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March 18, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-18

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WE KNOW 'a il lmnlc 'ttl wt , tincoaarc i 1 1 tit 1 te()e tk til }irtr
WHA'r ~IIS MOR5E vl 1kno sai)r Ituls1} tulia iln iiai o I ~r ;sin 1 isi' t~u:tteo a
l 1iu ie. Ii ot I tlsnc 1r1
W~E.IKNOW ]f illawill 5 <-, iv( t v urat.nionffr ilii in to int wencall CLEA.RL.Y
Il Ii 5iiii I I retceI u tuf)- ad a tti I iiu s 15 1 d-t -t"e ii l i . ei ncitt
Cutti~ng, Reyer &Co.
LOVELL'S Cr. Main and Huron St. Phone 389.3 rings. DIR ECTOR
CORNER STORE. Office 209 S. 4th Ave. 'Phone 8. Rei-
Dpen from 8 a. m. to 8. p. m. AMUSEMENTS CALENDAR dence 32 S. 5th ave. 'Phone 314. Am
Tea, Coffee, Chocolates, tco______tbac o al
Frank Daniels Tonight Friday, Marvt -l J1 m ledi, -ie-li
Lamps Fraiik ltaiielasill peen is a-t new ititerOn wy to a li nmn y s to sse
Burners, Chimney s Wicks, oeratic e -nedy by R. A. Ba rit, ell-, trliiClktadli.Iiifm s.ttttoIdiI
db-ate oii S. I. A. otise ii taiver-careto Ive saour m.o dnte
Shades. titled"M is Simplii-ty ihiri tighiiit. sit tulfor a 1 111- 1 1 FI and' ihav no d
4ias +Portables The iew pieceii ra-a r iats 111up1 Saturailr trtli23- Iterciiilatic sie to lok NE;A,ldot canae toaee
a.7 ~~tia- typial iogillaoay sama I kiiengn dnloisindl-oi t-i- ill a Wa ii-riai 0yiuis. i. I}ike :Woolen Sitiogsanad
er, Tuliiiig,11Etc. h9 31T - othe cti etai l flt lte iars o - Satiiidy, Sali 1 WVi at i's i ir I t ii iatifiit fii tt lis' ad p
T'on can always fhod ivti ht .ptiiliot lctorof lted yealr -Is - i-~ilyi oo v v0 mtin h odte, foIrii ti 5) iiil li
vra want at nitvils All kinds o Arti s and Photg F R AZ" E P.
INKS HME SUPLY SORE ' he Suurbaaher' supplies. Cushngs Pharmin e itTAILORING PARLORSrlo
Ca.State & Liberty St. Oetgtii in li ltit-oro Iertniof "TheSt eo
-AFTER THlE PLAY Soourbant tO- a~q o Llittsnevv lil, at irlevo i 15h( il i
,~ lN. J r lof'urihIo oni[goQ714in and get Oysters to any style and AeA ikera iiltri lliCiao wsrei-i-it -lic-,-iatets ini itarg tiindsillall IE T
Lonchies of all kinds. didi if tienii evs-r kof tetltt- ni rs.DRET94I rea t Nxtt tindM-at ns teth areeettdit, illsi- RTN vi oev.wJBot no ~ eea
use block fromtie Atn.Win Arnold tsrV 2Vugins
f the i- i c ijockiie~iysiN-eri-taken by10Cart-t-s. lurtituri-and lDaptru-es, JaH Wde NE F Mills
PROCIINOW & SCHIAIBLE. ri-al ridi-tsaof thli- Iigskinm sadilits. liiT12he iI d XliNny J BtyKeh toh S Grhat
1 ,11,Il;I ib tyS. IJoKcPrfHSot-rtvaot witsv kowni to hiita_____________Fank P Utainer ChristinaMarin
(STATE STRKEET Night"a iod lttiiiidslof a lit-rs of MONE-Y LOANEt.) I
Lunch & Dining Room tilt litli- f- ilttsahl-I ii iilla h osi, whlilt-'Mtitniy loated on walches, diatntd, T11 1tn[]fBrh1r~vn~B
214 S Sv -ate St 62 Libet.<t . I~1uitI tI ribl i eou-mttgli ti ill i vt gonuw -hels ad otir ersoiatproeirty. Capitl Stish. Isa - Srpls-10110.
2Y r SpeciaiSteak, 2i(e, Open asit svt-r i ndetdil-iotvr the -footilstt he Oflii01c at resideince, :i3iiE. iberty firenal ediide th$1.00sotHah90.a
night rideirs. "hf l iliirlttuai iii f liii-stet. All btusiness conidenial. afthiis Sva e.
H'IXSON & SAMSON, Proprietors. timi t-vasfitt~ytf ri-i-i-ttyiaitoriSto 11310 a. ii.fla o 1 :I30 betevs dpoivo bys and set s chage
Iar sit Y stnl.Opp~ie nte pincia-pal itie at the Unted Staes.
lais'.lAtiite J.,sYl sitil, pE onue tit 1141 It twihenit it (I 11 tt-ms lhet- f and 7'to931p. i.Dtiti oaeshetpoiproer itentficaton
Ire.hat d AvA.enngIiWail noitubtJOStahitNVAT S ntSaety oes to rent
~f E*rEEE.EVf:8kn F - lit oa llitti tius tlsiie. tar iiuintVie-Pre. M. J. Frit, Cathie.
