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May 15, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-15

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Ytl,.,.~ ~ . ~ N'0 0 r ^. t., v, . ,s.r /,,-+ -r., .,...;, "'sr' s.t'"' . , 0"' ,q "0 . - ,rt ^. l '*("+, ' ,tr- '^' ,l;o"C^ y5^ j,
IIx 7
I ~Ask to see our new "Spud"lat
5 yI 7r'ti' .-v.v. ~r~u--.,rs ^s"!fn mry ;cRv+r" ^ xr v.Ywyr^+++ * RM r 7^ MFru.R...i~v..n7r/ie."l' wanr~~+ - u y.-, ,.e .t,, R,[°
5 ''1 5 . 5^.- . -5 ' w5 5 . , ..'a .i . ..,. 5 ,w. .. t'+ 5.l: . t d. .~.w. o... .s « _ : -. . . w . .. .. . , .
~New Souvenir of Miichigat
University Views and
[Inquire at
Colllfiig Ullivorsi1)
School of Law
Offers a thrce-year's course in privat
aszd public law leadiug to the dcgre
of LL. B. Membership in the echo(
Is restricted to graduates of college
and scicntific schools in good standin
and to persooss presentiug sailofaclor
evidence of equivalent training. Gras
uates of approveud colleges are adi
tea wihout examination.
Far circulars containing fall Infoi
otion, address the Secretary of C<
hambia Uivcrsity, Ncw York City.
Drop inad get Oysters in any style an
Lunches of all hinds.
IN T. HuronSst. Next toF.andlM. Ban
.one block fromt the Athes.
unch & Tuxning Roon0
2n4S.State St. s2hihertyKt
Try oas Soeclal _ teak, a, c.open8all
IIIXSON & SAMSQI'{, retors
J6ob Printinni
The Mad Ya JteLooking For
every Studen t hutd I'n
vest 4o Cerjts
Xnd -get the, Detroit Free "Press
every meorning and the Ann
Arbor Daily .Argas -every even-
ing. The hest papers in the
state and city for the one price
of 10K, cents a week. Leave or-
ders for the corgibination, at
Stofiett's, 121 Main St.,Meyers,
611 E. Wil lana4 St, or Ag
otffce1 110 ath Main Stree
Car. 'Main anid Huron Sts. Phone 389, 3 rinigs. DIREC TO R
Otliii 2091 S4t1hA 'Phionei.s8I. Resl-
0TH ER COLLEGES CALENDAR dfllt 32 .5tit,,(i. 7'hone :14. Ani-
- Rooting I~rt i lis be-toing ~in~il itt Thi 1, 15, ItSMay 1-istial. Woolen Sutlings
il 1)y lt hieIIlinis foilN o win) t-X hellii ir sa1i 1 itili School va.n'01 liw Ii he argest tSlnkof «-OOLENS in
tn to lanthchamp101 liohipl. 0 t15ay ia s 0 Ll the city, roode to meosotre 1111aaper-
TitoI atColumia Siectorblt', l iii- i I ' x1iifaIt IIT (1 lAANTE . (No uoiney
larofc ithat uivintoiy, has just t cl py16-'3 ltl otics s. atininet tof1in itldii-i-5 )Saek- suits $161 aid up.
lit-etit-t s tweiiiv-fifth titiiivi-c SlitMa 11. Ptrincec Alb)eit, 1-tll IDlieco and Tuxe-
Init cli-licoltiof thpe et tli iit lilit il '11Itt 1111Du111m1't1with (licago. does $and uit tp. Trtosrii',s $4150
BhhYaieItndii itct111111give0 o111nii'15iiiid ill. SAtTtSI'ACION GUAM-
, r Irtunutili tahis ti-ok. AltS -iii' Guaranteed fountain pens, $1 up.Vs 11 ED. 1
to s 'oYou Like' It" aid ll'the otiii-ilsCashing'a Pharmacy.
ee ofi Erroris -will bei,' iiven id hel nit-
© iitci - asill probabtily l ivlcnnat Pi'ce- qli\\it) itioice l1:iy lOsti\,alltickets for CUSTIOM TAILORIING, (Iser 1st Na-
ol tt also. so'ti-by '. 1E. Bathel-l, 3216 S. Sltte- tionatl Bank, Ann ArbotiM Sich.
es Nixt Yeair'Pritetieoit will 1ht1a-e a DW tree tii--. lilt
Iti-slinnil tinDtgi-.11i1i. Thel'l'l lltillQ ffg Q ~ 0 n1
ig a tt-itiruialat-tielak)t,11 iitoetbolrttwill Lto l iOOnettiPit illt Iiai iiicst lituilti' n vI k.'i e .111)wil IUn rtun tOAphaPhlhose:11(.fillRCTO,
-y 1)e- subedt o f-il-i ileiintspectionfthet liiitctitt' i''iward. it' W 3sBooih jee Vtitee-hae
d-tiiat-sity nititilito.Win Arnotd tieVSCVaghan
Eye gltisses repaired. new lenses at Jota siter ETi li
N 2JiBye Judtri Ilosr
AMUSEMENTS____rank__,it ciilazier Chrisilos Martiin
Fifteeniipil-c-entoff ott teti I & ~ fn~nQnrercRn
r-~Th fltn ttrN INSTRELS. Esoer at E. Iltleti-it Co. ongiiuerin 11rTIDSamJU v os ank
(t ide-oii'slig Mitutrelastaill itppiearastoauppliea. tInquire at 331 lPackard Capitl iSin -5,5000. Siieittt, o$os0W.
