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October 19, 1958 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1958-10-19

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Footwear Revives

'Long Look' of Twenties


Shades of the Twenties! The big
fashion trademark of that by-gone
era; the combination of short
skirts and "long" shoes, is, with us
once again this fall.
The "long" shoe achieves its ef-
fect with the tapered toe and the
sculptured heel, 'the slender lines
of both features accentuating the
length of the foot.
Cycle Completed
The T-strap of the 1920's, which
was added last year to the already
present rapier-toe and', slender
heel, completes a 30-year fashion
cycle. The shoes. you might have
seen in snapshots of Mother's col-
lege days are now seen anywhere
from church to dances, depending
Dii the cut of the shoe.
For casual wear, though, to-
day's college student has a selec-
tion of styles which her parental.
generation didn't have. Ranging
rrom high-top -1poots to low-cut
skimmers, they .still show, the. in-
fluence of the long, slim 'line.
which prevails in the higher-'
heeled styles.
The high-top boot,, which has
been around campuses for a few
For the 1
Fiction and N(

years now, is a favorite with slacks
or a combination of leotights and
Bermudas or kilts.
Fleece Lined
The boot may be made of any-
ting from water-repellent poplin
to leather to gray flannel, and is
usually lined with fleece or fur,
making them especially pleasant
for the cold Michigan winter. One
showpiece is only for the more
dashing coed-a boot whipped up
out of rabbit fur and set on a
feather-light crepe sole and lea-
ther heel.
For those who like the costume
look, one manufacturer makes
Bermuda boots and Bermuda
skirts -in matching fabrics, from
chino to leather. The boots are
knee-high and lined with the same
fabric as the skirt.
Half-way between the boot and
slipper class can be put a pair of
fox fur foot-warmers, which look
like a pair of over-size dust-mops,
but which may be just the thing
to wear to bed when the tempera-
ture drops 'way down and the
heating system conks out. Even if

this situation doesn't occur, they
are still fun to show off.
'Gumdrops' Seen
For less outdoors-y wear, the
"Gumdrop" and its variations are
seen with crew socks, knee socks,
and especially with leotights. These
come in most colors, ranging from
red to black, and can usually be
co-ordinated quite successfully
with the colors available in the
tights, enabling the co-ed to
achieve a costume effect.
Besides the variety of colors,
these sneaker-like shoes can be
obtained in both suede and lea-
ther, as well as some fabrics, such
as denim and canvas.
And speaking of the sneaker, it
isn't quite fair to mention the cam-
pus collection of shoes without
bringing the time-honored sneak-
er (alias tennis shoes) into the
Long a standby of the college
crowd, both male and female, the
sneaker can take a great deal of
punishment before the seams fi-
nally give way. Washable, they
come in gray, red, blue, khaki,
black and the traditional white.
Sneaker Popular
One of the most obvious factors
in its popularity is its comfort and
the fact that it can be worn with
school clothes and sport clothes
with equal ease.
And having mentioned one
campus classic, we must mention
another, the loafer. Again, com-
fort and wearability are big fac-
tors in its perennial appearance
on campuses everywhere. The
loafer traditionally comes in lea-
ther only, and in brown- or black.
The saddle shoe is another in
the Big Three campus shoe popu-
larity contest, and its sturdiness
makes the shoe extremely eco-
Traditionally in black-and-white
or brown-and-white combination,
it is now fashionably correct to let
the "white" part disintegrate to a

... seen most on campus

:: .:-"i:i"::": :::::::
is .::.:.:....".; ;-::": ;
::::. ........::: '::. ::=3 ... .......... .. .,..: is

Latest in
on-Fiction Try

.. a 'go-everywhere' shoe


University Bookstore

dirty gray. This gives the shoe a
"lived-in" look.
Loafers Vary
Just as the "Gumdrop" is a
variation on the sneaker, so there
are variations on the loafer-
adaptations of it in suede, to give
it a dressier look, or adding
buckles to a cut-down vamp for
an interesting effect.
The skimmer, basically an un-
decorated flat-heeled shoe with a
rounded vamp, is one of the most
adaptable shoes around which one
can change with each fall's styles
and yet remain the same easy-to-
wear shoe.

