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March 06, 1968 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-03-06

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Wednesday, March 6, 1968


Kennedy Asks Selective Service Change



Collegiate Press Service
WASHINGTON - Sen. Edward
Kennedy (D-Mass) has intro-
duced an 18-part bill in the Sen-
ate that provides for drastic
changes in the Selective Service
System, most of them aimed at
reducing the powers of local draft
boards and ending inequities.
Two .of the bill's major provi-
sions are that draftees should be
chosen by random selection and
that the youngest eligible men
should be taken first.
It also provides for the estab-
lishment of -several hundred area
,offices to take over the functions
presently carried out by local
draft boards. The senator pro-
posed that local draft boards be-
come appeal boards for men in-
ducted by one of the area offices.'
The area-office plan was origin-
ally proposed by the draft com-
mission set up by President John-
son last spring.
No Passage
Kennedy's bill has little hope
of passage. Sen. Richard Russell
(D-Ga), chairman of the Armed
Services Committee, said Thurs-
day that his committee looked at
the draft thoroughly last year
and has no plans to .-go into it
again. That probably means that
Russell's committee won't even
consider Kennedy's bill ' unless

pressure is brought by other sen-
In his speech introducing the
bill in the Senate, Kennedy criti-
cized several of the draft law
amendments passed by Congress
last June. He suggested that Con-
gress enacted some of the amend-
ments simply to reduce the rights
of draftees.
As one example he cited the
1967 amendment that says the
courts can't review a decision
made by a Selective Service Board
unless the registrant involved is
charged with a criminal violation.
The amendment means, in effect,
that a draftee can't challenge a
draft board's decision in the
courts until he has been charged
with violating the draft law.
Provisions of Bill
Among the provisions in Ken-
nedy's bill are the following:
Students should be given
"postponements" during up to
four years in college, but that
these postponements should no
longer be granted if draftees are
becoming heavily involved in
combat action.
* Occupational d e f e r m e n t s
should be granted by the Presi-
dent on a uniform national basis
rather than being left to local
* Studies should be made into
the feasibility of a volunteer army,

