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September 26, 1905 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1905-09-26

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.+ ... .f THE MICHIGAN DAILY. crning the policy of the paper have STUDENTS POURING INTO ANN
G. . W L enmade in the kindliest possible man- ARBOR DY THOUSANDS. Drawing Inlstrlmfenlts
Entired as second-class matter at the Ann her.'
Arbor Postoffice The management wishes tlte student (Continued from page 1.) for
bS atsediylodyer - . ody this year to feel that the Michigan .- - -the ribhons and the attendant maideiisENI ER
OC.Pul~hedal Moda eceted) paring the Daily is their paper. It desires to ad- weeabet
rottege year, at it7 E. Washington treet. vaisce the interests of the university in Here cusses the familiar hull pup.aK~f1E ae
Belt Phane 99a Homse Phone 7U every possihte way and yto make the' efe 4I"r'
_____________sign of what's conming iext. There they
Leading - - -- "L E sloecet a credit to the great institution are, witti the freshoman in lose small Guaaranteedt sets at
Managing Editor, CLYDE L. DEW whose name it hears. adloigaiss crdi oprsn $40.$80.$00
Business Manager, WALTEE B. BANS anloinlmstsardincoprio_$4.0_$800_$000.
______________________with the strapping mein at hotth sdes. $22.00 arnd $28.00r
MERCHANT TAILORS ~ acosALL-FRE'SH AT WORK. Tecuty.,dflovwt rss
tyAthltites-------CLrniCs E.E ncno man writ osver every inch Iof his store
yNews-------------- AsRnit C. Pootns Yesterday afternoon, while the varsity clothes. What a change is hefore this xcngs------ xlis.Wx~a eepatcn nterglrKern Superior
seane - Can~s s wws S er ratcisgo te eulrgridiron, lad!I At Christmas, after various and Swis
NITORIAL STAFF a small gallery were watchinsg the maos- sundry drafts on hsfoisd pareist, he il
The largest stock in ~ uhAinFabi .Pri ucso h e aroso ~sappear at the farms ini trousers so baggv This makse we imporS direet
the City of exclusive Lousts D. Stiebney. About twenty-five men svere out for thne that even the horses will laugh. The fo woetn.Teiotn
________________________________ ol foks illhe omehatsurrisil. ments are the fnest made, and
styles in Woolens for All-Fresh, anod prospects are good for ldfkswlbeomhasupid, by direct importatio, aremneli
Gentlemen senar. Of t iTS; $z.50 per year, or $2.0) if posditnt a stroisg terns of tlhe sew mcen. hut the old mani will tbe happy in the dacelowne in price thias soths is-
higdoas eeris.n Assistaiit Coach "ieS.e Eva" Turnser. fart that msost of Iis lost b~ushsels of struments.
high-nasa I aheirs and who learned his foothall at Ba' ntriiil. wheat has-c gonse ion for higher educatioin a~ $20
Speciat style for stn- Address: WALTER E. HANS Business l18ad charg oft$22.00umdlo tso n soii cohs
d sto. ~~~~Manager. 236 S.12th. St.. Phone 849 L. truhsgsbhate uoibashii s fto oos o oos-ba erl
-- - hall. For a short time he lsad two of ther inocooets-everyone iu toswn
-tramin oed uip agaioost each other, the knows far too nmochs. I-I fioishes the Richater Itnatrumeinto
co_______________eacts explaininsg the plays aond defeosses, frtwemntally fagged froum over- $20.00
hut 00 scrimaouge work wams doner omuch sparrinug ansd hagglinog with uandt- e h -- _----"
TUESAY EPTEBER28, 905 Thois swas thor fmst regular practice of ladies. Thur suject is probablhy dis- Largest sod Finst hStock Cno Draught-
'3 .''L X O __ ___ _______ the season, althsough blur squad were oct tasteful ho every studenst, so he Daiyhr pa t i
CALENDAR. a few sights last week ho bergimn ins- will lt it pass quietly into obliuvions. u
3ll S. Slate St. be__ orinog uop. The squoad are ahout of tir To alt, richo amid poor, wanoderer ansd[1
Sept. 26-W~ork hegimns in all depart- usual wright, sbt several of thor mcei :appropriated, freshman amnd senior, She 316 S. Siale St. 103-105 N Main St.
