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March 04, 1903 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-03-04

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Special Soale in Strictly all Wool Custom Made
Trousers $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 and $6.oo
Look at Window Display.
Cutting, Reyer & Co.
University Tea RoomsRETCL,
LOVELLUS Car. Main and Huron Sts.
Tea, Coffee, Chocolates, ioc . ~ I Sl
Mkstoo Slvia tytadll ooh sto bet
Burners, CiImneys, XWicks, ."oontliegewsSotiI Ilottar t't
Ii as Portables t) t1i'' WI'inr2 istlte ln
M\lantle, c('litneys, 1Bttrtt- 211 lacalI 1fro tll) ..t .tH:11tl,(n -
I's, lulting, Ittc. ii tta I ~t'e'ts s- illt-Now55 St ite a 1)1:1
You can always findl what E"w: listatatty a eloftt 21;as et at
sxl want at E-il oi l vinAisN~lr
IIOAG'SIHOME[ Supply STORE tl 01 Iet toes ll i'l,)inlt l 1-
Cor. State & Liberty Sts. yno , t*ed I t lil rleo
AFTER Ttit PLAYIoft"Deltit.''1~11 i()\.is
Drop In and getGys t(ers to any style and Misi t~i~ lre~ic ine~ ~r l
Lunches of all kinds f 1 ter
04 E. Huon St. Nxt toF. andM. Bank I 01 KNE
Onselock frome the AthiesSSZINllIN'IA..I~IL
PROCIINOW & SCHiAIBLE. I Ot tis ttttl' twitt at ' orat' te
__________________________________ i ll Stttav.A:1e1
r Ti + t.aMrt. t':t lootls tlovlt. T'It 140
L nh& Dining Room neon il tii le 1ta}its 1'mled i
Ty our speial SItea, 5e. Open altl X ttlllla11, lie' l lldi~lll ill ioltllt'. lits
nih'LusXV1)fI~ o c1 IXSON & SAMS ON, Proprietors. I l liltlI I tt ~lti~t'
IDairy t~nS' I. VOsiiltli. Opposite t)teoe renl i'w ~eni1ee1
D.1'. A. A .i ,J. Waiting Rooo0111s fott t i'. i l l ill itth ln
ofl 111ll, Ifii..i 1.l1.4)1'lt. 'Its Illof thel
sJ CHAS. F. IMEYERS S bskinnelillsel
iModern job Printing $1.00 DAILY $i 00
16 The Kind Yos.aeaLaoking For The U. of M. Daily will be de-
liee foner1-r 215 S. Main St. livered for balance of school year
for $1.00. Leave order at office,'
Iwill make 310 S. Main St. Phone 13.
special rate
aw acourse of Extpert' repaiiring of jewoltry at
'eatment in 1I1 ..BR1'S .SVI'I ilY.IVSTOIII'J.
assage,facia 1
or body.2. XX. ID)I I". ,'I AIIOR,
Msanicstre, 'WillX'etpIts' edlil to lwt 1 lls c111010'
Hainsressing. " .:' ti'5 in ]tis 11ll( ll qu rtetrs, 111 Eatt
Chiropody and 1roste.
Mass'age, Par- ____
Hue.ree. Lttdy Fresh Atlegreli Chocolatea at Gush.
sor Gentlemen tng's Pharmacy.
Over Brown's IDrutg Store. Prize given: each tlay.
l'lotse 41.
Phone 389, 3 rings. DIRECTOR
OSffice 209 S 4th As'e. 'Phone 98. Resi-
CALENDAR deuce 3(02 S. 5th ave. 'Phone 314. Am-
hutance on cull.
MemIloriatlit1,It. String antd su~mmer Implorted and
IFridoylt, 51.11 13. Seiorlll' 2111' Domestic WXooena. Thte largest
d Ine:t I lit Ill4llr ;yIt''lliulll. I 5111' lstIckO of pie~ce go010'a in the city
1;,11111:1 l'1115 Iir1t(;han'e'ssacademy.t5' cut to leasulre and to lit. Saco:
X'a'ois'l~l Il' Sufit ss.).(K)1and ll. 1Prince Al-
t ll ttDrewssa neT'utxedos (silk
"Lao rc ,ortsthin 1ftced) "3 00 11n11up. All
workI. aI nd Itsmateil guauteed at
11oei iwsbln :S11 lei 111I eil ll I 111111 F R A
SI till :11141 IIR'; 1 s II :15 1 r-iOsver Filrst NatilnIsan 31k,'1111 Arbor
,-t y1'1e 21111i1. 1:B nk
I~y gasss ep ired.Sne I 1enssat State Savin B nk
+W J3iBooth Jell V Sheehan
1.1101 . -A 111 Sl a411, illo 1 1'illt 'Tol'-lbWin Arnold DreVXC Vaughan
4 11 1,11. ilior eas laveatInJs H Wande F F Mills
I 1'1111 llose'111' J yea John iHaarer
All" Ilt iictI' 111d1 '1l''t'i vo St Itt t 2 113JnoKoch troftRHS Carbarl
______________Frasnk P Olaies' Chs'isianMacsin
Rni11 ttt~ tl I4ut In:lit 111 2«r :1 tl ~ ii o ~vnu Bn
(1011 1111ll~l'l. 211' 51111111110 Capital Steo'k, $501000. Sarplus, $150,000.
toI lit 011o.771'. tin111'' . Resoures. $1,900,00.
