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February 19, 1966 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1966-02-19

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n AAA- %.I.AV" AM'At W -.--. .,.--w I a.7 1V.0


Wrestlers Rack Rockets, 31-0

Cagers Out! To Compound Purd ue 's woes'

Special To The Daily
TOLEDO-In one corner of the
post-game dressing room, Mich-
igan Dave Porter sat before his
igan wrestler Dave Porter sat be-
fore his locker with a satisfied
grin on his face.

The Wolverine matmen had just
scuttled Toledo's Rockets, 31-0.
A jubilant Coach Cliff Keen
turned to Porter, "Weill, you sure
taught him a lesson, that's the
first one he's ever lost." The 220-
pound sophomore nodded as he
tore the tape off his heavily-
bandaged shoulder.
Keen was referring to a 9-3
shellacking Porter gave to Paul
Elzey. Elzey, a two-time Ohio high
school champion, had just absorb-
ed the first loss of his college
wrestling career.
Takedown for Porter
Porter and Elzey wrestled on
even terms for two minutes and
50 seconds, until Porter managed
a takedown. From there the match
was never close, Starting the sec-
ond period down, Porter reversed
Elzey at 3:45 after a brief slurry.
Down 4-0, Elzey made an attempt
at a comeback with 40 seconds
remaining in the second period,
by scoring a reversal.
He. showed signs of the quick-
ness for which he is respected by
maneuvering around Porter to
take the advantage. Porter, in an
attempt to escape, slammed Elzey
to the mat. The Toledo heavy-
weight's head hit the mat and he
was temporarily dazed. The match
was stoppe8, Elzey was checked
and found set to continue.
When action resumed after the
brief delay, Elzey's performance
showed the effeft of the fall. And
from there on, Porter was in com-
plete control of the match. He es-
caped and scored a takedown to
finish the second period lead-
ing 7-2.
Also highlighting the Wolverine
scoring were two back-to-back
pins by Fred Stehman and Wayne
In the 160-pound match, Steh-
man wrestled Don Okapal on even
Michigan vs. Toledo
123-Pound-Lambros (M) d. Had-
dad (T), 8-4.
130-Pound-Weeks (M) d. Lefevre
(T'), 9-4.
137-Pound-Dozeman (M) d. Vin-
cent (T), 5-4.
145-Pound - Johannesen (M) d.
scalzo (T), 9-1.
152-Pound-Jenkins (M) d. Tirch-
ner (T), 3-0.
160-Pound-Stehman (M) pinned
Okapal (T), 3:20.
167-Pound-Hansen (M) pinned
Marineli (T), 3:14.
177-Pound-Wentz (M) d. Wyter
(T), 9-3.
Heavyweight-Porter (M) d. Elzey
(T, -3.

terms throughout the first period.
With only 20 seconds gone in the!
second period, Stehman took Oka-
pal down, landing on his chest,
and scored a pin.
Stehman lost the contest for the
fastest pin by six seconds to Han-
son, who pinned his opponent,
Marty Marinelli at 3:14.
Wolverine senior Cal Jenkins
stained another Rocket's spotless
record when he whipped Don
Kirchner, 3-0. The first period was
scoreless. Jenkins rode Kirchner
all the way in the second period,
despite several tricky moves by
Kirchner, including an attempt to
drop between Jenkins' legs and
come up from behind for a re-

Acting Associate Sports Editor
Dave Schellhase and Oliver
Darden don't mix. The end prod-
uct is explosive.
Michigan'e basic problem will
be to neutralize Schellhase.
They say that basketball, like
all sports, is just a matter of
chemistry. You use the right com-
bination of inputs, stir them up a
little, and with some luck and a
belief in Mother Nature you pre-
cipitate a victory.
George Grams is slow to re-
act, but at 7' he will pose an
acid test for Jim Myers. It will
take constant pressure to cause
a seven footer offense to "de-
Purdue comes to Olde Yoste
Fielde House this afternoon a

Cassius Gets Clay Feet
As Board OK's Deferment

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By The Associated Press
MIAMI, Fla.-Cassius Clay, fac-
ing induction, can't believe it. He
says maybe it's because he's a
Black Muslim. He figures he will
appeal. He hopes maybe President
Johnson will step in.
He says he doesn't want to scare
anybody, but there are millions of
Muslims around the world watch-
ing what's happening to him, he
"Maybe they'll be angry about
this," he says. "I'm not making a
direct statement or threatening
anybody. I'm just saying maybe."
He had a few other words to
say about the- Selective Service
system that reclassified him 1-A
Thursday, making him eligible for
immediate induction and cutting
into his chances he will meet
Ernie Terrell March 29 in a title
"For two years the Army told
everybody I was a nut and I was
ashamed. And now they decide I
am a wise man.
"They embarrassed my parents.
Everybody was asking them ques-
tions, asking them if I was a nut.
Even my ex-wife was ashamed.
Yeah, it bothered me a lot.
"Now, without ever testing me
to see if I am wiser or worser
than before, they decide I can go
into the Army. Well, President
Johnson is a wise man. Maybe he

