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February 20, 1903 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1903-02-20

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No. 11 2
.Close Meet Predicted-Nearly One
Hundred and Futy Entries-
Preliminary Class Re-
lay Races
Tomiorrowv ti;l ovwill oitess t1h
. aual trogg le btweenvO( othe fresionn
01111 sophomorel 1l(1sses0of the Iloiver-
sity for tractkot toe 10'1y,'itd it tids
fair to he the 1m1st01exciting" 111111tlty
contested in recent years.IThe large
tlttttter of enri111 intdleo 1110 low lvserve
eo give 01)111111dea1of the ottt'jsio
interest exhibted 11.gr)01nd1till 11111111
11110te Otcomet Kene . 0izpnric nn
name f lelo 1 Itto''1111inthle 1e111ylist
1.t11101rkof 111e1co111e1when the1111 1111
1101 not11 et its 1111121 '1111 enter1ed1 1ist
tti-igt Iliny1)' 'tl l I tea111Iif 1111111111
lsitotolt 111101111110Ior' 111111111101o00h~lt
the 1111111l1111)nnylbe 11111111ly 11a11e11 111.
All-Fre101s 1111AI'8111111 10pi ei, 111111
lteentesst e 11110111. 110101121ve 'e11121'
te'lmthat1111enthelrs lorthe 1las 11100
1pio11s1i111mus11 ru1le111 11111111night 11141
1111' Xsit coill111111111reco11110to 11111
are 11s follows
One-0fourlIth l111111'11111-514 111)1111.
Onha1lt' 111111r11112 1i1111:3 seelondsl.
Pole 011111t-IloPot 10 inchtes.
211dh1,,, o. 111110' '11 5 I l: I o11111'1 :) e:
Sc ulz'tl; h:11t--81'wln-,'1 15 e 1 11t
110100.AMS II 2ltl,'11 100 1
111111 1 1 a1- t ar ); e: N -
1ross.1tit;1e;1111, 'te(;;Dio, 11'0.
11re :2 I:10 -'n. S bs11110 1 (_1.1111
V0410 t-~i- o tMllo,:t.,,111' . All n
Mihigan will, Play NieteenGanotes
Th5 is Saop o w-Lit fDe As-r
1itt i t s he Settled 111. M rl-
'111lle 01111100 followo: Ill'}- i' 11111'1) g:01111111 11 nd wiltl 111ee1
Aeyt, 'e2 : Ca l'ki'n, 51'O(; et;K d- a spCtr1el. WoIl)bl 1 ~oio
stop1 05; Gto rI, 'ill; ' e;55111'lis, '0e' 511111sce1 ul5 for 5 11 1 '1110111'' ol
Iloyol '06e 1 , 0 ; aleINs
'0 , I 2bsto. I')., e;Haye, 02 e1111il 11 'ic"a''II'at Cicagto.11
'1 1; Sanp , '51;1IiM1ark l , ' 'C 011 511Apil1 3, Wisc11110 aits 1' on.
'w rd '0t; 11011)1 1 111;E mod, Ar105 aa azoa i lm zo
'1i1;0"tt't ' 05I' ara', 0'I; Apil ' IA binSt lbon
10oget f1:00W1ickotty, 0 Lut, ArNew1 Ntisalraternityle
Ste wart,' I: 111 '0111e; wheeler' rll'I, ''M.ll 1.1C.1'atLansill-, th
11 1 tl II, ' 161e; 'Du ll IJr., 101; 10 il I25'.1Illinos at111Ann21 1Ar 1bor. 1
'0:5 l; Start, 1')It:J sy 'll )e;Sa-1My1),Ilinos t1111 1g . 1
1olt,10111 ; i1111, ')( e i ger,11'Of; Ie; 1l,,o,' 1111 , 111ica-;o '0at l i ll'0
Is crss 01 III il 100 111h lt,111 01 1 , 1 115111111 It 1 11 :1 sn
'Ofih; (run. '+; h (xcger,'04 e: l <I- \ay I, W se 1nin iInn Ar1or.