aliiAuuoa'Iu-ic IliotttiUar''.77 Orgaized Linder the 0,-lneal Bssakig Laws
May 1ath. Aimong till the mitiart'l oftibis State.
y R~~eceives eivsdeposithuyt tid edlstoexchan~ge
organiiztiionis ini American, notiteatstadstMONDAY E\VENINGl AT GRlAN- one the tirincipal cit-nsat the Uiited Stoles.
hihr nth stmtono tetrI^:'s. Draftsetashed spas prsper identification
.r higtci h'elmtii t t-~eI Safety hoses ts rent.
goet- h ~an (titliot's sota, aviicli ha siT'e1-Uond 1y3evetningpracticoeItro- Orriceest Chaurles E. Rieco-k. Pres.; W, D
alwss reseit- edtltilhigh cltasminstrelsy grtiif datintg asill contlinth roughlt- rimtleanVice-Coosi.;t .. . Frito. Casehier.
das-ll iit-iotl lrita ti'f-i ii 10otlg or ln-tgSt 0DY.. A. A,,& iJ. RY. Standard Timoa
tres. This sasoanr the mianiagemtit 'cl iok. Asasembllies Wedtnesaty and Far Detroit half hourly front 6:111 a.
akof Ohils.targe orgtniziattion asas it-Ir- Stituctlty Inightsa, 211)0tt 12 o'clockh. m. until 6:15 p. m.. Then hoarly until
ainedtoi to eclipse all previous effots P'rogratnet ISatucdytityrg-lt, 9 to 12 11:15. For Ypsilanti only, at 12:15 a.
andt with tis endtin i view succoeeded oclock.h.,on.sd 12:45 a. mn. For Jacheon_ hourly:
Ili organizitig a comtpatny of distinct_ front 6:15 a- m..-until ;7:15 p. mo Then
mrerit fromt ht a musaictal arid cotiedy SAtESJIEN AND) WOMIEN Wn' NTi2D at 9:15 p. mo. and l1:ll p. no..,
shtlapit., The first ptirt staige sell- Special olfer- to studets. Ltnliesaas Waiting room Haron St.,- W. of Main,
[1 iris is said toi be Or'e it thre miost coat- tn-lits getlemen can hianidleoorinro ANN ARBOR 'RAILROAD
ly ashowntionthlt'istrllstage'.'STe of goods; $1.t5n) ilear, n arth-tilistle; -a.a~x L~E
scenie representiiin i'aris Thick, "Ini.$511 hiien is a lprizeto one mingii TanslaeAn es yCeta-ta
Old Viennta"111 a-l wilt-liis lbrillitly largest rinimber of stilt's.iiltresed Tie.eveAnAbrb eta tn
h. lluminrateid withi hundreds, of coloreilmnthsi; $W) for teconid anti x20 fotr -- - -Nfecilve Oct. 20. 1902L.
lightstawhile the costuming is said ho tird.-$141) gienhshis ze ~for'eaitr SOUTH ORTH
-bit very rih-l in i goad taste. hundrdc'-Istilt-s. Ertirgetht-, einnaien- : -_________
tiDone ltadtisatnd gortt-ent tll intl Ne.6.- 7:20 A. au RN..- 4:00 A. M.
tLost-A Chil Pal pin. Reward if re-seli'mtilt' (X1)11 1. Wtalhttgtoti eiet. N . -tI-;&3A. M. No. .-It:tiO S.-1.
ktnt-ned to N. -.LATHRIOP, 13. 1F. S2ARIIIIT. No. 4- 6t5 Pa. No. .- t5 p
0 (7 1007 I.Hares. ilf,; Matnager. Troinp Non. S sond Onion between Ann Arbor
.. t . Pand-Te ed oniy. . "., ,,- -.x
-- ck ( Trains, 1, 2,.3at44.5 nod daily except Sunday
PfCWIK ILIAR PRLR BWLI NG Free chair car. o No. iand4
' Prizes given each day. 707 N, University Ave, J. J. KIRBY . 0. pA.
Save a walk and get your ----iegr F~ ent.
Watches, Clck and Jwer ANN ARBOR TO
Engravintg a specialty. ,Work Guaranteed. Call in and examine NEW YO RK .
our U.,of M. Pins. Souvenir Spoons and Banners. AND BO'STON
- With direct econctinsoat C-icage lee St
LouFeeinKacnadityeo Pug n~h nckenalina n
j . W 6St Fr nfrmtinan troghtikes al o-r 40j . aSC LE DEBwrite to W. W. CASE. Agent, Ann Arboe
Single admission 50c, $1.00 An essential part of your college equipment i a Tickets, entire course $1.00
Sldet Lecier Assciation ikt
The Assoiationsells tichets, not to "msahe'money," hat to be able to bring Io the Watc -ti space for S., L. A. an-
University c-f Michigan tire greatest orators, lecturers and entertainers of the wsorld. All pucm nsaddts
money is returned to the student in the form of lectures, -one et n dts
Al ILVVARD'S Spring of 'o3 Wooleus have arrived contain-
M I W - " D )ing prettiest line of Home-Spuns ever shown

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