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November 12, 1902 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-11-12

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Fast Signali Practice--No Scrimmage over 500 Points in Eight Games-A Game Was Slow on Account of Slip- Chicgo, Wisconsin and Michigso Are
-Men Determined to idefeat Stagg Mevw Football Rcord Made by pery Field-Lawss Had Good= Wcirking ii Unison-lhey Claim
Michigan Massed Interference tie City Is to 131asie
Till -iit sis' iiciii'id'ii 'ts llSo si ______
Ival at h i ing bie a forii-oits itl v Sit ichiainl h iss sel lher wodfu I 05 h vs I I su si (s of luglan
ii1i ,U.1es ci i isd of lii1 last year' sd isowithin liiA1 'sis vsox 'i'.ari'ihipcish b~'ehiosepsIIIos ii
ii 'ariwok. Alth M antre-13 o 5 le fr50i n sits sle soed indlud ii' i',,y~stsievl'.iv it sitre of l ah , vo l1isds's-v (11"taiileds
ipaited i 'jeso'' i 'is's 'iii' isii ilm- sing iwrs post si'lsoi g meii h hs ini. i l (ii itsss of the iti, eiis fomli theis in' iisi i t s $ I.000ili sel'
5 1, siil lilv i lnt 1 iy su-si~ed ma e lon doublle (lie nonoirr ties 5' ~111 a ilf'l ro teri' s xoii'5'o o e l 'ii ldiii 11 ,_ cl'i. 'l
1iiti 5 s:sIlihuceilii' IWilliii come i s'flio oii5 os lii' ii'inx i o slli
1,111 i Ii lisii 'line lt 1r5s: 5nt1 is o i ns o re 11d lot th ea : to i cl io' I t i hso si l'xi(i linio.a d of' iii'ntliicld,,tc - (r
peen foli il Veriy'si'ii i fori iieiiiins tndvli iuef":ini 5 %lonl- l, llsi 5 -'e l tv~tu l~ 1i
1111 Ior [, ori of iii iii il i .Ii le od.,_ ill titiinio in o ll.yy s 5 A t1o i iia, tale Lim s 'i
IIw l i~ ltd y ), n t e"iili ii 5 .. J5i2 iI .ifir tm g lci -hr i li iiLia!n' i ita i
1'ii 'ssd- ~ 1 i'iii'lls5 i li siii iiisi i i i iii
- (e (ih li o( i i: ~ 11. IE ;11 ldiiiiine o a 2,1 1 l s iii iii 5 iii'iii 1 'i'''iii ii s Iic ' ir'"''ill'lOtiii l\%ip ii
II 1 i55i 1nn l l stn- lity r i11k d ,f )tll, 'm i iil,:u e htihil i.i1
'51s1 ,s 's ct ftn tr-Ii 01: ( :ir= :u etiii '! ii 5 I isisitiliii iii iii over1 fos it iIouct i 's ii' soii, %11 us( n
liii ii sit riiiiii av i'55 i siiot5 Iisl i'I soyI .. . . . ) 1 2 o n )titlil e ply l 'i t fail i voessit I i ~ l oA i t('ii ali it 51 mlis
yve'btssiii st°ili rl, f~ - 111ti~ . .. -i, 1 S2 a I h'll iir iy:s ll c?' at theIiseidl ofs !o' li i upsps' IiIii
tr d yu k o 0 iis i s th lcn- \i I. sitsh-as defeu'0 s owa 10 ts ill ' si1,1t itl iilie hi l inos the ti,"1v i ixii "n ; iils o eng' i he imi of
