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October 12, 1969 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1969-10-12

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Sunday, October 12, 1969


Page Seven


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We Offer Only the
in Car Core
" Transmission
" Tune, Ups
" Brake Jobs
507 S. Ashley
servinq Ann Arbor for 15 years
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The Michigan Daily

Regents to discuss
bookstore proposal
-Contined fr-m Page 2)
eludes the 4 per cent sales tax exemption for which any non-profit
university--affiliated operation qualifies and a one per cent discountE
on texbook list prices;
--The manager of the store would be appointed by the policy
board. Bookstore funds would be separated from University funds
to release the University from financial responsibility.
-A campus wide referendum coordinated by SGC would be held
to determine student willingness to be assessed $5 and assume finan-
cial responsibility for the store. Although student governments in the
schools and colleges will be allowed to conduct the referendum and
have polling booths in their facilities, students will be bound by the
total vote.
The Regents in September stipulated that the schools should
conduct their own referenda to determine whether students in the
college should be bound by a compulsory fee assessment.
There was some dispute at yesterday's meeting as to whether
the schools should be permitted to tally and count their own votes.
Mike Farrell--who represented SGC in the conspicuous absence of
its executive officers-- said, "If the vote is tallied on a school-wide
basis the Regents will use this as a wedge to divide students."
Earlier there was some disagreement concerning when and by
whom the amalgamation decision should be made. Farrell said the
decision should be made by the policy board at a time when the two
stores could combine without losses.
The bookstore, Knauss said, should be constituted as a non-profit!
bookstore corporation with students assuming total financial respon-
sibility for its losses.
In order to qualify for the sales tax exemption, however, the
authority for the store to operate would have to be delegated by the
Regents to the policy board.
This would give the Regents the right to revoke the bookstore

RC strikie
draws new
'Continued from Page 1)
round all central campus build-1
ings for one or two hours.
Then the picketers will move
on to the Ann Arbor Bank, the
draft board, the military recruit-
ing office on Main Street, the
Institute for Science and Tech-
nology, a super market, the Office
of Internal Revenue, and the
ROTC building.
Mobilization may also leaflet
University secretaries, asking them
to call in sick. They may distri,
bute black armbands to those who
have to work.
At 5 or 5:30 p.m. a rally will
be held on the Diag. The speakers
will be John Lewis, former chair-
man of the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee, Myra
Wolfgang, representing the hotel
and restaurant employes of De-
troit, and math Prof. Anatole
Rapoport. Bands will be inter-
spersed with the speakers.
The rally is intended to attract
people for the march to Michigan
Stadium following the rally. Af-
ter the march the "Michigan
Mass Rally Against the War" is
scheduled. Among those speaking
will be Sen. Philip Hart (D-Mich.)
and U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-
A 24-hour non-denominational
prayer vigil for peace will be held
in Room 32 in the basement of
the Residential College from mid-
night to midnight on Oct. 15. The
vigil is being sponsored independ-
ently by Strike Strichartz.
Prof. William D. Shorger of
the anthropology department will
take part in a conference on rural
politics and social change in the
Middle East later this month at
Indiana University.
The discussions Oct. 23-25 will
attract educators from ore t h a n
30 universities around the world.
It is aimed at finding a m o r e
systematic way of studying rural
peoples in developing regions.



LIMA, Peru P - A year of
military rule has convinced some
Peruvians that the country now
has the leadership it needs --
and persuaded others that t h e
generals are taking Peru down a
leftist path veering toward com-
The generals, who seized pow-
er last Oct. 3, can lay claim to
getting several reforms under
Their government has reduced
corruption, revived n a t i o n a 1
pride, embarked on a far-reach-
ing agrarian reform program
and begun, or announced plans
for, a host of other reforms.
During this year Peru h a s
not been as troubled with kid-
napings, hijacking, guerrilla
attacks, labor unrest and stu-

dent violence as has much of
Latin America.
If the revolution succeeds
along the political, economic and
social lines laid down by the
prime minister, Gen. Ernesto
Montagne, the military and
civilian leaders elsewhere in
the Americas may be challenged
to follow the Peruvian example.
A similar opportunity in pro-
viding the leadership for hem-
ispheric change was assumed,
and then forfeited, nearly a de-
cade ago by Cuba's Fidel Castro.
Some observers, indeed, think
Peru is destined to become a
second Cuba. They point to the
presence of Marxists or leftists
in key positions within the mili-
tary government, including Al-
berto Ruiz Eldredge, an attorn-
ey who is one of the chief ad-

