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May 12, 1903 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-05-12

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The lrges. andmostESXRL ~*PoUstON"e. t
the uctolielol BIe SSaratteiNAesityo, M
..........r .. ANAIGEDITOR,
R,, er i . liaisen. '04t.
YOO[EN ~ Assignment Editor
in AXin Arlbor n ll he fotl A eri!, J. .S. JtilcAA.0AS..
1 V.I1()". iirt A' . ttCa ' 00eA
a.Iitt H \ild &Co.'Os LAikis A,;
Liter.Washiogton Stf it. Gr it SA r~liryc. i; o Sti.i M1(10?r, 'A
should not he dlisapplointe'd. Ev(cic
citizeni shoulud joi in a general ciear
ing up nios'ezint, iturixig the fir-st it is -
ot this Nweek, so thai the whole pthe r W e set I
tpaik Ay~stll)ib'y the time of the opent- U ni ( i h,
lug the festival (lay. Music andl ol C ub
floswers, the :gre ii girass at11Iss ill1
lrioied lrees otter harm 'ilijoic-011-
Ntili11ii(l Mas ' estival Avisitors'
thmall."'! ood, Alt ln taili I.ones-
of ititis made lromaattet Ierbstmlit-
thei Good Goi'ir111itii 11111f will bA te rtitls in the best 55h . Tiey
holt Satunt'ti tar 11;, tii' 1i'' 'ieto iirrect ini outlinte antd
anttd AA'IN-e ii'c'lact :1. 111. i11 1-1)1)i1' lafi elsN finiishaeid. et tAt at-
ofit11 I:Iilas ilitiiii. Th'lii mi' l! a' tion is giv'einto il-,sprinig
cadiaeos ill he vAedAI upoit' 'citd 'and balance of thisetlibs. Theb
A. lIc ci', .Jamies E.I'>ttiilccc , .tiiiic itirs areItanid hlo itered
P'. Ieeeax GiA'''iifeorge' 5.W. tre ill Aj fiom the finest ild ii teel.
Wilton LI. all, Waiter F. At 01 ii iiti The gips~ are sriouttil illa
. 11'.I'a111ii'r. Coles ~M. Price, Al. 'it oiet d. hse ' i ,~
the selection oft ll stilt- i l uc _., Jrtccii '3. i'( iiffrt g sot-,'C),( Ste(I"
litgs, trouascrinigs & aver- --eetc iapieli h .o Nltf
cotintgs for this Setison. Dtaily is $"..11 frlie le ciilege year'. ' 5 .1Al CRIi l-lt
tit s.oliii nicatiluc, etc.,.imusit 1,elhaaded W liave t1:11 m iy'lever prIlc- ii
in at thetiaily office IntoreSp. mi., o
prTv ielouss ta that 01111'itch they are epece aed tll liii thu nothin et iiithefn
S utbteeihera ailltoeira favor bhr epoetiagf10 sitatiios, great spectilties, tine'
t1V 1o1I delisver papier. <
G oAll changesiniadveceiitnlg matter mustibe"J'h '- iS taBoairderi,''wichcomi s herinil'-LDliii'
C in h i ce ty pi. aonthe day' previaouato o"'(' 5'ittsil Ic invningflay 1' 1 1Is
tiratton'ihiihytheoyiaie toatpeeao.iiiaiis no
108 E. Washington St. yhpeopaehillithhcrsretuappc11e.
Oicer in tile 0aily Araaaaffitce. Na. 310 South iieeat5'lllii'oetsi.Pci'
_______________________________ Maia St. T'eliaae Nu. 13. Awill tietpopuil'ai:1111a:i'roswdstill
sillily btiniatitendiainice.
