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March 27, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-27

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TO 'CUT'' IT I(floralitiec s u oants of tt ate
1 osl /st ttttaelinii be takenfroantte
clw tresuryandthtth~ le esolti
itory Repeats Itself-Freshman and l itns tiawt tilthe c i omtittee- be
Sophomore Classes Again Taboo itlactdtiniitie smintes.
Hair Cutting After the ceonferene of the repre-
setattis f bth cilasses the folw-
ing ritsltionttiwas adpiteI by te '5
liy, the tnittt nittts conset titof both ad-ii tudotaets:
the t'O t nd '05tclsstes-;it hs ben ide "We ttte udtersigedsi ciommittee,1
CldosO to tabolit iair cutting for tit iiiite ilirpieittenasso
restt or the year itth clsss met '03 tited to r ereitseinttthecasodfni
last nigiht in st-ssion n ddprhapsthein the inititerest o bthitcitasses tet
longest mieetinigievr hed by tafresit racie of iaircuttigle imutaiyI
mntcitass t the hUniversity of lihi aboisitedi for te remtaitde' of te
gal, las.tinig frottm 4:15C util neariy 6 colieg- year.
O'ciock. After considerable discussion ElDWN KENNEY, '03.
Of te mattier ai commitee was uip- FRACI D LLER, '05.
Pointed by the '013 its to interview 14. Wx. WINKLRl, '5.
President Atngel, bt with tieir eo- F-. E. SNOW 'ift.
Set he preteredto i address the class J. ou-EoniEi-:, 'ui.
as a whoile. XWitten he conmenedtlhis J 1. T lnI)ttEN '6.
tk the students were well divided in__________
opitien,ittt by the time le had flii-
Otlieti tere wtas but te view hetd and KILLILEA CONSIDERS
that wtt1s conitgrueent with tPresidentt
Angels. Pte n ednRtr rmCn
"It is our desire," bean tPresideitt oteanRden eurFomC-
Atmeni.tat tll should have as good ference at Milwaukee-Baird
ai timie tatnd letdis pleasant a life lee May Divide Hin Time
as potssible,tatd the only condition ii
tit they enjtoy themelies tnot by BasbaltliMnatg er Earle otter adt
itrferinig with others, nor the 1last Curtis U. Red-de, fotbal catai,
30 yiears the Utiversity has beetn rut returnedt yestedhay friimi Miwautkee,
O0 te planithatt io student shttlinuter- where they httdi oe to cofer with
Pere with the freedotm of other t- DMr. Killilet ittrgtr to tiii tBaird
'etts. This lkiss-ttebeotme tas-ut- nmttter.
lhagttbie s t' law of the Medes t'otter tatu Reddent trrivitd i i M-
and Persitans. Thei tUtiversity authot- sWaukee ion Wednesaiy tafteineiontatnt
rites that etch studiett shtall hav-c his at sitnc adittd coniitference wit Sr.
Persontib~ terly to himself. Killilea, wom they fittdin i the
lTis idiculous intventiott of htir ititstftalitheavy aw i tl. Nivete-
cttinig is qulitie mtodern, tattdpobttbly liss, 1D1r. Killila rediily grtnitethemtit
Of kitdnttppitig te officers t the timte t ostin it liet teritc. After listeintg
Of a banqiutet. ITe comfortoitfine st-jtoi tie piupoitinsieasis pitisedsibiyt the
hectite auittitferntal nuisantte to stn- take the maitttet undiier seitiiusitosit-
deitt, to houseiholdts and evetn a perl ettta tiitiondttit fr theLwst uter-
to crttain hotuseholds est ittall..DMr. Kiiiliettfintdtshimitsef
'If tne tmatite culd possibly conltactedtin tattvey embattrtssing siutt-
tittttthus it woutldi tot be sit batd, mitutininitis maittter. Ile is to lyti
such thititgs almitost always tunttot to listilmai atitter to ctnsier oly
bdly fiol -soime eone and in thesed ihis twnimmtteilate itieest tid yet
tote otne is genertlly seriousiy hutt. hle cnntott sacifiice iis ott-i biusitess
As siuhmttttris conttintue they becone to so gretttanl extettais t a tke it
'worse atnti ctllisionis take ptte which a pecniarity os.
tile sureto iiprove disastrous to sonic DMr. Kiiliea wilpiotatly antoutce
Oe" his seisini ilt.teaIr future atd
As the Ptesident contittued the eery Mihigni tmatt cttn rest aistrel
freslinlett tecamtte more interested inthiat le as ctrefutlly weigied the
is remia~rks antd tiose in te rar eventinitterests of his alia matter. ie w-s
,climibed up ott the setts or stood up utabe to atintce atytititg detiite
so is to seet the fitce of the steaker at te time but thie cmmitittee feei
attd ct cvery word. ititeful of fttfavorable decisin.
