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October 01, 1968 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-10-01

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Board's '(lot ~0 I
atoReection of Editor ;' t e a, w"
Co rY ; "l..alythe t n V hjr S pnir'19)r
cieolege its ER s se phipt s
.t " _ t'.tfl B2 ~ 1'N soxt th tri ll0feps atof h
(1. 1jn i,5 paiLJ ubli tiO tb~i4 Or t 23 _AuthoritiesnmatheUi! 'T
Aj! W ' r v rsity chigal<Vtoda
iCcst lt,11 t~ir n conroversy Over tih ..etc ~ b
et~it of eg ' etooo e13R Ou ri~ot sfilri'°nomination ofaaneditso ftke te( h ~nelhf'd oe
fCo S Xl b- 0 .,L - as u e itr nalror I i ,, prvit rt ,r
e a Ut'S iy Db bta SXiYSdijn Control o tdetPBoadi btba no
{'XOX es0e el Til sipt cener on 4
££ dho--c e n , sallastIM sylur bYst o Cri p #1(0
oye .0 e~tetos t app cint oe aia / i tY ot22, ft )a rj r n v,..,; -W :"'N" / "° o d i1. rzyqp
amp Llssit' D0nts .Qats editor e of tile 1 ' Ilch bet o££ som S~ee'°sJ' v' s cn. des All
" f) 4(for", j ni r f om Scqen ct
21tnaon oapit 1aTof 2,their THE GR ND RAPID PRESS'-(for t° J '° a.'r
a an ba coo 1' t d htheow a V thestari5ari stafflYkewasl e he 4 a tX rundof ene
jeW t5'ei lis p rts ofatt a erfb
(ld o oe ru5tbtiials o a ahga la altek oo b 1to .the aptodnt /per }.L'FGisDeRAPIDS.PRES
£eso, cy he eomin£~b ibta: r°>hav beer'wb /k. r,'
-YlV(. ustonat pdig the0 iee t o t** (
a~jI's Ai. h27,slt th.i
a Pr .ot a a u5 i . ing
eXOV senir slate gatat RegnttioedeItSays b t 47o n
gtslck oUT1t' ia\ sSa a sle 0 li s ara t s o
ratnadsm fto12ke onca w ce .1i.1 liri 1 ,n tU er/
ee 'lO p ca6. a thin edjtogaI o #ser$e o Xait, e de ied any__________________ 'Oh J ,A~~k
a t~ ~stoafl~cort~s jeeaX~O at:~~~An ffcil-k3 tyae t I Tej e r lb P ve P2 1 - 4lx ' P
Anta li Yi2k nstte ~s LX i a is ) ,the° ngRettin5 apr"btha
wetoes lngaprssPvi da ' rav a 111 oelasr-
le Om s h,"andz o, 2eLof
aged6of ,, ! o,..a, oaaOrt'4 ' s r
yet - tfethe pri) e col (p asu.Ji it e
104 ~ h ~ Xe~c 1 atbe O ? at esay eir b a~ A
hae , ise c dentlc<,r a1aird
oodcO t atooftn vice ~ o t
$p 8. a 1r
«y_ fI gm nto4ui {0o ~
* i it ; , dacCe . 0t ' se RiQjeXP 21f-- _ -aT
oth a e , eV Ne "- o t v ce tG u t e- o 5li, ?etr
te O i n and, 0,s5a i 1} ll c e a , t 3 Q t r
t-etilo ~~ a'i.' \ Nc \1r n C(a u hf r ef fs e
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J Oil, > "1- }\<-tat51t
bgb etXg 1L C to V 14-'11 s a i t C c i v ts Ya tS s tel r n t}°
riOtoe jXe8- * th t11,C ot)s } nd al (
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Re* Nkr O"e.10 L~ i ' c[ r"
dove ___EPHe d uarte s __ 1. °iil__ L _ __ k4 o , s
q f K aat eseao ° tl lp n~ sitoco}\ e p. 74%relsn' e-
' Y ! aNX tens(e V1to spyIcCi. t~na NSStateslha t ivir(4 r' 04
By USN EANTir dcisonof heNatona "m' "-a et'e inaV rda c'
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1 ) 4 a' lSnda ofs iou'" 1pe. r
Bye Ra Sal E an Poe t e sdeion owteadtonal lga"nAll s 1 n"-le fr a hgecmps et
sttt ilxthe Spring Myobilizationp to End for the intensive trainingo educth- -NIP law______________________________________d___s__atal___a____
t h e W a r i nc i t M n a m ,n t ear o u c i lefr - or r a i nl 3 0 o r gan l z - ciil ei n t v eo n ' b a d e r
fponsiilittof RE. Theetregon- 1 tdl aa'' -e rt hi lT a
_..A _. ,l t ea to "SErEN CENi1
C(172 S ,ali Yatial tbe t sore art tokno nbyssarYt ed t o reet ubj
y es erryiokir an drs] tra i 30l l cAN N rs T h isT ~i llff en ail th e d ~is-a - } 0 o ,o t t , W sw th at a c-4 '- ' f"R ax c llo' eni e ld htu s t e~
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ertom vet e wea mu epaers ofadi ampusMorganing oitsuch ti.,. IT-- .- liec itpapehalb
the Radicalet Edt Cme s )er e o e 1 rt l o e u a tio n Pro e cislya e t p w r adth ~~ a e s huge campuand s menB
cag, nd o ifulsupportoiA m ukire intitueblsty ofhvitc tim besehesrre anti ~c . Ana\.d- - 'lir, a allnorgd.°o
ny d uate et that:
the ar n Vetnm, eacer-rgaizes. ,, e « '+aXa bebigfortime.1I.I>S LI
r _______ ___;_____ __,.i.theX.Boisd in Con-.1

