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May 22, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-22

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NO. 1171
This i-tening the Coateia-tt lut of the
te Largest Meet Ever Held Starts Antnt Arbor high school presetts their
annual phay. The east w1as given in
Taday With 539 Entries y 209 «v dotsdays Daily and is one that
Men-Play at Athens and warrats the expetaion of a good
Dlance at Gymnasium lerfrniance. The attention of all
thtoetlesirots of attending the exer-
cies and dancee att Waterman gyina-
'c1' T the big interscholastic meet siumti is catled to the arrangements that
1 0AT o'lock the trials wil be- lhve been mae to enable them to at-
;o 'f aeit 59ttentrie, etotunting d- tertil 'Miss tHobis as wel.
pV I s r Mitny of thest cottestants Ttetlay will cortmetce promptly
hae replae tt stay, ani thtetmnanag- it 7:40 p. n. an tr efears will ttt
mwD In romised them boa ittnd ready at the clost of the play to trno--
r'teodittg upon the' student body for the crow i ret to Witermntn
-ftrb* ie oi ott. There tre few en hgy ttasiumo before the datce comt-
-sle nverity who cotld rot enter- iene..
thi t Or st otto guesttntd it is th
- nk~ ib ttrtdtnts t setatitthee HIGH SCHOOL WON
-4tslmrar-m- r orperl tired for. Any-
,am ~ a Otsnotttyet rrnforttetd the mian- Dfae h 0 asi h ags
. ogre -'ThtIthey owill are for ott or leetdte'5Lw I h ags
mor mtetint- itt-t do so this mort- Attended Game f the Seasn-
imro rir -tCrsrnter will be ini the Play '05 Engineers fr
7rsprrreotortof Vt tirriatgymnasium Caposi
-iPnr 1w i:ma be -i-ittor reachedi by ___
pve_4Vnuttintoary tikets to tto
meet Ott' he ien to evryone who The AntoArlorhigh echootito.astiall
n atrarr *itu-tt.s tttttwont tIhardidfottgt gttie tster-
7 ii iii'- ton tte progrmtuforfay- f rtttithe Ot:t11 hiovwshb- the score
thk:neerof Ott to 7. Tei vittor givs that
ttatmtthe right tt contest ii the fliths
1btia~o- tay 22. 093 3 p. an. agitst the lt9o3 eginieron ottnitday,
- ~als itt Tractk Events. My 27.
Thei-gmttebrtugiftiut the larget
ott 1. Ya Otidsh. batstball rotdof t- e stonas flly
1 '5xiV71.highuItrdlts. h1i2t) high shotol antIufiviroty t-
ho thi44" tid ritilrun.it. ehts fillei the gradtstartlath
10 -ars as-2d ril ti. ltat-lt-ts. It00-as intitteal dy for te
. 1yto - dahl. gmtead ortItht tteas oet-cero et ort
4n. °?3J' gai-rogliyii-hurrdlts. to vii-itr liby lt-i'nthitihiti soiurts
i..iU ase itnl tittof tet-rfello sttide-tts. ThelawIt s
Ma - Oty 23, t1it3, 9 a. in. i-is of tihigh11,t1Isthtu madethemt-istlves
? 12 l Y? . -sht. 'Te gitritentre..owitiftiry good
2 av l hithirincontest. phayitig artbotti stlts. The high si-hotol
1 a hlist igh jurmpt. cinitiig.wedti tolbsineslit therifirti-t
4r'ljs-tng 12 t. tittttmtr. iningit hentheooayiightit t-tanifrIta
f ~ toi' tf ul.tineittthree tus. IErrrsosttnr beant
r_ 1mla~ broad jumptt. i iittstitiitint.it le oet
ut ii~itlttt~ - iset-ially itostly it trehigh scol
"tmu hlttay 2, 11)03, 2 p. mn. tritg the sixt innitntg. Benrtooas ri.
1- 1S:. k ast-steritfinlsil. ptlacttd Iby Cartmihtaelilthettfiftt ii-
zei t ightthuirdles-seti finals. rnig. Te ft-shlas at netotit
:-446 1 d rur-finatl. a rae antIatetied Iitta ftir' wy to
20*Y.Erds dts-final. lull tegittme otOof tto fir oowhe
:-3-20 - shigh hurdle-finals. ttethavy Ihittigk of tit' high sihol
-&fl mile run-fi n. lit te-entr gtveothemt four more
a_ r0ns idasl-semi finals. runstanard secured te grie. The laws
- - an-is low hurdle-semi final, a-re urnable to oerome tiie new lead
I). mile run. anit their eforts Iit the eighth anti
-ni-vado do.sh-final.nit trogtonly twoiarun, leaving
X Bards t low hurdles-final. the ital sr-tre 1 to 7.
