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March 20, 1968 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-03-20

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Page Six


Wednesdav. March 20. 1968


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Coffin Urges Active Souris Quits
Vietnam War Protest Michigan's
l H i. h ...C .

Undergrads May be Drafted
If New Viet Buildup Occurs

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and mistreating prisoners, actions
forbidden under the U.S. military
code and the Geneva Convention.
"It raises the question," Rev. Cof-
fin said, "of whether our Com-
mander in Chief may not be the
War Criminal in Chief."
Press Conference
On the subject of the President,
Rev. Coffin said in a press con-
ference yesterday afternoon: "You
can get to a scoundrel, but a fool
can't be reached. I'm afraid he
has strayed from a politician and
become an ideologue who is no
longer sensitive to public pres-
"Senator McCarthy is a moral
challenge to President Johnson,
but Bobby Kennedy is a moral
Referring to the upcoming pres-
idential election. Rev. Coffin said
"if we don't despair and put all
our effort into it there is a very
good chance we could elect a
Kennedy or a McCarthy or a
(He later said that he threw
the last name in to please "the
one or two Republicans who might
be in the audience," but he said
his sources did indicate that


Rockefeller was becoming dovish.)
Also at the press conference he
spoke of his decision to plead
"not guilty" to a charge of "aid-
ing i and abetting draft resistors.
If we didn't fight the indictment
of conspiracy almost anyone
could be charged. It's a matter of
protecting the rights of dissent
and conscience.''
He also said it was conceivable
that if the war doesn't stop "many
citizens will go to jail."
He cautioned the audience to
give special consideration to any
of the many alternatives - jail,
Canada, CO status, or ROTC -
available, but that "if you join
ROTC, you better give half of
your salary to the peace move-
ment or you'll be plagued by guilt
He referred to , McCarthy's
showing in New Hampshire as "a
result of student power. It was
moving to see those men shave
off their beards. Greater love
hath no man of 21 than for his
In his afternoon press confer-
ence he confessed that students
are the force that "may be able
to save this country before it
reaches the point of no return."

nign ourt
Resignation To Give
Republicans Majority:
Seat To Stay Vacant
DETROIT (om') -Republican-
nominated justices will gain a 4-3
majority on the Michigan Supreme
Court because of the announced
resignation yesterday of Justice
Theodore Souris.
Under the State Constitution,
his resignation will reduce the
court to seven; members. The
eighth place will not be filled be-
cause the Constitution provides
that the first vacancy on the court
by dealth, retirement or resigna-
tion shall not be filled.
Souris' resignation would be
likely to frustrate the ambitions
of any other persons toward the
court's only open spot.
Had Souris sought re-election
this fall - which the Constitution
would have allowed for a current
member of the court - he likely
would have been opposed by Pig-
gins running as a Republican
nominee by Judge John Gillis of
the State Court of Appeals, anoth-
er Republican who reportedly
seemed interested in the Supreme
In a news conference. Souris
blasted Piggin's one-man grand
jury system and called for its re-
placement with a 23-man grand
jury plan, similar to that used by
federal courts.
"As a private citizen, I fear the
one-man grand jury law," Souris
Judge Piggins became known
around the state asa one-man
grand juror probing crime in
Wayne County in 1966-67.


tive Service Director Lewis B. Her-
shey said recently that some un-
dergraduate college students may,
be drafted if President Johnson
decides to send 200,000 more troops
to Vietnam.
Hershey said if a decision is
made to enlarge the war, the Pres-
ident will have to decide whether
to call up the reserves or to en-
large the draft calls. If the re-
serves are not called up, Hershey
said, "we would have to contrive
some way" to draft undergraduates
in order to meet the increased
draft calls.
Consider Major Escalation
Recent press reports have in-
dicated the Administration is con-
sidering a major new escalation
of the Vietnam war. The Wash-
ington Post reported that one
recommendation before the Pres-
ident calls for 206,000 additional
troops in Vietnam. The current
authorized number of troops for
the war is 525,000. The White
House said this week that no
decision to enlarge the war has
been made.
Hershey's remarks about draft-
ing undergraduates were made
during a question-and-answer ses-
sion following a speech he deliver-
ed to the National Press Club.
He said the number .of students
drafted "would depend upon
whether they're going to send
them this year, next year, or some
other time. And the quicker they'd
have to send them, the larger the
calls would have to be."
President Johnson is authorized
by law to declare "that we've got
to have some of those boys that
are candidates for baccalaureates,"
Hershey said. He emphasized the
Selective Service System presently
has no plans to determine which
undergraduates would be drafted.
Abolish Idea of Intelligence
"We've abolished this old-fash-
ioned idea of thinking that people
who pass high examinations know
any more than people who can't'
pass them at all," Hershey said,
referring to the new draft law


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which defers all undergraduates ier' Hershey replied, "I'm not so
doing satisfactory work. Previous- sure in the future we're going to
ly, local draft boards could ex- declare any war. "We've been able
amine students' college grades and to be flexible enough to kill people
their scores on a special examin- very handily without war. We
ation in deciding which ones to don't even have to have enemies;
defer. we kill our friends when we run
At one point in a discussion out of somebody to kill."
about training young people for Hershey also said he does not
the military, Hershey said, "I wish graduate students will have a dras-
we could take everybody, but I ion to end deferments for some
haven't much hope that we'll ever graduate studentsw ill have a dras-
sell Congress that we'll train people tic effect on graduate schools. "I
when we don't know what we're have heard these cries of 'wolf'
training them for." many times," he said. "I have a
Asked if a declaration of war by firm faith that the graduate
Congress would make his job eas- schools are going to live."
SWorld lN'ewsRoundup

By The Associated Press
GUATEMALA - The Guate-
malan g o v e r n m e n t suspended
constitutional guarantees for 30
days Monday night in the wake
of the kidnaping of the Roman
Catholic archbishop of Guatemala
The state of siege declared Mon-
day night also puts the police
under army control and allows
the presidentsto militarize other
public services.
The government declared that
the kidnaping of Archbishop
Mario Casariego is "an offense
to the people and a challenge to
the government." It blamed the
kidnaping on "subversive ele-
ments" guilty of "persistent at-
tacks against social institutions,"
meaning pro-Castro guerrillas.

crease. This would create an in-
itial $25 million war chest and
strengthen its hand at the bar-
gaining table, union officials say.
WARSAW - Communist leader
Wladyslaw Gomulka took some
of the edge off a party propa-
ganda campaign blaming Zionists
for widespread unrest in Poland.
Making his first public com-
ment yesterday on the riots that
began March 8, Gomulka said
there were Jewish nationalists in
the country and added: "It would
be wrong to see in Zionism a dan-
ger to socialism in Poland."
In Jerusalem, the Israeli gov-
ernment protested the anti-Zion-
ist campaign and said it would
"always intervene to protect and
shelter" persecuted Jews.
Gomulka announced in broad-
cast speech that 1,208 persons
have been arrested in the disturb-
ance. They broke out at Warsaw
University and spread to a num-
ber of cities and campuses.
He said those arrested included
367 students. Courts have fined
or imposed other sentences, he
said, on 67 students and 140
Forty three demonstrators and
103 police or auxiliaries have been
injured, Gomulka said.



' el f-~.




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