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May 14, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-14

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READY FOR CHICAGO (ik i 1; hildci h deiht. :vMAY FESTIVAL
cSee featiureofel dnceflintehow's
irosgil od judgenie . iesele to
Track Team will do LigttWork Until of the llilci-, viiich i to b ve- cgoodI'OpnsnoThis Evening XWith "Carata-
S turday-Michiga n Expects to wiiid ihe ai-aiiieieut of ite iiorii cus"-The First Production of
Win tashoo and Quarter-Mile twii calzeso iiivsrey twou-ep.Th
________prgras ierett'ly souvrensirs in ye thlanaa-nAmrc
lowe andibliue. The tic-ke.w hirls re
The inet tiesdasicywcihebe ccliilarn- oilt lic'le now ct the iBarhosl gnun iThe litciconert of theseInchuscia
ivel eaOcsy oniis fr the Michigan truck ciiliare goilg fsas , 5.OWilig5t Mv yF etivalwiliile givenin ii iier-
men Fcthat re to comiplee against Cli- ick:of flior space lenimber i _iyll hi sisevening sld the mod-
cogs ucai Saturdy cafternioiin. liiiited lto ifty oupe. All iroc--slov ing people froni all pars ofith1le
Al ogh lehiga ixicuets Os arc tobehanedi iser 1o the \oiciaiic s csit cciii e given a tase of giood
AlthughMichganexpets o mwlleague.AMrs. Jordan, AMrs. ChalesiIcmusic
ua majority 01' the points in thi dual IBaird, Mrs. tBadwin and Mrs. AMur j'heconert, have een cwritens up
rntc-ct, in every single event thlerots shal ill5iiichaperoieand ci veryi Jolly so imasytoes liraiv Sialit seemis
resenhai les sot the yellow and hle imelli is ponmised to the imens liickalmoist Imipossible 10 say antinvgsiinewcc
will nie t foenien wsorthy of their sele eoughtoseleveinvitations. I reg-rd to thi. EIlcarii Eiger's
nth Sagg ial-sys Iturns out t srong BASEBALL TAMnia pdcdtiseen Ciraeta1eus"hcs-ilheenss
t~-is teasniandth51s5year his cigcrc LSC lcelhs vnn. le isie
cut n possecsto ce s tor iia fo iroounted one of thetrealstms-
gtti~n rouisesto e btte tha fo Si ts of ti orihestra ccwio eer lied.
sero - i' Iytsi past. This messanyii From Victorious Western Trip-Senior fn regard to I Prof. Sianley si:
cse andl 0extinig contiests fr lOxt Mdc eea h
iaarlriMdc eetSop sb he "tn cleacus is a trctmatis- ettig
The 1 ,srd-srd~asih csill be aight to 1 Scor of ii to 9siso5pod nteSlicissciics
lilt. natslrbetwee Blurof Chcg fBita ini. t is full of the isisico-
rnodiRe. a of 'Michiigsan, oits he L II Kt E STANDIiNG. Rich R ichadddvcsWagner n is itmostu1cels-
e-licsiss sightly in fcvor f the lctlss lPe siered a-s si lunit a-s frossibegininiig
figurinig in he bausis of theu' respec Won. Locit. (sOni. ls slls ieic-rises-it
tis-eirfreisne s st SPhladelihia Ilhiii .............iG I 8s7propeic asecha-irater deiinig-cre
tr( e cks i go. There it ccill bh, riiichigsaui..- - --.. 5 L -14interwoen-coIll lie hosst igensious an-
caesbered 115511 was gicei esecondiicaisgo0--....i..eise.esorc..h hel.ses17c
ii~e'55~5 Sihilt Of S 1netilet evere with---a-ke-------nsedr-
I aW o4hc fHradi h Gisicosis ......1isI s daatic fitness. It Is diided irte
fbisss, 'tretinig Blauir oulS byc-sfen Norl ivesteris -... 1 71 25-six ciX enes, earls sisit andlconple
mess's.- Stewcart of Miclig-siiseeiss ___
as scs-e he ces ci ils lii lll S c fluV i I lcciii slisisel i isnsise sll lifityettbrosgtistosipefect
isshace sit(ughostei 01Cissi-- d1 heWriy emreun en igoe unistyof expressivon. Loig atl lie
rss s-loup.Sa o hcaowlliwsternlily) stclirilay mocrning-adwrcc--rticl-ily oeseis temsptecd iocan
Inc che 225-ycrd dashcit ics lmosti Otit-nc iii alle msens repocrted ftel-pre-c-nalsisicwhiichs. cwere jusicle dcccii Ill
.psslal t pik ilt %innr.I~an' ti~ein heaftrnon.Th prctcework cc old le toocctelsiicl. ccanciils-
pcscisl to hivlii Seiincr Slslscc sis cc he fli'iccssii-arseni a110 iscsior o w crie of it siii a
time cit22 >r sedsflit madise Ini the cc--c c-es-ylihts i cvssicotieons iiici s wayco.
