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September 25, 1965 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1965-09-25

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TeDaily Official Bulletin is an 4 p.m., 311 West Engineering Bldg. Voice. Organizational meeting, Multi-
official publication of the Univer- purpose Room (UGLI), Sept. 23, 7:30
sity of Michigan, for which The Engineering Mechanics Seminar: Mon., p.m.
Michigan. Daily assumes no editor- Sept. 27, 4 p.m., Room 325 West Engi-. U.M. Libertarian League, Speaker,
"a: responsibility. Notices should be neering Bldg. Dr. We-Hsuin Yang will Sept. 14, Aud. A, Angell Hall, 8 p.m.
sent in -TYPEWRiTTEN form to speak on "Elastic-Plastic Solutions of Campus Young Socialist Alliance, lec-
Room 3564 AdminIstration Bldg. be- a Cracked Plate under tension." ture, Oct. 7, Room 3G Union, 8 p.m. .
fore 2 p.m. of the day preceding Coffee will be served, at 3:30 p.m. University of Michigan Student Em-
publication, and by 2 p.m. Friday in Room 214 West Engineering. loyes' Union General menbership
for Saturday and Sunday. General ___ meing Unon Set 1,730pm
Notices may be published a mxi- Fes a pleemnge ndo, UAC, Letr .nd d
situm of two times on request; Day iFndue and payable n or b Se p.mcusioaLege BlUA , et. 19, 2
Calendar i tems appear once only St7,mRo 2W Eg UssierariaLeaguSeake,2
Student orgnIation notices are not 30,"196, p.m.p
accepted for publication. 'b- yNon-payment ofreuateas 50 persent allene, L 3cture, Sept. 25, Aud. A,
SATURDA~Y, SEPTEMBER 25 ment of a delinquent penalty of $5 U.M. Friends of Student Non-VIolent
Payments may be made in person Coorinating Committee, Bucket drive,
DayCaenor*r maiedto heashir'fie10e Oct. 9, Michigan Stadium, 12 noon to
Thurs., Sept. 30. _____
University Press Club of Michigan Mail Early Summary of Action Taken by Student
Meeting - Anderson Room, Michigan Mail payments postmarked after due Government at Its Meeting of
Ui 8:45date, Sept. 30, are late and subject to
foS, 4mnp.m. penalty. September 23, 1965
Michigan Daily Anniversary Celebra- Identify mal payments as tuition Approved: That Student Government
tmmoftwtiganUnonreq9:30;a ysmand show student number and name. Council submit the following list of
tn rganiion, a names to the vice-president of student
Footap-U-M vs. california; Michi- Student Government Council Approval affairs from which he shall choose
1:30 p1: m.of the following student-sponsored student members of the University
gan tad~m, _______events becomes effective 24 hours after Joint Housing Committee:
a u B- the publication of this notice. All Russell Linden, Georgia Berland, Tony
teu a Aud- and 9 p on :Am.i publicIty for these events must be Chiu, Stewart Gordon, Bob Bodkin,
______Ad._7_n_9p~. withheld until the approval has bed'ome Nancy Freitag.
effective. * Approved: That the Student Exchange
General Notices Approval request forms for student Store Board be expanded from three
sponsored events are available in Room members to four members.
Engineering Placement Meeting: "In- 1011 of the SAB. Appointed: Richard Schanhals to the
terviewing Worshop." Playback of re- Voice, Rally on Diag, Sept. 24, 12 Student Exchange Store Board.
corded live interview with dIscussion noon. Appointed: Mike Dean, chairman of
based on the principles of the preced- Voice, Rally on Diag, Sept. 26, 12 the Student Exchange Store Board for
ing meeting. Prof. J. 2. Young,mSept. 27, noon, one year.
UniversityPressClubofMichiganMailEarlySumApproved: That the Committee on
MtGoven al Revision of University
Policy be granted temporary recogni-
MihiaDa erIdntApproved: That the University of
iinMichigan Student Section of the Society
of Women Engineers be granted tem-
DIS~NCTVE GFTSporary recognition.
Approved: That the Drawing Club be
granted temporary recognition.i
ds e t h aoApproved: That the American Cul-
Ciem Gu ex a n": ith Woolen Goods ture Student's Association be granted
SweatersnilSarapprtemporary recognition.
es effertive.s Approved: That the Conference on
Pottery Gifts Viet Nam Steering Committee be grant-
ed temporary recognition.
Approved: That the American Insti-
tute of Industrial Engineers Student
MAYNARD HOUSE 524 E. WILLIAM Chapter be granted permanent recog-
Approved: Council Code of Election

