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July 23, 1963 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1963-07-23

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Governors Debate Civil Rights

Moon Momentarily Makes Midday Murky

lini who recommended "that there of California favored Sawyer's
be a discussion of civil rights at amendment and said that there
the conference." were other important issues before
No Panel the conference to consider beside
The discussion is set for today civil rights. He noted that he had
and will. have no panel of speak- prepared a petition on civil rights
ers, but will be "open to all gov- which was being circulated among
ernors with a time limitation of the governors during the confer-
five minutes per governor." ence.
Rockefeller issued a statement 'Tired of Rights'
shortly after the vote and said Democratic Gov. George Wallace
that "by- this action the resolu- of Alabama said that he was "tired
tions committee, the Democratic of civil rights and didn't see why
governors, on a party vote have the conference could not move onto
gagged the voice of the governors other things of interest to the
and undermined the effectiveness states.
of the states in their role of na- "If this turns out to be a civil,
tional leadership in the workings rights debating society, it will be
of our- federal system. It' is a the last conference that I wish to
tragically short-sighted move." attend."
Rockefeller has been under fire The amended executive com-
for his proposals on civil rights mittee proposals means that no
and has been accused by other resolutions can be passed, but there
governors of using the conference is some question over what would
to further his political ambitions happen if a motion on an issue
in the 1964 presidential election. were brought from the floor. It is
Floor Debate possible that the rules, as they now
There was extensive floor de- stand, would require a unanimous
bate in the session as the gover- approval of any motion to be
nors proposed their procedural adopted.
changes. Hatfield stated that the No Replica
executive committee proposals Most of the governors stressed
amounted to a "gag" rule, because that they did not want a replica
they "eliminated debate, and dis- of last year's conference in Heir-
cussion is crucial." shey where an extensive civil
Rockefeller, in supporting Hat- rights controversy all but destroy-
field's amendment, said that there ed the conference.
can be "no meaningful assumption Pickets from the Congress of
of states' rights without taking re- Racial Equality picketed the head-
sponsibility. This overriding prob- quarters of the conference de-
lem of civil rights is important manding an end to segregation in
here and now." key Southern states. They picketed
Democratic Gov. Edmond Brown for two hours then left.
GOP Governors Disagree
On Politics at Conference

-Daily-James keson
ECLIPSE--The moon slowly overshadowed the sun Saturday as one of astronomy's rare phenomena occurred in Ann Arbor. The
eclipse which was total in Maine and Quebec was 83 per cent total here. Viewers watched, their eyes either covered with exposed film or
indirectly through pinhole reflecting devices, an astronomic show that would not be repeated here for at least 200 years.
Soviet-Chinese Split Leaves West Unsure of Future



Associated Press News Analyst
WASHINGTON-The deepening
break between the Russians and
Red Chinese has left the West as
confused about the future as it'
was when Soviet Premier Nikita
S. Khrushchev suddenly repudiat-
ed Stalin in 1956.
Even Secretary of State John
Foster Dulles admitted at the time
"it is too early to judge its full
The American Communist Party
said an editorial in the Daily
Worker, "The shattering revela-
tions made by Khrushchev show
that a gigantic transformation is
taking place in the Soviet Union."
Myth of Infalibility
What was shattered was the
myth of the Russian leadership's
infalibility. Around the world
Communist parties suffered con,
vulsions. Some were heretical
enough to criticize the Kremlin.
Russia had to crush Hungary's
anti-Red revolt. The Soviet hold
on the satellites was weakened, if
Cleague To Tall
At SNCC Meeting
Rev. Albert Cleague of Detroit
will speak at the Friends of the
Student Non-Violent Coordinating
Committee meeting at 8 p.m. in
Room 3G of the Union tonight.

only a little. But its hold on the
Red Chinese was weakened enor-
mously for a reason which may
have been overlooked then but
isn't now.
While Khrushchev attacked the
memory of Stalin at the 20th
Party Congress on Feb. 24, 1956,
10 days before that he made sug-
gestions which today are presented
as the main cause of the Russian-
Chinese split.
Negotiate to Victory
He said international problems
should be solved by negotiation,
that war isn't necessary for com-
munism to triumph, and that the
West and East should sign a nuc-
lear test ban agreement and even
a non-aggression pact.
The Chinese disagree on all
counts. These are the main points
they throw at Khrushchev now in
their accusation that he is under-
mining world communism.
But in Moscow, Americans, Brit-
ons and Russians are discussing a
test ban. The Americans and Brit-
ons are waiting to hear what
Khrushchev says on a nonaggres-
sion pact. There have been at num-
ber of international negotiations.
Party Split
Once again around the world
Communist p a r t i e s, watching
world communism split into two
huge camps, are having some con-
vulsions and it seems plain that
the Communist parties in the
West will go along with Russia;

partisan considerations in their
proper role and making them pri-
Rights Leaders,
Romney also noted that Michi-
gan has been a leader in proposing
solid civil rights legislation, and
"since 1888 has had a public ac-
commodations law which is broad-
er tpan President John F. Kenne-
dy's proposed program.
He said that he opposed Demo-
cratic Gov. Grant Sawyer's of Ne-
vada substitute amendment which
went even further than the unani
mity ruling originally proposed by
the executive committee.