AMs 4. uile i-mi.Tie fine pitching of MleCain fr the
VeU rtces-finil. high school wasii a feature of the hte.
te lloweo-nlry six hits ard with
gire In the diferent events prtiper supprt would have scared0
-- a*1 ow: shrtout. Carmierael pitched four in-
-1. .yard dash, 10 1-5Osee. ninigfofr the 193 las ard alowe
-± AVyarnd (ash, 22 4-i sen. five its. Suthertand, Rosnerge- r ard
:3L 4-S0yaa- i-tn, 532-5 see. ' Neiseri carrietlofathe btting tootrs.
-4- fts utle run, 2 mn. 4 se. The scotre:
Tr (we mite i-tn, 4 main. 55 ec. ANN ARBOR.
Tv.mite run, 10 mii. 52 se. ASB IR 5 P A E
-..-20)y& h igir hurdle, 1 2-5 ec. Bekap, so - 3 3...5 2 3 2 2
:J =0 yd-lo hurdle 2 4-5 sec. Sutherland, c. f.- 0. 1 3 2 100
13 11*11 jump, 5 ft.5 in. Ttft, c- --.......5 2 1110 O 00
-" UremI Jump, 20) ft. 5 in. Roseierer, r. f....5 . 2 3 0 0 1
-11- Te vault, 0 ft. iGeore 3 b.:-.... t2 0 2 1
I.w~ere lb. Hlammrei, 128 ft. 2 in. Neisenn ......b-.4 1 3 8 0 0
;3 f1vr- thlb. Sot4) ft. 7 1-2 in. Rahbttone, 1. f -...3 1 0 1 :13
1--.riti., 30 ft. Wtkin,. 2 b -....4 0 1 2 2"
41. onott mie ret.ay, 1 rin. 37 3-5 se. MicCai, p -....4 0 0 0 2 0
T'mmii rorevening the High School -----
om- m Club willth ct1 give their ply at Total-----------.40 10 14 '270 7
the- othor. theatre conpimenary to 1(15 LAW.
- Ix~krs ns at 7:30 whichi with Si fal- AB R 51 P A V
1e 1 by j the tig datnce nt Watermani tMacArtturs.. so - 4 0 0 0. 0 3
-maol-noo. into yti colored orcies- Itniti, r. f -.. . 0 1 0 100
rm "T -tOit, art to furnish music, Fotsinti 3 b...-.. t 2 2 0 5 1
ani tis party isto Otbte strictly inforr. HIltc.......--.3 101t 5 o00
,Idh uilnaing owil ibegi aout 9 ococik. lBrauin, 2 b...-... 0 0 4 2 0
- - -mItitgoietitextendila0coril ni tonis .....Si - 5 0101 0 0)
jny5tL 0 Ontt the high-scoot girls to Rutssl,1. f......5 2 1 1 0 0
come ins a bodyt- ts will be sent else- hBroown, .f.0 -...4 0 it 1 0 0)
%hmito ths issiue. Btt-tnt...p- - -...0 o 0 0 31.
,M. -romtistes to he tbyfar therota.t Catrmtic~halIut...p--2 0 1 0 2 1
s - o.oh tfietItt tre hstor of n-- -- - - -
-zTI i t- s"tic athletics. If it does rot Totalst- - -.....3 7 6t 24 2 5
5ifoitso it ow1 i'bedine to tire hick of Hattie rtns-Ruissell,. holsitri. Thtree-
.a peiatiott on the part of tire etu- batse thits-Roasenrberger, Wattkins, j
- t to er. tt is a favor to thre Unit- SiuthrlattntdtHttcti. Towo-base i'its-
-si~ p-l for a student to entertain a IBelknatp. Struc-k out-By Bean, 1; hiy
.-thiing athlete. intl may influence the Carmticihael, 2:;Sty tcCaiin, 9. Basis
-oliliar -in hits chtoice of a college and ant halls-Off' OteCain 3. Ininigs pttch-I
-o makenniea difference withr the future ed-Bleain, 5; Ctarmtichaetl, 4. Umprlire-
- a0 Mieigan atihletics. - -Stripp.