Rules as amended by Bodkin, Mans- collection for any support of any mili-
field and Winder. tary forces now engaged in direct com-
Approved: Only officially 'recognized bat with U.S. troops.
student organizations may use the Approved: That Student Government
tables and display cases in the Fish- Council mandate t.ie Student Concerns
bowl and tables and signs on the Committee to investigate the proced-
Diag. Permission request forms which ures through which the new president
are necessary in all cases, must be of the University shall be selected.
obtained from Alpha Phi Omega, 2528 This report shall be submitted to SGC
SAB. Permission will be granted on a within two weeks. This report should
first come first served basis. Alpha also include recommendations for in-
Phi Omega will not grant permission suring student representation at any
if litter will be caused or University such selection committee.
policy violated. Each organization given Approved: That Student Government
permission to use the Fishbowl or Diag Council request from the director of
is responsible for keeping the area student community relations an im-
clean. mediate convening of the Driving Reg-
SGC prohibits the use of any of ulations Board to discuss Councilman
Alpha Phi Omega facilities except theHahwysmtrclodinefr
Diag for SGC campaign purposes. Hathaway's motorcycle ordinance for
Diagfor OC ampagn urpoes, the City of Ann Arbor, and that their
Fishbowl: Only two tables (one or- conclusion bencommunicated to the
ganization per table) will be allowed City Council and Student Government
in the Fishbowl at any one time. The Council
tableFishbowlIf thechairs should be inyApproved: That Student Government'
be obtained from Room C-70-B, Angell Council throu nnAitspresident, Counci
Hall. No other University tables andlexprs tscAncArnortheCounki
chairs may be used. Tables must be expressing its concern over the lack
setspmayainsthe w.Tlesalloftheof communications between the rep-
Fishbowl. Literature may be available resentatives of the student body and
at a table to be picked up by inter-tty ouncil pror to therannounce-
ested persons, but may not be handed mto the proposed city ordinance on
out. Signs related to the purpose de- motorcycles.
scribed in application may be attach- Approved: That SGC reaffirm its will-
ed to the walls of the Fishbowl with ingness to meet at any time with City
masking tape only, provided that they Council and/or its individual members
do not block a display case. Signs are to discuss common interests.
subject to University Bulletin Board Approved: That Student Government
Policy. Sound equipment may be used Council establish a Personnel Com-
only between the hour and 10 minutes mittee.
after the hour and the intention to 1. The committee shall be chaired by
use it must be stated on the permis- the personnel director and shall con-
sion slip. The permission slip must be sist of as many members as is neces-
at the table while the table is in use. sary to increase its effectiveness.
Display Cases: An organization may 2. The functions of the committee
use one of the three 64" x 35" display shall be as follows:
cases. The large display case will be A. Plan and execute staff recruit-
used to display the small posters dis- ment programs and staff recognition.
tributed by Alpha Phi Omega, al- B. Work closely with all committee
though special permission may be giv- chairmen and coordinators concerning
en to an organization for sole use of personnel needs.
the large case for a limited time. C. Maintain in the SGC offices an
B. The Diagonal. up-to-date record of all persons work-
ing on Council committees and boards.
Diag tables, booth and displays: If D. Assist the administrative vice-
necessary, tables may be obtained in president in developing leadership
Room C-70-B. These tables must be re- training programs.
turned at the end of the day. Litera- Approved: That SGC sponsor and aid
ture may be available to be picked up in the administration of Willow Run
by interested persons but may not be Association for Neighborhood Develop-
handed out. The permission slip must ment Volunteer Day scheduled for Sat-
be present at the table, booth, etc. urday, Oct. 23, which entails the fol-
while it is in use, lowing:
Diag Signs: Signs must be sturdy 1. A seminar for attending students
and anchored securely. Signs must be at the WRAND Building, Ypsilanti
removed on the last day for which per- Township at 8 a.m. :
mission is given. Totally or partially 's2. Half of students going into com-
ruined signs must be removed or re- munity to discuss WRAND with citi-
paired within 24 hours after damage zens.
has occurred. Signs may not be post- 3. Half of students doing painting,j
ed over existing signs or be placed in carpenter work, etc. on the commu-
such a way as to hide other signs. nity building.
Posting of signs on trees with nails
or in such a way that might injureP ac m n
trees is prohibited. Signs may not be Plncement
placed in such a way as to block traf-
fic. Content of signs is subject to Uni- ANNOUNCEMENT:
versity Board Policy. Peace Corps Placement Test-Deter-
Rallies, Speeches, and Other Events: mines in what capacity you can best
All events using sound equipment or serve. Tests will be held Oct. 9, Nov. 13
involves speeches or is otherwise not & Dec. 6 this semester. Test Sat., Oct.
included in the above must secure event 9 at 9 a.m. at Downtown Post Office,
permission from SGC. Event permis- Main & Catherine. To take test ques-
sion forms are available from the OSA tionnaire must 'be completed. Details
or from the SQC secretary. and applications available at Bureau
Information Center: Posters for this of Appointments.
bulletin board must be brought to the
Alpha Phi Omega Office; all others POSITION OPENINGS:
will be taken down. Atwood Co., Rockford, Ill.-Account-
C. Enforcement: ant, BBA, major acctg. 10-12 yrs. ex-