Organined ausder she Geersal Hanking Lawn
of Itis State.
1IIINICS'' I.s) \XNEI). liReceiven depoestsbulys and sells exchange
all she prinlcip'al c'ile1o1th'ellnied Slates.
1tattt'5'10,11tt'1 n010Sllt1'S. lli~tlnolts1, Oralscashed uop roear identification
sllel '' and to II111: ptroal ip ~ rrty. Safty boxess to reel.
tprll'nnlt Charles E. Hlecuck, Pres.t W. 'D
llours'aS to 1.1:30) a. 1i. 11111 1 to 13:3t0, DY.. A. A, & J. RY. Standard Time
ad 7 to J'.5111I. For Detroit half (hourly from 4:15 a.
JOSEPH C. WVATTS. us. until 6t15 p. us. Then hourly until
______________ 11:15. For Ypsilanti only, as 12:11 a.
"J" 110P1? MUSIC. us. and 12A45a. us. For Jackson hourly
from 6t15 a. us. until 7:15 p. ms. Then
Glee Club Concert Music. at 9:15 p. us. and 11t15 p. us.
Ill our windowe you can fin~d all the Waitieg room Huron St..,XW. of Male,
atlest anld moss popular music. Songs
froin the light operas. ANN ARBOR RAILROAD
AN-N ARBHOR :MUSIC CO., a va r a l r zvNMG
209-.211 E. Xahington. Trains leava Ann Arbor by Cantral Stand.
ard Time.
_tolley ioan~ed on XWatches, tDia- Effective Oct. 16, lO02.
niolnds, Jewelry 011(1 any pernonal SOUTH NORTH
Ieffecots. Business strictly confidential.
'Terlns reasoniabale. Office hoturs 9 to No. 6.- 7:20 A. is. No. 1.- 9:00 A. M.
Na. 1.-11:33 A. Ia. No. 5.-12:30 P. m.
11:30 a. mn., 1 to 5 and 7 to S p. in. Ne. 4.- s:2n P. fi. No. 3.- 4:6l P.
Call1 or address0 W. J. LotrIn, 1100o1
7 IHennling block. tPholte 459. 151 Terains Na.S and a ran hetween Ann Arbor
707 N. University Ave.
Every Student Should In- WeX'S'sell thle best liltes of Stationatry'
vest 10 Cents N T I Eintls~e cty5, 1151lsoltlking a specialty lot
AMnd get the Deltoit Free Press tempor~larya' Iinder Ipapler by the pound~lt
avery morning andthse Ansi XX'S'desire'lto ll IatteIntio~n lothls le ew ox or qi tube01h(elowest figures.
Arbor Daily Arguseery even- JeSwerly De'partmnlt, swhisch sw' hatte Also i 111~S ifl eay bolbs which
ing. The best papers~ in the recently startedl in sconnection wsitil ou~r needl r'ebind~ing, call in atnd get our
state and c'ity'floe the one lice regulalr linle of stationllary, bSokbnd-Iplices.
sof 11)cints a weeko. Lease or- lug le. Shiould you1 have aniy y wt(t.h-___
tiers or51'the cominabtionl at es'cocs .'.jwery o e epare w
Stoflett's, 121 Alain St .,meyers, s l~so ~el oo c.s5 n
411 E. Williamu St. or Argus ('1115g'lltl'5I1c Itperfect satisfauction. IF. J. c le e
= offce, 310 Souths Main Street. Call) 11n101inspet IourCstuck, ala~rm~
T' R Y T HE£ T W clocks, U. of St. Pits, ste. 340 S. STATE ST.
Trains, 1,.2, 3, 45and ,daly except Sunday
f'ree ehair tarson Nos. 1 and 4.
3.2J. KIRBSY,. .P. A.
"The Niagara Falls Route."
'KIsh direct connectioon tChscago for St
Luils, Kansas Ci1ty, St. Paul and the 'Vest.
For Information and throughs tichets callonnor
write 1toXV. W. CASE. Agent, Ann Arbor
Slngle admission 50c, $1.00 An essential part of your college equipment is a Tickets, entire course $2.00
Students' Leture Association Ticket
Thte Assott1111111ss I~kts Ttt o flt mIa kn n eN 11 ,11"5bn1to bevalie to bintg' ta tihe 'W atch this space for S. L. A. an-
Unn s rt re toll 5 t he Is ltuIsent i t hors tin tlture11101 I s l'kt s~~. Alnouncem~ents and dates.
M I \ A RD'S Spring of '03 Woolens have arrived, cnan
ing prettiest line of.liome-Spuns ever shown

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