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October 19, 1958 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1958-10-19

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Formals To Feature.
Practicality, Simplicity

Campus Hair Styles Favor
r ~^ - ^ I'~ j D


Icasi iy epT u

The big change in women's for-
mal fashions this year is an in-
clination to a more covered up
Formal dresses are coming out
with narrow or wide straps or even"
with sleeves instead of the strap-
less look. Something that is very
much talked about in New York
is a return to long formals, but
girls on campus still seem to prefer
the ballerina length, though full-
length formals can be seen too.
Dresses come in all styles,
though the more extreme ones are
not too common around campus,'
Basic Colors,
Simhle Cuts
Work Mag ic
Every clothes - conscious coed
knows that the right planning, and
care can work wardrobe magic.
Donit try to liken your fcloset
to a miniature rain ow; ofewer
colors mean greater chance to
mix and match. First pick a basic
color that seems' to. be the right
hue for YOU. Then for major out-
fits, use a tone of that color " that
lends well with- various acces-
Colors have pdrsonalites all their
own. Bright shades are attention-
getting. Soft pastels add. fullness,
while navy and black shed pounds..
One-tone ensembles are best for
petite girls, while their taller sis-
ters can benefit from contrasting
. Stripes Flatter'
Like colors, patterns can also
either help or hinder the figure.
Gay stripes and bola' plaids flatter
the tall, thin coed, while delicate
.R designs' and softer hues are better
for the five-foot-two miss.
,Today's drip-dry, no-iron fabrics
. are a boon, to the clock-watching
coed. This season's shaggy mo-
hairs are especially flattering to
the slim 'n' sophisticated type,
while the calorie - counting girl
chooses,, her fabrics in smooth,
non-lustrous styles.'
Simple, classic styles are the
backbone of any wardrobe, for
- , with a few variations in length or
accent they can go on from year
to year-always in fashon. Keep
the color basic; the cut plain.
Exercise your individuality instead
in imaginative accessories. Add an
unusual scarf, or an ornate pin
at the shoulder, and you have a
new outfit.'
Separates Invaluable
Separates are invaluable in
making wardrobe magic. Choose
your blouses, skirts and slacks in
mix-or-match styles, and go from
daytime to datetime with merely
the switch of a top or a skirt.
Increase the life span of your
clothes by giving them a little
extra care. Shoe trees are foot
.favorites, and plastic bags help.
keep sweaters fresh. Dress shields,
save on cleaning bills, and stock-
ings are less likely to run when
you wash them before the first
wearing. '
it's clothes sense rather than
clothes cents that makes the well-
groomed coed.

and both bouf ant skirts and
sheaths are- to be found.
Few Formal Dances
Since there are very few really
formal dances left on campus,
coeds on student budgets are apt
to be rather practical in their
purchases, buying dresses that can
serve equally well as formals or
cocktail dresses, a tendency con-
siderably assisted by the covered
up look. '
Fabrics are yery important this
year, with the elegant fabrics com-
ing to the fore. Dresses come in
chiffon, metallic fabrics, silks, re-
embroidered laces, brocades, satin,
peux-de-soie, fur trimming, every-
thing for a luxurious feeling.
The outstanding color, as usual,
is black, but this year's particu-
larly big colors are royal blue and
green, and red is always popular
at holiday time.
Accessories Necessary
Not to be forgotten are the
right accessories to go with the
dress. 'Jewelry, bags and gloves
play an important role in the final
costume, to say nothing of the
small imitation fur wraps which
are now enjoying such popularity
Nothing is ever more elegant
than long white gloves,'either
white kid or the new satin stretch.
Colored, stone jewelry can be
found to either match or contrast
with the, dress, while the ever-
popular rhinestones are perfect
for a more formal look.
Evening bags now come in a
wide variety- of materials-satin,
gold and silver lame, pettipoint
and lovely beaded patterns. These
tiny bags are a must,' and should
be just large enough to keep from
loading down one's date's pockets.