cc~irsitytueet, is the fIa-steis aisili 1 cc s-c-ct-advoIisablectcegictenliseavy AS lite musicin tsgeneral tis
1i1iw West this yeari beat 1- tI ulsc i iingB'',; wrWit h yisccciccicguises' on oic c-'lciuc ccviccllill c
bost perfoi'isslcici cc ccy wo-istissof as ccciii ccThoiolcy cwork idulged -Ikept cInsclsmind. Icit snolhig lhcc becn
asec-cnd. On thilssis coisc' I 1isisow-lt ic ccs gc icc115. hlubhlscucen1thciiiwlic en ls-cccwithc vewccoinan i iilse cl-
so ma t frst iuseo c wihI'iii i i od aitesul- Iclisofitncsuclic-c-cclc ('othciui-lc csiccchh lcteiicl
vinc Slecusi, Nu 10c tis ud ic ccl tiuciii th1ccc-cciescscnciand esiilsin cgisg 0o' r iihe csigc-r: tiss'
ircnn all rutininig cstg. thei'rscliit f is cfsort, is hoin li-corulscsrs' full cof lifeccliii vigr yt
In Vie c4-o vish Reslitiistsuik seems(etiline utth iiing ssvis lliilguin hsicI a-stlsciici-lics'iIslstcicisi
tr et he , swAceteiillc it Oluitid i (lneilsoev'srctg5in(,.Iti - ito ltheiiscsi i-tyhyclic-hioftnimaleshe ls
cim f.ccl2Asrcndi lside'Sd sis ice ists ii'' i ility thaut acieatcier' lurtilsof sorchest'lra iltcsmo5st importatcifacitorhci
the iii teliiquar t i-nie isa O benth iiisc otis's ciiitiit,.ciid. The ie ldh- inthie cstulscsI 'Sfect ihsiclcciocunslus-
anoocus sicthe -perssigcs-scmac-c'ic-uscciie sey shert ccas e i5oi- ingita ss' cv-t-ccnsl its. tirosis
~anywchere iiillsheUnsied Mateiss thi
'yean'tdlie I sis cabl'of dociigstill
bet0er. .Tayhr uandlllsccciatcr of r
fhisen' cwere iothi betenou(it by U b e
Baeo- llni n 3 eondsst
da har, tanslas Mic iiinhs Ico IT ~ 1 I~v w
,other=e c ho cciiiruii cciii ndirctI a n II Ii R i I f I
- a fi 'rne it is not imiprtohabhi hiat 1111 i.. I E H II I I E
Mih-iganiiillciiicctiall thris lceIsce 3 3 ,j3 M I ' I h I M I
3n thi vent. 111k RA J ALLI NJJI'
A31 s'the c'iin-lio e -re heoumeet the
Bor fCntirol yesterdacy are he e-
portialinitotdaly at 12 o'clock ini Tap- UNIVERSITY Y~a4lR $BOOK
- pn - IIto isiv'ethiel iiilhity pass-_
do s - - a to seecomiodate tie cressd' Will be out next weell.
-ai dh, ual neet Saturday aferion
the a-necoere-gra gnstahnd will b h n eiiscvre ot sSyetIrec-ve-red, romiitheis-l'beginiinig o endsitiiis full cut life cud
Treerv-ed anisno one willib howe'd trits. noc-scient, cindilone miii but fehl that
oqtseSS ~duniliafter tse i.a1011ri sakig Irainuili Truth his isel
-ho.The tfie -veisswnill he1r10n IiThieisinutihe miedic-alideacrmientlEdwa'srd Eger luy ie looedssupiiontsas
of at - the -sume tine that thoetrack cc-ris paed off r''tris-iecel s erese'taictive of the highist csncseps
-evesats mitke tplace, so as to cose the - ' of imodehrtiimusi.'