"OTere is ote thing whiht tmtk
'tti matter tmost itporant t the Un- Entries in Cornell Meet
Verally,.Tere is tow a bill in the TIhe risrvei seto for te Cortel
Mtet legisatutre to ct dowtt the it- tmeet whiceh were placed tie slt tt
'ometto the Pinirsity $sOOWi Ihre Mi 3 iia tinews 5stitnd yestedais iiotni
're iiomtmon ptli-ne thinkers -aii ortt i wi- e nitgret demandtll day0 i atd
. Wilo wsill1itpithothlings like this hait b faitthe arger art of ttit -re
cuttlitg. Theiii'ssll say,'Wht, pay 'alretdy sol.Heseser, tiiertois stili
o sasuprt haria ns wiid atnias' a i ites to secure good sett api-ii
"Yes.tat is soha t they wiii say Icaitntoda~ty, atd it is possible tati
havet11:i4tOdeltinhgs ettouhgiwiti such antheirsetionlistlitle dd to the
ttt'i ituit - sow -lhtitthe speeches sill ittie aletns alredy eserved liii'
belefort' handi . tiing like this ittCorelteam Wsstill arrie late toigit
tititit to hurt the Unitvrsity at such i in eadinss for the etntest ttenr0ow
a crisis.Theltuatdetts ctti tow do nigit They hatve sett iitt iniatltatin
Nu allor t tis i i s stuilehtse t ill lng ppeew thrdiiuthe ttifsbtte
iest butts sctti. ttsit e soh d oft-aIts tts tomuh 1 i atteitem
toiesilis altstl oerthtate tia t-t ltihavtset i itil
x it iilitoins oltis euirtcOuttng
:en 1t ni t te un ft heIsi-il rte at it tit1i1> iitis-ill tck tod y p ti ci l i thtaei
M a t bon iii Oil m5In thuwot 1 a layps vtut-eutsoandli e xacutti it t: lcn i
'h pu loititns fthe tat I ppe l c isou, I -ll tttea w icth 1ui"ts i'b thi
tthsc'tolpit. ba-dftisl ti 'l-sttts-l itstlt -nn
\hatit I i tt 1 iid -tilbeseduisp ott itg somIlew itllea t tu litac ben tic ninu
uitt~ 5 il t tutliite is Il deiddtili wil unthefisttw
til ro m f int 'bo k w th he p- txps int-i tu (th condti; o8 , ten
D aStint i be of clati-t sinif t dn a- I eta,-tool Wil tkeie tuiti, Si-r lth e d
ionf lt ti utth la u s -aswed tul wetned aut nidI iS 'te artwill 0-inishI teli rts ce.ut
th t e ad tietu' irel us c lss oI l ls uh nll entPrtei. a e b en r c i e
thtu l ith ai cotimtteefromthe ;rtookWali nd OTOCE nld
the fltuorndtu ledi-i iv ariotus yells. Ori-nu to thieuseetings- of the School-
'-liteti sitgs tapiprotriate for the occa- tmatters' Club sectiotns Ott., Ix., V.,
ltlike the followtinsg, wer sung: VIu. atid VtIt. in Eng'lish ttL, will not
"Out11lihit he cht,"' and "I'm goig meet on Friday, :March 27.
10 keoit liy hatir ttttil I die.'.J. M. THItMAS,
It u-t i sued thttt the money for te C. B. MORICOLL.
RtMAY, MAR 1I 27, 1903 No. 131
__________ It siitu- 'f thu factuIte iifres-
Suggestive Paper Read by Dr Firer tt iuitand asophmttioue class i-mtiet
tti'lsag 'iiement yeisterdayts aitri-I-ti ea i
-Valuoe of Study of Classics- give'utiltlir ecutting at s:mtll tuttithi'
Prof. Kelsey Speaks f fn'sl tti it-uturdli hianttenhgineer,'
cuhlt '-tuuIclippeditilastiotomoe, ...