STUDENT DISAPPEARED thitniiI ht ifr.. Sitito s otosthtt-
titati. itontier hwattihititiktifo'fels
itt the bocl.. Mtat-be Mttximo a -nts
Senior Medic Diappeared Yesterday me to cat1,91,ii agin. Se s tt a
Mortng Uder Pecliar Cu-com- -tttxtcttntandtIso moire fanitic thitn
tances-Pssilt of thiey re. welt.,toeace to mT ashes.
s s~ti " tty 19 19?3.
Etclosed onas a brown sipt of tooer,
Cotsiertable excitemenntittrevailedIMntila wripin litter.otithi stlt- th
arounid the campiuis testi-rdltyttnt tc- words:
cotunt of a titurihr stiry ittci-rcultatin III
Btelow is thetccoiunt of thiatiftir By Say 20
wvhic-ht tpphearedh tntlst evinitgsAr- SMAXIO.
gus:It is stppsed thttt Ptttersns nte,
Albert A. Pattersont. i-ihosun niys -Ma 2- 230-Sil lie" n-h
terhiolt-dsapphered list night, is a outide of hio nivop nmeant that
senior nmedicitl studtent, of god sttnd-OMtit'2) had totsseud antInoting htd
ig inihis ctsse quielttand resent-i-tihtppenetid
inn intin-raridis tettmedti ti''giotditftl-I- Pattersanthdttildathhis itnct-. tihuat
loot" althsought it hs aisdthhi tited to he three wteeks tigo, of reciving the first
alone considertiblt. Itorooms at the notie frogInt i Texts sert sciett lii
hoause ofDeptuttyPostmtitster earg".e titusbooms fircdit fojoit. Slittorrid
Vantdaowtrker on E. tttrounustreef. oer imitt le afterwaords fold her
This mnorning oo-heniDthutyto- ist- theott s nothing fnitf.thatuhte Ots
matster Vantdtawatrker ovnot otiut to' justofjolying hr. tnt the light of prs-
uis ltawonnte foiundutuontit atwiotte lit. ensituets. slit seunto icied hht -
suithi isoPtattersountto-tre, twithi a hoeiu hi-ti-thatohe si this simptlt- to reiee
it ablout artinetshong.too if matdue byhut-it-Pfom or ury.
same bluhnnt instrtuentth ishitirandst ~is etorteud that a (Greetcstle,
blhood ant it the bloutod haingtri cklsedhInds.. girl to womsuinPtteri'na ts fu-
down ntloathuelhandu. On hie iside'of merlt entgageduh ots5 writing im a-
ft hatitwasttthe wourdl"Pattersot.' nmost dilt letters.
Mr tttersontwasoottsmittote foundttth Ptttersoint oas front Greenestte.
ira s roomni. Se otts tengged itote Intu. He wtotto-utoufttyetrs of ige
matrried to tisetnior mtituiaulIstudentt.tndulthose woot knuohintsay tt lu ie
woaroomeid as ieIhueoiuse of Cito En- 1isuiot thu ttantwolwouldt' attemptitititto
ginteerritovtes justatoutndtulthe coret rittetitntysettatin. H 00ws a.Pit
art Tweilfthi street. IHu sttuid -it-til ttitti Psitof hiP uu'tUiverity.~t
her eve-i'tnightf ntilasotishere'nasus tul
hst fight, hltuving ter t a qutrer to TEAM GONE EAST
12 a'clock.
31Thut-tI itshistootmtshowtted ithout0Ihi
hattu tnot gue hhto -i. althougithi thu hsi Game With Cornell will Famnish an
clohinmg tots trned-lbasik tatnd is pilowt Idea of Our Standing With East
m ioveid s if he had started to gut to -New Positions
bed. __
holrse. a mueuicl studnut hut an ain-
joiniintg houotse owts tawatkemedtbetwoenT he'lst'otrsit hisu'hitl siudnausmu-
02 ntil0o'clock blot'imose tandulBeiring Ittu-us, lifttn thio 1:30 -i-
sct-ufling ot thiesidewtalk,.btndiithnot igtuuu tettrt Itrains yistertday or a
thinkl it sriotts enoutgh to get upt. Ithacau-t. . Y. whrett hey I-t'till plty
It ooaso Pttterson'us pratce-oof owrte
ai hethin on two-avery nigtfafttr cart- Cutelnl tiumro.T'flulhoing mn't
ig backs front oisitinug his grl and lit tmtdehothefri: Sotha,tole,'.Crotht-
is thought he msay' haveu gose out t05ei-no.edeuhn,iCtampbell-h, BiruCtting,
matilt i. Katrteni.aios tCapt. Utley.
