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October 26, 1969 - Image 8

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Page Eight


Sunday, October 26, 1969

Page Eight THE MICHIGAN DAILY Sunday, October 26, 1969






A rbor





. .

The Maxi Coat
It's for Wearing, But . .

james flynn
the dedicated follower of (ash ion

Picture a girl, in an emerald
green velvet dress, with rich full
lacy sleeves, a long flowing skirt,
with blond curls cascading down
the shoulders, and tiny feet, size
five, set off in brown leather
hiking boots.
Around the Ann Arbor area,
it might very well be a girl, in
a rich moss-green corduroy
maxicoat, trimly tailored, with
blond curls cascading past the
The'New Look:
1935 Updated
By Linda Deutsch
Associated Press Writer
Los Angeles (AP)-Californ-
ia's body-baring swimsuits plun-
ged beyond the bikini Tuesday
as designers previewed a 1970
collection of wispy, "no-bra"
styles that, as one put it, "let
the girl shine through."
Cole of California, Catalina
and Alexa threw away padding,
wires and camouflage in favor
of a soft, slinky look which
leaves ladies with bulges no place
to hide them.
"The body beautiful is all
important," said a Cole spokes-
man. "For the woman that can
carry it off, rigid inner con-
struction is out, passe, gone.
Fabrics are knit, nylon, see-
through crocheted wool and wet
look nylon.
Inspiration for the futuristic
look is the past-specifically the
193Os. Catalina's "30s group"
set of suits in shimmering de-
signs slink straight out of Jean
Harlow movies. Halter neck-
lines are tied and draped; one-
piece suits are backless with un-
fitted "teddy shorts" bottoms or
flare "skater skirts."
Alexa's bikini bras are so
shapeless they'll fit any size. A
spaghetti tie joins two sides of
the bra together, tied looser or
tighter to change sizes.
Cole's "Oh You Kid" collec-
tion features loose shorts, bare
cutout midriffs and draped "Do-
rothy Lamour sarong skirts."
"This is a return to peachy-
looking clothes-the all-you-
look of the 30s," said a Cole de-
Bashful bathing beauties are
not totally forgotten. Almost ev-
very bikini comes with matching
patio pants, coverup coats and
even maxishifts. Cole's floor-
length, zip-front funnel of ny-
lon in bright orange is the slink-
iest. Catalina covers its "second
skin look" with billowing floral
caftans and fringed Spanish
shawls wrapped about the shoul-
The Knot Now
Thank goodness, that great
long scarf you hid behind last
year can be put to work again
this season. Wear it knotted
low in front and you'll stay both
warm and in style.
-Marilyn Weisberg

shoulders . . . wearing under-
neath (the coat) blue jeans,
tennis shoes and a T-shirt.
One of the secrets . . . one
of the little tricks behind fash-
ion is knowing not only what to
wear, but how to wear it, right?
It's one of those long-standing
rule that everyone knows and
only a few seem to be able to
follow . . . as with the maxicoat.
"The Maxi," to quote Adrian
Pothus of Paraphernalia, "is the
epitomy of formal dress." With
its long lines, tailored trimly, it
has a sleek, elegant look, so it
has to be worn carefully. The
loafers, tennis shoes and blue
jeans that have been appearing
underneath the coats across cam-
pus simply don't go.
Pantsuits, wool bells, or midi
skirts would set off a maxicoat
beautifully. And, of course, the
jumpers, tunics and miniskirts-
everyday wear-are fine. Grant-
ed, the maxicoat is no longer
strictly for evening wear; it has
become a more casual coat . . .
but jeans and loafers border on
The clothes that are worn
under the maxicoat are import-
ant . . . so is the manner in
which a girl walks in it. The
coat, ideally, should be worn
open, with both hands in the
pockets, pulling slightly from
the body, and the feet placed
one i, front of the other. A long
140 inch scarf, draped full-
length down the coat, adds a
finishing touch. At least, that
is the way it is modelled, al-
though I doubt that anyone hur-
rying to classes on a freezing
cold day can afford to wear it
just so. But a girl should walk
in a maxicoat so that it doesn't
flap open about the legs. She
can't charge about in a maxicoat
the way she can leg-it in a par-
ka. It requires a little more care-
ful wearing. In climbing stairs,
or stepping off street corners,
the coat should be lifted just as
with a long dress. This is not
only for appearances sake, but
practically, too, to avoid slumsy
Slipping Away
The word is in-slips are out.
Manufacturers are suffering
from a severe decline in slip
sales. The reason, of course, is
that panty hose, the natural
look and continually shrinking
skirts have made the slip an
unwanted item in the wardrobes
of the younger set.
But the manufacturers will
keep trying. There'll be a lot
more chemise and micro slips
with a trend to more non-cling
slip fabrics this coming year.
in next week's
a la mode

