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January 11, 1966 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-01-11

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"Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
Hover through the fog and
filthy air."
Macbeth. Act I, Scene 1, Line 12
In the turgid air of Yost fair
fouls helped Michigan overturn
the baddies from Bloomington,
For a time it appeared Michi-
gan might "go the primrose way
of the everlasting bonfire," but
good Jim, good Ole, and of
course, good Cazzie struck the
"air-drawn dagger" of defeat into
the Indiana Hoosiers.
But ,alas, we must admit that
if the Bard had written the plot
for last night's game he could
have improved the less than taut
encounter. A bit of pique, a trifle
more fury, a dash of jest would all
have been welcome in this cordial
Big Ten home opener. Through-
out, it was a contest fitting the
salon-a gentle tearoom affair as
contrasted to the melee Saturday
in Columbus.
The Sisters
"The weird sisters" - lethargy
and sloppiness - hounded both

teams in the first half as Michi- out of
gan dawdled behind the Hoosiers ed in
for the first 10 minutes. Then a Myersx
polite thrust by the Wolverines Winn
in which they scored 10 points in free th
two minutes provided a 23-21 lead ning a
which they never relinquished. It bea
Michigan possessed a petite 39- exhilar
32 lead at the half.
It was a game with precious
little toil and trouble. The fire
burned and the cauldron bubbled
in Dave Strack's stomach early
in the game, but tiny and inex-
perienced Indiana was hardly
much of a threat. Really, the
only distinguishing feature about
this Henry Jamesion basketball
game was the slough of free
throws that Michigan made and
the paucity of Indiana free tosses.
The Hoosiers outgunned Michi-
gan 31 to 30 from the field, but
at the line the Wolverines held
a 28 to 6 advantage. Michigan,
of course, got more chances than
Indiana (34-13), but hit at 82.4
per cent compared to the Haos-
iers 46.2 per cent.
Darden Toes Line
Oliver Darden spent half the
night at the line, notching 15


G /t9



17 attempts. Cazzie bang-
seven of eight and Jim
popped four of five.
ning a basketball game on
hrows is rather like win-
baseball game on walks.
ts losing, but it's scarcely
ating or memorable. You

don't go to a basketball game to
watch gifted athletes practice one
handed push shots from 15 feet
while nine others stare passively.
But winning is winning.
Michigan attempted to move the
ball close to the basket for per-
centage shots. Indiana, a team of

half-pints and a few three quar- be a bit less so, as he struggled
ter-pints, felt the need to shove on his outside shooting. He hit 10
and bump when Michigan edged of 25, but is still over 50 per cent
close to the bucket. The referees from the field for the season.
observed the Hoosier love pats and Naturally, he led all scorers with
blew the whistle on them. 27, but Cazzie is a player who
If it hadn't been for the profli- scores 27 on a off day. And, as
gate Indiana fouling Michigan with all great players, a miss by
might have been in a dither. The Cazzie Russell is an event to be
Hoosier guards Vernon Payne and wondered about. A miss by an or-
Max Walker defied Michigan's ag- dinary player is ignored or quickly
gressive man to man defense by forgotten, but a miss by Cazzie
launching shots from spots right- Russell is slightly disturbing be-
thinking guards would only drib- cause it defies all anticipations.
ble on. They potted 25 and 30 But a Michigan victory over a
footers with awesome regularity as foul oriented Indiana team is quite
Payne hit a startling 12 of 19. within the realm of expectation.
This Payne is a mite. He stands Michigan won a game it was sup-
5'10" according to the program but posed towm.

the measurement must have been
made when his shoes were padded;
and his hair was long. But this
wee sophomore scampers like a
runaway hampster and shoots al-+
most instantly when he finds an
Big Jim
But if Payne illustrates that the
little guy ain't down yet, big Jim
Myers shows that size doesn't hurt
Myers finally appears to be
reaching the excellence which was
predicted when he was a freshman
phenom from Defiance, Ohio.
Heftier and shaggier than ever
before he hugged ten rebounds
last night and bagged 24 points.
Half his points were bombs from
outside while the others came on
inside moves.
Oliver Darden again looked like
his December doldrums had ended,
plopping in 19 big ones.
Cazzie was still Cazzie, but may-

Former Wolverine star Bill Bup-
tin attended the game at Yost
last night. Buntin is slimming
down and working out at a De-
troit gym.

