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March 20, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-20

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No. 1263
OUTDOOR RECORDS A Football Disagreement HAIR-CUTTING STRIFE A New Magazine
Thle break in foni all betiwen Pari- A Wnli, on pond largely of
Hleston and Maddock are Doing rood doeailldai wllieynwent Friendly War of Freshmen and Sopho- rleegaoi~,inie uybe
WrWihHmeanDics il the ;;iitoe inest yriiibiililiyed Ifrmed io pbilish a weekly illstraei
WokWthHmeradDics at liodiaolii. irdloe refuies ito mores is On-First Year Toast- ngain oernild The College World.
-Old Distances Shattered plaiy at Blomington,.and the nideis mster's Head Shorn-Gen- wl-li iill be similar ii eneral at-
-Rea aea re deavoriog it oiae th anual eral Cipn fSap earoe lto Collir', tariern aad
KellyRace sruggle ietweeii these two great rivals ClipingofSalps oiler well-kown wee klie, ht con-
hough ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~llae at the above city. fndi il otewrdo olg
calttI rthe thie manjirity of the leaiing the absence of the Purdue-ndiana The sophomnores imade their idebt lndiihl i lewrdo olg
'ndidates frIe'Varsity track team folalgm ol raeavi n Wded ih nterl fli-gradateas ant sideos.
aretaltoam beldlefte avindonWerssdu ntil n tefter f thr- Appearing every week of the year,
are ell e l ban n door niatealthe tndianai football lke the absence of trimmier to the lHon. John T. Iodgen, the periodical will le devoed to al
Cornell meet, thisn de o pl the Yaletiarvard game in the East t.ousMo Mrlode li ilesiiisresfcorliioisn
to the haniner and discs throwers, orSt.Laus, o.iir.Hodo-Madinterstggasrisineconinbtitheo
Abnt4 'be ioatr rno a Wt. Chao-students hgnof gmboth in. thte beilinie it h ousmse the positioti of te American colle
nbubero'ofctheveyatcandids.Th en ooe wt hetatastserrth eii the nation's histo~y, and will also
numbe of te cadidats forthes tion are gaint a sverane offoot-ship t th baembrace190a whie I inlmhe tndepiimen toelchelclleg
positions oilier oiiithe commons at toall reins, anIdatevrdeanesf fiol comispartheris3oanue if phomorwhic
balhreatinsntert dinaiChwulrcnesonnpri Haiiltstsreioiisesaid the iiodern college mn in ii in-
foheprcrie.fCuchad i b tet row iiiiie insistent as the foitball solozei the first olporiiiity to divest vil a ntl pliial moiivemients of te
Some surprisingly goo work his seasonidriws nia.mJiihni T. of is luxurious locks. wrlis prores. tol the line of ath-
beeti done for so early in theisea- It lappeie that Weneday esen- lenian illustrted review of tle
aont andl it Is almoiist a moral certainty DEBATE TONIGHT Ilg Jhni had some iikliig of le tleti uork of ll oir prominent
thtithn of the 'Varsity recrdsn in "_____dings ut i touht himself site iniversitiesan d clleges swill te main-
these eveits wuill le shattered t the beinid bolted idoors, the keys of taiied.
annual outdoor 'Varsity net Iit May. Michigan and Wisconsin Teams Meet wvhiich were safely hiddten. I was Addiioinl features of the maganite
Maddock aid Hetisotinua-c thin at Madison-Subject for Con- not ti le thus, hiiwever. ar. Toat-icilueit pan-Helleni ir general
practice brikeni lhe hammer reord of test Wll be the "In- mster hailnt taketiito account ! srieik ler fraterniy departen~
1213 feet, lheldl by Shorts ltd-MaidiockcmeTx'h1le srategics known o tililerlss- andit aforeign idesitmtet coisisting
has alsii beateii the discus rec-ird of coe axen, so while lie waits reaniing of the of rigil~r cotiributiioiis from Oxford, 7fe yaho agn oei il!tat n ihsynso lrlCmrde ciladohruvr
liable to prove i giit man and Telfer Yesterdlay mornitig ihigi's ie-( 3 the soihs hai laphcei ti laddier wadier iis.