SDS demonstrator
injures city official

wins support
visors to the presidency and tem, owned by International
German Tito Gutierrez, No. 2 Telephone and Telegraph Co.
man in the important Ministry With the IPC and ITT cases
of Mines, still pending, the government
Those who see Peru turning recently turned its attention to
Red also mention the establish- the giant construction company,
ment of diplomatic and com- Morrison - Knudsen, contractor
mercial relations with Eastern for deposed President Belaunde's
European nations this year and access highway system into the
the opening in Lima of a Soviet Amazon interior.
Embassy w h o s e personnel Originally, the military gov-
strength is already above the ernment disputed its obligation
agreed figure. to pay excess costs incurred in
Most observers appear to feel, clearing frequent rock slides.
however, that this government Now, the Transport Ministry
is wary of communism. alleges irregularities unspeci-
They point to President Juan fied and says a court case will
Velasco's declaration July 28 follow.
that "this government is not Financial sources say this
marxist . . . it is nationalistic, series of government actions
it is revolutionary." has resulted in an outward flow
Several members of the Cab- of domestic capital and a halt
inet are known to be strongly to investment plans of foreign
anti-Communist, including Fore- interests.
ign Minister Edgardo Mercado, If the IPC expropriation is
author of an article of putting not resolved soon Washington
down Communist guerrillas. may be forced to invoke the
Largely blamed is the absence Hickenlooper Amendment, cut-
of tact and diplomacy in the ting off all U.S. aid, which has
expropriation of International been flowing in at the rate of
Petroleum Co. (IPC), and in $61 million a year, and ending
other problems. It seems likely purchases of sugar at the pre-(
Peru and the United States ferential American price.
could have worked out problems The United States has for all
surrounding the expropriation, practical purposes invoked the
But American diplomats had amendment. The inflow of U.S.
little room to maneuver and the aid has stopped except for pre-
Peruvian leaders wrapped them- viously programmed projects.
selves in nationalistic polemics The aid director, Sam Eaton,
which hindered flexibility, was transferred to Ecuador.
Coming up late in October is The embassy staff has been
another important hurdle for the noticeably reduced and strict
an $847-million extenPer udh security measures have been
and needs to refinance this load put in effect.
at favorable interest rates. The military government says
The former finance minister, the IPC case is not negotiable,
Manuel Ulloa, had lined up Eu- that it will be settled according
ropean and American creditors to Peruvian law and t h at IPC
for a 10-year refinancing at can appeal to the courts. The
about 6 per cent when he was company already has lodged
exiled to Argentina by the coup. and lost an administrative ap-
Although the military leaders peal.
have criticized Ulloa's terms, Peru claims IPC never had
the world market is such that the right to take oil from
Peru may now be lucky to get Peruvian soil. The debt has
10 per cent interest. been computed as the present
Also due to be settled soon is East Texas price per barrel for
a campaign to "Peruvianize" the all the oil IPC extracted since
country's major telephone sys- 1924.







We also write motorcycle and motorscooter insurance.

(Continued from Page 3)
briefly as police made their way
to a van w i t h their prisoners.
Other police moved in and drove
the demonstrators back.
The demonstrators involved in
the melee are members of t h e
Weathermen, the most militant of
SDS factions.
Meanwhile, another SDS fac-
tion, the Revolutionary Youth,
Movement II, which opposes the'
Weathermen group, gathered on
the North Side f o r a march to
Humboldt Park.
Four youths claiming to be stu-
dents at Purdue University were
nabbed by police downtown yes-
terday carrying a carton of fire-
They told police they were in
Chicago to burn down the Stand-
ard Oil building on South Michi-
gan Avenue.
They were charged with posses-
sion of an incendiary device and
unlawful use of a weapon.

Friday night, police s w e p t
through C o v e n a n t Methodist
Church in Evanston, north of Chi-
cago, and arrested 43 youths
camped out there. About 100 oth-
er youths were left undisturbed
Most of those in the church ap-
parently were members of the
Weathermen faction, which ram-
paged through the North S i d e
Wednesday, breaking windows an
fighting with police.
Sporadic disturbances and dem-
onstrations have taken place since
Wednesday, the start of a four-
day "action" by the SDS.
The Weathermen had said 5,000
to 15,000 persons would gather in
Chicago for "the m o s t militant
demonstrations in the history of
the New Left." However, 500 or
fewer have showed up. Some 2,000
Illinois National Guardsmen were
stationed in armories about the
c i t y after Wednesday's disturb-

234 W. Michiqan Ave.


2465 W. Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor

r 9 -.. , . . . .. . .. . . _ _, m . . ... . _ . . . ...-. .