'Te Thtursdatty aft'noonttsessionitoftteiso.dionIsittiea'i5s-sls, st-ilt
liii Su'iiuuutiatu's' (Clubii sitat most h itt's s5 ittinig inihis roomu tnpi--
iute're'stintg ite, tutu itosiniiatuten-iul ts f: iittik. hi is itt lteIhopedi
tioni in egairud o the stuy and the vontir id sioii iiiilt rnitttt'oh the
bteneitsuof Latinitanth tehuoler uclasitscotndiitio. T1heu'sult lieu' s topped
Pr'icipltiiOtitiice a. Iteti oh tll operatnui tis lst iigti tndit was
Iniltaapolis, spotke ot the''ma'st'ry itl siid hatithlie'fuu'littuii sold di
Of English tyyhe stuy' of 0Latit." thei'stint'- Both cltsss should tnow
He wsts itt ftsor of at raistnl eurrie-seeit thitt their felss kt-yiupti rth
eutii uind s'gre'tt'edtha t liiire swets' 'uh of the conettractarIliii'- siill lose'
uoneu-siude'altea-ttchs i thuetrualshooles stninltg atitil i illuuirein, a few-s t tos
of smtts ities. Heeieved'tusuuthititthe' Weehs'ofua iaf tst'atltiteepi-
stedyo tf ttttiltishotulte 01f'assistancte siule sn lit t-is spit lito i ihats' hmeu
it the cutlt''etutu discittlie ofi 'ust tumiosd nthis mutttul pilyis 5of ite
dett. mst frne'hmenuit -re tlaime'ntabhly fit l i ttti u t ittli uiuitttt yestert'da
wieak fir Enugishi tutd0 -tti its uttet'fi.aftrniin.
tile r'ediesis fr this dufu'nt. --
PresidetTj. It. Angell guie ail5(1I A TIE GAME
intei'sstitng tlkoaTit"'ie Studiy of the f_____
1ltissius Iifty X''teasA'." te sal
thatflawyters sootutudtuitd Latintyearts Basket Ball Btwen Junior and Sop-
agm stunt' thus timquttote it retadily tutu omtore Teams Most Exciting
tuied i-i wthtreatl pleaure hr. Eer Seen Here
Anigll adudedut hatitysoiuta lewas-ta abhoy___
thei crammiinig f tithe rnitlnrse'medi
o tbe thue chieiftmethiodt itfastuyitg Yeteryatin-tit:1-,,in the abour
Ltatin. Oe. hows-ers,sis fortutnatein gyutitsilu curruedi-toule of the fas- -
rece'ivinug sitill ini 'etaiing ttndl le andul tt, t-plted ainchlmtst exciting
isclassmiuaaiutes were utiutedto iria, htasltuetull iti uei-s-nswitiesed at
wtithtdolllihttt adrst 300 lines of AnnitArbour. 'Thueudcti-tt of the seniots
'tirgil usry dauy. :Todaty thuen'is i tby theunhtuior Itwou wt-eks tgsand
ihppy mnuin ilthe stuy tftLatin liiih siietteniu1f lii'sopsthomourus ovet-
l(]the grammaru anui r t e ding ;itethe- a I i athtonity brught tm'
cturedi-ontinoigher yti-ittiiuuily tW t cuictis trmtutgt-hut-uyiste-
lii'xx'arruenu xx'h'lo'iu'-tuuhlutirost day ith deidethuitohhculuss tits ticrry
force~iful atut ituhi ti'po tut ' lii iutl te ii tu tu shiill it tue Cule-
Shuv theii ltussits ai h'repatratuiontutu A)10 atttut t t s tibeig telast
liii thu ech'utinig ittlhtu'uun.'' tid opentitie:tls etitt utlithufatt thut
hulra rk wueritssei' sio-ll ht thatthula the tcuu ttutss sit-es'atlmttt eely
taddres'aast-is tf't'quenuity Inter'ruputed'ut i iihut :i tr ht utu iitsly itetit
ito heiartuty lusue. lit', h-bier stuid sul i tutwd of iii at-uut a tts lints-
thatthtiusclasics giste situ' tibroad euviThelu gymnasiutmtitits uieuuuatetu
tutu thoro'uugh founationuhifioliifutture i' otilthe ci rofi a tt-udifere'initsses.
indpdntuuu'sftudy. 'iie'queistinithit atitug wticutuigIured very u-i-omtineuty
uuuuuu'tohthe stunt is whtoitt heii lacuk et othe ii'siitoptomores. Te
studyOudurig the usolge cursnce so ist ihaf %%stafust tand ndedshnhe
thaut i ltOiinma o-ary i thislafuturin .-tunoe oi t to 7lin ifitsor of thi soapho-
depende~int soruk. n treatitg tuisub- lmites'sInhutfl'si'souI hltf, howee.
