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December 19, 1902 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-12-19

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T111, VW(111ltA N P1A I LY-NEWS
What It Means
Simply this: That here you can find the newe st fasts; the c rre t styles in colorings
and effects becoming for any man. Same as in til rg3etliber.Ias; ry establish-
ments in larger cities. The only difference is the price. COYII lN AND SEE US.
G. J. BUSS, Manager 109 and 111 East Washington Street
tovell's Corner Store Cor. Alain and Huron Sts. Phone 389, 3 ringts. lc DIRECTOR xv ~
342 5. State St lbe2 t v. 'b } IIs College a Fatilure? ltttte'llx0,xxxiii will Ixxxxxx .i il h ti vi' fence 3i,2 S. 5th ave. 'Phon~e :14. A*-
?"e ;xyxx'vdayxx l ixtvx'xixy, Ir t Lr xv i''xiciv II' tx' . i 'l .t xxix it: hxi'x lii i i v AnC ' .dl i x
C h is s M ost: xxi'llxxv'x'lxv lloxxxv ixxo' 'lxix". 'llxxx xii d*o **i ," iv'x'lx.xl
h ! 1 t 1 s si u l xx is Ow lxx xis Gt ixx i v tslx'Ix t lx +I xi 'xi ' xx Ir ti ' x.tic >xx'I xxxtr{
a ll Ip 'll-od il il' tix'tiiJ"l1011xi Sxxx'xlxxx 'xxs xxti -jj4l~kcj.,0. j(IifhR Ej
Here l' AI x
I~oix i xc ixougxti OxSIxhxt'xx I #A
mothe x r r friexd. (Ouxr Ili, ;t+h
st re x' fxll oxxi x i x l xx x1.N 'ofxi}x
'xxx'. xxxatx & Iixxertxy >t'x. x 111141x
AFTERIITlxxIPLAY ti'1 f' r
fxxx L uncxxhxd ot. ;illxxi indsxx xxxvii lx 'xxv 11l1xx Sii
xxL xx H xxon St. Nw lxxo I',an" . F: xx xx1'141°I 1111
ALAUh CAE& GRILL HM i>(+i}+f
Stale anid Liberty Ss 1+1,t,:i t
s11x1xt ixixxx 411x1ixxt xxxix xxxt' x +xnxxxx ixx
e 1t 'xixixxi.xN' ix xxxi x;txs'xx xxx. txi'x'o
'l1xxx,.x k'p i nit xx tt
CORRAO & CO. Props. x
('I? HAS.x. . I 1'. A Itj . 1Oxx x'
SModern job Printing ,.} .
, t ~11 1'!
'bPone 281-2r, 215 . Main Ft, x
s pecial rate
'c,, .. "4{a t";(? t l 5' ; iiti 1? ixx
)it rxxx%
ve't 1 11 1 0 Ilitt
x'. ii fix11
ix(9 xxi t i ti
txiiet, tixlxx(i txx"xx]os
ri!rt e ., \xiii(, it 4 c . _ ,x h 's t l
thtex' ''1llS 1"ixxxxiix lltxtx
} 't Iii xxtx lxxxxxxxx. 1 itxxx Xxxix 11 Xvi oxxilrxxxdxx~x i xx ll 1; LARGE SUITE (modern)
'xxix i xx x)'xx x I'xx'I x i. X'xxi' ix xxi xx south exposure; one-hal
all x' i xxx x i)I illtx :xxxx1,;1 'xt:Si .x ''lxix 1xxi blocik south of campus.
s 1^ml i xxx 1.:I ii xxxo l( 't 51' 1 )41 1:1to''i'x l xx xx ixxi )1 Cheap for the balance of
x)x xx xx xx.lxxxxx xixxi xx ii the college year. 635
\1 fl t xlt' ) 2 ' x 1 ' x':1't(i f 1 ): ll )xI i 1k l xx' lo 11 +1 1' n
1111x 11i lx x't ' xx i i xi xx xx 't int'1111«1 1 x1'(" 1 I xxxi i d trxx i g}.xi ou h Ing ls S r e
"xi ix I '411 t 't : ' i x x t 1 'i xx'' I I S. 11 1111 0
;3,'11 1'' 1.111. ltl y~rtii+ ________lt 111.tr 11'11)'(. 1State Savhi Bank1l
'x xx [~11;1iinlttii)iY ixx'i'ixs.I !i)JRECZTOtliax
+lx \'xxx'iii 'iX'x':IV'1'ii iiiIlxxxi ixWixiBoo xi lxx o' 1 exx
1xxxx~x '1 xxv iii io i N I.J 'Xve )xxhtxxx ii x
'xxx lx'' i11 ' lxx'.. 1}1;1 + i xxtxon ; xDec xi- i :11( 1,19 Ix"l noixxxx 'xProf'xxxi 4Ii 'arhxix x
f I(l 1 titx Ix::11 x1t 111 ,iIxx ii. 1 1'.x xx i liaili xx1i()'xii x xxi xx1x11ixx x
Itxr'1loIlt }''.iii)1 1)tx i 1i 1 x' ' " t. 1iliv, 1 ~iiilxix xx IHe An A #rbor Sa oan Na4
t'' t i lr} tl i i "xxx(W II . i'(1 1I: 1' 1'? 4IV lx{111 xit I 0 ixxtf1xx1'li
lii (xx)Capita xl 1, xix(w :ri;xIt lx'x 'xxi,01)e.
