Mich.-All fields. Gen. Sci., Auto Shop, Ind. Arts, Bus.
Muskegon, Mich.-All Elem. & Sec. Ed., Homebd., Type A, Sp. Corr., Visit.
Fields, Spec. Ed.-Ortho., Emot. Dist., Tch., Engl., Couns.
EMVH,Sp. Corr., Deaf, Tch./Coun., Tch./ LaGrange, Ill. (Dist. No. 102)-Elem j
TUES., APRIL 4- Span., Home Ec., Ind.Arts, Lang. Arts/
Holly, Mich.-Elem., Vocal, PE, Arts, SS, Lib, Math, Vocal, PE, Sci., Sp.
H.S.-Engl., Vocal, Girls PE, Lib. Corr., Guid., Soc. Work, All Spec. Ed.
Grosse Ile, Micl.-Elem., Band, J.H. Grand Rapids, Mich. (Kentwood Schs)
-Girls PE/Gen. Sci., Vocal/Gen. Music, -Elem., Lib.,j PE, Read., Vocal, 7/8th 3
Science, Art, Spec. Ed., H.S. - Fren./ Grades-Art, Ind. Arts, Lang. Arts, Lib.,
Span., Span. Math, Rem. Read., Sci., SS, H.S. -
Lincoln Park, Mich.-Elem., Vocal, Biol., Ind. Arts, Lib.
Instr., Ind. Arts, Sp. The. Erie, Mich. (Mason Cons. Schs.) -
Linden, Mich.-Elem., H.S. - Engl., Elem., J.H.-Gen. Sci., Math, H.S.-
Ind. Arts, J.H.-Ind. Arts. f Math, Math/Phys.
Bloomfield -Hills, Mich.-Elem., Sec. St.Clair Shores, Mich. (Lakeview COCKTAIL LOUNGE and RESTAURANT T
-Engl., Math, Chem., Phys., Biol., Schs.)-Elem., Sec.-Engl., Math/Biol,
Earth Sdi., Nat. Sci., Hist., Fren.. Span., Bus. Ed., Fren., Home Ec., Deaf, Visit.
Laton, Ger., Instr., Vocal, PE, Ind. Tch., Type A, Sp. Corr.
Art, Art, Bus., Couns.SpcEM, Social nLos Angeles, Calif.-Al Sec.fields. A"U
Work, Psych., Spec. Ed. Monroe, Mic'h. (Jefferson Schs.) - All THE UNP R E D ICTABL ES
Dearborn Heights, Mich. (Dist. No. 8) fields.
-Elem., Math, Shop, Engl., Couns, Girls Taylor, Mich.-All fields.N
PE, Bus., Sci., Visit. Tch., Type A, Addison; Ill. (H.S. Dist. No. 88) - ENTERTAINMENT DANCING
Rem. Read. Elem., Art, Vocal, J.H.-Art, Engl., Math,
-WED., APRIL 5- Guid.-Girls, PE/Home Ec., J.H.-SS,
Northville, Mich.-Elem., Vocal, Art, Vocal, Sch. Work., Sp. Ther. ,13
PE, Lib., For. Lang., J.H.-Classroom, Walled Lake, Mich.-Elem., PE, Vo- Mondoy thru Saturday-9:30 P.M.-1:30 A.M.
H.S.-Engl.. Math, SS, Sci., For. Lang., cal, Instr., Art., J.H.-Ind. Arts, Math,



The upbeat buttondown.
Everything about this Arrow
Decton Perma-Iron shirt
is traditional - except the
fact that it refuses to
wrinkle. And that may
start a whole new tradition.
Note the wide stripes, the
just-so roll of the collar.
It's in a blend of Dacron
polyester and cotton that's
"Sanforized-Plus". In
other stripes, solids and
whites, too. A winner
at $7.00.









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