:mee1. by s.ibout 4:30 oclock, iissciscedti 5sToe'. ''ho This'cantacta is erilsy ci ceialse
TisSiunce ccliedulod fot the ev'ents genie resultd ini a ictoycfor tituctucnig iumibecsr.
, ie as ITnliowcsrsnlossby the sctise of 11 to 5___9.______
TiRACtK EVENTS. littinte early -rl:oh the "-sie the' The Womfe's Edition of te Inlander
we.I~35 1 siyrs hliuriles ,trial. senor "ooerssc-e'ed 'c ic rattlingti
_1's- 5455 c rsdish, trial. teSpls ishmr' p1-srs a-chitwus c-itc-ils This'Womei's League of the Univer-
c-On mileii ladhuisosf sevs--isrunssthai the seniordsi'5sits has pihlishedicaVoen's eititocn
SI.5-4-l icrit roin. -strtedh the fourthIiiimng. Thei'0's5of thusIclasider whichicill te oi lil
2.1)-i-I05ya -rd idash, fnld.iekbra-crusedat cisicst-igs o thie ahhe.
- .1 I-15s5 ciS litrdles, finial. sindi broucg-ht i s'veral rusWshici durig thtioMay 1Fetival. It is larer
3:3=20-yard5 da sh, eft lii'hiiiseic s ciaciif cnic two'sthan a reguilar nuimbuier, adcoist uitsu
3 -4-----y5( rithurdlhes, tri-al. g unts. 'Thisy os-i's't able,-huh wevseissr, imainy exceli'nt cnitribuitios of prose
2:50f-S55) cirslrun. thihilt.cit is' propesr 1tis'e andlthis'gameliandstioetry.
4:5tD--Tc'e mie run.cswet toithe scsors acit cloisse tucurgii. Te scontriutos sre: AeehichA.
-4 t1 -t5 --s rltes. funal. 'fle rootinlg suritng the etire gmoe Iloy'iss, 'Si Ehiel FousntaintiIussey
t t11:l, EVENTS. wass vscr3' strong. Thae esticiiis o'tl: Grriides Iluck, '94: Ednass Kentoin,
1. role'vsusht.ilhs''o3 me1d'is11h1d1spreadi'ioltheiti er10'977; Crolince BacrletCrness, Agi'
2 2%sPectuS cssesswithi tiesut'httisst(hs' entiretCra Chainsiu.'75; Mcry tLsowel, 'ill
3. tRuingsigh tutujmitp. lh'hssrhuistutwcssicouit infolioe11111they Kaitherinei'hBi'ownu, '1(; Edith Lvis,i
4IPuting 1liipouud shot. miades thei r pi'5cik'noiwniniiacivery 's4: Kterineie teds, Alis' Scott. '(5:
Itucini' "ro aiS jumpe. eltecoshiser. (Graci' -. MarinillinCiie(veatd.
e.. Throwccing 1b-poundeS hainmer. 'Todlay itie '3t sestd the '(5 lawcsEdna uitchci, '(it) Haurrit Thomsonl,
teamlls ccill otest forsafireitnte~y Olas:: tI-srl t. Tysor, aiid Evai '. Bin-
College (rls Dancing Party siuths Ferry Fildi.Thus'fresh hsc se.
, srs' cn siees' vry'h hi i c s t cruo cliaid I 'ile c er t'is by 'ls 'fuijsir, lutchit
The college id-csue going tstoia ll' hiss lbectun'td luon ascthis'pro'biubleh'is er's''c trcaive. Tie m llginieis i
-aseirtstiecst gwnes S'ridy inight, joppoec'ntsof ihoe high schoiun t10ihissilustrated.
)an 22, ahnd ask their meo friesids to setizi-fiinals. Aun h uuc eslii-cri'
an informsilsidaiice atS i ii r' - - _____________-luuyie hehmoisitireadablelarils i
A ginl itvitng, 05sIaciajority of them I mpoihtsritnt:icm'etinsg of the 5girls of stuident" "Mr. tRonkefeller anud Dir.