,~CHAS. F. SIEYEILS Vie fitarnist uuili it recptionls
Check was Worthles frili-rniypartries, dtiiner, Iie D.,., A. A. & J. RY. StaldF411114
M drJo PrnigI= 4 EtTER IPE TtIO For Detroit half hourly front 6t15a.
1WO_________eregathrednb m. until 615 p. m Then hourly until
I The Kind Yon r Looking For liie AiiiiArboiuprlteurlst vs-k ointthe yes teed atdtiitited at 1:5 o piat ny t1:5a
l-theiiomliniit f singing oi the struet-I-i HIA.LERI'S JEWELRLY STORE. from 615tSam until 7:15 p. m. Then
Phone 281.7r. 215 S. Man St. Tile justie, ini the imorinig or, at 9151 p. m and 11:15 p. m.
______________________________ tskedthorhit-itthy nuritmiteyuty a ltd University students desiring. to s- Waiting room uron St, W. of sain,
Swnne and Hair to cotntribunte to Ann Arisrs siikiig cure positions to teach vill fitd it t
fund. One yiinig mmiiiws "broke," their interest to write to James F. ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
so istead teindereed a reek upon a SMcCullough, 6t in ~e Art itlg, A.lva W'TEA M EZ2h' Lz M7M;
loimal buak 'lbh "ioure disi-lirged' Chicago. 6O Tralns ae Ann Arbor by Cetsal Stand
Price wsa avery vsei-ome soind to him, Mneaoae o Wthe, DTia- me. le OLi. 52
ne oon departesd front the room. The Moneyloaneonatche,_DiaEffctiveOct _____W
,utirc, oimipesentig the Chek, fotuid monds, Jewelry and any personal SOUH NORTH
For te net 34 it to be swortlss-.tereafter le ro- effects. Business strictly confidential -
asys 1 ill sell l Ise s iuisef to revi-ie ntinig but Terms reasonable Office hours 9 to No. 6.- 7tati,&. o No - 5:05 A,. X
Bain Gondsat-S4 the )luit-ci.rhencdn cetdNo Z-t:83 AnH. No -1:30 r.
pie wil aso p ft 'rme mviiit 1130 a. m., 1 to 5 and 7 to S p M. No 4- 9:25 e. K. j No - :r P
sakhe any sitch -att good deaml of alim-i lutstat his rx- Call or address W. J. Lourii, Room
7,rHenninublock. Ponee459. Taiaa No 5 ad 0 rua eten AitutArbor
for .0. anissainceok.Pon 49 1and Tled nlay
taid, assagTr as 1,t.4,Sande~dlyeseept~vmamay
- .-hair-ressing t e chair rass oa Nsa. 1and S
J 2 IhIhY . h}',A
. EDNA KITTLE, j~~~t te , hn rw Prier, give: each dy. 707 N. University Ave. --
Every Student Should In- ____sllthbstlinsftaioar
Weati tmebat11mvkfetttimnsaItgr Falls Rute."
vst IO Cents NO IC in the city, alsa making a specialty at THE SHORT 'LNE-
ii get the IDetroim, FtePress Wit desir lvi elatteitotewbto ii,-t-umiotry inudr issper by theoud A N R BO R TO
ery imornig andatthinAnn oa on qiuirle tit the los.gr-s. l
ArhrDatily Arga - nanny even- Jewelry IDhetttutametit vrho-bwe live Also if 5011 have tny boots vitil it CH ICAGO
tg, Tt luest late-s lit tim eenutily strted inlcotilont withlior needv4 ~inidiugcall iiisoit 0our F AL
stasisRsil city forthets one pic riglartlue ofnsttionay, bok-binid- lBiesUFFALNE OR
of It) eintta w i ek L ets e or- t1utt, It. Shiolityou halilanuy satc-m-E___YORK
atfat the - tbimkioinat is i cocks ot i tetih vto Ie retaired we 6AND BOSTON
atetv, 21 ainSis)eiperfect-n--I -mif--I 1'I Ct- i[suIn-1 -a ciii, ii , , -t a u liaitO tevtiv::ttr 8t
43ot 0211E310 iim lout StAor StAneti.s Ctilt andb ispet or tack,lalt 0Si* H Itisule) E-uvmo liltt tt atth Ie West
cli , :111 ::iilt 1 1 ~ ' i tll uttl ttta:-tt tuur lav-, iitinitor ifrmatton anid :hratmtii tict ill nsir
T R .Y T HE TWO ochkts, 1U.of '. 1 ltl, Ste. 34lt)S STAIR ST. 1r11' to W .AS, AcntAntn Aror
Coure TiketsSaturday, llarch 21st.
CoreTces$1.00. Single Admnission 50 cents.
AL \VA P L Spring of '03 Woolens have arrivedcna=
- ink-prettiest line of Home=Spuns sever shown

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