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October 13, 1967 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1967-10-13

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FZ N Ca p s S i r d by Board '
._l ar .;.,+;r ofEditor

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V V tr th ew §° dergraduateas editor of tt drt, i
at~ixi ox th dforn a~x *estudent newspaper. l'z a E°Vez
leveed inan b v nl , e w t t'r f aas Control Mof Student 3 public dt, set Cs3c',j~ra t G
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li 011x S Gdort1 . apoinio R f o g heeee / cL 87 , ; Ic
csw d b ded0a r ot. ire Vt0n aletions to apin ocr fla' zt %L 'u 'd or
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CO es,01e a 1 - s itors othe r'lchana r t V t°err:
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Xssociate Managing Editor
CAMBRIDGE, Mas.- The Na-
t et for a
Democratic Society (SDS) voted
yesterday to hire and train 301
full-'time regional teacher-organiz-
ers, to move the headquarters of
the R~adical Education Project
(REP) from Ann Arbor to Chi-
cago, and to give full support to
the Spring Mobilization to End

The decision of the National "Ani-x.1,
Council of SDS to train 30 organiz- :iy..---.
ers will become the primaryrep
sponsibility of REP. These region ; 11--
al organizers will be responsible
for meeting the immediate educa- kV an6-
tional needs of the local SDS,
chapters. This will entail the dis- -
tribution of film, pamphlets and c2c
aid in campus organizing on such .
issues as student power and the
draf t.
A sumimer institute will be set ur
for the intensivei trainingw of th,


the War in Vietnam.- teacher-organizers. r ll.c te
--- = ---A C am pus E i o N R O . 3116'11
:Iew campus newspapers are More in- k« tir -
fluential than the Michigan Daily at the u;, . is tra
University of Michigan here, and Clarence facult
Fanto is what Is making the Daily move hv
these cdays. paper
Mr at smaaig i dio ftepper. An intense, energetic young man, rl.
hie infuses Pe paper with the same Seri- / licati(
(105 mien -he displays in carefully answer- f
ate a visitor's questions.°w
To him, .the paper is a disseminator of om
jews, a purveyor of opinion, a poser of cure
fuestions, and a forum for those who be- rrl
' ieve they have the answers. What the e Thi
paper prints, he emphasizes, is not always "h
! what the people like to read. We play oal
O , ~~- think~ is Important to them."Mr at ally
'v.,,...1~Printed closely after
,[T-fidn thing, but they have never
4 1dns "I'ir1' before publication," S2

'1111 Chf7f 611f: LTDv. c111f4111X1U4e114 CO
UIR II 1 c~t t ex s It- y0to ,r~i~
a D - 1 z.i1CtY ha
mist1, a e tot e ,"any maU
of "annnmirned K
L ) Lr c' 7 ' a to prevent puibli'
lae- \ ,paniterim-pd
P . t. ti1 oC ^ 5rat rl' , dispute ct thus spr
e cigjin ta 'axi he b~ uet ,&Antown
lln b 1'10 lt. l l:, +1 ct ies wst f Detroit.
ora 011n, a tall, Iongila
11 acv 1-19N' t. tCI\ tha
-i c c s e t o 1 tct ' tt . ; w o n 't b e a B e r k 3
ea l' rcl o i s - ht6-ttl~c.l ei I be big for thI -
his to -It ~strike occurs 1
- . ol xto \vllhtta~c in'lcl 6- s somethinlg that e
Ltoo andI, <- S T ti n ." aXlcll dentifY with'."
tuenome t. lII' ,11 au leo h £ or v dmk lnxQ\ I?tntial stdnt opr
thi yeear la xe -rltaao-acti 1O C e caiversory and i
lr and re 0 s theniuionefun
Board in Con-.
f Student :Pub-
ins initially re-
ed1 to approve
year's editor,
is always rcc-. 4 Connecticut Daily Campus, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1,
ant editors atid n ,
Sor in ~ Michigan Daily-Fies
)aily. "Occasi-
they'll inforn ti-S ude tP p r.U a rS u
rcriticize , Std n Pie- nnrst

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I AG *

Ilinois Bid To
Elli0ott, Combes,




;ieniilg tnhr

°'-'pndence that enabfi-:,
'to crus1id{ ,

*7 Mn tineTor lll W/prol~
~j~~2In 'vIId Pei
I bDa o .bee '7trI
f Q3 T Z~ t a j 22aU , l e q i t f @ S ij I If t h e x e
I sw ith " t udt1 g n h e lae al o A a , th e s ~
h air to t 2he Pro aInd lecess lyttery Aa S b e n2/ sity tate.,s. I
2,0 0 ile T e aba t n utitc ite sl.ec z# e _

many observers of collegiate
Journalism as the finest student
paper in the * nation, is about to
be investigated.
The Uilversity of Michigan's
Board in Control of Student Pub-
lications has asked that the
Committee on University -Affairs
(FEACUA) establish a committee
"to consider the proper purpose,
function, and responsibility of a
student newspaper in this uni-
versity community."
A resolution of the publi-
cations board asks that the new
committee investigate whether
tithe existing arrangements at the

the problem to another more r p-
resentative group.
A former DAILY staffer, Wf's t ,0 ,t
ter said that- the problem rlj1 t
now been stated as " just a' Z 1 - 1
vestigation of the relation ,0 sh ty, l ,,:
board to the DAILY." l.it 4yto) ./II1/c
"This 'doesn't mean Q?1 tl
It's going to be a, c a 2t kh~ 1Q
mnove," said Winter rh k 1 " -;' 1 °V- ,
that among the probl' % pQOr C r
sed might be the ° ' t z11 1
making the flAIL' e ctlab/>N "
and the possibl: a>4'0" 1 QS
A s e odrb o r c a m p u s o e ~ 1. I , - - °
Winter no -~ ' A-. --,,-- -

sslushx fund case,
the Big Ten Faculty Representa-
tiv C estedytl nvriyo
,g '~lni os President oDavidiDr :Henry
- Coaches Pete Elliott, lHar-
fii- and Howard Braun are
oju the Illinois ath-
"ellh 21, Illinois
774 1
11ty gro._
1% (/ted Letters
Az% If' IArbor rIOPQR , liSo
t_ IrDea r e .i



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