tid Edmunids of Iast fall's Al-Fresh bating team, accomtpaiied by Peti. his slimiy rooii window iid wire
fooball tuamii or-now imaterilof the Truebloid, lft Atn Arbor for Mtadi- quietly ascenditg. They riised the SPEAKER FROM ENGLAND
most proiising sort. snt te ietihstaihtd-iindon amd udrotpeditoitthe roiominto_____
The itrsteomstii meet billed for this- tumbiiir of six. The noisawaken-
Saturday- iiight in Watermiatnhamna- bate tonight. The miiomi both tatiis oi the freshtman atnd leanii his roiu Tom Jays, of the Student Volunteer
sin)iuis roiusimig i deal ofiterest arescll equippedtid tisare striig inmatt te)at iincelbeganm suures of d- Movement, Will Address Audi-
maiiily n omiu nu t the diffieutyi of all the poiiunts ot ororyi Am inte-Tense. 'They bltedl thin bedroomi dor, ences in Ann Arbor-Pro-
piekimig the si-iumurs of the tiuet(su- e sting cnmtst i, cn~eisciuoiilu anii whichlwsa ttmelrd dowuvniby lihe
sierible i'inthisiasimuis mlscivined gi-ted. The Wolveriniiodebhaters ins-exituedtsophisi. D espiti' thiir gagegram of Meetings
i thie iuitiiie otthe relay uric be- u-uxrmrii-ild munianii iriie-mwevill pIn- ight they wsvere finmlly overcomie iii
tsvenuthe 11k111 enginers andI ihe 1154 p-iriu-uto miiitithen Badugers -cltlii iiilund iih iltiwi's. fle s uet f lie tUnivrsiy silt
luawis. Intheiiinl Itryot vYserdy stuents sill sail the anuuouitiieiirit Thu ceremoiy over,thiu'silils bieganihlvei-h lii'privilige ug thie amu-n
Joslini bsat Willis ly , lu-sntitaniit foot oIIherisut euge-rhy. T'flubiljuct frhio lok abiout fr i ay f esciiaii. ti-si liis f h tig-.Ti as
ilims-iiming thue tlace on ltie' ti thi' dais i'TI'hniiie axin Alrueaidrthe' ioishal awiki-u lie f P- - huw ws-ie icia l'ui, uys
ni-u-i-tem llitsmuat lby "Saimiin's S"hiles of 'Michigin's mntuollii: I lldy. nwhisanxIkis g fraticle 'ilii'oif thim-British Studenmt Vl-
uihrasvlolo ri ut of Iaosprintetu EDWARIDt)SUNNE NiCHbliN lappeals to hir nrviis by isucs- IuiaerUntion,.tat them-grat Tuuniiih
muscle. The isw teamnhou(ulilsthe 1Etward Siuuiii'iseli'uiis iamnaie 01 Stoliof ut htiiiuhugs uipun 11heidohis. nuv-iii m c- ~- asi
trot-k urlinyticrd ut 54 secndsila -t1 Ciag. lie sims graducihiul f-nthe '11*- siuhils lti th frehmen oundpeet-uuigteiprtn olgs
andmhteionuumtheir u-y is the Ifi a We siDivisionm high schol o f iiil that id m'uemt foiuthl- winow. Alliexcepit tiunduivursiies of tis ciiulry is
by -suicessivly dfeating hit'101 hts cty.Entered the Unisity of Smelt umuempirri-eluoi-madeuluthi-iceu-it,an mmml rcear o h tuetVl
thle 10lst s ins- ltthe li03 liis,'ll igan ithutu-rlas ofu1'm-mmmm-ismmhetwaitreAarniutodipmrttthin
strong teatts.TI ii-enigineers deufeteduhalso a memebher mit tie lll4tdclass. I 'gedhtsliui niexpieu miiIiur shiiamriencee insimleader amoiung
thie 1906 mediisCle hotumots tom- Inihigh schl uheli iiell it xihoniors miiiuponmthu snimgle lune'siphomorite
citel h thi-th mmii tey s om t~ur in oth ritry aid hi-'trhge'm- rlii ndediiihi'i iim 1to umtfiish li 7te studemts of tEntgland as well s
feied o tem ndthe wel teirinbot ortor an dbatnthinr Isveral yin-tmshpt iiWest Ce-ttu-l
plice itt the fils'thruughdratitng ig his fieslimm ayer tin tClii' fimmi- em r unfit'helphirouilgt siitiof'ius Arium.ivell iquliie Mr. Jys tisl-
the lye tsvo tuiks ago. H~owever sitslesvonumthe tlace outemliiiiteoti comuradeus, svho gain momunutied thu lid- dcssusimn tTmuitsleii
thoughlac-king tht' advantageOf ex thu Central LeaoiuoDeating luam di ndiilriscued-uhitm froumithe rightly oeo h togs paesta
perieune inactul-miaiing ti-lhieers'lit his -sophoiitmreyear hi wnoptlace!' idignantilmitsiyiarn-in mt. Thu- inlmlyl drsedtecnnin
hiss-cbieni practlicing steadily mdwill nlsu the Lueaguie tamii icinsh deli-ated got inw5y03 mumi ll the menmbrsanil m uliniigiuusimiisiill
undoubtedly- unie on excellent sho- Chi-ingo andmulinn"imotainllft ti' homrhtoasmastr to ueatlmgivn ummto hlirmit r. Jay: Sturdamy
ing. T i-n--r helIt-msnthe Unii styOver 11me- i instuduhs ut coll-ge'lift. mtIiln pik sCi ouutsi
delainimtliaim ininmst thiverosty The cliping of 11min hu'ft-tmin"1017Nt miiinrsity mm-mie. Al , p. mi
Dr Arneill to Leave of1Wscosnitn.t tEin secretmis o theu -in lii'signal for an mutbreaui-k rim Sundy- lie-auddrusses the Y. SW. C. A.