NL Flag Pace
Still Torrid
Not everyone's mind is turning
to football with the cool weather.
Baseball pennants are still being
contested, with a three team race
in the National League and almost
a sure winner (not the Yankees,
you all) in the American League.
As usual, the AL pennant is al-
most decided at this time. Only
this year it is the surprising Min-
nesota Twins in the lead. Minne-
sota had a chance to clinch the
pennant last night, but their game
with Washington was rained out.
Any combination of Minnesota
victories and Baltimore defeats
totaling three will give the Twins
at least a tie for their first AL
San Francisco is two games
ahead of Los Angeles, and three-
and-a-half ."games ahead of Cin-
cinnati in the NL flag drive. This
year's pennant race promises to
be as exciting as last year's, with
the muscle of Willie Mays up
against the pitching arms of the
Dodgers. In action last night on
the West Coast, LA downed the
St. Louis Cards, 4-3, and Milwau-
kee beat San Francisco 8-2.
Major Leaguie


1990:* That's 25 Years
We Daily folk are celebrating our 75th Anniversary today. Funny
thing about an anniversary, it always makes you project yourself
to the next big one.
Where will I be on the 100th, the Jubilee, in 25 foggy, fluid years?
Where will you be?
Hawking hot dogs with sandpaper tonsils, writing gummy briefs
on a mortgage loon. Never? Maybe.
Two kids, four kids, bachelor. Fresh, stale, grumpy, jaded, goofy,
wacky, sober, sobbing?
Saving souls, reclaiming mine, spouting poetry, reading ,Time.
A man of means, spitting blood, or a humor columnist exploding
a dud. Gentleman farmer, fulfilling work, or just a lousy job.
The future, the teasing future, where am I headed, fated. Base-
ball, slamming the game breaking run across, or tagged at the plate
in the ninth. Riding the bench, mired in the Minors, relief pitcher
at 40, pinch runner at 27, first base coach at 50. General manager,
vice-president, KING, EMPEROR, lord with responsibility. Ah, there's
the rub.
A titan or a mouse will I be, molder or molded, knothole or
tree. And does it matter?
Get Confident ...
Of course it matters. You're an achiever or you wouldn't be at
Michigan. You push, fight, claw, bite, beat your competition. Kick
'em in the head and smile. You're a winner, remember that. Confi-
dence, that's the key.
You have it baby, you're tough, tell it to yourself, man. Boy
you have it made. . . Uh huh.
Hope so. Tell me again I'm good, I'm great. Speak with feeling,
emotion, grit.
Twenty-five years, a lifetime, half, third, quarter, Qod willing.
I'll be 45, nuclear scared or scarred, happy, secure, chubby or plump.
And I'll be tested. Pass, flunk, begging the question. Will I still be
grubbing for someone else's grades or mark myself.
I'll be a Little League daddy, or maybe a protective papa, perhaps
an anxious father. The son will be better, a diamond, a pal, a shiver-
ing hood, a punk. No, he'll be a pal, I swear it, if it's mine to swear.
Good Humor man, bad humor man, questioning, questioned, recog-
nized or obscure. Is it in the fates, or in my palm? It's on my finger
tips. Tell me my fortune empty Coke bottle, symbol of the times.