'do in a -utivlersity towniinu two rooms, this juinior it clsiss, room J 1, Tlilursihay, ' Ia-s-ter go .5 hcil0rt in sun Arbsor,"
4has so little opportSntty of maiking 5 p. i. Ahh 0irIs attound. and "Ile hiihigan Girl's Athletic
any return for tier niany hivitations - I'f~-Lt AILEY, Tni'liiug" cwrittei tty onsertarslulltec.
ut~ring the ccinter that n-party -of this . Sir(sit'esidlen:Isi104. Tile srtilescoenitribsuted hcalumnaeo
No. 1 64
Inaccscus's thsc'ocuei's'e'diton is
asus mis-oi' thl fAliceusFrec''mansisPlmer't
and such -idIHitlsdle stompl';fir 5a1ti-
cc-sci'onccsrniing hei-lu'ife' and1workc
appear'su' il hiscniumber,'t' snd c porstionh
aclr'nlicuuwcilIbe'set csideusfor this
Tic-esi' tu'siionhate.l
islo ig; editorns: Manasging eitor,
Flosrence' E. tBurton;sasisitanct muaagr,
Ruthtli. IHaruison:is dsocuiat ditors
Macry F'arnswcc'rth andI,ilin Sbinetss
bushesic'5manilagr, Marhlgerite Tyler;
assistanlt busisniess smanacsgr (Grac-c
siuuhi. Dirs. Jor'dn, AIrs Sctt anss
Misscc iitisiiicotespose aiscdisory
Has the Largest Law School in th
Country-Attendance Over
200 Greaer
Thiere are 066 student enrolled i
the reguulr soesinof the lacc'depart--
iuuent of thse lUiesity of Miichiuga
thle present coleco yesr. This is ans
increase of 12 over thissenrllmenet of
last year. This total is miades up a.
foslleows: rcisucdte stdets, 5; third-
yea'ir studituss, 244; second-ear stu-
dsii, 212;firstyer stutdents, 3S0;tspe-
cilsi sudents, 7. Addinitg to this total
32. the numtibieurof stde'ts15in this'lacw
suumierustesscin of 1912, ot enoled
inthiei resgular c'sessioniand ithis';guand
totacl of 8513 for the clege year is
:Accrdng~uc to statitice ompilied lasst
Ncsceiciei'byice olcutcf 'toiuio, i., e-
icticiuof tColumb11d1ia tiivc-esllJ. te
cuss departeni sst of the IUivserity of
i'ili'igi ha css uslarigrt tuuiicnb of stu-
dentsc11sd tha y ohei cisw'school Iht
lihe' Cunthry. 'licenurollent figure
fur the lls' ds'paurtmhents of 15 of our
singe univeccrsities ton Nove'mbse 1,
lAliigccci ..........0.....47
Coliaste ......i............ 41
Iintcossota ... .. . .. . .. . ..430
I'euiuiyicauia ...........341
Tule .... . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Cornell 22's2-
isiceonsinl .............. 210
Northwstcern ........ ..171
Ne'tricsa............. . .11(
Syracuses ............, .14
liiscouri .... .... ... .... ... 1.l 8
Indiana ...lcI . . . . . . .. . . . 0
Chicago ...............,,5
Famous Athlete Will Return
Waslter 1. P-issiegi, whio was'1a
mlembesir of tile famouus tour sent by
tihe'Ulivlersity of isMidici o thue
easssen uiuntcolegiaitecums't lilt Berle---
li'y culO iuva~ l l.ll 10 ilacchisthere d--
feate He alluowel, Harvsarsd's crack
tautin, i this'hiurde irsuet,nilli'etiltrn
the his' h. of If. this fal. Fis hlhi
hasobeenitiahs'uinig ussthoitstits iiBast-
te ('ret-Is high schland111sucessfsully
esea-hinug thi s' eballchc, foottll andu
Inack-istees',s.but Ill' itedls hto lav'
tsacinug and silliy for dl cii eigl-
Oncc-ofutFichlei hi ilmost ntablle icVI--
trlssesr I3ficiI wsusthe efetof
the famus plt ole vaulter Magee, of
Chilsago, last yeir. his'ccill e a
Stuiclig p5111-winhes'ifor ichigan if
he re-entisauthletics.
Co- d. in Distres
The voice of sonic on clhing as if
in distress.,-it hasrd upounudig onuthis
trnut dlr of the Womeuuan's G'lii:
'Tueisdauy seven'inugstracited lhe stten--
tionl of passers iy. It also reachled
thes'eas of "Cy" Perkis, who was
just cloingilcupilsthe Wtesrunsigyo.
tIs' recuruiteour tstu oudents nhiscar--
ried5 a ladder to thue'frot of thus'BStr--
sboor gymccchso rescued fromc a seconid
story window' c frightenecd co-ed, who
had beenu locked ini. Ths janitress hisS
locked up wils ths young lady was
dounning Iuer street Si-eso hack by huer
locker withuout hknowcing hseroe'as anuy
one in the building.

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