Dr. Jamen 11. Arntiill, at thi edtiit Nortliern Oratoical Lue-guec sand -mlsslthe reshuiitu, iihoiunsuceeseihes erii iu'ig -mu 1imiN. tUniersiy ivnuem.
department tof tlb Universityuill hldhes thepoiiono enalu 1- tuefor - day' in iorguniigithigangis'for lte Sundyeuenemingiat16:W1he adresss
eser lis. connicetion withnheCl'iehh Mmi in iite flua!Icntesthosisbe nmimsoictimmmti tnnnt the Wreu'ui mciting ltfie Uiinersity
'ain ustitutioatiithin cose of ihei'stuu- hiielat -Mietolis, May 1. 1tiy peaednd intualuiz hiumfun, Y i C. A, iummuly enit 7
mer nshool inIiN1C1. 'his ,muuoumuuee i 1'inRluFA. itIACOAii hiinlisi-s fst mel futrious uitilihmiid- o'clockhe l'seaks isometinmduuwom
went, iwhichi snill ie remd ithlregrmu on e i onii A. -talcomis iresident: of ngi. 'Thimsopsui watchednliliIat the li at lmo Sudntuis ehrisianiAssoiantion.
by 'eviery nstuiluthwsnmaidesteray -c ii ti e wasg- uatetd fInm rune buom s-ile thit'freshlconfined
Said fDr. Am-siill wsnet kel ilnest hie\iu nlirborhi--hi chal iJnetimemusles to5misuior- wourke ithe
cernmin ihs pluns: 1 O:ul u-il uru-l the I uivosicioy ruuis. Im all, abut inudouzenee Memoral to Mrs. Palmer
"Yies, I snill lieav hi ne ves1 y icini iwithltmo 1tas0f1f10-1 - scalpedi. Thie funumis goodu-naturmd n T'limoahoud of trusees of te Slu-
this yuar. I finih i)msiamk lueIC inIn ihigh s nl 1heiwon irshutnriutothllsiues andiis 5oniy in nseone iieuitmi'inhrimstin ssiti liat.teIli
August andt snill li--is-cher at thin-t irtortymi)anidisecondlhooriii heinendlyrivury ueteenthu.E5 3andmeemiiitig ncutesda-nil)eneiniizlst, ruedm
time As ytI eC olii fumist demdedu''t'nhtu iulr li-iagumi. 1I 55 tcIsss. - umiprsnt sm'uin md mmmland.uadoited thu foloswig u imiiii
whure I,. sill lucat, butit w ill1 bu He' si-s atni-lu-u'floii tulp iul liiiiiilasses helotiithli- hair--uttiimg on Dirs. Aliceeematintio tI uu- whti
Somewherillmmthe' Wim-Iilthe tnt-is-r socu'iet, huh lnader of te icutriu s r~lveeu i hesin uumg' mne t. 1.wnt u he died in sor itim agminiPIris:
or Los Angles,probalyvthu formint erIi"i'in i' ChiliDlu-amelof tin0ul tSmiie'siiSash iid t 3ve lyulumeem, I"TheTrusteesusof 11-eStudents'
cit. I isill iti--gi' iiates iiph ur In Novis-'nher. 12. ew him imn ~e ilmthinrtiialIil hir friendy aiit ChisiaitAssoiealimmn f theUnluiersit-y
tihe, hut Cli detils admushi onmhas-clac min e hrithin theCenti'mlit ~iireit n iotu ta thn esh; ofMich dign risin' mu pim-'e on iliumd
nit3uet biemn mliel upon: Liage ililiuiga,i In lii -m iuay a ,idth-id miiiustnucteu'- es- til expressionuomith11eir tsumof udemml
tDr. Ani'mmlh s mne f tmist gpm-ut111.. l' i's awarded hsumondIpmaen iiriuped iiiitt the los of t11mm-inviiisnrrom m aidmun miii hui'm initheiditiil 'hlu
humout if' tie s-ou-geu hicsitns ofiitm 1Univirsity teai n-il, h inomeet (: oc s ill' the sill un-esIm-t sus f tts. AiueFru--imlmerlnsihu,
tiii facuty.) Hiscomficial positionis iWicsi tils minm n'atly capitued -huh Sipd-iniihis durinlgthem'yems of hir studenmt' life,