With a whirl of pleats and a
flurry of fringes, California's
dress designers launched styles
destined for a "new age of fa-
shion and action." Acting on
the exit of the kookie '60s and
entrance of the romantic '70s,
dresses for the new decade were
steeped in sentimentality drawn
from every preceding era of the
century. Oone are the floppy
bell-bottoms of last season, in-
stead emphasis rests in a leaner
line, cut closer to the leg for
action. The look is wide, very
straight-legged and movable.
Decked out in multi-purposed
outfits that whiz from tennis to
tea without a wrinkle, the most
"now" collection took the wo-
man of tomorrow into the sev-
enties equipped with safari jack-
ets and adventurous trench coats
hiding little matching dresses.
Ready-to-wear combinations
are going to the office and then
coming home to an after dinner
outing. Pant tops are long, tro-
pical print tunics which double
as dresses. Work all day in the
dress, later slip on the slacks for
play, say the designers. A play-
ful addition wasa a four-piece
combo - long pants hiding a
two-piece bikini, and all topped
by a cover-up maxi coat.
"Women have more leisure
time," said Eddy George, "and
they can use it more effectively
by dressing for the occasion."
His collection features sleeveless
Maxis over everything from
crepe jump suits to bikinis.
There's even a "maxi-bra"-a
bra top with floor-length panels
of fabric falling from the shoul-
ders in front and back.
Usually conservative, Alex
Colman swung into '70s gear
with a sleek, bone colored knit
maxi coat over a dashing knit
jumpsuit. He wrapped short lit-
tle culottes in floor-length flo-
ral skirts and added the flair of
sleeveless maxis to slacks and

tunics. A specialist in sportswear
and casual attire, Colman stuck
to washable knits and jerseys in
a collection which proved that
the ready-to-wear style is the
trend of the "action age.
Influence of the past was not-
'ed in Sebastian's brightly color-
ed knits featuring abundant be-
loy-the-hip pleats a la the 1920's.
Skirts in his colorful collection
are flared, pleated, even gored,
and the flirty "skater skirt" is
back under long, hip-length ja-
ckets. Scarves which entered
very shyly last season, blossomed
forth in a myriad of styles and
colors-tied at the neck, thrown
over a shoulder or worn like a
stole, with yards of fringe at
the borders.
Above all other designers,
Charm of Hollywood, reverted
solidly to the past with a "funky
forties" look-turning out pep-
lums, puckered sleeves and even
a "Kate Smith sweetheart neck-
line!'" The body clinging "funny
little dresses", an adaptation of
the sec-through look, has caught
on with the younger sets. Now
even Charm is producing them
with fluted petal sleeves and
wrapped waistlines for the jun-
ior sizes. "T'hese clothes are for
Vcry young ladies," said a
Charm spokesman. 'They've
never seen these styles before.
To them, the 40s look is new
and exciting.
it's evident that the seventies
are going to be in part a replay
of some of the styles from the
twenties to the forties and yet
the trend will encompass more
than the past. The "action age'
dictates the birth of new free-
dom in materials and styles nev-
er thought about in the sixties.
The see-thrdugh and nude looks
have yet to come into maturity,
nor have the midi or maxi looks
become passe. Designers at last
have not only created a trend
that is fashionable, but it is

comfortable to the body and
pleasant to look at for both male
and female. With all the new
styles and looks that have been
brought forth in the previous

1 -son the choices for girls have
been greatly increased, so too,
the enjoyment of all of us just
to watch what those choices will

a contemporary style

-Daily--Richard Lee
Maxi Coats have beerr doin,>c sPechiiallU , weli in Am,
Arbor so far Itis var. This rc! (,udilrroat as de-
signed by Victor Joris, a iiiier of the Coy A Award
1969, the 'Oscar' of the fashior idulus/ry. The coal,
made avilable thrun' /h the eou r's.) of Parapher-
nalia, is mlodeled by Marion Sel-.
tripping and tropping on the mined by the tailoring. The coat
hemline. should not be chosen according
The length is also important. to an, re ular size, but strictly'
The rule for the coat is the for the fit.
same for bell-bottoms; it should M axicoats are great, especially
be long enough to cover the for the girl who loves to wear
ankle and short enough not to niiniskirts in the dead of winter.
scrape the floor. The look of the The, are fabulously warm .
maxicoat is absolutely totalled and possibly the Paris answer to
when it reaches only to the top the snowsuit. But along with the
of the ankle. warmth, there is the sleekness,
The fitting of the waist is the trinness of the coat that
another detail to be careful of. requires a certain sophistication
The waist of the coat is deter- in its wear ing

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Huron Towers--662-5685


I ~4K




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Y. 5
b 4Y.F. ' C3 :
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L -


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