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March 12, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-12

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frRImAN t1O[_6009 111l&MfIIN 8TR[[T
C 0T',F~y7 , x 5 0
We sell
R;l l n i rfpr
Car. Main and Huron Sts.j Phone 359, 3 rin's.
'Windsor and Newton's
""_____(Watercolor Paints
T~fype rIiter1s AN)IXTI11 .11W Io'n x0010 . ~iDeFRIES
I ____________________________________ III'.1 o a . C)1'1 '011IcEI;\'11 'tllt.'l'll ix 11111111e11 , I '' 00 01 i ii ll A DP T ."S 'I() E .
OA KS PHARMACY. ,r0n I,, 1'. 1 0il or . llix r<xio l. lji Mon0 1 x' I07 iltx 8
324 S.State St 0 10. xxftHi Ihit i i ! 1010 Ithe1 VA,11 ,Tl I Ird . il~tr-lil ' r il1uph1lin 0! 1010011 ol'1 R I'I ASP CA'
ia i t 111111111 1.1 \I. Ileh' (0111. oll o r".I.'li 'h . i. ' _________________________
Baly&Edmunds - lol l'l l xIl Il.x! 010nFresh AXielgettx Coooalates at Cush- DRJQ
lx I 11l. .110 1110liii. 11iod 11ily. ' lI'.lxx
ime -Iir t. e wold"r o irIrl 2ll It W lIo titbIo NI 01100011
T a io. T i' 0 ll all i( I t__________________ lci.Oxi wade 1 Volloixx
121 East Liberty St. 111111!I 011011,111111i'll e 1111110 r_______ten___d. o
R1 C F rl" to h.r l ill ,11i1'The finn tlr or Sam os B Dank
,..I'I' '1 .I. irlx'otoIt-1ll tdilr.o l teou!"lx . eill 11 11 111 11,000
________________ IOg'anized unc11le101the (.enxal BankxigL a
OPEN DAY ANb NIGiHT xr~l 1 1 xx Ilw~,lul n-ool this 111111 'xx! 111110 in Cl)- x ii 0111111 Isbusad els xhage
l II 1i ih n:r I 'm x (' 1,l,xxxo ' ofl'txoll 0811 110 ~r t~rlxxx ix 11 110 lra t xh xl 11o1111rop01111dntitxllatlon
w. C. IANDER~, Prop.! snlint 111i "oli of our 011101 Sat 10loxx 11111n
l7ll . 11110111,IIt.1 t 1\l~l . It.~l .S~ 1'10 x' e .! ta' ' q 1111111 Co 1111 lx r 1a.; llluxxxt,P o ie D
Q1 II h , n o. IiiInx'l tllll ilx .1 A'd'' ess1. ,vn 1ci "l n ixd1 e Iiiiii
lx XII1111111xxa1111 &________ Ohio CentralLie
la DE' A LEn N re I ,,.,iixx- xxix tnlxxli"x(t ti, - in pf-I t lx 1ix 1i1 i it1y; li:oxbxsixxx n lx'x, (;1llml!s. Chles1lxtn,W
Fresh and Salt Cleats. .011 f 'il tn. \ .do d ;,(1 i ~lxx111xi 11of 1sl 1nt 10 i 0111111 1110 a. X andthI iou8111hi. Ak 111ur0 xgxxtor
I01l .'xxxxl 'x i..Il 1 ld o 141 it I dilxx! ox'! qiel 'l lisi'0 101f 1.110 11 xi I 1. I tir , 1. A., '.Fort1,St.,
071+: 111 II x xix'5t. orix.l(x 11 1''xl ,i Detlrx itxxii lici. Mxxo x'xxIAO xxH h,
I l 1 i l lx. xI . . x I w il xI i itg~ ll xlx \ - 1. I -'l l llxxG.1' 11 '17. 1 .., 'xxx.l , C)
BUY~ Y0~~0 C OU fk . 0i-c lo xr1111 lx', ithlollxl In14?., DY., A. A, & J. RY. Standard Time
tUo YOUR 0 l 'llx 'x lse lx.xI li'I lxx' For letoit hllf Iorly frolox :1 a.