Don't sneer little bottle, tell me truth. I want to know. I demand
it. Twenty-five years and where will I be? Slapping a typewriter,
caressing a poodle, counting my money, dreading the hours? What's
it going to be? Spill it.


New York
Kansas City

W L Pct.
96 58 .623
87 64 .576
88 66 .571
84 70 .545
82 71 .536
73 82 .484;
67 86 .438
60 96 .385
57 96 .373


Baltimore 1, California 6 (2nd rain)
Cleveland 3, Detroit 2 (10 inn)
Chicago at New York )ppd., rain)
Minnesota at Washington (ppd., rain)
Only games scheduled
Cleveland at Detrbit
Minnesota at Washington
Chicago at New York
Boston at Kansas City
Calitornia at Baltimore (n)

Interested in Public Relations?
COIN the Student Government Council's
SGC offices SAB ... 4 P.M.


San Francisco
Los Angeles
St. Louis
New York

90 63
89 64
87 66
,85 70
82 71
79 73
75 77
69 85
62 91
48 106

Pet. GB
.588 -
.582 1
.569 3/
.548 6
.536 8
.520 10
.493 142
.448 22
.405 282
.312 422

1990. Gads,

what a date. And will I love nore than I hate?


The organizations involved will be per. Located at Wixom, Mich.
held responsible for violations of these Dept. of Health, Detroit-T.B. Case-
rules. Violations will be reported by worker. Immed. opening for Lib. Arts
the Building Services Department, the grad. Pref. men. No exper. req. Age 21-
Plant Department, and the University 35. Assist in detection of TB & follow-
officials and may be reported by any up treatment.
other individuals to Duncan Sells, the ' City & County of San Francisco, Calif.
director of student organizations. Viola-!-Director of Vocational Dev. & Trng.
tions will be turned over to Joint Judi- MS in Soc. Work, Public Admin., Econ.,
ciary Council for handling and may Bus. Ad., Soc., Psych, or rel. 5 yrs. ex-
result in the suspension of these priv- per, in vocational dev. 2. Ass't, Gen.
ileges and/or fines. Manager, dept. of social services. MSW
Approved: That SGC mandate the plus 2 yrs. exper. in welfare agency.
Off-Campus Housing Advisory Board State of Washington, Olympia-Vari-
to study, discuss and report to SGC in ous openings including Rehabilitation
detail by September 29th each recom- center clinical director, Chief medical'
mendation in Off-Campus Housing Un- consultant for labor & industries, &
ion motion from Bob Bodkin. Medical consultant for labor & indus-
Approved: That SGC grant permis- tries. All req. license to practice medi-
sion for the Committee on the Univer- cine & surgery in state of Wash.
sity Bookstore to have a third table in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Hawaii
the'Fishbowl Oct. 4-Oct. 8, 1965. --1. General Engr. BS engrg. or equiv.
Approved: That SGC grant the Uni- plus 3 yrs. exper. esp. in planning,
versity Bookstore Committee permission des.. constr. & maintenance of facili-
to distribute handouts on the Diag on ties. Knowl. of military organ. & oper.
Oct. 4, 1965. 2. Architect. BS Arch, or Arch Engrg.
Approved:: That the University of or equiv. 3 yrs. exper.
Michigan Student Government Council * * *
request Vice-President Cutler to -con- For further information, please call
suit with the U.S. District Attorney's 764-7460, General Div., Bureau of Ap-
Office on the matter of individual ' pointments, 3200 SAB.

