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June 02, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-06-02

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The Michiga nDaily

d'QL. XVI.

Nit. 1 76.

ROUlS ING CELEBRATION The senior- receptioni Will he heldon
ME ETING OF TI-Ihrg o asrseritaier cotittee
Enthusiasm flanifest Every- NWcompT~EtI11 osed-i-f imensfrom,1dl IdeIsrtmetnts.
where-A Short But (Good Pro- N _WOR_ STIRCILB Ilcrecion ill be toIssitsto students
gram Provided and New Fea- Fast eeing a verve etusia sti mslt- from a i/isistmeis.ishesiorhensra
tures Promised. ins of the Newy York state elut was It i lst ts willbe $,dmisttng to the
he___ slit in ilitcliitti intal. There iwas a fo radicb ii u pradsuei
"ak ti ri ;tel eey suet( large sattendance,. te iobjet of the imeet- sg ms '~pcin' ti st. socanrer
st ails b is astall rie iiteile igingtofrm l t l n-ls-I s fra(]i]ior a or $[. 'I'lli(i programt ien ti c
lagetin theitsline otmach lEeli ituseif$r Ineat yeig.iiicom1ittttrwat
tappo0 inte texthich will smak tuitcreu n- i clahrd g it adpit
is sll iiiiii iiimitteeieit. elssThitlli s 5imiiiiiisat iairecent lmeeting
sbit tsd it i the n xii t tisi whichi 5st t iti ti 5 ti insis o h
io h a ~t eerto ll i; calldl toitnet Stiiidayi 'ttilitEvesrs voted isit shesntliroe s lif theti
ela s till smut titt;.[ ad fists'ixireceitiostihtuishesgiven to tietreset
me be s-No ii tsi i isit sdistinssitns Newriot masis r o b rsn u t s I ITse isottis siltlie ui-
still heii ii i t 55'151eit slitstriil formithelasslmbly illl of ih isYlit. it\itelity i somiii tsites i e titifaulty embers.
isflls _.:buling o1Sae tee.Ties 5caniheiiobtainiiidifrosuis isterer,
ttiititsliironiilaw hitteigs Iremlton, I ttissos isRawlini s, oil,
totheI iis l ii atllil't iss til N C I \isi~ t V t Itisssl ut 5s iii ii i
iii6 al,;, _iTappanIoakFt111wa1111.BEN GREET PLAYERS
id h 5 e f tteadsoti lsIi- I'bhs555iisaig t to islsis<thell ssseir IN OUTDOOR THEATRE
cersisla s et tIllsosphomoreituifits flisthe___
At ncs-i ii ieisstl i il iisi I ~tsis i s htssi le sils rstsFanous English Troupe Wil Appear
tlit coitutn of freshmts andi leait lntgisisThe s se ethessliet eamit., i whih instin i in Four Shakespearean Conm-
th. otrc ai utas aove I iscs the esi-totasilst 5ear wheisi heslibIis edes June 14 and 15.
class sill fal ini sliiibeh ii i iindit lr ide tt he Is ls sie Iosiesr t ls iisare____
t le ti lowisi he 5 i i tiisi Itiii sstesits iirrtu tsr ii itiii itTo to iiseintrreest ii litertureills
lii Ship slits sill iii littsitiiI sily itWarit Ihas aleastsy te ramsit i it-ll s ie is weomie est
le sairteds i sill tse columniiis cstirlls pit chsedetwo gamisses tis weetit is litely t ls ls G it csstis f sgtt
siill heIi stu i~ e r nthiisls ss le itest sit side the ir adsfult itaIcklinsg telaiss . r list ia cs onsutheIlls s ,lonei t ;'
sith stire. ThIll piacei sin t i Illsise 'Tse li stm sill te lightly - ninsl-a sdioT he prts ees of stheills wss sill'
Isus swist ofithe l azeli ss i he reseved cappe lby a inicsssitatest silts i te i-the addetit t hesitlists rts drsmsatc'
fis the ilts ou tei rg t isill b l d. Crouithe I 55 egiilasitseconds s e-i5 futndisofii(le Isislist depatst ntss f sitse
tse is. isis s mn s, ti(i l eftii ithelji rs . mano ts Isi t it ts guie -sui sgsrts
ab sallon tis hie frisntI will lhe sationtetd t isi ssilel si eiist s uisis \ts t i sir siisiss leset t-
illrsh eth ssssof thessesening. II Isess silltt till AI igsity's sh tssit iti isnwsits lists Ireet hi skesdsifiste
W titin iian Ihiuisaliet tit arrivll ofith e ilshortsltop wilsts- aIs- movstses ft-list e to l evsninstgs listhsiecompans sis d rie
isis its thelceremonystill heco pl td tiltisli cov sierthid.sTlhis, osicouriilse, s popu tlar itit is s i roisismitdsitit sems
an ll ,ilh iirwlb ss lsthe re- ncesitates 5sh1f site ioutfieild, is ssssssssou s5- ls tes t s
ris wili l e a i s s r t gotis o5l 55 li ste -i utC s-ii-- stios s is stll te l s ag rest
ford 511i55Isito leftllusp sn aeit 'ItsComedys ofsEsit rI ",uts o i
si-siav rs ii( 5i ite"d sn s l iby tinsdl ICit iii- te e -Ilaaoi fie i sldeb ie F ridst y1 ft ernoon, "Thsisi le T essip-
shtYerills itiileti lFtedStrsisis dsoingtthell- sitwiig fis thel 1(0t initl est-tFrsis- een 'Asu Li Itit