1,:1 x1'x1 XX ppl toIi \-'i'iik,-koxxx. xi xxxxxx'ouvl ix :xixxxliixxlxxgtxw
vn xx (erI'i e4xxiixxixxxxxxxxtixnnxxGr..ll
lx'. l 'r Dodox1ii (';l xxt i xxl 11ti'lIxx'ililx \1xi':i. ixsd oA. tA , & J. Y . III,! ndard.( le
'xxx'xx ~ llIonilthe p lxin i l xi i i xxx1ix'i l xxil xiii atte ..
I 1 001 ix _'\\xi. N :i 10 11 0 ,hxil l xx po ii x ji}xil-. xrx;lxati
l} It"1 \(( ' l ' 11'+ . Jf ._ 1_1 ig 1) f ixxxri x1 4r 4 'iii I xxii i ixurt
xx x '11l ~t i iF r( 1,;x1,it ,l xii(ivili ix. xxx t. T
I''Il 't x x3+11" ;I l . t iv lx.i' xx x xxi xx i l rI x l ~ l xi ix us
i1Al1 1' I x . x x x l''Il xxil xlVi 'ilri ilxx'Iixxi i'xxi xl'lx ltxx
lxxx' Oii'"+''x11'1x111lili AN ARBORiRAILROA
t(, 'i i xxixt'1o . lxxt(' i: ~s
xx,~~UN. A. .'x xA, xx x'& Ix~. . StadardTin
)tl}'liti l t''ixlxixi)' l'exxii'{ x 1?1x x ;A1x:1i11Ii1xx
I. xx~ . l '' x. lx 5. u t' 615Il.Inxx'. ' eI'h uryuni
Etr1 ll :1111 ,! 111 t i I it ; i \ N 1'A . x xx 1 1A i :1 ' i t S 11 1 . F o 1 ixx. ( y 11 1?
xx11 1 I: ', Iii t VIA'xx x li '' x In.x 'ill5a n. FIrJrir h u l
21,: 11d w, ?111" ,N N A .I .! 'x ' i' .IZ A ) r m 0 1 1 n rlli l) 1.t . T e
: : , i, I ',
. i ! ; Ic
; i11'.t i1
ilia \ I
r .v
~_ j,' ,
_ a }_
t. Y."kS
a . ';
it o::
s ,:
' +x) lx 0. 0 xx
" x ." 'xx i ' xs . xix1i tt ' i, ' 'l.x.
ixxx. i~I. x xxx ixA 1Yx
i07 N, Uivesity Ave,
xtixx Notes
o I mp lxl, l i ix, iixx lls.
I 'xiA i
iti t v'illC'Ii '
tWitih 'xxi'diixet on i'xxxxxxxv xxa L x0i i .forSt
xxxii', 'xxsaslxxlx'ix,,'t.'. u ix ixv iW t.t
ti{ For xtovtixxxivxaxnxd lixro b ixxxliki' t~i.'x uxii xxx
wrxite1. W. 'IalVSn. Axxixxx, Axxxx A rbor
F I i. fir. E .rri .+ i .i. .. 4 it l rr
Single admission 50c, $1.00 An essential part of your college equipment is a Tickets, entire course $2.00
'Thxx Associx lxxo x l's tike ts, otto maxxkexi vn i xxx bt t t h hi xxx ioixaing tloxtxe W atch this space for S. L. A. an-
ttney sveredt o e s tudentxi n t hxei xxl fiorm lxxx i Ilxi hyxxxto.Alnouncements and dates.
..& A.oxe iAh A' .till xx d t 06lixi tod'O f ii txx d At, 06 d .I I x Cxxi xxA A~, &,.Ab"
w wl w .. . ".. ".. '":. ' "" . '... i w W.ie W. w ' .. ... 1 T ' T.. 1
w w lqv w w lwlqrlwq
Always Ahead in
The Best of Every=
thing in Tailoring

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