dsi il iv iiit iie i ' iie I 5 c i &iiiii s it. s liv iiis lii ief'syeitued or'1 't . 1'isl 'so' foieldill illlav"'ii" t~li, (Cil 't( ' i vvii I s 1 ii ' xii' ii
(iliii's i l uvsLa s iud si st. L%.tviiironiiced i55 ii mu h uf Iii.G reii 5 ' \i's 1 5 1 I Isl(,IS I ii' I:ily hI l ilei"ii'i:],:t i in \i's 'iiis' is it'i'ii isissi 5 iiv is 's-he
l5'un s' d igto'f ol tis Cic l iss1s"hat n 55;uld i,'d l i i (fien x sv id tu tu sill o'fi 5i' y'iOti vliiln l '555huit nt (iii'' ii li i rehii ii us. 5iio'5tulfE
ifndial"(sdsssiss'' u s ' wilbysituooiseS1a1e byIs i I i i sil)(voitisll sIu 's ilIds\oreilissi ovsil , is iii isi s liuse us tueo i ashallu t ild
iii ii Is iiii'alth iigh ' ii sdlliih. i ex-I'S i hss is u X'lis'h'tut s le ,S t osp Gui ndioi iii ii'. iuil f ssii iiv s il'i'iuu'v ih ]cr u~iric;;o ndvsiit h ica le
iii ii 'iiiio Oiiio'xiStIalei.Sis oo ha s o uidi i1i v~ li I 'iiii 1 ' in's iii ' i llt iliar ' nctsand ll ,-sig' hiss's rll( fli el~ow
Iiii is loeilovixr tii",dotiihei-ll os'oher-ha d iB losis:ucoedis ios i l si 51se u's iso I ti~i sit i o ussisiheyIt diii is o nas gisi i isi'is'i
1s vstils o spt lotss' tauleis L lliIg . R Ie'.s s.wo ii' her 2a toiiianIi :ilii fa iiii iied iito 5 k ick voral ssss u I' the i it iiiu ha
1 1i \ilg id iaoi.o' vw it B litis it 1 o 0.U c ioN's:til l te itonsisent worofsus i suly sioolld..y's 5(l"h'5p'1ie
10ti i li's'si y 1 1,l11g 1 .5 lii 550s y toe Iiiist ding~erois aisle Pei's, ,thei I s'slii' i'suiu. u, s's' i so1tlle rien WoSusdetald Iii c'oI llof1
l _' No ale Tro"!ie 'vex S issisdy ciii no waui- I isi us-i. E'. A uisissnius ol Isis i- liii' Sisut suusiove i le i 5' 5 ',titha
1~k0--- ius'issau(o tIv lstiii 1 'I. 'e moy loss't aisgive "C iv's's mii' 5 ri :I _ i ' I 'i Wei'r.'Hili:tI_ ' , , W5'i-I linsof iii sh ssoisitee us sue ' 1 I
s1 oi(ii i'i 2 1'sts''i h isl lt 'ii p ''sis 5i'i Sil .'ai"i''st I t 5' '.iStu11h,11s.tns
li i'' sssii - I 2-1. Csio 0, lay i lii heii' itcs ush no ist lt i' it'''ioii o15~ts I i iao'1u-d t.(-n
55hsil l I i tI, -ttu 5c
ll tll l t eidesicor 11.io te tipe Re dtot iiits i vi s'tis''ius i i Ii '.ti'is'B.. tii i'B'ird p 0 -o .'tilt 'atiil.i, i and iit'L ottia Il
«:1c l~~g stil inssts (inc h~i te niS. \lihig~n Ne t I dian f0 o t: \I,(I I,.T}..lloi'lit_ ' ..1'011011 isaslut 11t1 c soliI I Ioco itiii 'd11j '
Sh isi, isiar isall swit lrii''"' susi' i's5 ssisi'' ii hB lot5 .wisei Is . sIe i . I ' i titltii 551 i o iilh iu iuii ianaits i hsh il' it de .