and into the possibility of allow- "The House . . . Committee, The Daily Official Bulletin is an Beggar's Opera" and Lacy's "Sauny,
ing draft-age men to fulfill their however, greatly changed the Sen- official publication of the Univer- the Scot," Arena Theater, Frieze Bldg.,
service requirement outside of the ate-passed bill, adopting many ityhofManihigassuesowhic The 4:10 p.m.
military. punitive and restrictive provisions ial responsibility. Notices should be Cinema Guild - "Sixth Ann Arbor
0 Using the draft to punish not in the Senate bill. The House sent in TYPEWRITTEN form to Film Festival", Architecture Aud., 7:00
protesters should be prohibited. adopted its Committees' bill with Room 3564 Administration Bldg.be- and 9:05 p.m.
* The term of the Selective little change. Virtually all of these publication and by 2 p.m. Friday Lecture Demonstration - John Hig-4
Service Director should be limit- provisions were adopted in the for Saturday and Sunday. General gins, wesleyan University, "Lecture
ed to six years (Kennedy would Senate-House ConWt:ence, and Notices may be published a maxi- Demonstration of South Indian Vocal
except Gen. Hershey from this this conference bill was accepted um of two times on request; Day ,Music," Recital Hall School of Music,
exetGn.HrhyCalendaritmaperocony 8:0p.
provision. Hershey has been the by the Senate by a vole of 72-23." Student organization notices are not
director since 1940). Among the restrictive provisions accepted for publication. For more
* Courts should be allowed to introduced by the House Commit- GnomtoncCene al os
review draft board decisions. tee, perhaps the most significant WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 Botany Seminar: Co-sponsored by
These are desirable reforms, as was the one prohibiting random Department of Human Genetics, Dr.
are all of the 18 changes proposed selection, although giving the L. N. Ornston, University of Leicester,
in the senator's bill. But desirable President power to designate a ! Day Induco England, will speak on "Sequential
or not, they stand little chance of "prime age-group" for the draft. Michigan School Testing Conference and Future." Thurs., March 7,at 12
getting through Congress. In fact, Youngest First -Registration, Lobby, Rackham Bldg., noon in 1139 Nat. Sci. Bldg. Bring a
gettig though8:00 am, sack lunch.
as Kennedy himself noted in his Johnson said last spring he '0 msc h
speech introducing the bill, many would draft 19-year-olds first, Social Work-Social Science Collo- Center for Russian and East Euro-
of these reforms were specifically but he hasn't designated them as quium - Roland Warren, Professor of pean Studies/Department of History
outlawed by Congress when it Community Theory, Brandeis Univer- present a lecture by Prof. James Bil-
the prime age-group and evident- sity, "Planning Among the Giants: In- lington, Professor of History at Prince-
passed its amendments to the ly isn't going to. Presumably his terorganizational Decision-Making in ton University, The lecture is entitled
Universal Military Training and excuse is that Congress wouldn't the Model Cities Program", 2065 Frieze "The Russian Intelligentsia" and will
Service Act last June. come through on a random selec- Bldg., 3:30 p.m. be given at 4:10 p.m. in Aud. B, An-
gell Hall, on Thurs., March 7.
Fade From Sight tion method of induction, so that statistics Seminar-Prof. Bruce Hill,
The new bill probably will face he doesn't feel obliged to stick "How to identify unidentifiables if you Washington, D.C. Area Residents:
from sight before long. While it's with his intention of taking must", 3201 Angell Hall at 4:00 p.m. There are excellent summer work op-
news, though, it at least should youngest first. Department of Zoology Seminar - prfotunites rjuniorsand seniors in-
news thughritatnlastte rested din nurban studies. These open-
serve as a reminder of how the Although Kennedy's bill has Dr. Sidney W. Fox. Institute of Molec- ings are with the various governmen-
Congress not only managed to ular Evolution, University of Miami, tal units in the D.C. area. For more
virtually no chance of passage, it Coral Gables, "Self-Assembly of Pro- information stop by the Institute of
stave off draft reform, but even could conceivably generate debate tocell for Self-Ordered Plymer"; Aud. Public Administration, 1516 Rackham
managed.to take some steps back- on the draft in the Senate, and C, Angell Hall, 4:10 p.m. Bldg., to sign up for an appointment
ward wenit amended the draft thereby lead to some kind of con- Department of Speech Student Lab- on or before March 8.j
Last sprng when the President gressional action on the draft, oratory Theatre Program - Gay's "The7
set up his draft commission under D octoral
former Assistant Attorney Gen- *o
eral Burke Marshall, there was OC h al C lege G ows Examinations
a lot of hoopla in the media about Kenneth Dale Ware, Nuclear Engi-
major reforms in the draft sys- Fmop*-v neering, Thesis: "Continuous Cross-
FtCmo TheresasvenepecModulation of Microwaves in a Helium
p Plasma", on Tues., March 5 at 10 a.m.
that the time had come to do in Room 315 Auto Lab, North Campus,
something about local draft dbContinued fro Page 1) Many members will work three or -chairmen: A. Z. Akcasu and Dr.
(Coninud frm Pge 1 May meber wil wok thee r ID. R, Bach.
boards, many of which had been'hrodite suites and Zeus suites, four hours a week in the 300-
functioning with a kind of me- which are available to UT faculty seat dining hall or do maintenance .John Charles Nord, Forestry. Thesis:
dieval disregard for individual members There will be arkin tasks The Life History and Behavior of
m el paSaperda inornata and Oberea schaumi
rights, in a heated garage. At this stage, Rochdale is hard (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) in Trembl-
The Commission's report was a' As construction began in spring, to assess. The attempt to organ- ing Aspen, Populus tremuloides," on
strong one. It even included a rec- 1967, there was little thought ize without a firm structure places ;Tues., March 5 at 2 p.m. in Room 1036
~Natural Resources Bldg.., Chairman:
ommendation that the power to Rochdale would be anything more most of the responsibility on the F. B. Knight.
draft be taken away from the lo- than a giant co-operative resi- I individual members.
cal boards. Johnson decided not dence. But because of the "stifled" The bearded and -beaded regis-
to accept that particular -recom- feeling students feel at UT co-op trar of Rochdale, Rick Waern ad- Placement
mendation, but he did ask Con- members decided to add educa- mits "the building will be three- GENERAL DIVISION
gress to institute a random selec- tional aspects to the building such quarters full of people who just Placement Interviews in General
tion system, and told she nation as films and guest speakers. want a place to live while going Division, make appts. before 4 pan.
he would draft the youngest first. rThe university does not offerc to UT." eding interview. Call 764-7460.
"Theuniersty des ot fferto T."Mon.. March 11:
He also threw the question of col- much that is really humanizing," But some people are more deeply Bureau of Drug Abuse Control, Chi-
lege deferments up for "public says John Jordan, Rochdale col- committed. One member says cago, Ill. - Men. All day. BA in any
discussion." lege co-ordinator, a graduate stu- "Rochdale is a place to ask ques- course of study, for criminal investi-
Left to President dent in theology. tions and an opportunity to work gators.
The Senate Armed Services "Presidents of Ontario univer- them out honestly in an evolving Chicago Payment Center, Social Se-
Committee, as Kennedy points sities reported in February that intellectual community." curity Administration, Chicago, Ill. -
out, came up with a bill that they thought universities should be Lee sums up, Rochdale as Men and women. All day. BA Econ.,
would have left much of the re- just for education. I think the "people of a particular type doing u, Eg.l, Fin Arts, Foign Jlan-
gaeGen. Lib. Arts. Hist., Journ.,
form to the discretion of the participation should be broader," the University's work better than I Law, Libr. Sci., Math., Poli. Sci., Psych.,
President. The House Armed Serv- Jordan says. "People will have to at the University." Speech, Soc., and Soc. Wk. for Claims
ices Committee, however, took a participate at Rochdale." "Rochdale isn't Utopia," he examining.
different tack. As Kennedy de- Jobs in the building will be as- adds. "It's a bunch of human social Security Administration, Bal
scried t: ignd b usng wok shedle.timore. Md. - Men and women. All
scribed it: signed by using a work schedule. beings who are searching." day. BA Math, Stat., Econ., related
-.:- :