fiettll imnenuiuut emuergeneuie'a are to thi unioirustractilluttuunttubotth i od's
he e'onsidered. xxhatuttoill liii'Germaitautpetittheu'et iar tile of itasket balh
te'actushitsbeittthe fuitiue? th'reek autO whihihats ever bn-ctsi-i'llinOBarour
Latiit anucs elalieidu tith Germuant gytuittsit 'OTis'eutntrig batskt'
study. 'Thessshutletutwtoiohas ta Grist throwsiung-t(if thjuiostatuthe fast
tutu Latiin prepatrationu is better' tble tatid iiitcur tiii55tttf of the alby
o ientrpuet Germn.t thi sopuuuhomores'eliltedl frequenuut and
fr.0-oer glse these osttisits: heartuty uptuui -front thu spetttor.-
'Of mtoo' t at'tutmiterote' stuettsThe gmetutu' snu uotwsothyofitrthe-
Outrlug the lttttfdo-cyears, 7 pen cent iuret'hy tiltsnill tttiier of fouls.
had a casical trainig antd 10 per teflerefei'''s wshiste out this account
icintutud stutdhed Germnat at homte." iteingldoatheardutuu. Thuere owee also
Our let-u nittainitsg is interiplretation. manyrilhitaniit idiidut llayOs this
Out order thaut this Getmnntustudentitstay rcisvedi-inmeurnitappltaus'. 'fle sork
pitoty c ltssical studyO, uourssautigt f the u -twocatis0-iss Ti-tits foi-
he uffu'ruth to tkeuiuutitusstwtrk osithlii-juirsa utid iss Shutfer tsr Cle
troduuuuu tuinitle i ic ipslles. opthomoresii ,i'55ts eixee-dingly godul-tt
Drt. Fotitun eutthatsied fle icpot'- thitu'tiuihu ttliiu is sill suferihnguuefrot
til"COu'uttfitrs lionltiiytof eflistetuche:I.u s op ni I- tutle. 'Theuslaingt 'of
ainttositulhaut fr i stutdentt to cnfinehite is I ii-. tulut tit ustitutd iii
himuse-tli t a fhism'nituc etollege wasttheliii' si-tuuhatl ttuorhis tutntuumiioit
narroin'-stug. the ' lii tuuside. uguether'uwiiihithu its
'liii' as-ss'ltatedt'hahtt a teutheur hkoithurtoat ill-ofs Misss 5Stuuttu natd
is but-nertequipptdlfotutfle classroom uIu tuat i Ias-toueervng it'Ictoi.
ittteri-itjo}ittg the benefti-llof cutrlt IThut iut 1 iiof isss iii ii lici,
uet lausictal shtuy. -aiIut t tuup rth itsatls t-'tcrit
tiutf.hKley pratiseut theittasOut tlo.T' he , cou--tuu 1half Itded:tutu a itit,
tutu-it t It'r. 'lutu'u- tou l ii'u'u tush-izd it i tutu lit- it . A e t tlt
titusVs-uteet s-niiittuwllr ud n-uit iontutlts of 1,1-tiaytsuu-ililt- t lei-lue
if (tnte deusrs t itntptetu'tiuuuutt th u utu,'is tutu hut sdtt ltthst-mu-u.
literauture'u. hit' believ'ed t 11t it Lutin-tif is liltt t ii git wilb
Gernul tul lit-ut-lu l ngluu-ith theO'uuf uin1iin f i lhu eruuue . are h
Kelisey' tlstiaddedhhatilumsi-setutulieiis qutiitiite ro t it it sill be atin
itt sllggicssion stuieutitn'dhupttubty Dr.I'open ut Iu'l tnu ilttus is hfollos:
T'lorr'y''s patitit. Cliii'ofithetse' suthat l huito t 1 es hier, I iii tl iii ihuul.
tdincle to stuidentsabuoultthfin'elei-hot t'ill t i,, rthiiuc ututtusll, '-hitlmorule,
if sttudti's in the 0'Uivsityoisi'i s Aldih. tiletus.
lituuthtthtalnrtu-tl thuat-uiltie's itt mue cSucihilt itut t=="1 utu its,11e>ti. Wxigginis.
lute of Ousl t u rns h-k-ut litmaty hBrtut:tiltnts, F1ivnuttth, I Itu
studen'uttssiwho enturt'hut' iltes-Inus uty. ';unli 'askts.Slitferu ti 'ili , Suit
of luuuuguuuugu studyhtis nece-ussaryi fos liii' i hut.If :11ii asstue
miuadeouttBrtoatdeuionual urinils. uCiten uthu-rksbiFreemantii iai.
'The rtintiutth ta buttaidfoiuidtion Nsill I tut- 5iiiatiucr Fi not, tHayeus, hhtt'tti.
ho the heatstwork. - Sent Sale for Cornell Meet
"Kenny(Gotw," with Joseph Mttnury Resourvnted seats for the Conulltmeei
as Datn OmHara, still be the attrauc- trill hue on Stile today' at Aleyen'e news
tion at flue Athents Theuttre tomorrow4 stand. Once 7r) cents, inehuiig ad-
es-cuing., $ tnslsehon.

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