dsrii iis ligu ed ,1 PhI 1 lilss is -,;1'11 b,Is ts iB slhloi. 1 ' to u 0. 55 55 1 _iiiti shll il- I lit it oiiss ut li <ii titus l~.L
'Ie( ni'Ison ts1sat osa'id 'sC iii s'i( it~ .t' tll (.h'Siill o 1uss s oniliytsh iss' fs suiiuts Senir5 OIili I iil ii uhl a n rE tit it usits is's1 utii'e~in
'11iitsis ..ta-(hi' stso, siiti t uu ' 55'tuS( ils' it s u i t rihi''ls us t ssu uind thd tiii iiluit ii 00 t o t s r s s pss'sl t~ ln : t "
e .u1 i t i ±asuitsul s-uIs ulus t s u ' lsu'ssi n 'ill' u'ss.s's'su t si ll, ii ''T5iciisuIi to ti ly l 1t lust lustS tait' usi 'sits srnui t tl
si altitd Ciictits'i' as'isi mtise si'it oh15 oust'Mere s ldu tt h t li s i lm' !'uv' ii"' us cn1 i i dalrous cluI'.: IIu'iIipss 51 '. eed til s th ri aLi la!suit it11-
'ist ~ is mssss li1y t v"iv nei red 'ii S i0'5'1'uuts'sl hie vit C 'shIs 13 'unt 1 555' 'tutu 515 , 11m. 1idtisi 'utlt utu u u hss
iii'siii''iiuu 'SIii'1155t55 iii1i5'isis i55 151( tis1(uuiiiiit1s1ili m:Idc'iiit 1'lsuy' 'isisiiivii, s sit
Ben'l 1t Hrbor-Ann, borue Game on hiif sli'resitts 's e ogtis'tios get tuilt 0 l1 '(lit'cia'i IIi r tt'it yi'ttttSillii i 1.111
lie rle p"'Moy c lrvstd. til] ell T~ea olotititti l5 de eatd y5C l'-leiiiio'ili's i s a ii sulsi, hi ,f sciii iiy rt. ii
oL 'Als n 'its't 5 sObii e' , 5 ssi t sutik 'suiots s i uhin" r11 l t i cui
terry Fie1dSauturday 'osut us fiilthi 'isioi' iius 'em u s t lt tIC s u ii'ssuto i ttatllHil,,, .
ksA vms 'oy ~rpinsuii' i llib 0Is al' iietitone sesn. iMishigumn h dm l msom noue ' titus's' <lt ooCiiui i Iy(olt 55 055 i 'IuTh
au (>)irFie sl sissot l 'iI 5m 'umli' mitsumi''t\\meOtis I 11' 5 suuultl ihitss'"-,'su e 'ltui 1 ~it5d 1 '
'It t151 }1 (Isot ih iI sus i lo ll 11 o1) suit o' in' Iss mssose ' too i stud s til ;{1(14ts's' ' 1''s tl'uisss' t us ll t ile11' s ix 11c(1'' \'ill hl"' t1llli ( iy
tti'i'ii 1it s h (>«1'us ilti i nnii ' i uh ITe n susttus inane llnse, iiit'ii'' it I ls''core.O''hs
ri, hei1hostsulttsuu 5 v li'u'''' ml io usitst iseleMuilusts sit us Se~i us snustouti u 'sItsel h 11;lilir. i u'Iiihss i'xli'
tv ' huSll s ishs' 'I s' hui ,.ttisi f iit is ye1r she stho s'smutine os i us i it
I Iuii'h t i igl rxv orsshuted5iii an hi ro)us 5 itt elusiv e . lut Ioh I' 'kesi n(drt1ts' uh s s i li'tti i's''111,1v u Iih}s}i
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t( 'illsu del(osi t'ileuuiu ll'i)s r1" ,.'1: s o stllt Soloin tutues 'iv'tuid tS t 'io ' l ;_I ' .w1 ' uhssu 1s 1 11' ~ii s it leriuls ( ts hio 111; 't
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oiV l(r "i ll" in sh I ssi hs silo I f 5~s 5u a i sit ( leaoii ,l st ' 'is 'i sllss100fiutiul' i tit' l~ s 'stl su' u'
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