will see what is happening and
call up a few people and change
this. Of course, I am not saying
he will. I'm just talking maybes.
"How can they take me now
after what they have put me
"Why me, why me?
"I can't understand out of all
the baseball players, all of the
football players, all of the basket-
ball players - why seek out me,
who's the world's only heavyweight
"I'm fighting for the govern-
ment every day. I'm laying my life
on the line for the government.
Nine out of 10 soldiers would not
want to be in my place in the ring.
It's too dangerous.
"How can they do this to me-
the heavyweight champion of the
Today's basketball game with
Purdue will be televised from
Yost Field House starting at
1:30 p.m., on WJBK, Channel 2,
in Detroit. The game may also
be heard on radio stations
WAAM and WUOM in Ann

little shell-shocked from what has
thus far laughingly been called
their Big Ten "season." Today's
1 30 match-up with the Wolver-
ines is not something which the
Boilermakers consider to be the
finest piece of timing on the con-:
ference schedule this year.
Locked and tied in the Big Ten
cellar with a 2-6 record (6-12:
overall), Purdue's only chance for
daylight rests, of course, with Dave
Schellhase, whose 31.1 average
makes him the nation's leading
sharpshooter. Michigan's Cazzie
Russell, fourth in overall scoring
nevertheless leads the Big Ten
statistics with his 32.5 mark.
The Purdue senior's conference
average runs at 28.8, partly be-
cause of the Boilermakers' chang-
ing offensive style. When George
King became head coach down at
South Bend, he promised that
"we'll run when we get the ball,
and when we get it we'll score."
(That was fine with Schellhase.)
"Our big conceri, though, will
be rebounding. I don't know how
often we'll get the ball." (That
Good Reading
Although Purdue's front line
reads an impressive 6'4" (Schell-
hase), 6'7" (senior forward Doug
Trudeau), and that towering T
(soph center George Grams), the
real threat there is again with
the leader. Trudeau weighs in att
only about 190 pounds, and both
he and Grams are comparativelyc
slow in getting up to where thet
action is. King predicted that his i
squad would have to depend on:
"positioning, alternating defenses.
and gimmick basketball."]
But Schellhase is vital under-t
neath. And here is where the com-
plications come in.
In spite of King's pre-season
plans, Purdue has gone conserva-
tive over the past three games.-
"They're using a 'delay' type of
offense," explained Michigan's
Dave Strack yesterday. "They
have to come down looking for
the very select- shots. But the
slowed pace doesn't seem to ham-_
per Schellhase. He's still scoring
as well as ever."
All Michigan wants to be sur
of is that he'll do his scoring
from the outside . .. way outside.
"Dave is a great shot from any-
where," said Strack, "but his forte
is his driving, his inside shoot-
When Purdue came to Ann Ar-
bor last year, Darden did the job
of keeping the volatile Boilermak-
er away from the boards. Aftert
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-Daily-Andy Sacks

Darden: Karate Stuff

Schellhase's first couple of shots'
from close up were stuffed back
down at him by the Wolverine'
captain, he tended not to go all
the way in on an approach. "To-
wards the end of the game," he
said then, "every time I heard
the patter of Darden's or (Bill)
Buntin's feet nearby, I started to
think twice about shooting."
And so, although the Boilermak-
ers need Schellhase's outside
shooting greatly, they even more
require the All-America's pres-
ence underneath if they are to
stay within hollering distance. A
decision will have to be made.
Michigan hopes to be able to
make it.
On defense, Purdue has been go-

ing to a collection of zones. Strack
indicated that there is little in
the realm of surprises that can be
pulled here. "We feel that we can
work against any type of defense
right now. And remember, it's the
execution of a defense that counts.
not the type. You won't be going
anywhere, no matter what your
strategy is, if you stand around
flatfooted. You're just going to get
Cazzie Russell against Dave
There's spectacle in the match-
up if the two seniors can break
out of the slump they seem to
hit when their two teams meet
Their respective 20 and 17 point
averages in that category is noth-