Clss vesu D patm nt Spri- nd Wi ile ie I is- imuci ttstrt ifieder Sti-ireitis fternons and suitd\summssse
Wlte ils istsh -litanipithster hIis tirinI it-s been1 of -a1Nights Dreim.Sit urslts-i-is- its-su T hsEle
Th raniti on-Hlt go S oii5 nsl siseis . e ry seitable nature 1Opposed ito im h esvening ssstbilsets a istheisupraua
Th lie ishmenii burni cap5 s suan e suitd sill 1bs ts is 5e t lstit slit-o-i-i s s t-ts atys it shichi ts-cliu iht r
In Tse veslit sit1 lst iiirti -isisdIr- resl tt heis oil aintty scta., stsm ithte sis-itt-sli-lig efet
tutil thi l aces.555 uiversiy. A ll lit itays r- t e -is-isit i llsh
C lee Sitrit IDseal t M EIooey o ifst thle- sugingt os f st"Doole" Is e suthwstt of i ts slitrits. Ele
Imprt ps and iis sui osnsgs o i, Jaciets nn5imanitt it uttilt Warditsi-at ig;capasiti-s o-fsthIi isissdor testre
Line up bis classes si - i-is it-ietrn m rchi suid lxKaufmani ilstlbth list elding of i tsit s ttistittiettho s ui dthotseins i
to the cams . wheris ei lsts chi lss it IGiddinsitsCos \ttssstlittandstIt tit l- ag e uiut o filte sasfrec
hld ltheI tss perms ii ii i ng f ie i s Isshe iit s id tand's lieryss- e rettstpterormanc-e-
tear. ~is ltillsdoutltsiist lits t l~ ~slise oet is carryi i-astare- sne
-t c mitstee in s harg- ississn er- ills engine5ers ti-se sinfithIe ir iestisets stlitcom any i s it is yet r, -sit
sto d suthai s iw im st ts thlit sill t- of-li sittill t ut5151oiisee taithelatw1 te tpa ts are s irnisess-thit-siliactotir
,prong s -s55 ssdo i t titget -a chisser toi"siu tlsss tarttanthin-"spl iahe-iy-irsleiin slitspirfistmiansie
'ihe ca aig t onir at hi e5r5 55as The 15am siitllir eale tito50io'c s l i-is-. sltasalg t e it the nit. i ]I'lese is
prnucdb l h i s i eets sion --sil to listsbeinsas a uiret sp ru-
ofthill kindthey haiss iseI s itnesssed.isit tIt-IlI AN Q tA LItES meri it Ihis scompatsn wicsoIiei pltsesed
Thei-Ibusrnings-ofi ise csll sis it iheda le FOR G L F FtNALS tolt-is e-itiss-iissifts-au-isiries-sFel-
itesiei-ti-iisitby manyisit sthi s t i it tilt list
prs i -i-ig t to he b isis-I ithin co -slls-s-i- hI ie itst qualsifyig roundsil uf the- Its lutistd liso ittie-dramtiic lirsry
lift. T leicslebraioniulithis warha Isnt i su isrc sllege gui slf ts-sre-i-st Ci- his itsrsatilt eishedt $8st ,s andSsis t h ie
plne t it-ote ucsso t iii sihusdaytstss, Mitchtigansplsteel thresbjet i ieisessucasstsial ieinhrc-
yeair.ot ter fouris-smets inth~e finals. Jenislisi. terithis- -nglists ts-pasrtmsent lho es te
- -_________________- Is sellt uit8, Smoout 87 ifitil sit tudentusb ushi sill -gie -this l-l-ys thir
\G'A-Ittttli- - fS :A it-hI 0-h-Il s wellas Capaist Ie t i f (hitsago, It Sit silsupp rt
1uwhoihad I scsi orseit sf hS lVi sossssfaiedst
iTheS -ltuets I eltire s- ciaion to ualify suit f hli e . Tit IhtfinlsI i ICII IL iN ttADsAll ,
iassputu ito asit iil polsition I lus o te sit e stolIi l ed off s t oday.s sWlt \IN tHONORt
day~ st-Itsus nsilsof thi sheifstdtit"
prese-tedIaset utr wt tUDESNTIS SEEtTI111 C iCht 55 1rSt)huts1 \Imiiiiiii'0,04stwhi
it lee s mm n u t F eerisscthhilhutthis pshsitino ssi ssst-ant its hg-iee
sI-sirds. N t it es hiellisre us-cof $200 o C testsDIay isas ful slitspprecia edi sion ts u sit r lefst y es tir hisostke
stas hislitupit uarantussset- thishiatysest ist histhis studsentpsus l t it-itsfus,-ustsAsits u p his dutists patuthologiost atithile Creig
us hilt 5f $is i sut i Oilssas uit t sslof I-lus su i ghuult 11t -uass-ird thetr I tusltitc Colous.Ts hIit s situiosits
this Itidpett i L t unt company- u uit Thits latlfor the " t its ht itsst u s ssuusIuusl ly hse ls- u es uuI
c m ay hias booked i it sssu enitssi gte tsusasndulof thesispac(sitthue sides- sho uit is otedsstnusus Rocshester, fDr.
mealt ui titsfo oilsrde ion iacomm ssin Isasis!tit tushthie stuts wictSsi tlt) spect5ially i tutisustlwon hs tpsitioninsasuts i et-
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co ms ios thisletiurerI Isdstohiseavue ists. hPortet, 17 snginer estthis f thistte stitvis Ic t iboar.t Hils
sttin -thomsth his lususus Thiscaseit s ts erowd iitt s demossitrstitsits suitthis s s y wisls bhis$80, iss sts a rais-t
co e up soonit nitthe us tsites co srus usso r hised ustite ithelt-si-nigt Its0 ftersfe5- I s s ide e

