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October 31, 1902 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily-News, 1902-10-31

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'FR ESA Extract from the Laws of the THE RI GHT THINGS AND
*FURN SS A; Srate of New York:
r. "~~Any person, firm, corporation or aso E O UHci-HE
- ation that makes or sells or oilers to sell or
dispose of or hao is his, her, or its posoes-
sian with intent to sell or dispose of, any Is wha t keep. this store in close/
collars or colfs marked, stamsped or brand- tounch with the younig ment of the
ed with the words "linen," 'pore linor university. Our fall exhibit ofk
'all linen," or incssed or inelosed in any
bax, pack'age, rcer, or w rapper, ma rked,Sut Ovro sHasC san alth
stamped, or engraced to denote that such Su tOecasHtCpsadal h
article is "linen," "psure tinen," or "all newest Men's Furnishing
lineni,'-unless the material of schich the
_ "" said collars or cairns are mansifatredco-sg'nru ti isertii d
co-tins as least sine fuold or ply swhich hasa is made up of just those things
ftax thread in both its wrap and filling-is that give toile to the weare
~ guilty of a misdemeanor." Meit oli like to be wall dteased
RAKT BRAND Barker's Collars are Stamped "Linen" at noderaste cost frequetthere
Other Brand. Advrt'itdad Said as Linen
are NOT Stamped "Liien." WtHY?
2 00r=;->e. Sold if WAt*NE~t & CO., Poputlar Price Haberdashers W ADHAM S, RYAN & REULE.
Beore joining any Greek Establishedl 1881. 106 E. Huron Street
~ ~ ~letter '1frtsb" get into the,
Turk organization-the oci- BURCHFIELD'S FINE TAILORING TRADE.
e ty of toe MOGUL Cigarette. We are preparod this season to meet every dnntd
They're the keys to the club'
hos; fgo oac as wo hmv nitcroasd the number of workmen. As
houseofgod toacco canal, we itae THE FINEST LINE of WOOLENS
I ~Application blanks at the its the city. Art and Shill wilt prdomiatitt our
cigar store, Work as in the past. We respetful init ouysr
°f Ten for 15c. . equiry.
Plain and Cork Tip. s .B R HIL
SmIding's Official Football Supplies '05 Engs Worsted '04's in Exciting MICHIGAN NOTES.
urea and athletic Gm
clubs, bsease thy .l~iiso e''- I. A. Bltui'03d, scrietiiiofi.li, RESRIP~TION WORK
st adthe tet ITie'cii. t ic iiiiiiis~lme
Splding'a OficintaL' sx'ss-slslv~ uried~ihtl vehyiit Guild, shlas11nit4thi- liii s ASPCAFETR
Intereslinielaetst'ttishl' Ot'g'"iiilsihySECAFATR
Bali is used in all b inasi of th xeahx-a f'
ehaspioneaipgames.'o 'ite~is it-ii.Al'srt+ a lmn Y ttilisisl a esi t ili
t'ice $40. firt - ii 'haiti-, iti- wts ci'taed -by 4 io ~gcei lst Satitedit s i la iiilain.. We take pride in the gioth
spalcin'a New At- of this branch si our bsnn
* ti clincalfor Fot 1I 'lst GUiiiieWY iland 111i tisis ta kenil. 11r0iii il niiiicss'nsif.nesadwthi eifuy
BalliiTackling Ma- BessOsnd watisit thatfurot
chinerswan inven d ' ps asntPtisies i-a. Iit., ilaiis w its ebvr 110 Acuracy3, tHonest~ and Abu-
by r~. teanMeMan ost +. oe u ihoi i-sile rl ut cec. )iis'address bis-lue 1w lirtsci on 5 olii iliii ity ,e the fatos that do it
ortrainer o the slilialissi'lh tsit tm iuout af tiitin iidow uis asutcu'' L ll incui i this itistilia itit
t Harvatrd team. It in
the but appiancef 15 Tli-i-ito this' r011tvi til 1t'lilas, m. if eili, Wiuiis is yititi '-iu tiu i4 ~
itstkicneverinvent h is 1 fet hbuot.tist, E mhlER
sd. Picee15.00. -li iaicat-itt.L II
spsidalfn "a Off in ii' 1 he gn li li tl s tis-- - iiii
iDi. Price 10bene Returns of Game at Athens Theatre ,leat Miiiitiy Nisv I'lie ''iiil i
'tssidiaca Fall and isliu sts ihi sruiut ii Ii
. Winter Sp'''t- -t- saiiirk lay scttis iiiii-hi u iiifir irh
les iisle Cc lisuliitil si~ utsha-si ur t uriii iiir:isnuc rtrrr"l
A.6.SpaIdingl!&1 es-or, hiAgo o rbor plorsslo isi ise~ni siide by lst rar. 'ihisis dle to tIsincr s i s Campus Drug Store.