the Asian parties will stick with
Red China. Out of this division
competition to win over the back-
ward non-Communist countries
everywhere is inevitable.
Out of the competition will.come
conflict of one kind or another
between the two worlds of com-
munism. This will take up much
of the energy, attention and re-
sources of the two camps. To this
extent the West will benefit.
The split may even drive Russia
into closer association and coop-
eration'with the West.
Mixed Blessings
But the blessing is not unmixed.
The Russians are accusing the
Chinese of promoting anti-white
racialism. From this it can be
assumed, if true, that the Chinese
will appeal to all the non-white
peoples to divide the world into
big camps: white and non-white.
For a while the Chinese may
stay behind their frontiers, leav-
ing the rest of Asia pretty much
alone because they are not mili-
tarily strong enough to challenge
the West or risk a war.
That won't last. They'll develop
Kurath To Speak
on Vowel System
Prof. Emeritus Hans Kurath of
the English department will speak
on "A New Look at the History of
the English Vowel System" at 7:30
this evening in Rackham Amphi-

DIAL 8-64 16

nuclear weapons, perhaps within
two years. It may take them some
time longer to complete good de-
livery systems.
Therefore, since the Chinese
assert war is necessary for Com-
munist victory, the Western world,
particularly the United States,
must get adjusted to the reality
that sooner or later the Red Chi-
nese will move to take over all of
Then the West will have to de-
cide whether it wishes to risk war
to stop the Chinese.

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Box Office open today for tickets to
next week's U-M Players production of
Dorothy and Michael Blankfort's great
murder mystery, "Monique," presented
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Any changes therefrom should be re-
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Registration and Records window Num-
ber A, 1513 Admin. Bldg.
,For further information on the fol-
lowing position openings, please see
Engrg. Placement at 128-H W. Engrg.:
Cellasto Co., Ann Arbor, Mich.-Seek-
ing BS in MS or ChE-student attend-
ing night sch. or recent grad.
Swift & Co., Chicago, Ill.-1) BS in
ChE or Chem. for Agricultural Chemi-
cal Research. 2) BS in CE, Architectural
Engrg. or Arch. 3) BS ChE for Chemi-
cals Pilot Plant in Hammond, Ind.
E. W. Bliss Co., Canton, Ohio-Seek-
ing BS in IE-recent grad for Produc-
tion & the scheduling & planning of
production schedules to line up with
IBM procedures in Office Artificial
Control System.
The Boeing Co., Seattle, Wash. - 1).
Facilities Planning & Equipment Re-
search-BS in CE, ME, ChE, EE or Met.
2) Test Instrumentation Engrg.-BS-
MS in EE or Physics. 3) Weapon Sys-
tems Engrg.-Cape Canaveral, Fla.-BS
in EE or ME. 4) Propulsion Research
MS-PhD in ME or AE. 5) Performance
& Stability & Control Analysis-BS-MS
in AE. 6) Engineering Programming-
New Orleans & Seattle areas-all de-
grees-Math, Engrg. analysts or Engrg.
Bechtel Corp., San Francisco, Calif.-
Materials Engineer-BS-MS Chemical or
Met. Engrg. interested primarily in
fields of corrosion & metallurgy. Would
include selection of materials of con-
struction for process plant, consulta-
tion with engrns, on special materials
problems & inspection personnel on
fabricating problems.
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Chicago,
1.-BS-MS graduates in Electrical or
Mechanical Engrg. with interest in de-
velopment or design of power transform-
ers with min. ratings of 10,000 kva. Lo-
cation: Muncie, Ind. in new power tran-
former plant.

of Appointments-Seniors & grad stu-
dents, please call Ext. 3544 for inter-
view appointments with the following:
Des Moines Community Playhouse -
Seeking a Technical Director, with
background in Scenic Design. Position
will be equivalent of Assistant Direc-
tor. Would like to interview men or
women with such desire and back-
WED., JULY 24-
Socony Mobil Oil Co.-Seeking men
with any degree in any field of con-
centration for Marketing Training Pro-
gram. Socony Mobil has no formal
Mgmt. trng. prog. as such. Instead,'
Management & administrative person-
nel are selected from among the Mar-
keting & Sales Promotion Trainees.
Several openings in Detroit as well as
world-wide locations.
Univ. of Mich., Resiaence Halls - 1)
Night Assistant in Women's Residence
Hall (co-ed)-male-hrs. 11 p.m. to 7
a.m., 5 nights per wk.-also 10 women
for same position. 2) Three Associate
Advisers-full time from 8/63 through
5/64-for men's houses-will act as
hostesses, meet parents, assign rooms,
manage social programs-prefer widows.
3) Two women as Resident Directors &
Ass't. Directors at Stockwell. Four men
In same capacity needed for S. Quad.
May work during summer also-have
use of suite or apartment all year-,
prefer degree-age 55 or under. 4) Also
need graduate students as counselors-
Th e Trane Co., La Crosse, Wis. -
Opening for Research Engnr. BS or MS
in Engrg. or Physics. Special emphasis
on acoustics & vibration. No exper. re-
Michigan Dept. of Mental Health,
Puanning Div., Lansing, Mich.-6 or 8
openings for people interested in com-
munity organization. Sociol., Social
Work, Bus. Ad., Psych, with community
clinic exper., Educ., & Public Health
graduates to work with community or-
ganizations in setting up mental health
consultation clinics for Federal Mental
Health Grant. Will work in State of
Mich. (perhaps 1 in U.P.). Civil Service
positions. Exper. required.
Greenville Steel Car Co., Greenville,
Pa.-Chief Engineer-Mech. or Civil En-
grg. Degree. Railway Freight Car Design
background is desirable, but are not
restrictive on this point.
For further information, please call
General Div., Bureau of Appointments,
3200 SAB, Ext. 3544.
German Club, Coffee Hour, July 23.
10-12 a.m. & 2-4 p.m., 4072 FB. Conver-
sation, Music, singing, refreshments.
Herzlich Willkommen!
U. of M. Friends of SNCC, Talk by
Rev. Albert Cleague of Detroit, July,
23, 8 p.m., Union, Rm. 3G. Open to pub-

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