40Y1 ..- 1 I 11117 III,ES I' 1a\ ) 141:)0,Ilios t 'ls 'rb r
'o 'I 1G 51June 12, C rnel1at ; 011 rbor
5111111 0)J : F ble ii 110Stee, June1 3,Co nel o 'ol
A0 1: 111 I , sot 05 1 1 11,(), 1;
'41; (' ': i'll 111'()1;111111,'O(: Pi 'l- ll All New1 1 Nation11 a110 Fra1 t1e1'ity1 11
t op111 'o51 1 : Hill;111.1111 0 011110C t l; 111111101e'1 leter1 fr1 te1 niy thI I
Siirutit 11101desiIl1et toynl1015
Chiefl Executive of Chicags is Secured
Is Spsak Here sn Gssd Govern-
ment Curse on the Night
of Feruary 27
1C'a11)' 1110 aiof Itao 4110011ago1
110011. ['el. 27. '. 0312. Phislo ewsl l'lo'h
or, ;ww 11111't 001111 tmr. hat'lisol's
public career')'). 'I'le' I oot 4Govetnmenlt
(1111) tol sI fo1110011 '' 111111') 1111 11110
1111)on 1111110 10 1owli1isllill(,1
11pi~e of111 the ('l '11 'II11 11)h 'os 11man1'.111t1
11,1 rate. as110110 Ill es 11 for111 ]t'it)') 1
111111 1111 111111111110'i :t s lol 1111'), 0011
0.11111oious.-101 1I lopular'1 opity. oa
11101111' 11111110'II')forIl 11101 terms
is'ill known as She -hest10 1111111111
same I ''llIllI' III'To10g'v 1fil eop'le of'0
111111111 who posse,(',such lte 1111-
it1pssile11r isoleml 111111 '1111 to
)')llg Sar.ept at't'isoeducat1in,11111-
1110e :1t11S1 . I 1;010'tit ' o I 111 and
au(ol Ilo-oIs e ues0it,1tilt,1great1 s
111ect11 11111')'verr 10c i'll 11111
ye'l1t'iledtoe 0011ose1111111'efe11t1fr1aud
Ihe i('o d lill rl)0)5 11 l b-'fl) Ill'
j :ro li1 lis1 i1tl ent11-21 1111 sb :tit 11ora o.l
I1111vaied prsuit, 'lal editor.Is 0 111
am] husiu'''0 ml Lave 11givenl lLim0l01a1
fa raty-o ressionetnot'foght i
dlio' l'llIe Whchme ist1s mllnl oftl
the111best -llrer,11l11tit(, WestIlll.
0101Limos a1d1 'Ifor1thirt dys t
to many th ousands11''yet 011,'that11entie
co prmiin 1)11 111111n1 alyI li o'1111' Ill'
in: his a1fternooll 0)4:15.Rm .11111(,
Ill't'0v 121' 111111. 1Illp 'Ir ll I llt ns-
The Alpha No Society
Th'l)' progeramll ovliell 0010 to have
P-elI gvetn by'the lehaIIIII7)1Litetrary
ind~loor 1111t:1 11 1t1e0formelr 111g11. It
tasllso11b1een r~lranlhgdl'lCte 110olher
uled11for Saturdaly Oe'enin~g, 0111)11b
given11111' 11 ol)thepreiogeFi~t l 'lpin1111
u11nls) 11111' iII 11' 0ltslare made'1to 11111
cont11)1rary. o-i 1)111 11 111 1
Ts-i 10 leerga o uit ftiehe 110s-
ices Wt. Man'0 awreisfthe st
Youthful Crcui t Ju ordge inr, the
Ulh o aditiSates-honorfottrdk
cnssI'll will ' 1 w 1101, e outIcome11j. lg'T'h
tl wo 1r)1intrstedl0II lhetl ) iterliry
ie ofthel' I't'121 Illrlil litohlo 11111 11 11
str.denetls1, 110wholt atIll a, for~lt
111111 III Ill of )t' ' )121'cieotye. 115
Rit'llWf11)01's(tu'01'i's l~teMos-to
Youtfulicit010lt J1d111inute l t
01110e11rec)en 1 lectirneof'Mr.lltie W.tu
Unl~itdttes.il'i Mr~l. Mns i es le
fu110iingIlIlIe 1111doutiesiletmaner o
111e1 11 brli ng hono to 01111ad'.
A. H.l vrstywhilhlams Tonigtaal
foo)tiall andI)Jhash.'''Ill t'111)1's. ol'-
00)1iltee anditI Illa ''s lln t a ttto at h'et
inteded o ivete ou t I 1foot-i
:u,11tve tee st 10'0-~i'ItltI'a)' weI
Mr,10'A.00)011.IWillilms Y l') 3,2'011111
55: es P 1 011 111 c b
1011.11 1cnsitin ofiII oss.lhelerI0o
[trr,010futolle ndOllwoS l i"I'hy 111
Iei lo. lie a, ;ee r,)2', l01'l0lh', 1111 1)111
m11r11')i01111eto 011t hn))out-of-dioerlor 0111
io posibloe, 11011e0int-odooor rizl-llll is
Chiellgo Owill ieet i10s1here:itt aI 11111

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