Bufftalo. thei'Ahletic A susihlsii atae Itsio i t endnc hi ch iii'sil 1iii55 is than't ilsii si ____________________________
Iii -Neii 'd sb-net m-h-' ialis' i'i'IiiiI'15 5X lii There ' ai' mor u oeii
Others Claim Theem, We n tl ~aAPitsii-ad lsi~ei l 'ii'ssis he slf e isi'. HANGST'E RFER
rolat ht.1tht t~tt ~t sau i'i 'i'.hhquttsriiutouut rchissttr'uushur-
Ha eThemni. -i ts t si i iiIni fist-ieriyearu-ithe is-bits' 'i vtsiciii' lb'siitlihl lriii'iiiain < tili'FOR
.11 Oyeters atd Cla ma, Lobsters , hasi lstspasctithshi ctiii'so istli ticuiylipiiIlc cstg
Flsh, 'rendeir SprimmgCliicken, tni m-s ta hh e tmst I iss tsulurs'tsethielho
Lage Juicy Steaks, all the leding Ilios' Isasic -iotahiilet'tsi'dl l ''i h :7ii'-siv.th-ts-Ns-i*u*
Breakfast Foods, served with N E...utrvoftetvnbu 1u'f
anx Rick Creame, Game Dressed isldiRiev.ahC . li t-rlii ts's- liutlt5 sthotl i illiii ilid~e
and naitly served fat' hunters. M lu~misisu ti'iii un ciii e s-s-hda s ' t4 fD% iii' . -I i oi-i st-iho'lliii ii0ya Ii hi
ee inng sroom firt-clsssh irt eli r isofrc i to -r e 'Iutsa 'itisist !iis'bis lies i FtC A D IE S
ordrnly ngirm isty heirthcis sh;or -iist fbhis' lte s ir-i T e s- l l Wielsuci.lu ci
)urps t record is our guarantee lls' ciisil his-s.1 - isis loe. Admoi-ssin
WILL[TS, THE ATRES. Anthr toIi sisclr si- itbl 'h l'' ciii e'tsf si it i( ll vs' .ci
u aber Bay. Phosie 407. 600It.Wilibmt. tti 1-s. ia} frte ;t ,hs ci uit t a i uilil i sis' 's lidats 316 S. State St.
apen raiii e:si0a , .tiliauidight asiecsnsw i lits s'lit't-c iihi-- a ii . Vli-to laisst ' atri i onily _______________________________
bs'stvi'riiI-ks '114 Iiiil'ItI tos-ie'i si vce lif- avfl N ha. i ii h fit1254,.
olid Floor, 312 Maynard Street, ii-ti listh saplils Iahi:siot he i-r 5551 isA t 1nu I H~ AV ~us1reeved the L'rgest and
Ann arbor. iv:1- Iithey iitili sitig ii'yii11 , Is i ifiiis. TURKISH CIGARETTES and PIPES
'ftr.:ecnidering the s j et oadaning Neithiesritea i sitwdist Ii it i al
a dres aiyii liet thI - 'lltilul iut n iii iiiEser brugt tnthe cty,
(1 conthus lutas'11" rititt still 0 iii u l-uucurtt'ii tisius islFIVE LUN CHES in conection
.~'~r R N~ Rus - tonha tevotasoel uui f11 e ii r I li- Kiitsi y E-erything neat and can'
0trcil at the ofihee oi GRANG iR'S ACAD, u-luBintut foutsitBigthe to-si-11 Iaitt luSothustatitSt. R. EtiJOLL1
XY. Pupils reeised at any titans Cire- K'- i tIi e -in iieets' uno wenut1 t'sy il'111ciiluste th fttli3c t ~ 0Snt tt t I.JLY
1taduat M oic Strsaj ~rtl t- Ius 'i ust i -hnluui-g. zi t 'tllffo enly 1-iel:u l soIsis is ic ii ______________________________
tplayediasplenduuuidlg-utu- in itts-ur~ln-it. b _______________ CAN YOU DANCE?
TUTT E'S thutl-s n Vir ord t ait-silln AaVolll l iuutiuuiex_ hfig i~hii tuc tYou can learn to dance for $3.00
su it i isuricN1,i-1tiLean ilt'tlt liIlitt I tLt'Mts ,I-lfVHLRt)'XS111tH " at the Unvrsity School of Dancing,
[LU1N1CH1ROOlVI iii iii o10 11 el'X''ledt~i'ih Ottat1C-t--tG AN OA t, State Street, Monday and Wednes-
1 '06 Lit'reamibe yellow-ad -bIue, with day evenings.
338 5. State St. M 06LtTa eped at Gr tiai,i-'oS uhrday night.
111i'011it Kurrt, 0L. O (ibeiu ei-i ti A.t mewivtwostptFor sale at , ROEY'S
111 I 'ts Cordmutsrits-'il r1ut ud iii-Oi 209-211 RN. leinton St ila d P ro s
jjjj 7rittowit I'!t1. -teseli rowis uiiiti ut- gas and________Tob_ aros
CALL ON E.1. S- \ii N K t5.SUINDAY IEXCLGStON 1TieCiasadOoacn
SEYMOUR STUDIO TheiL'tctexciirsion of thi seaso Iiill J M SI NI 1 aSt.cxasuH tte St
316 S. Main St. T'el' l1 t histii risa1s roedto1 rn1t ythe Ann iAo n'i'ralCT A B R S O
VARSTY ARBR r~for, t er dson1 g'b ' vhCITY I3ARBERav -ovebSHOPd
TH.VRST1BRBRSHPetl.rI-t 5 Setl-train lea'es Ann Aroa t CAND BATH ROOMS Cgars & Tbacs.
Strictly First Clas, tfilste i ls'bee'p I mi.sipIis- i s-e t n - sui tt10 25 s. i. tFare for roundm tilts60 116E H -URN ST.
C-lAS. L. PETRIE, Prop. huoiti' t-itds. Imdl0tt 7;, cets. 'iti e fulngitfme until AGENCY CHICAGO AMERICAN.
F Wiliursut.S ,Firt door aState I{tt i tAoi-tt'' X - III 'l's MutyI, d112, I st wh oiot e co:t i-
pltluie i i nr1 'I' 1oeo shtold iBlot
ina l rfit.. Disheuns it ail it tu it i vuuiae of this ecu-
XLit-S tIS -1V RY.'-111111 Sil.
PhtOahr0vercoats Overcoats CasadCleePn
N. F. ALLEN, Men's Outfitter, Main Street. Seoul tr Catalogss
121 E. Washington Street

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