- - _ -






We the undersigned, as responsible members of the medical community, abhor the senseless death and destruction which is continui
Vietnam. Having elected to devote our lives to the improvement of the physical and emotional health of our fellow human beings, we find it i
sible to stand silently by while our government continues to prosecute an unjust war which is destroying lives every day.
We support the October 15 day of national concern and demand an immediate end to all American involvement in the Vietnam wa

ng in

John W. Tidwell 1I, M.D.
Richard L. Sweet, M.D.
Scott E. Monroe, M.D.
Michael P. Collins, M.D.
David D. Youngs, M.D.
James Roberts, M.D,
1. W. Olender, M.D.
Timothy R. Hansen
Albert Cain
Gerald N. Rogan
Saul Harrison, M.D.
Thomas Jay Miller
Arthur Gray, Jr.
Alexander Stevenson
Larry Short
David Hart
Theresa Cirner
Ernie Levine
Brenda Koernki
Richard B. Halberg
John Taylor
Elaine Ceravolo
Sidney J. Moere
Johnell Bray
Donald C. Leach
Deana Goldstein
Judith Jones
John Henry Moore, Jr.
L. E. Porras
Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D.
Jesse Williams
Janet Rawling
Laurie Lindhortt
Debby Livingston
Judith Rom
Linda Clancy
Marilyn Boes
Susan Archambeou
Carolyn Wilkinson
Ruth Mayer
Kathy Rosalik
Beth Mayer
Jackie Delaney
Kathy M. Edelman
Susan E. Willis
Barbara Clark
Sue Morris
Freda Lengel
Betty Taylor
Jeane Kassekut
Ginny Sytsmo
Cherie Artz

Ed Thomas
Bruce D. Burlington
T. R. Tephly
Prosamta Datia
Donald Hultquist
P. Thomas Vernier
J. Siak
Rodney J. Sobieski
Charlie F. Kulpa
Joan N. Sobieski
Virginia Carabollo
Carl L. Lewis
H. Rossell Oneshi
M. Berkley
R. Cone
Carol Holligan
Robert D. Stout
Neva Bus
Douglas Martinez
E Fubarg
Julie Adair
Lou Ann Reppert
Deanna D. Thomas
H. Douthit, Jr.
Barbara Kassimalis
M. Markham
Delna Garrison
Elliot Juni
Susan Thompson
Suzanne Bosch
Cindy Haas
Alice Wgrren
Mary Jo Baryza
Virginia Derwinski
Judi DeWit
Jane Colby
Laurie Tatge
Jean Yoder
Heather Hamilton
Alicia Dever
Marilyn Compans
Jo Ellen Evans
Jean Johnson
M. Titterton
Susan MacQueen
Fran Sokawicz
Barbara Corlett
Patti Lander
Carolyn Russell
Mary Robke
Bev Clark
Donna Froberg

Richard A. Pittsley
Robert Burack
Lance Leithson
Peter Werner
John Kukora
Richard Rober
Raymond R. Komray
Scott Miller
David M, Meren
Philip G. Haines
Richard J. Blair, M. D.
William Thomas
Ann Kayset
Betty Lasher
Martin J. Neninoff, M.D.
David J. Scheinhorn, M.D.
Deborah L. Hedley
Mary Connaughton
Gate Anderson
Sueann M. Ladd
Michael J. Lambery
Bohdan Wytwycky
A Shernick
R. M. Meyer
Sarah Rodgers
Nancy J. Stewart
Mark R. Swansen
Richard E. Schwab
Dan L. Lieshty
J. N. Avagve
Merry Posler
Lillian Shields
Lois Miller
Dave Uber
Bob Shepherd
Willie Baker
Ronald J. Sallee
Arthur L. Mills
Meyer Roht Bart
Cary Stegman
Stephen Emerick
Heule Jean Ding
Lewis Aysen
Alice Borushka
Edith Maynard
John D. Segall
Robert L. Rosenthal
Mark D. Robinovitch
Robert L. Williams, M.P.H.
James L. Conklin
Kenneth E. Jochim
Donald E. Roberts