is fiancee ctume oerft his rooinuT omotrrowo's gttme is tto it of the
and hunting around thurougthi his effects nnua series owills Crntel. It till o-
found a letter ini t drawoenr ohici so tin the i rt intir-sectiuonatlcontest
iu Pattersonns handroiting an thte en- in 05)3 college batseballthantiloill Se of
veloape nwas "Ta be opened in case of service upon whichs to hse hio batse-
moy death or disuappearanee. Then, tllt ineae of the differnrt tetims.
in pencil hatilt- crawnled onstteoaut- Conell htts eentlin~lttg gool biaseal
side wnas "Mtay 23. 12:30. Still alive.'tduringfle early setsointand has
'rT.onill be under.too better on-hen scordvcittories oven Princeton ard
the Teter is read. The letter enclosed Pe-nsylvniua. Tflu e i ithfisHa-
was as follows-.:tvrd resule ins a victoryt for te
I with be the only ane to ever rad crimsonsyet the Cornell teamn cart be
this. So I s uppose it is a silly thing saui to hi in the first cltus. i baseball.
to do. No one else wilt get to enjoy Mi-hiant has played ro guimes upon
it. It's ate and I suppose that has wnich n estimate can tbe imade. ILat
sonething to do with It. But I sure ,Vea'',,eamn lost the serie. to Cornell
do feel neroous. Whets 1-os n-st San yt there i no comphaison betwen l
Anttonio in theointer of '9298, I met te t.902 ard the 13 liclhigte tams.
with an experience. I wandered luto Withs average luck MichiansugOht to
the Mlexican part of onr. It's 0too wit tomorrow. The ifildi is in goot
late to tell it all. Sufficet to say I playing order. Redident is a big ir-
stumbled onto a meeting of aii oiga-tt0 hlovemnt at thisrd ard the atditionr
ization. I owas Immediately caught, of Cole to te batting list oill give
gagged ansd tied. They oenot through it added strengthi. tapt. Utey andu
a ot of tousmy-rot but I could 500e tiavis nwil frm flebattryin t tomo-
that fluey on-re feaid in earnest in it oon-gane.
ailt. They made me swear to a tt of ________
thuirgs. I thought it wa. a sort of
tart. Then they ed me aut throgh a Deate o~ight
hang tunne, blind-folded.-and tools re ITe memubers of te twovdtebating
across thu ri-ier ther. I on-to teary a teassswhih wilt do bastte- for the
soer going hiaIsk there to ook for hio cuptonfithght hate e Sen orkaing toy
iplace andI I never sawanary of thoe ad. Theiuhestionm tin Sn. debated t+,
pirooonst tgain. I ame- north. enrlstedt Resolvced,.that if is unitsiso fan thu
antIwon fttoan,00-itodischuarged ndisatsfto0atemt ltto tx persoalI
havie behitotIerein -schaol evernce1t( hrtiet-tt
andh hiaveonetenrtetrd anythtingHasd Rotnhitam. are e cetianally s-trog
atmost forgotten it unti I got a note thitti-tn. emng compotsIostt of
sonic - ime since owarninugre that I- umet ti-Io htve had tt cosidrbluex
hailforfi-iteud nut'life ansulit owouldthhe tuuriuuuu-oIi detutting. Adititalsttzest
taksen.Rts~! I ansi ashatmusdt to torite is alwontys giveun to this tdetbate fromi
fhiss etenr for mytft-o radsui.Sut somie- lte ftct thasn it is betoeenm the loo n md
00-sit-c0ntitshake rustseth' free of si lihtertyudep-tmnt ts.
sort of dreadn. I gotsnoher note snT'hesi-iltehisantls inn asfollows:
theno t.isuftoust','whielt I slt bnut hLtnrtrymt nhtinirtn-tt-Adelpti So
thineot'awnay. Ittdon'tuseemsnpossibleheliiitt)-Ambericsons, Shmitzta Holder-
that anything could comte of it hut man: liondepitm ihent-1'ebster So-
well, soehing of thse olt treadt of uitt-Riptple. JonresGel.
that night iii Texas is ann me stud tay- Senaor Simnos onillhintsile, ani
be this onitt free rue of it. So if I -am Juidge Kitire. W. NN'. Wodttteye n md
found deant onrnutsing sum old friend I)eaniVaughaun wtoill judnge tine delivery.
Mlaximto has fixed it.This dreaded Itpentedtt by the Itotroit Alumoni Assa-
ting has ma~udo me feet more nervout.I cain ndt is aifint- truothy.

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