ing to burn your lab card over.
No one seems to be betting on
a peripheral contest to decide who
is worse, though, It is expected
that both will be gunning as us-
ual, since no one can be sure about
who'll take up the slack if they
You might add these to your
new collection of chem curiosi-
Add English Lit and Gerry
Jones dissociates from Iowa.
George Peeples is the catalyst
for the Hawkeyes' offensive
And finally:
The problem of figuring out
what has happened to Iowa
seems "insoluble."
On Monday night Michigan
travels to Iowa City to face the
enigmatic Hawkeyes, at one time
ranked as the most able pretend-
ers to the Wolverines' conference
To Play Or ...
Gerry Jones, Iowa's 6'4" junior
forward, is out of his 2-E because
of some high falootin' writer nam-
ed Shakespeare ("Nor do we find
him forward to be . . ."-Hamlet,
Act III, Scene I). Jones was the
Hawks' third scorer, and was sec-
ond in rebounding only to Pee-
But "tough, disciplined" Iowa
frequently rated among the 10
best squads in the nation on pre-
season polls, was going nowhere
with Jones. Ben McGilmer, a 6'T'
sophomore, is an able replace-
ment, a very able one.
And any guess as to what the
Hawks will be like now is reason-
Cornell 86. Princeton 77
Pale 92, Dartmouth 69
Bethany (W Va) 81, Wayne State 64
Rice $9, Baylor 70
Detroit 120, New York 118
Baltmore 118, Cincinnati 114
Michigan Tech 8, Michigan State 4
North Dakota 6, Minnesota 2

Tankers Prep for Big Tens






jobs at Cape Kennedy, helping
g out the Apollo" moon rocket.
jobs at an air base, testing the
's most powerful jetengines.
lobsin Samoa, settingup aTV

By JIM LaSOVAGE in Matt Mann Pool in a triangular
Acting Associate Sports Editor meet along with Michigan State.
In that meet, the Wolverines
In theirfinal competition before smartly outclassed the Buckeyes
the Western Conference Chan- with 209 points to 104 for their
pioshisthe Wolverine tankers: haplrivas
challenge Ohio State in a dual In fact, the best an OSman
meet this afternoon in Columbus. was able to do that day was second
The teams met three weeks ago in the diving, accomplished by
Chuck Knorr. Two swimmers took
thirds, and no one else finished
What is the role higher than fourth in any event.
of young people in So Coach Gus Stager isn't too
But Stager would like to play
READ around with his lineup to see if
he can work out some better com-
N E W W O R L D binations. To do this he feels that
R E V I E w Michigan must win the first div-
ing event. If Michigan should fall
on questions of civil rights, peace in both diving events, and it is
n Vietnam. life in socialist lands, possible when one considers that
U.S. foreign policy, cultural and both Knorr and teammate Randy,
student exchanges Larson have national champion-
ships to their credit, there would
FREE WITH $1 be 14 points to make up. Stager
4-MONTH TRIAL SUS: doesn't feel that this would be too
NWR's handsomely printed book- much to expect of his charges, but
let with translations from the it would prevent him from mixing
poem sequence up the lineup early in the meet,
The Bratsk when he would like to.
Thus diving, as it has so often
Hydroelectric Station during this dual meet season, will
YEVGENY YEVTUSHENKO play an important role in the
New World Review One of OSU's best performers
this season and last has been
Suite 308, 156 Fifth Ave., N.Y. 10 junior Bob Hopper. Last year Hop-
-- - ---- -------- per won the 200-yard individual
I enclose $1 for 4-month trial medley race in the NCAAs, against
sub. Send me free copy as noted the nation's best. He holds the
above s varsityrecord in that event as
Please print clearly well as in the 100-yard butterfly,
NAME ... ....._...-... which he swam last year in :52.3,
ADDRESS ..w.... ..and the 400-yard individual med-
CITY, STATE........ley. He finished second to Michi-
gan's Carl Robie in the NCAAs
last year in the 400.

Tom Lakin, a sophomore sprint-
er, is another contributer to what
success the Buckeyes have had this
Ken Wiebeck, who has been
swimming just about everywhere
for the Wolverines this year, will'
not be making the trip due to a
slight illness. But the rest of the
team is in fairly good health and
Stager hopes to find out where
each will do his best.
The times in last week's loss to
Indiana were some of the best
this season, but Stager wasn't
satisfied that they were indicative
of the peak the boys hit for the
meet. Today there should be little
holding the swimmers back, and
performances thus far indicate
that several pool records could fall.
John Salassa turned in his best
time this year against Indiana in
the 200-yard freestyle with a sub-
1:47 clocking, and Bill Farley in
the 1000-yard freestyle distance
set . a varsity record. Robie set a
pool record in the 400-I-M. And
pool records were established by
both the 400-yard freestyle and
medley relay teams. Salassa, Wie-
beck, Rich Walls and Bob Hoag
turned in a 3:10.9 in the free
relay, while Rees Orland, Paul
Scheerer, Robie, and Bill Groft
hit 3:33.3 in the medley. Both
teams' times were the fastest turn-
ed in this year.
So, this afternoon's meet is im-
portant to Coach Stager's crew
for a number of reasons. Besides
wanting to rack up another vic-
tory, the swimmers will be work-
ing on improvement of their in-
dividual times. Because, most of
all, the meet is a preparation for
the Big Tens and another chance
at Indiana.



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