$1 .5OCopyright Novels Anti Arbior, Ohio Cenral Hockina;;
Non's Editor -lhomasiuB.Itoherts.1auitrtlansportation at15 . ter'cent
85 disiicount.Iinquiire at 3.31 Phii'laril
These speceil titles (liitated quantity) -Aioois it the ciin; iig lt, ' Itii' Lost-A Clii 1st tin. iessari if re-
at this ecry losw price si1,t, e imi'ie,'' makestie folliowli'-1 tunedto N. _. L1101',
________ Siniii'it i'eiiairtkiswhich liiri s 67n100d E. iurioiii
The Cistilier, Iby Geo. Wi. UChle. s'iithyft heA' lti iieriohl i of itall' ______________
The Vcilley of Deeisioti, by moth ltiisersity p" eopleis still his of thiat CAIENT'S WAN'TED,
Whatiaoni. iifttoIwn isflkc: First-classslito',Enrucgetie Bieti, sshio
UnleasviteitBtreadi, tiytRobitit Grictl. '"this is Si1t test i- siva eIk nd hit diesite inelii'Biusitiissoppoiirtunity forit
Dorthiy Vernoiniofitautdon Hutllt, by(icity shiioldl Bist ir'Iiieisielf iiii siiit''i'i an e- U1 ileIet, c":1ilt cil iO:
House SWithithe Greeti Shutters, 1by' IVisitors ssilhl i(> Atrt'iinli ituuii hirm:1111'":Iiiii's50p' r cent'ii to lie good;
Gleo. Doutglhas. parls of lthe stiti' to hattienilt(,i'i(-i hitisilutt'1'liii(': i'ieashSll's! $t) ii 'ihil
The Msiuiii'hltlurs ofNhaniey, tb'ERi-cartii s, Ri lroad I til s ihi ii ke (i t U h al e. No maht lt'r what:loll
Vita Ct'ii'is, I'y i". Mar'iin CI'h i'tiit'it. 'sil' tfi nll i 'Oi. 'hit'a ft'___I____
The It tinet of Nhavhirrel, tb' tBi'thaih l'it(i5hi:Ilis hIsslllii Ighi'rpro- All it inids of Artists' and Photog-
thiiilli' ICI iiii hiiii1 i'iiiiiii AtI 'ci'IttIA raptpeirs'suptplies. Cusahings Pharn-
Th l osts it' thleLo,i b t r ts. Steel. tive ito' he Itiu'. It is ioily' a acy
Ttii Lhidy'Phriotii it, by 1 tlt'lryiariont oi f time'wsel ivrs~ii tHailltwillss'
of muscIlIiin; ss'liii wh s ill cure positiotna to teach swiltlfittitit to
Callig Ci'ards. iigrisu' t. lhrolliig to I har Iiesioloiists, I huntls their intetrest to wite to Jatmesa11.1
titie St~l itier5' lbythe poutnd. ahooi iii' lstri'i s'1 o 'i c io i'e Itiir (Stetullough, t39 tine Ails iBuiling,
lics onuete tial the lsue-11"Chilcgo. 80
( iitti is hThscitsofAisit rosr yc e e ltn da
iir ii~i i jutly r'enownedli Ifor tier beliiliftil riALI,Eti'S JEWERIY STOKE.
yfuhilst ltir (yis 'oni tllitic tills, slhitien Guaranteed fountain pens, $1 up.
320 S. State St. l lawsishtillxlslrihltit fillihige, 1and i'y' Cusahingas Pharmacy.
a~ thle "I1. AION"(iiatt
Clubs and selltotr: tDivers
atnhd13 rassies, $2.50 eac11
Dan McGugin
are the easiest he ever
wore. Guaranteed "All
Breaks Made Good." 50c
and $1.00. All shopkeep-
ers in Ann Arbor ti
ar byaialip iiiiid fraat 4
Bax 286, Shirley, Mass.
Whenlin need of a -
buy the
A. A. Waterwan
TIhe Pen we guarantee~toI
give perfect satisfaction
116 S Main Street and corner of State and Liberty Streets
tmproe Diaily Eprs ~Serhice(thior)bewe
Leave DETROIT Daily . . 400P.M
Arrive at BUFFALO - - 81.0 .
Leave BUFFALO Daily - . 530 P.M.
Arrive at DETROIT - . , 7.00A.M
Tihi,,ighihckiisiovi to all a inha. S-sd2.riis -
trated ialnpIspi iiiir ates..
Rta ibutwea es oitvianti Buffalo $1.a oeaaca
$t L0 eac irecion. Weak end'xcuaonsufalohi
IF yourraihlway getiltnotsell youa
ticket ta Bufalol or Dtrith, aid psy yu
tranisfer chare romadeptiowhtarf.B
itoing thi s atiwisve you $3,110 toan
poiniit Eastor Wsut.
A. A. scHAst'z, G. Ae. .M., Ditroi,Mih
Safety. ~ 'a. - 'Points
Comfort .-on.
and " - Great
Speed = ' L La
For Clevalanit, Pittsbuirg,ad at
taints chit, lehaveDetroit 'hily' 15:10
p. um, Doubile dcily se rsice during
July antI Augoust. a
Foi' MlackinawChicieago, Dututhi
-nit altlpointslnorth, Il'hue Detroit
Mtondty1:00ip. um., tFcidcay 9:;30 a. m.
Foiur trips tier sweeki lfter Juine hOt h.
Sendt 2c st,-tia foe Railer anii
tRouter to ill pits. AddItrcs
Geea coat t ~ euig an Til l I l
Manauge. Detroit. ith
S Uh Rtcectrie Conistr'u cutitndSuptitlies. Sacnitairy THEATHELNS PR.E~SS,
Plhiinii,Gas anit Electric, 'Futures, Steura ~- ___ _HE-rinite rs
J F. ~w i utuut hot 55atetr1 Hettig, Studueint's Gas and~ 2d Floor ATHEI~NS THIEATREI BLDG.
I I i~~EectricLatmps, 2017E. Washington Street. k A I ~ wI
Swellest Line of Light=Weight Cheviot Suitings ,*'in
Town. You're invited, tolook.
GOODSPEED'S, 110 F$. Washington St

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