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EIGE, A e.e ,a55 t 1
. e'i - w o'
>3.0 . toe;


papr. antieseanaenegetyoungfman,
paer.ninens eapergtityothgsamesn-
ou~s mien -le displays in carefully answer-
iig a visitor's questions.
To him, the paper is a disseminator of
mews, a purveyor of opinion, A. poser of
rquestions, and a forum for those who be-
lieve they have the answers. "What the
r ' paper prints, he emphasizes, is not always
!'what the people like to read. We play
YO -1inkc is important to them."
' O "-' printed closely
0 fo4

trl ftuons ntallurb
licfus intiappyre-
f unetoarpver
nex alas e-r
rwomendadwbys-teh -
current edibtoh a
z rarely turned gown.
- . Th-i board -owns
the Daily. "Occasi-
onally they'll inform-
Mr. Fanto . a 11 y criticize ui s
after we print soj11,-c
thing, but they have never censred wiy-
thirte before publication," says Mr. Fanto.
° -'n pndence that enabkcs
''to crus,:W

4 Connecticut Daily Campus WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 1967
Michigan D aily-Finest
Student PaperUnaer Study

. r ;'

I t)1Daab t bec us ~l E e ,
for mettec ' ;m-iz12 1 nqties thin then r'
nget Wnsni o~ g 'h r h e he S t t,
~ teseca? e~~nd nhthte
o t h mst e r b e i n , C ~ r t e . p
to i d $ 'e bx b e e s ' a bs t it equIffI for th
tllhangs the bec m.. dout t o e
onei p Ji , et g e presea i v s / pre dlcay P bic el PrIto th
prntd 2}X~ at e stlz4~ty ipaes inn e l I t' e n
en hzuta. the~tlnivew*y Iebe bewe lnmxu idrtn s kzgt~ h i
not ' 3estedays~ty, sid i X1 din th 'tw i tairtie. he meo uxcl cr
! . nstit d'he

r -1v(r-
1XL'rAtI . .
firr!, ilan

T$'YRcbigan DAILY, se~n by
many observers of collegiate
journalism as the finest student
paper in the nation, is about to
be investigated.
The University of Michigan's
Board in Control of Student Pub-
lications has asked that the
Committee on University -Affairs
(FACUA) establish a committee
"to consider the properpurpose,
function, and responsibility of a
student newspaper in this uni-
versity community."
A resolution of the publi-
cations board asks that the new
committee investigate whether
"the existing arrangements at the
University of Michigan ade-
quately serve these goals."
DAILY editor Mark Killings-
'worth stated the Hoard's request
for an Investigation did not in-
dicate if such an inquiry might
lead to a limitation on the
DAILY's tradition of - editorial

to expand its scope or turn
the problem to another more p-f '% .
resentative group.
Aformer DAILY staffer, W; "lk0
ter said that- the problem lv 0e
now been stated as "just wa' «e1, 24mac
vestigation of the relation Son s'42the llI4<.
board to the DAILY." 0 2i 0j h lav c
"This doesn't mean al f ( l 14
It's going to be a c a l - Fl I
move," said Winter he~eo I"'t'tO) 4i
that among the probl' 4lob It e~~ 012 a,
sed might be the , t'ts ,l
making the nAIL' , Pe, l0? ' Sf
and the possilE l> s cr - t'j 7c
Arbor campus, ' 1-/~ /,
Witer n' e21 Oj- ? 1 ~shse '
Isnow out ~ ~ '~~
board." Z C z s - Jo7 0 1
now conch t sQ?. a.~a l I 01. 22
wcom ig (0 11J 42t4orP11.f12 %.1010 ,- gy
the Ar% Ijl0 P e1 - X7011 ;i o f-
s C' vo I - !1 t1t "lt% ilj j.
in i~ oe I ht le4 24 Tl

o ~s slushfund case,
thle Big Ten Faculty Representa-
sb f. tives yesteday told University of
.'1inots President David D. Henry
'~Coaches Petd Ellioitt, Harw
1tr i'- and Howard Braun are
-)u the Illinois ath-
rat'ch 21. Illinois -
t °t4
Inercepted Letter [
122 it> Aj bor pCB l,
]vow rk id one against
cati N w o kT ,e b lr a J ittle l,.. o a bs n w ic


tcAgQi'MbuMonitor i tt$e like e kL hris
little like the
F#200 M9s1F

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