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February 28, 1968 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1968-02-28

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Wednesday, February 2$; 1968


Page Five

Wednesday, February 28, 1968 THE MICHIGAN DAILY

.Paoe Ive

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Press Abroad Attacks U.S. War Attitude

NO 2-5669

LONDON WA) - Foreign com-
mentators are indicating doubt as
to how much the American people
know or understand about the
situation in Vietnam.
Some say American leaders
have been giving a false picture.
But a number say that news re-
ports on the latest developments
in Vietnam are starting to awak-
en the public to what the com-
mentators view as a lack of suc-
cess for U.S policy.

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Gerald Priestland of the British
Broadcasting Corp. commented
from Washington: "The great
inland of America is not, I sus-
pect, as well educated on foreign
affairs as Britain is. . . For most
people the present crisis in Viet-
nam is just too complicated to
make sense.
"Apparently America has not
been winning even after three
years of effort and 16,000 dead,
and apparently all those promises
about the beginning of the end
were not true," Priestland said.
The New York correspondent of
the Tokyo newspaper Asahi wrote
that the majority of Americans
think of the Vietnam war in terms
of "very simplified formulas."
He added: "In the United States
any theory becomes conducive to
escalation of the war if it can
convince people of the wrongs of
"communists" and then "terrorist
acts" by the enemy.
"It is true that the scenes ofI
fierce fighting in Vietnam which
appear daily in the newspapers
and on television are smashing the
optimistic image that America is
winning. But it seems likely that
the public would demand more
military supply to Vietnam than a
switch from the policy of power."
The Times of London comment-
ed: "The appearance of Russian
tanks in battle may well crystal-
lize public opinion in the United
States on the competence as well
as the veracity of their military1
leadership ... How did the tanks
get there, if what the Air Force
claimed for the bombing of Northa
Vietnam and Laos was true? ... .
The tanks have visibly destroyed
the reputation of the administra-
tion for knowing what was on thel
other side of the hill... .

"The photographs in the press
and on television of South Viet-
nam's protectors bombing its own
cities and killing its own 'people
have prepared the American pub-
lic to face at last the arguments
of the correspondents in Saigon
that the war can not be won by
military means, and that the po-
litical war has never been fought
at all.

appealed to Congress yesterday
for an increase of nearly 1,400 per
cent in funds for deployment of
an anti-ballistic missile (ABM)
Department officials urged ap-
proval of a requested appropria-
tion of $312.9 million for the sys-
tem, which has been named Sen-
tinel. This year there is $22.6
million available.
They said it "will be very ef-
fective against the light, unso-
phisticated attacks that the Chi-
nese Communists are capable of
launching against the United
States during the mid 1970s."
The comments were in state-
ments to a closed session of the
Senate Armed Services Commit-
tee, which favors an ABM system.
The Army testimony that was
made public referred only to a
possible R e d Chinese missile'
threat and did not mention the
Soviet Union.
The Sentinel -system employs
long range detecting radar, track-
ing and guidance radar and Spar-

tan and Sprint interceptor mis-
Col. Thomas N. Chavis, deputy
director of missiles and space in
the Army research and develop-
ment program, told the committee
modifications in the Sentinel sys-
tem may be needed "if the Chinese
threat increases in size and sophis-
He said a more attractive alter-
native to increasing the number of
Sentinel stations would be im-
proving the system "to counter the
improvements in the Chinese IC-
BM intercontinental ballistic mis-
Chavis noted an additional $165
million was being sought to look
into possible improvements.
The ABM funds sought are part
of a $1.6 billion request for Army
research, development, test and
Tuesday's hearing dealt with the
proposed authorization for that
amount. It, in turn is part of the
overall $76 billion budget the De-
fense Department has asked for
the fiscal year beginning July 1.

"Indeed, as it becomes painfully
clear that Vietnam is not Korea
in the '50s. the idea is germinat-
ing that the war is one which
the United States, invincible or
not, can lose."
Another London paper, the Sun,
complained: "What meaning is
left in language when the Ameri-
cans claim to save a town by de-
stroying it?"

Army Asks Deployment
Of Anti-Missile System

Science is shown to vindicate Biblical Creationism
-without necessitating textual "de-mythologizing."
Life, Man and Time
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Written by Frank L. Marsh, Ph.D., professor of biology and chief consultant,
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concise and authoritative statement of the position of the creationist scientist today,
treating with thoroughness and scientific fidelity such subjects as the relation of age
dating tests to the creationist thesis.
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observed natural phenomena?
This striking change in only one decade has. come abouft largely as a result of
the writings of Dr. Marsh, particularly this book, LIFE, MAN, AND TIME.
For years the evolution theory has been treated as established fact, and disbelief
in evolution has been taken to be synonymous with ignorance and religious superstition.
But is it possible that today something significant is brewing in the field of natural
Read for yourself and judge-
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color illustrations throughout.

I think you can measure.
a company 's nterest in
its people bits willinness
to invest in them'.
"I joined IBM in June, '65, in operations research.
"I liked the work well enough, but after a year and a half, I began to
think that the ideal field for me was computer programming. (This is
Alvin Palmer, an Associate Programmer at IBM.)
"But by this time, I was making a pretty good salary. So I was faced with
a big question. Would IBM be willing to let me move into a new field
which would mean going to school and not being productive for a while?
"The answer was 'yes.' I went to programming school full time for three
months. And IBM continued to pay my full salary.
"I get a tremendous-kick out of programming. You're telling a computer
how to do its job, and it really gets you involved. Maybe because you're
continually solving problems."
You don't need a technical degree
"Your major doesn't matter. There
are plenty of programmers at IBM
with degrees in liberal arts or business.r
What counts is having a logical mind.
"I'm making good progress in this field,
so I'm glad I was able to make the
change. I think it indicates how far
IBM will go to help you make the most of
your abilities."
Al's comnents cover only a small part of
the IBM story. For more facts, visit your
campus placement office. Or send an outline
of your career interests and educational
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portunity employer.
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