BERMUDA, JAMAICA?-In this year's fashion spotlight, Ber-
mudas and Jamaicas keep with the new leggy style that was
introduced by the chemise.
New 'Long' Look Produced
In Season's Sportswear

This. year the manufacturers of
women's sportswear are turning tot
the new "long" look.-<
Sweaters and blouses are shown
with a longer line to give an illu-a
sion of height and slimness, in]
keeping with the current fashion
trend. Though the chemise has
died, its effect can still be seen on
long sleeved pullover sweaters and

Traditional Diamond Stays
Popular DespiteTrends

"The diamond is still a girl's
best friend," local jewelers agree.
The diamond remains the most
popular for both the engagement
and the wedding ring, even
though the modern trend of p1 in
bands is becoming more popular.
Today's financial economy has
helped to sway the modern coed.
from the sparkling diamond to
the lovely plain band of gold, sil-
ver or platinum.
However, for the girl who still
wants diamonds, the wide band
may be set with several diamond
baguets. This band is often used
to serve as both the wedding and
the engagement ring. Also, Ann
Arbor holds a wide selection for
the couple desiring matching
plain bands.
Even though diamonds are first.
in popularity, engagement rings
may be set wiith any favorite gem
including the ruby, emerald,
sapphire or pearl. Another popu-
lar custom is for the groom to
present his fiancee with a family
heirloom as an engagement ring.
A prominent Ann Arbor jeweler
gives advice on how to choose

wisely and sensibly the engage-
ment and wedding ring. The first
and most important step is to
trust the jeweler and to be sure
to pick a reputable one that will
guarantee good quality.
Color is the next consideration
of the wise shopper. The blue dia-
mond is esteemed the highest;
blue-white, white and yellow fol-
low in this order.
The cut of the diamond has re--
mained about the srsmethroughs.
out thedyears. The brilliant cut is
the leader in popularity with the
emerald cut following closely be-
The mounting is also an im-
portant consideration. One can be
reasonably sure of a good buy if
he takes the time to look through
the small hole in the upper part
of the mounting to see that the
inner part is polished. This is an
almost sure sign of a superior
Price may be matched to any-
one's taste and pocketbook. The
plain band begins at eight dollars
while the diamond starts around
one hundred dollars.
There is no arbitrary correct
engagement or wedding ring. The,
choice is completely up to indi-
vidual taste and financial status.
Thorough appraisal should in-
clude four factors: degree of per-
fection, carat weight, color and
cut. Degree -of perfection and
carat weight are directly deter-
mined by the ;price of the ring.'
Many couples decide upon a
plain band with the intention of
adding a matching diamond ring
when finances permit.

bracelet and rolled Italian sleeves
on blouses. Women find these
sleeves more conducive to work-
ing for the cuffs. are short so as
not to become soiled by ink or
pencil sinudges.
"Souffle," a new fuzzy material,
is used on coats and sweaters. Be-
sides giving warmth in winter, it
harmonizes well with the new
short, fluffy hairdos. The sweaters
are worn roomy and sport large,
round collars. They are found in
the brighter hues, namely shades
of red, blue and green.
Vests Returning
Vests are returning to the popu-
larity contest. They are usually
worn over white or pastel blouses
and are seen matching bermudas,
slacks and skirts. This helps to
give a girl the look of cool, busi-
nesslike efficiency.
Blanket plaids are the current
rage in Bermudas, kilts and slacks,
although the conventional solid
greys, blues, blacks and tweeds
are still popular. Brown is the
newest single color for fall wear,
with the darker shades prevailing.
Bright and often clashing colors
are shown in plaids and paisleys.
Red or pink and orange, and the
brighter shades of blues and greens
are popular color combinations.
Prints Popular
Heretofore, paisley and flowered
tops were worn only after Christ-
mas and during the spring. Now
they are popular all year and are
warn with solid color skirts, ber-
mudas and slacks. Plaids can be
seen in skirts, bermudas, slacks
and kilts.
In lieu of bermudas, many girls
are turning to jamaican length
shorts. These are slightly shorter
than the conventional bermuda
length and are reported to be
more comfortable. The ."Ivy
league" belt - in - back, pleatless
pants with tapered legs are still
in vogue.
Tights are widely used today in
covering the leg-s. This continues
the trend of different shades for
stockings. Tights are most widely
worn with bermudas and kilts, but
have been seen under skirts.
They are sold predominantly in
black and red, but they can be
bought in royal blue and grey.
'Gumdrop' shoes, sneakers or the
traditional loafers complete the
sports outfit of the college coed.