John D. Coulson
Glenn C. Hamilton
Marvin Shulman
Jeffrey D. Bard
Andrew C. Eisenberg
Paul Eric Weiss
Paul M. Schmitt
'Mary A. Lindall
Edwin L. Carlson
David E. McWuna
M. Christine McBride
James B. Ranchy
Janet Dean
Peter Coyle, Ph.D.
Susan Conley
John Christensen
Richard Camburn
Mark Culloyhern
Richard S. Soutrand
Howard Franklin
Mattie Lou Vaughn
Ken Gordon
Joseph A. Houle
Richard Wechsler
Charles Stuart
Alvin L. Wines
Daniel J. Reddy
David A. Klegon
Alan M. Mindlin
Norman Levine
Steven Kutnick
Stuart Pukel, M.D.
Barry M. Thel
M. Cooperstock, M.D.
John F. Simpson, M.D.
Fred Bloom
Bill Taylor
Bruce K. Nagle, M.D.
John Bannow
Joyce K. Warshowsky, M.D.
Raimonds A. Zvribulis
Chuck Robinson
Steven Saltman
John O. Milabe
David J. Ott
James Nordlurne, M.D.
David Barber, M.D.
K. S. Buckingham, M.D.
F DiBoven, M.D.
Sally Stickney, R.N.
Ann Filson, RN
Robert M. Palmer

Daniel E. Lipschutz
Joseph V. Baublis, M.D.
Mark S. Roth, M.D.
Francis DiBoso, M.D.
Donald Larmee, M.D.
Joyce K. Worshowsley, M.D.
Killian Howalt, M.D.
Joseph R. Lucian, M.D.
Michael P. Sherman, M.D.
Michael E. Johnson
Judith Lieberman, M.D.
Peter A. Lee, M.D.
John C. Gall, Jr., M.D.
L. Kuhns, M.D.
W. Roloff, M.D.
Gordon Gosse, M.D.
D. M. McDonald, M.D.
Nancy Heck
Jeffrey Lazar
Gary Speator
Bruce Frozen
Wen Laffay
Gary Sollars
Lovig August
Peter A. Cooperrider
Charles D. Buhrey
Donald W. Aptekar
Daniel M. Bates
D, Buchtelbaum
Charles R. Sudisoc
Robert D. Bosok
Daniel Elleney
Wm. Alan Clinger
Jeffrey Cossman
David Denzin
Avery Aton
Owen Chadwick
Dennis P. Burke
Robert B. Hiacox
Tom Remingo
Robert E. Monson, I1
Herman T. Grosshaw
Joseph R. Huguenord
Mark M. Cohen
Stanley J. Rudey, Ill
William N. Hawks, Jr. M.D.
Alan Sugar, M.D.
James Barnett, M.D.
Claytus J. Davis, M.D.
Phyllis Scheinbaum
Catherine R. Williams

Chas. L. Votow, M.D., Ph.D.
Richard & Ann Pfrender
F. M. Merchan
Deanna Watson
Craig Watson
Mikel H. Snow
Anne Potter
Linda Hsu
E. Pope
Fran Williams
Carole L. Snow
Synil K. Das, M.D.
Barbara Stotman
Janet Arnold
Margaret Sawin
Barbara Gevem
Judy Geyer
John H. Fongers
Betsy Bowles
Irwin J. Goldstein
Donald R. Kahn
George R. DeMuth
John A. Sutherland
Bruce Levenberg
Rowena Matthews
Richard S. Foemmel
Michael J. Mahn
Patrick Fleming
Lester J. Harrison
James C. Robbins
Leonard Sachs
Alan E. Brandt
Barbara Hosein
Sharon Brooks
Patte Cahalan
Joan Drukker
Leslie Jill Martin
Judy Bridgeway
Jay H. Kleiman
J. L. Wilkis, M.D.
Jeffrey Herman
Robert Levey
Jacob C. Krieger
M. Michael Simmons
Morton Kavalier, M.D.
Frank S. Rhome, M.D.
Samuel Broder
John Ryleock, M.D.
Robert A. Winfield
Hideo H. Itaboshi, M.D.
Janis Domzol
Richard W. Shutes

Darwin A. Walls
John Virolo
Peter Brown
Steve Lutz
Paul E. Wasson
Percy Carter
John Ethington
Ben Kobashizawa
Mildred McLure
Michael Domanski
Thomas Laugenborger
Robert Pott
Rick Aronsohn
Lawrence Bobrin
Joel S. Shulman
Claire Berteel ,
Donald S. Schomer
Stephen Bauer
James Albers
Robert Bolan
Gene Monroe
Scott Lachniet
Wm. Gene Heeringa
Allen Lichter
Mary Ellen Havel
Gregory L. Henry
Robert Gross
James Boss, Jr.
Philip A. Anderson
Ginny McFarland
Richard Bucciarilki
Steven Serlin
H. David Schneider
Jim Scofield
Steven P. Roberts
Carl N. Passal
Garry N. Pesselnick
John Perri
J. T. Rubbo
Joel Ross
Philip J. Knox
George W. Feldman
Christina B. Feldman
Michael Liepman
Marcia Liepman
Jay Masserman
Leonard Sahn
Carol Leitner
Tom File
Richard D. Swartz
Thomas A. Weimert
Marcia J. Brenner