Milwaukee 8, San Francisco 2
Los Angeles 4, St. Louis 3
New York at Philadelphia (rain)
Only games scheduled
New York at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Chicago
St. Louis at Los Angeles
Milwaukee at San Francisco
Cincinnati at Houston (n)
Use of This Column for Announce-
ments is available to officially recog-
nized and registered student organiza-
tions only. Forms are available in Room
1011 SAB.
Alpha Phi Omega, Executive Board
meeting, Sept. 26, 1 p.m., 1320 S. Uni-
versity, Apartment 24.
Guild House, After game cider and
donuts, Sept. 25, Guild House, 802 Mon-
* * *
Lutheran Student Chapel, Sunday
worship services, 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m.;
Sunday at 7 p.m., student led panel,
"Barriers to Belief," Sun., Sept. 26, Hill
St. at Forest Ave.
Newman Student Association, Canoe-
ing party (meet at Newman Center,
Sun., Sept. 26, 2 p.m., 331 Thompson.
University Lutheran Chapel, Sun-
day morning services, 9:45 and 11:15
a.m., 1511 Washtenaw. All welcome.
7 and 9 p.m. - The Cinema
Guild will present "The Balcony"
in the Architecture Auditorium.



7X35. CF
Brings action, things and people
/almost close enough to touch"

Use this SCOPE
top-quality precision-
engineered Binocular
to enliven your interest
and increase your enjoy-
ment of sporting events,
Nature study, travel and
general observation of dis-
tant objects. Make the world
you live in a fascinating
viewing adventure!



A new, practical Binocular case.
SCOPE patented leather case
protects and positions Binoculars
for instant use!


Ann Arbor's Only Exclusive Camera Shop





from EK
Meet the Card Sharp where a money clip flips over to
keep all your cash safe.,And 8 windows make sure your
photos all show. Pocket an oval Key Hold without corners
so it can't hit snags in your pocket. Get down to cases
by Enger Kress of West Bend, Wisconsin. Card Sharp,
$5.00. Key Hold for 8, $2.95. Leathers by EK to take as
gifts or go where you're going. Make
a good impression anywhere.




The young bucks of America
o clean-white-sock in the
new crew Adler calls Adlastic
Meet the revolutionary crew of 65% lambswool plus 35% nylon with spandex for
100% stretch. Up and down. This way and that. That's Adlastic with the give to

1000 to 2000 WORDS A MINUTE
You can read 150-200 pages an hour using the ACCELERATED READING method.
You'll learn to comprehend at speeds of 1,000 2,000 words a minute. And retention is
excel lent.
This is NOT a skimming method; you definitely read every word.
You con apply the ACCELERATED READING method to textbooks and factual material
as well as to literature and fiction. The author's style is not lost when you read at these
speeds. In fact, your accuracy and enjoyment in reading will be increased.
Consider what this new reading ability will enable you to accomplish-in your required
reading and in the additional reading you will want to do,
No machines, projectors, or apparatus are used in learning the ACCELERATED
READING method. In this way the reader avoids developing any dependence upon external
equipment in reading.
An afternoon class and an evening class in ACCELERATED READING will be taught
each TUESDAY adjacent to the U. of M. Campus beginning on October 12.
Be our auest at a 30-minute oublic demonstration of the ACCELERATED READING





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