t0 d 0Qmenru are of more thoan ordinary wi-h~t anud Daily gives a foud welcomse. There's
Sept. 27-Freshno Frolic for umover- speed and seem to promsise well for some satisfactions us kmnowinsg toat Mid'-AG I stwoeatN bryhll furevriymtra.Aon teignencneteslefgttei:
~u6 A .N Sept. 28--Opening receptions for unoiver- sons are Kruopp, who was captains of owns battles, anod stand or fall hy toeCE Barihell
theiSgina iiglanhohoemttat thor owSagiurceawFhighic schoolg.CteaoSeptlastpenyearecowiosforesources. quaFor; wndalrosthblessinmen
a12mud swomenm at Newherry halt. adibba school at Ithoaca, crusher; Smith, -0V
a0 u K ' Sp.30-Mirhigaus vs. Ohio Wesleyamn of 0). U. S., half, anod L~oyster, ai husky A neumbser of She Episcopal stuodents
0 Ua et Ferry fielud, at 3 p. m. freshmnan, guard. of Sloe university have foromed 'a ures MEDICAL
'opt. 3o-All-reso vs. Ypsilanti Nor- Work has ow heguno too earnest amid chutb. The moembters beong tou thud
If you would save money hay usual at Ypsilaonti. scriommage is proimised intswuo or thre Brothoerhoond of St. Andcrews ande havu LAWV
your hooks at the Oct. --Pesient Amngell's address to udays. Next Satureday thor teaom goes So reonted Sloe old Alphsa Clii sorority Sinuse
Students' Bookstore necw stiodenss,, in Uiniversity hlat. Ypsilantii to play the first gameor f Slur as a clubhhouse. DENTAL
Oc :B ilas drs oui esnwt h omlta.OhrS.320 Stae versity meno at McMillani halt. gamers Sre scheduled swiths Ahion, Kat IMPORTANT.R O
Books far ill Departments of tue Oct. 4 \Mihigiaus vs. Ramt~mazoo at amaono, M. A. C., Mleidelbureg, Ohio,L O u
Unirersity. Ferry field andu several sigh schsools. A-lb those desirimng to try for positiouns
THOUSANDS OF Oct. Nhirlsooiaus vs. Case at Ferry field. Coacho Tourner wants every freshman on thor Daily editorial staff are requested 61
_who has a desire to try foe thor trans to meert ins oo C, University hat, at
SECOND-HAND BOOKS to see him at once as there are severali I o'clock this afternoono. All msemnherm NEW AND SECOND-HAND
AT HALF PRICE -With thios issue thor Daily hegimns thec positonss which hoe thinks are not well of-s erssafoi vses eu
sixtreenth year of its existemnce anod itfilleud. Alt freshmoce are invitecd to a p- Shoe places wsill please he preseoot
Medical Books is moo c-saggerationum to say that thin pros- pear tonnororouv at three omn Southo Ferry Dew.
Chemical Books pects fom a succesisfult year were mnver field in foothball suits for practice. -- -____Cash or Exchange for Old
Engineering Books so buright as at pmesnt. Thor incerased Everyomnr svill hr givens a chamnce, aunh BAND CANDSDA'l'ES NOTICEBok
Lai;Gek rnhad suze of thoe piper with nmake it possihle is is bhopeub thoat a nmbtoher of new mciiook
Lai;Gek rnhad to pubhest all thei university nrews a- ill gnt omit. Born if tony do toot msake All sew canmdidates for YVarsity band
German Books foolest udetail. 'Ther actions of the farut- thor team ohey with gaiot muochs knowledge amid alt old nmmers please report for t narnigasse hrb e-o h aefo oc unr ftetyu tSho fXui hrdya
HEADQUARTERS FOR beers of thor staff will hr givens credit for 1903 All-Anmerica teamo. 7R.t.sap - olMe C B rh l
Drawing Instruments and Engineer- their tahoe offers thorn amn incentive for 7 _Pmshrp._-2 Roh,____CE._art el
itg Supplies, work: whirls bias hitherto heemn lackimng.