Physical and Social Sciences wit1
equivalent of minor in Math or sta-
tistics for Operations Research Involv-
ing data processing and statistics work.
Dow Chemical Company, Midland.
Mich. - Men and women. All day.
BA/MA Econ., Anthropology, and Bio-
chemistry for positions in Biol., Zool.,
EDP, Mktg, Res., Production, Publ.
Rel., Purchasing, Sales (inside and
territ.), Statistics and Transportation.
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance
Company, Boston, Mass. - Men and
Swomen. All day.nBA Gen. Lib. Arts
with some business courses required
for Insurance, Field Office Adminis-
tration Trainee. Trainees to learn su-
pervision of the office; placed in an
office when trained. Must agree to
move where required after training. Not
sales positions.
Wed., March 13:
American Hospital Supply Corpora-!
tion, Evanston, Ill. - Men. All day.1
BA/MA Econ., Engl., Gen. Lib. Arts.
Hist., Poll. Sci., Psych., Biochemistry'
and General Chemistry, for Mgmt.
Trng., and Inside and territorial Sales.
Washington National Insurance Com-
pany, Evanston, Il1.-Men and women.
All day. BA Gen. Lib. Arts and Psych.
for inside and territ. sales.
Thurs., March 14:
The Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo,
Michigan - Men. All day. BA/MA Bio-
chemistry, Gen. Chemistry, Microbiol-
ogy, Pharm., Pub. Health, and pre-
Med, for Territorial Sales, calling on
doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.
Continental National A m e r i c a n
Group, Chicago, Ill.-Men and women.
All day. BA/MA Educ., Gen. Lib. Arts.
and Math for Insurance, (Hoe office
and Claims), Statistics, Actuarial, no,
sales positions.
Detroit Bank and Trust Company,
Detroit. Mich. - Men and women. Alli
day. BA Econ., Engl., Gen. Lib. Arts, 1
Hist., Law, Math, Psych., Speech, Soc.
,for Banking, Elec. Computing, and
Mgmt. Trng.
Facelle Company, Oak Park, Mich.-
Men. All day. BA in Gen. Lib. Arts for
Mgmt. Trng. and Territorial Sales.
Fri., March 15:
The Rand Corporation, Santa Mon-
ica, Calif. - Men and women. All day.
Graduate students only. MA, PhD in
Econ., Math, Physics, Poli. Sci., andj
Astronomy for Theoretical Research.

Summer Placement Service,
212 S.A.R.. Lower Level.
March 7:
Irish Ifllb Girl Scout Council, Mich,
10-5. General counselors, waterfront
st.aff, sp~ecialists int nature, crafts and
Camp Birch 'Trail, Wis. Girls, 10-5.
Waterfront, cfounselors in archer.
gymnastics, tennis and arts and crafts.
Finally - The applications from Yo-
semite have arrived, for application to
summ er work for Yosemite National
Park and Curry Company California.
The following school has listed a va-
cancy for this semester in their school
Ferndale, Michigan (PS) - One early
elementary position (grades 1-3). For
further information, contact Mrs.
Shear at the Bureau of Appointments
Make interview appointments at
Room 128 H, West Engrg. Bldg. unless
otherwise specified.
McDonnell Douglas Corp. --
Douglas Aircraft and Missile &
Space Systems Divs.
March 13:
Mechanical Handling Systems Div.
American Chain & Cable Co., Inc.
Swift and Company
Research and Development Center
U. S. Gov't.
Norfolk Naval Shipyard