Many magazines supposedly
working for the working girl on
campus are featuring high style
But elegant coiffures are not
practical on a college campus.
Carefully tended curls are blown
about by the wind, exposed t6 rain
and snow-and anyway, very few
girls have the time to keep them
carefully tended.
Three hair styles and modifica-
tions thereof stand out as most
suitable for campus wear: tradi-
tionally - the short cut brushed
forward or back, the seven-inch
long cut and the pony tail.
Attention Drawn
For short girls, a short hair
style is particularly suitable. It
will draw attention to the face,
and does not cut much -needed
It can be worn waved back from
the face in a brushup with a wave
or wisp bangs on the forehead.
Or, in case of straight hair, a
cap cut with hair brushed forward
on the face, is worn again in wisps.
Longer hair Is becoming for the
taller girl and the girl who has
problems with fine straight hair.
Cut to end approximately at the
chin, it may be worn in a variety
of styles,
Rollers Used
The .perennial pageboy is more
attractive than ever becauseof
new discoveries in hair setting. Do
away with the hard line above the
page boy roll by setting hair in
New rubber clips resembling a
spool are also good for a natural
line in long hair. Hair is wound
around the spool and a rubber
cone folds over to secure the curl.
This eliminates split ends caused
by pin curls, and makes for a
softer sleep.
Fall of Furs
Brings Hats
High or Deep
By The Associated Press
Furs, feathers and frou-frou
will go to the head this fall, as
hats fall in step with the Empire
fashion mood.
Husbands may as well be
warned that every woman is go-
ing to want a fur hat this fall,
and probably a fur boa to match.
For these are the prescribed ac-
cessories to wear with the simple,
straight-line wool dresses and
suits of the season.
There are high fur shakos and
Ideep fur cloches, fur berets and
fur bonnets ranging from mink in
all its mutations through beaver,
seal and bunny to dramatic, long-
haired fox. The latter hits an all-
time high in dramatic effect when
'teamed with a matching boa,
three yards long.
When it isn't fur it's feathers.
There are hats covered entirely in
curled ostrich, others made of
such things as swan feathers and
peacock "eyes." The latter are the
iridescent eye-tips of peacock
feathers, not real seeing eyes,
one'll be glad to know.
The furs and feathers are likely
to be used in high toques or deep
cloches, although there are many
variations. One makes a high,
back-slanting bonnet of fox, while
another covers a deep brown vel-
ours cloche with black monkey
The Empire bonnet also is
much in evidence, in draped and
crushed velvet or rich metallic
brocade. Some of the hats have a
poke bonnet look. Others suggest
the boudoir caps of another gen-

Lo.g hair curled up slightly is
one of the few styles recently
advocated in fashion circles which A L L. GATO
is practical at school. It is the
reverse of the pageboy and is set *
accordingly. 3ab
Barettes Popular . xby
Bangs waved or wisped may be JOHN SABATiN
worn with either the pageboy or
upturned long hair. An alternative NEW YORK
to the bang is front hair pulled'
straight back, fastened with a
Finally, there is the pony tail, High Heel
mainstay for those whG want to
look feminine but dontt want to
spend time fussing with their hair. ,Illusion Heel
A pony tail worn long and pulled
back from the face is probably the $ 69k
easiest of all styles to keep.
More styling is required for '
shorter pony tails. Girls with
shorter pony tails usually prefer
to set front hair in rollers to
balance the short length in back.
Bangs of some kind are a neces-
sity for the shorter style. Luxury Leather
Bouffant Suggested
For those w do occasionally or your
go high style on this casual cam- - BestTailored
pus, the "bouffant" is suggested. outfit r
The hair is cut to three inches all.
over the head and rolled on rollers
It is wavy and curly in a style
reminiscent of the 'twenties"ffashuborn CAMPUS BOOTERY
with a headache band (a hairC
band slightly above the forehead), 304 SOUTH STATE STREET
and with empire and chemise type -



to LOOK and FEEL op iaced

ations and Bras
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h a

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