Is is hoped so continsue the sigh standard MICHIGAN NOTES.,OiE
Sheehan & C . mainotaimeed last year amid to profit tb mmgteuoegauae hafie hrpsolratoiiseqctta 326 S. STATE ST.
teexperiencens of thor past as fra mn h negautswofie
posbe eerlincfatrswl rto returmn this fall are Willianm C. San- atlh studensts register their adudresses t Telephone 761
introducred whirls it is hoped will prove ford, '07, atnd Charles W. Anehrose, 'o6 osaeit. re oisr sf eieyo
Get Xrour Room popular, of last year's D~aily hoard. mail._____
Is is looped thoat the fallacy, fornmerly NOIE
D c r to s so tures-alent among the student hody, Albert B. Merrustrios, '03, roacs of NOTICE.________________
De~oratioaS thushe policy of thor Daily is controlled Purdue unieversty foothall trans amid All foothall anod hasebuall scores will A ' a Face
PILLOWVS, BANNERS, FISHNET toy thor faculty, with disappear entirely erstwhile half on the varsity, wras tack- he [ r potdpostynste ~iyhheF ac
WASTEPAPER BASKETS, sbis year. D~urinog thor twn years in IdadowedhCuidrng theimn hoardl at Hustonm Bros.', 312 S, State ha ih ohat n
which the Daily hoas beetn mnmaged hy sunsuer. He was msarried ons August u-fl 16 hs ihtt eat n
SOUVENIRS, ETC. a tboard of control composed of faculty .30 to M~iss Martha Givn, of Circle- stet comfort. It cannot have these
ami stden monehers mo mrmner f te vlle Oho.Gym sunits. Wagner & Co., State St. unless he insists upĀ°on
-at. faculty has attemtoped to rxdreuse a - Barker's poser hine colkurs, a for 25c x~ EYt IA1VaS9 SHAVING
DA LNce'ILE U nsorshoip over thi ntews nmatter or edit-- Suis pressed, 25cr; trousers, oe. Wame oSaesre aeds-V I~~ Y 3 S T I C K
DARLNG &CIAL EA -oaruS articles amid all suiggestions eon- Putter &-O'Conntor. if Wen. o taesre hbrah
Bot,hmonrs. 224-226 S. State St. ______________I_______
CALLAGH-AN & CO.___ ________
C 0PAll NEW send LAST' Edi-dons pOrtliQ GOOa3
1st YEAR-(11 vols.)-$32.00 _______
UN V R I Y O I H G N2nd YEAR--(13 vos.)-$42.00 I 121 East Liberty Street.
3rd YEAR=-(8 vols.)-$21.00
All NEW and LAST Editions
CALLAGHRAN CA CO. Embalmer and Funeral Director
ANN ARBOR., BRANCH, State St. Opp. Law Bldg. Amuac-Calln attended day or night,

E1. '045Av esdne :
EF. KERRIGAN, '8Law, Superintendent VEYHN-O EPhone 400. Ansi Arbor.
S, P. WEAVER, '07 Law, Ass't Supt.VR ADSvE
tJ)in their spotless parity are shirts, not- \\ImCii ijAj f j~r 1-
The Co-operative plan; for members of the University exclu. La hrs, c'uffsi, etc., after ave have launder'- TeNQS a las
sieyscre h lwstpiesd them, We give everything wsk' THi SBORT LRE
ahle our very husk eare-washing, C IC G
BOO S Fr Al D PAR MEN Sstarcmhing, ironing~, calling for and de-BUFL
r'livering goods. Not oiue least care is ANN ARBOR toBUFL
Statione.y, Supplies j oseta o'entcagdt uhBOSTON
tor so thtwore no chre(omrNEW YORK
5 per cent. to 25 per cent. Discount on all Lines to hlembers with direct connectibns at r kieago for
Tickets ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7 maTescrdfo gnt ra h trGlladakfrords St. Louis. Kansas City, St. Paul and
Tiiesmyb eue rmaet ra h tr.Cl n s i u i- .Varsity .Laundry the West. For information and
counts. tthrough tickets call on or write to W.
M -w 117 S. Fourth Ave. Both Phones 928 W. CASEm Agentm Ann Arbor.

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