Bill Stern
Sumana Bhattacharyya
Robert D. Sanders
Robert J. McKnight
Adelina S. Wambangco
Charles B. Smith
Roger A. Lininger
Michael Antoniacci
K. Janet McKrahan
Cynthia H. Rainey
Janet H. Bednarczyk
Arthur M. Cohen
Valerie Su
Therese Addison
Jeanne Brown
John H. Moon
Margaret E. Mohoman
Stephen Firshein
Frank B. Marxer
Margaret Garner
Christine Young
Kathleen Maguire
Mary Sommers
Paul M Freitar
Sally Wright
Karen Stett
J. Howard Lutz
M. J. Smallby, M.D.
J. A. Walton, Jr., M.D.
Gerard Gross, M.D.
Deborah L. Hedley
Calvin J. Bergsma
David A. Grekin
James Lesser
James B. Johnson
M. Schermer, M.D.
Stephen M. Factor, M.D.
Diane Stoffer
Bartley Frueh, M.D.
Gene Ragland
Henry J. Schulte, Il
Dee Davis
Nancy Radowski
Karen Hoensler
Gwen Anne Bergsma
Kathy Morrissey
Peggy Tobias
Julie Weschmeyer
Mary McGrath
Marcy Zoezycki
Thomas E. Casberg
Jules Schrager, MSW

William W. Levis, Ill
Judith Rosengard
Elliott Schaffer
Paul D. Burstein
Charles Johnson
Philip Van de Carr
Marilyn B. Williams
Kenneth R. Stiver
Leo B. Twiggs
John E. Wright
Larry M. Weisenthol
James Koski
Paul D. Shirley
Booker T. Wright, Jr.
Stephen E. Boodin
David L. Harold
Dana L. Cogan
Michael Flashner
Linda Dunham
Don Bednarczyk
Robert D. Andersen
Ronald W. R. Walenga
Barbara Hansen
David P. Ballou
Stephen G. Mayhew
Vincent Massey
Paul C. Engel
Hirochika Komm
Brenda Manning
Marcia Flashner
Frederic L. Hoch
Robert Mathews
Paul K. Tomich
Niels D. Schonbeck
Henry W. Strobel
Howard S. Tager
Dale L. Oxender
Charles Williams
David Claus
Robert Armstrong
William Galbraith
Franz Muller
Sidney Strickland
Jules Shafer
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George E. Nichoalds
Jacqueline Chiranga
Martha L. Ludwig
Thomas R. Riggs
Gloria E. Gladman
W. W. Shervington, M.D.
Deborah Gruenwold

Jo Ann O'Connor
John Pollard, M.D.
Richard E. Pfender, M.D.
Elizabeth Brady
Thorton W. Zeigler, Ph.D.
J. M. Wallner, M.D.
Jane Hikel
Charles Huffine, M.D.
Mrs. Claudine Motley
Edgar Draper, M.D.
Robert F. Baxter, M.D.
Richard K. Hertel, Ph.D.
Arthur A. Miller, M.D.
Andrew J. Zweifler, M.D.
Richard L. Danehower, M.D.
Daniel R. Rovner, M.D.
Mary E. Clifford, M.D.
William Shell, M.D.
Robert M. Dougherty Jr.,
David R. Bassett, M.D.
Donald C. Birkey, M.D.
James Alfreene, M.D.
Peggy L. Anipen
Keith C. Goodell
Carol Koppenol
Charles D. Vinour
Norman Levi
Christine Vancea
Melinde Roznoy
Debbie Rankin t
Pat Ashmeen
Eileen Degluib
Charlene Cornes
Susan Dambrowski
Linda Loughlin
Cherie Palmer
Catherine Andrea
Jill Beelen
Debbie Betee
Karen McAllister
Steve Rossiter
E. Alter
John S. Webster
Lucy Astkar
Henry J. Schulte, Il
Marjorie Dutton
Jeanne Lenzer
John T. Headington, M.D.
Rerold H. Nishiyama, M.D.
William R. Hart, M.D.
Donald L. Rucknagel, M.D.



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