Men's Coats
Are Shorter,
New Fabric Trends,
Double-Breasted Styles
Gain Latest Popularity
Not only have women's fashions
changed radically in the past few
years, but mhen, too, have "stuck
their finger in the pie."
Colors are becoming more con-
servative this year in men's fash-
ions in general, and coats are no
exception. Brown is the all per-
vading color for fall and winter
Coats have been getting shorter
over the last five years and this
year's coats are three inches
shorter than those of five years
Weight Lighter
Town topcoats are the double-
breasted British warm types with
an abundance of tweed being dis-
played. The coats also are lighter
weight than last year.
The more formal town coats are
shown in soft wools, mohairs,
cashmere and fur, either genuine
or synthetic. Many coats have
trim, peaked lapels.
Several manufacturers are ex-
hibiting the new 'flared triangu-
lar look' in herringbone patterns.
The clear-cut line of these coats
is established through the slight
waist suppression plus a definite
flare to the peaked lapel.
Sweep Completes
Flap pockets and a generous
back sweep complete the "new
look." Buttonless sleeves with one
and three-quarter vents and a
deep center vent in the back add
to the coats.
This year's stadium and car
coats are heavy with genuine or
artificial fur. Alpaca is a popular
fur for the coming winter.
Hooded parkas are still in style
for active outdoor activities such
as skiing.
Raincoats, used only in the past
for wet weather, have become all-
purpose coats. Colorful wool or
synthetic pile linings and collars
that zip in and out, on or off, de-
pending on the outdoor tempera-
tures, are common items in this
year's raincoats.
Wash, Wear Shown
Some raincoats are the wash
and wear type. Iridescents are also
being shown, and most coats will
have ticket pockets. Italy has in-
fluenced men's fashions as well as
women's. Raincoats with the Ital-
ian influences are shorter than the
regular type coat.
Country coats are of several
types. Many are the leather jack-
et variety which will be warm and
practical. These coats are lined
with rich foulard, paisley prints,
alpaca or synthetic pile fabrics.
Slash pockets and raglan sleeves
are found on most country coats.
Wash and wear fabrics have in-
vaded this line too, with many
coats made of dacron, wool and
nylon. ,
Come Above Knee
Some coats, multipurpose town
or country coats, come above the
knee. They have hacking pockets
and split sleeve construction.
For the golfer in chilly weather,
goat designer's have come out with
a leather jacket with knitted
sleeve inserts for free action and
an easy swing.
Last but certainly not least is
the item which might become a
most prized possession of the col-

lege men. Science has discovered a
fiber which approximates the or-
iginal fur of the raccoon. These
coats will be available in most
men's shops in the next month or
two. The synthetic raccoon coat'
sells for about one-half the pride
of a genuine raccoon coat.

HEIGHT OF FASHION-Bulky knit sweaters, casual slacks and an Ivy Lealgue cap are the standard
attire of the well dressed University man..
Mens L tstHead to Toe ahion,
Feature 'Revolutionary",rown

TheSxony St
in our Adams ModeZ
This favorite English fabric is
lightweight yet full-bodied.
We have selected deeptone patterns
that are especially adaptable
for campus or dress wear. Three
piece or two piece with
lapped seams and hooked center vent.
from $65.00

The chemise has been blamed
for a lot of things, and now it
apparently is the cause of new
men's fashions.
It seems the chemise, trapeze,
pumpkin and other assorted fem-
inine styles of late have made
men look critically at their own
clothes. Apparently the men felt
shabby reported a men's fashion
magazine. "Men's styles are in for
a radical change," it predicted.
The radical new color for this
fall is brownstone, a blend of
brown and grey. The muted shade
resembles the color of buildings
constiucted around 1900. It is not
flashy to say the least.
Tired of Traditional
Fashion experts presume that
men are tired of navy and grey
flannel so the "very masculine"
brown, was voted "most likely to
succeed" It also is supposed to
give that "look of authority, so
important to men in business."
Perhaps the real innovation
this year will be the return of the
double-breasted suit, a model
so:newhat less than a big seller
in recent years.
The new double model will be
Shirts Show
Few Changes
Though there is little in the
way of style change in men's dress
and sport shirts this Fall, stylists
have added a few innovations to
traditionally popular shirts.
It seems that the ever popular
button-down dress shirt is making
another in what appears to be an
endless number of comebacks. But-
tons are offered in the backs of
the collars and they have pleats
on a full back. With barrel cuffs
on line and traditional buttons,
there is nothing startlingly revolu-
tionary in them.
This year, ho.wever these shirts
are offered in madras as well as
ever popular blue and white ox-
ford materials.
Popular with college students
and even more so with older more
conservative men are the lined-
button-down-on-line dress shirts.
They are available in the blue and
white and also with the French

conservative and trim. Predictions
are that it will be a basic item in
every man's every day wardrobe
. probably by this time next
'Elegance' Noted
Elegance in shoes is the big
thing now. Less Italian influence
will also be noted. Hats and ties
will follow the elegance theme
with the toppers being more rak-
ish and off the face.
The sought-after effect is one
of simplicity,\, conservatism and
expensiveness. The later will be
easy to obtain.,
One luxury note reported .is a
Persian Lamb vest costing around
100 dollars with brass buttons.
The solid gold button model runs
an extra 50 bucks..
Fashions Envisioned
The male fashion plate en-
visioned by the experts will look
something like this: A warm wool
shetland sports coat that is light
on-the-shoulder... in brown.

Contrasting with the, coat will be
medium grey slim shaped wool
flannel slacks. The slacks will
probably have flapped-back pock-
ets instead of the current belt-in-
This is a rather revolutionary
change and according to fashion
experts is, what "the man in the-
street welcomes as a change in
dress." Unfortunately this change
is out of the wearer's sight but
probably adds a certain smugness
in being up-to-the-minute.
Socks will be ribbed . . . and
Shoes may be slip-on, chukka,
or blucher model, but the "square
toe" is definitely the "look of to-
day." Pointed pixie toes are ap-
parently on the ,downgrade.
This fashion plate probably has
a new all wool suit too. It'll be a
brown herringbone or brown nail-
head pattern.
Summary Outlook for Fall ..

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