Nuclear Power Division
Naval Weapons Center Corona Labs.
Naval Fleet Missile Systems Analy-
sis and Evaluation Group
NOUNCEMENTS is available to offi-
cially recognized and registered student
organizations only. Forms are available
in room 1011 SAB.
Bahai Student Group, informal dis-
cussion, "All Things Made New", Fri.,
March 8, 8:00 p.m., 520 N. Ashley. All
welcome. Call 662-3548 for transporta-
Young Democrats Executive Council,
Thurs., March 7, 4:00 p.m., 2539 SAB.
speeches: candidates for state offices
and Student Government Council.

Socialist Attacks Capitalism
As Cause of Vietnam War

By JD FORSYTH Irlittle becauset
Joseph Pirincin, Ohio, of the tory" group, hie
Socialist Labor Party (SLP), said onlyfceae a
war protesters are not working in eforcreateadd
the right direction, even though SLP's theory
they probably are sincere in their in all class c
efforts. which include
Pirincin, twice a candidate for the world todl
U.S. senator, twice for governor of trols the mea.
Ohio and once for governor of deny access t
Pennsylvania, told an audience of jority," Pirinci
14 people in the Michigan Union In such a s
Monday that protesters were at- pay for the p
tacking the Vietnam war itself, said Pirincin.7
rather than its causes. plus of goodsv
The speech was sponsored by ed working c
the University's Socialist Labor to buy.
Party. Since all co
"We can't tell them they'll end der this system
the war," Pirincin said. "They foreign market
won't because what they're doing excess goods,
leaves the cause of the war un- competition, f
touched." He said he hoped the invariably lea
protesters would everntually dis- this light tha
cover the cause of the war and present war in
attack it, but in the meantime
they were not going to do any'..:, *
good at all.
Pirincin said the war really dif r
fers in no meaningful way from
any war since the inception of
slavery. D
The war is a competitive strug-
gle betweeln the United States,
Russia and Communist China over
the market represented by the
Vietnamese, said Pirincin.
The internal politicsof Vietnam
are of no interest to the United
States, he said, except as they
relate to the Vietnamese as con-=
sumers of American goods.
Pirincin warned students not to:
organize in any way until they K
leaye school and become partof
the working class. He said stu-
dents "cannot ever do anything f
beyond aiding the educational N
Pirin.cin' said students can do ,

they are a "transi-
ence unable to form
orce. "Students can
l arge meaningless
y of conflict is that
ontrolled countries,
s every country in
ay, "a minority con-
ns of life and may
o thtese for the ma-
in explained.
society, we all must
rivilege of working,
This leads to a sur-
which the "oppress-
lass" cannot afford
'untries operate un-
m, all countries need
ts to dispose of their
Pirincin said. This
or external markets
ds to war. It is in
t the SLP sees the

National Corporation seeking full-time summer help for
Michigan area. Car necessary. Experience helpful but not
needed as complete training is given each man. Oppor-
tunity for above average earnings plus scholarships. IN-
TERVIEW in Room 2X, Michigan Union at 1 :00 P.M.
and 3:00 P.M. sharp on FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 1968.




w::. : "" ... ..M1i '"""i:"i~~i~i::i l ~i:; i l ???::"}.:.. .. ::::.........

Departrnent of Romance Languages

March 8 and 9, 8:00 P.M.
TICKETS ON SALE-2076 Frieze Bldg.


7:30 Monday
Union Ballroom
SGC Presidential
Candidates Thinking




- ... .






Ci$icaI ees OM
Looking for challeng
Opportunity for grow
EXPLORE tne potential for profes-
sional achievement at the Naval Ord-
nance Station, Indian Head, Maryland.
Few technical fields offer you as many
opportunities for an exciting and re-
warding career as the rapidly growing
field of chemical propulsion. Indian Head
is a recognized leader in research, de-








laris, Poseidon, and Sidewinder propul-
sion systems as well as virtually every
missile system in use by the Fleet today.
Located 25 miles south of Washing-
ton, D.C., Indian Head is close to the
cultural, social, and scientific advan-
tages of the Nation's Capital offering
opportunities for pleasant suburban or




Liberal career Civil Service benefits
include graduate study at nearby univer-
sities with tuition expenses reimbursed.
Career positions are also available for





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