instmrluor i tenl mecitmmineh-ud'uhI ENEii 1111'S mmi.i ow wsnmamlmv mlud m'm' erof this sui-
demmonsittoroh clinimcl me-ul io. Etti-i1).i1'hurryomsifromIOWhuusi. Lion
Drt. Am-mmill is it zuulimte ofth1mmemnmuwed us-i ws rnull i-ilfrotut lit SiteitNOTI51E TO SENIoli FITS AND) 5 e ishum kuew tinrme;t sI uuluul' e -
bomb departietmuwnilliehelsof '114 in ulli''u', imes Iowi, i 11 . ais 1 IlIN EllSt. callnithliiiturestmiii grtithue liii
anhabs bemnu-u inmhumof lhe fam-uly thue!mor ontormuof 1 itllehgill ilse Omthu-u' be1neessaiyguorsniorsutenthie demioiii, 1mml0liinulhuteestslo
simce 19. tDuring his oul lortthum tim'OahtorialICiiies'odrtercp on toc hi scain n e fiin ed
teoUn~iersity bum. Arneill his domm Iliii l'udtmuhe II' 3 hr ioilint orderi t~uo tin-cthniti m e othle urshipliniiall srcu-mii'h1t prmotedmuuhthin
conside'rable valualel work. Ihis Su- Igummwithlte uls of ad _simgot wichilisnill be held about higest swlimre nutlu-nassoiates.
cesor hbintot 1-ni been selected -leninshtu receive his udgree nnitJimme sprig vcaliom time. ior themmxi "We hlvi' followed'iIwi-hmgrteful
WStusi o iety-nh th le'uCp li-b-lu'BoomiC,PUnietsiy 11t11, fuomm51tCs nlfiier ihrere isia5 leadr iheumcatme inaml
Canoe Capsized f 1402. 10 take measuientu'is ndnubhilainthropic wourk.ammmleni'h--
Tuo snioru'Iaws, Mil. tHemndietks In lJanry, 9i:;hei semumplau-u'onu Tim' ontliii em' si-ll alsu bml htmmmoo miem'ltht iluegodaubpovidence'iof
omitDr. rdmmi, sniieu'capsiomed snimibi'the'I tivii'ute a nt that is ctu at-l-i-C-Sthlily imuig whenmaii sniors ( iii slim' nas pemitted hfmr si malty
aoeuouing mmnii'li-iHuroin-i'mr )u'510 i-timit'tiii'misity f i' i unt i13 cmilltlimits km rummz'm-fmm-mmai s hm tom ure'ner sum. greti serniciit,
day. Tflu')ere itih itinphim-)-onutsix csiad glinsmwhile' sn-n uoiru 11mt himri usululand
anid sn-recapsied n-r the scnue of Premsidenth'I m T heooeom'Imsu-Iftuwi !a1. 'T. tDanfoth, bhuiflife wa imsmsohouatnihumnuisisini
the uccidnuut mit hit w~e. itr. CHii- shimah:hifre lte studlents oemNis ci mmiChairn.mm so prmaui-turly cut of.
cis, h30in',sim sientofihCs lss s q ill am -iS icui t riumus_ lii otigm i'"Wesuk mM lm'grs'gu s rm- uenel ou hbartflt mimi m mmi-
laticas, wavh ompteiledit ofswm b inlb. lbemuieldttartei n A huigm-'i rstme "avy h ;r'geet e miravehu sb an'd 'amind fmiumly
yam'ds befor-reachnlmg shore. His nhium ofu li uteager mshtitutlionu. Tim ('hub1snill givn- netinmnit itt miiibonn in reigaion to m tie livi i
companiomn got out ofClue current stumdentms iatVisemuttium mum' iuialim Sarah Cmasell Angell hubl for lh ime lnu,eicr hodinug iin grate-tub mneumory
sooner andmavoide'd the strugglei oftir-it prpaai mions torerceieIke 'resi- inpuroseof raislug tunuds otonhe Sitine lie life aund intlueuce of Sirs.Alice
swimming so .cut.-dcut. _ 4Z amidiPalmer sehuouarhip. }Freein Patlumer."

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