jTi. GNRA L s0 kREJE
PRO Wrestling:
A Really Big Show
There can only be one professional sport that is faked as well as
fixed, and that is professional wrestling.
A few years ago that great wrestling idol with tons of sex appeal,
Haystacks Calhoun (who tips a butcher's scale at about 600 pounds),
was quoted in a Chicago paper as saying, "I used to be a two bit
wrestler, in fact I never even rehearsed half my matches."
Now wrestling fans and scoffing non-wrestling fans alike know
that the matches are rehearsed and fixed, but that didn't keep
upwards of 8000 people from paying a good price to get into Cobo
Hall on Saturday night for an eight-match card.-
This reporter paid $4.00 to sit about 15 rows from ringside and
witness an exhibition of "professional wrestling." The eight matches
defy description except to say that they were exactly what you ex-
pected only more so. The fans were a show in themselves-there were
"beautiful women" in low cut evening gowns sipping mixed drinks
from the nearby bar, and innumerable men who looked like they had
gotten a handout to get inside.
One thing about wrestling is certain and that is that the pro-
motions, as trite as they may seem, with grudge matches and "good"
verses "bad," are effective. Professional wrestling exists because of
the crowd appeal of rivalries between beer-drinking buddies that exist
only in the ring and in the minds of the spectators.
It would not seem unlikely that two of Saturday's opponents
might be the best of friends, but they think of themselves as "pro-
fessionals" and try to look like they are killing each other in the
ring regardless of who their roommate is. That does seem professional,
doesn't it?
The headline on the program was "Title Rivals Forsee Good
Year." Naturally seven or eight men picked themselves to win the
"U.S. Championship" (now held by The Sheik), but the implications
of the headline are interesting. Pro wrestling seems to be holding
its own, if not growing a little, while NBA basketball, pro tennis,
etc., are all slipping.
The things a psychiatrist could infer from this are fright-
ening, and when "name" attractions like Bulldog Brower are
making over $100,000 a year it makes you stop and think for a
Below, for those fans who couldn't make it to Cobo is a brief
resume of the matches. It is interesting to note that the "good guys"
barely edged out the "bad guys" 4-3, and there was one draw. Funny
that it should be that close? Not really, for now the winning bad
guys can come back (along with the victorious good guys) and wrestle
again. Generally the losers were second-rate wrestlers who are
sacrificed regularly to build up the big title bouts.
The Shiek and Brower'vs. Brazil and Powers
The campaign for this match had been going 'on for weeks, the
Shiek carrying around'a box which he claimed would beat behemoth
Bob Brazil. He opened that box on Saturday and inside were two box-
ing headgear that "protected" his team from Brazil's famous "coco-
nut butt" (where he rams his forehead into that of his opponent).
Also inside were two leather collars that protected them from Johnny
Powers' favorite hold, "The Sleeper" (which is seemingly applied like
a choke).
When the match finally got underway the tide switched
twice before Brower bounced Powers off of the top rope and onto
the wooded floor of the arena. This was the last blow since Powers
was unable to get back in the ring in time to continue the "Texas-
style Death Match" (his form of tag team wrestling does not
deserve any explanation other than they generally take longer
to complete).
Killer Karl Kox vs. Chief Big Heart
This was probably the best match of the night, and it ended in
a "bloody brawl" after The Chief (good guy, as you might guess
from his name) was disqualified. The Chief's entire face was covered
in blood as was Kox's when they were finally hustled to the dressing
room they shared. I thought that ketchup was no longer used for
blood in stunts, but I was mistaken for I happened to smell a few
drops that had fallen to the floor.
The Remaining Bouts
Briefly, Mark Lewin put his famous sleeper hold on one of the
ugliest men alive, Wild Bull Curry (according to the program, "a
man' the fans love to hate"). Argentina Appollo used his back-
breaker to force the rotund Baron Leoni to say "uncle" in Italian.
Crowd-pleasing Sweet Daddy Siki, who appears much older with
his platinum hair, was pinned by a Detroiter, Ricky Cortez. New-
comer Don McLarity pinned the always hated Hans Schmidt (who
was more of a name immediately following World War II) in a one
minute bout.
Massive, muscled Sailor Art Thomas won on a disqualification
when Professor Hiro landed a karate punch (which probably could
have killed had it landed). Finally, in what was the first bout of the
evening, Gino Britto drew 45-year-old Joe Christy whose secret
weapon is a basketball knee pad that is supposed to contain a steel
All in all it was a fascinating evening, and I feel that every-
one should go to a pro wrestling card at least once, even if it is
just to laugh, because it is a "reeeeely big sheeeeeew."


6-10 1-2 11
10-22 4-5 10
10-25 7-8 7
1-4 0-1 2
1-1 1-1 0
0-0 0-0 2
0-0 0-0 0
0-0 0-0 0
30-69 28-34 48
2-7 0-0 5
2-8 1-3 2
2-4 3-4 6
9-16 0-0 14
12-19 1-2 3
2-8 9-13 4
2-7 1-3 2
31-69 6-13 42

3 19
3 13
1 24
1 27
2 2
1 3
0 0
14 88
5 4
3 5
5 7
4 18
1 25
3 4
22 68

32 36-68
39 48-88

-Daily-Frank Wing

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GYMNASTICS-Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan, Sports Bldg.
BASKETBALL-Michigan at Northwestern
HOCKEY-Michigan vs. Colorado College, Coliseum, 8 p.m.
WRESTLING-Michigan at Northwestern
SWIMMING-Michigan vs. Indiana, Matt Mann Pool, 3 p.m.

WOLVERINE CENTER JIM MYERS unleashes a hook shot in
last night's 88-68 Michigan victory as Frenk Everett vainly at-
tempts a block. Myers dropped in 24 points and grabbed off 10
rebounds against the Hoosiers.

TUESDAY, Jan. 11, 12:00 Noon
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8:00 P.M.
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