DRUGGIS'j(l1T GOODS rn l ix h llxli."c thxoix' llxx111 $Te1.00oDAILY $1 00 0. unt16115 p.xI . m.The horly uti
'ey1 tr ho] 0~l ':ws:utltxie n.h U. of M. Daily will be de 11x15. or Ytsilanioly at 12:15 a.
r At BROWN'S DRUG STORE. xx' e ox' ,'x i xn r :o drxo iven 'x !xxx y 1n. 1nd 1245 i. m. Fxr J (kon hlorly
('aorer txaixxan 111111 rees : f xx rxxx .V if 1 1 'xl o0 in ,y m0 '11el, ixll, iltnorlllivered for balance of school year from 1:15 a. 0n. xxil '1 lp. n. Then
Box i iI~l'xixllxx' lxx xx"! fr $.00. Leae orer t at 110 . m. and 11:15 1).
_______________________________ BilI t oxx oal"thltIlo cr or$100 La e rdr t ffce, Witing room Huron wt..XW. of Sain.
f11111 of1111 ill, ile1111ile,'litlo wnol x 310 S. Main St. Phone 13.
Lo&k repairing, key fitting x'lixlix,y f 111rx'l,lI0I1tole l xxii'xtixix .MiANN ARBOR RAILROAD
they i lxxii 111front11the Ix"olu~'1 ii l ti."s' otey oantex 01n Xaces, Dlx- .a'r s 'ir s a.Ha2n-' z tea;
KnIives, s011111 zos0nd fth, tuna}:111 1 lx 1111' y X uix'. Ix-'. 01111111111)'010111, Jwelry atd aly 1Iersolal Tran leae Ann Arbor by Central Stand
skiaales rollill. ihl' xx 011111 Ifx.0 heIix lixis l 101il e'- effects. BuslineOs strictly cofien~til. as) Tae.
GENERAL fIACIIINE WORK DONE 111111 Xlelx~lvl x.01111110. rootns resonabtle. office hors 9) toEleieli.2,11.
WN. . iW~ttGR, 113 [L Liberty Street 'xxx xbx oOxy 11 11 11 :30 li:1 . ox., 1 to 5 and 7 to sTi. m. SOtTH NORTH
four_____________to___________________", Call or add~resX. J. .00010n, Rome-_
Sho ofluiin7 hen)ning hblock. 1111011049. 15. 1 No. 8.-t x:20 A. . No. .-129:0 A. M.
Every Student Should In- 1!ixx 11lihl .No. 2- 103A. M. No. .-1011P.M
vest___________________Cents___________ No. 4.- aM P . No. .-Ox:153sM.
AxxxlotteleroFelxPes PICKWICK BILLIARD PARLOR & BOWLING 'uisoad~rnet nnnro
ev1ry110 1110 n.11111theo AnnIxx1 1 n ' .Tx' a 1 .01. i1113'i~lOxx
Aro al tu te I e_ l':"ec d y 71 N.iniversiye . u
11g. Tile'entpp nt hele 0II(10 W.T. 111110 Agext
l xx fr (lie x'xoxxlinliiloll at T he days ol ie's s'xeeisl [ 1 H 6A E T A
Slxxllel's, 121 0Mai1n5.StMeyers 00 0 00 1010a!e0theI ugodold AIHGN1ETRA
ri .X'iixx 1 11 01 1g Y .M CUUCgar- The Nags a FalsRote."
R l l s . 1 0 1T 1 1 H E i x l T .W 1 1t e 0 i g u r e la r g e ly in r e t r - T H E S H IO R T L I N E-tc n h y l a v w e N N A B R T
61.111011111 111 111' :1 II)' lli~lOII xil , : 0 I O m'e o a smx'oke AlA N R OR T
Bring ' ou plxx ictrex ral ly'1 hoIo11a'd'id011't10 0remembr he HO- OCH ICAGO
havexix lulnlxii xx 1111 ptld nt fxlx.GUS.xder pal? Yours for BUFFALO
lthe 1t:m. NEW YORK
Darling & flalleaux Tenslot15c. AND BOSTON
:1 1I 11 1icl 1.Plain and Cork Tip. tLols, Knox i (I xtIPaul ad the Iet.
S. L. A. 13th Annual Oratorical )
Course Contest
Course Tickets $ I;Single 50c Un iV6P~tU ldl, FidU9 M ae. 13
in I XXTARTYS Spring of '03 Woolens have arrived contain=
MILW RD'S ing prettiest line of "iome-Spuns ever shown

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