Maroons Have Chance to Break Goodwin Wins Conference Neat
Even On Baseball Series- in 52 Seconds-Waller, Mer-
Sanger and Walker Will Be riam and Taylor Also Qualify
Opposed on the Slab. For Final in Quarter-Mile.
Wliie thus truack testi is r egaiing te ChicagoJlusets- .-Special.-hI ste
wstes-ttchampuuionssh il iltonShuepasrdt rihfieldpeliminiels for thur ttusferus-lce meets
slits uafiternoouisntesarsity- bassebausllteamsssGoodswins if lMichiganuusu tradeths-aststs
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it clit it sdefea ltist ts- t ie:ars u 7toi2. 55 Second fa - s It t ilsn lii e ithe isa ir o
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sason w itth a vicetory. usitutosgether-uThes-sutif teqturtser-mils: usliuli-
usills thus Sralets: 1m1eet i I a t sslsu sitl uses is as follows-:
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wets-iuell, u-f. Isleigs itb. Chicago ansuIlinotis, stls itiscs i
hotseli. c. iBaid.l3t. haintg a0haetito lt ceiwill such5t tus
Reliey. its. GusirdeIc. as Wlleshiesustile quarntrlustshurdlues
Personssss. s Wa~slker, p. suit 22-yarsititasisaits arinssill tile
Isaft, . isfilbterts If. s ills.
Kleense Fssitzte sitolthtihigass
1)11AlICit I -SSOC lIT)O suony lhsthue 5thoughti N-Icsetusit outl
IHOtLDS ItINAitlilt-I ItNt exelitistcae ut hisltu
Autte useesissg o si to a 1,itRIICOIN'1TRhICU'IONSI
Asssciatiolusautsteensing tillesuiustiltt 1 0R 10 NI it R I it1( O11Id t


sui ssseusus ns tiusit it Reposus frim ths-aru--os-sscls ssmades
fosrmers- n sgth. (Sushiosusie mpotantlussat thus smeetinugosit hess-itigell ticture-
amedmnt asadedwhch tiultescomiteelIt sight shsowsuedlatuniccots
ltan situdssents carring less l tsattweltriuinsl l eatet.Terp
hosurs of recitation worssk sitthu e eligiblseresettlives sifste5varios ussses ass-
tsiomptee usn-liiietiesit. lissrule houiseduthits itaitlyuev ery -stiudetefalt-
us-ss lusdit to onsuform us lik ute reuire-us hutssleuhfunra cutlribusuuiostoward ill
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s-rut Oratosrica eaZ!,s ss studdhits m555iteltotecue
Prosfessorn ITruseblossdtspeauksusit sfte Ilie law representsivssw-sresahle t
finanscial condeitionssosfttihe associaionliss nake thenmost cheering osnoncetnent.
saidst atute beginninusg sitfste yer frejioiultgs ltedwit 14,ndtit
theyi wsere somuse li-o thundredh deolsrs i rsmnloe i th $10. this umedic
dtetut sutat presenti there is Isgoos casesalohesonednoly Te i
rsssusi-shnssi th Is sssy iss i tlerepresentativs er nsteoit fin beind, l-
roundiugum huettut ntisshutscuthsstessuit
lurst ltist unsesenctyears tshit teussn- tog hemnwo asdth,-b
custussshissbleintclisar if thets scrshslssussists hid set fltyiynusreaciss
(Suithosssuands cois fithue honottr Ilttue lutecaste itt the is videculsss.
usrutilnl sw-s-nerture s it ntsedtThis us Next iseek addutionals Iefforts ussilisl
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hisFs uleso I sseuiuos sosulsslesie rnsity. sivoicedt by titosessotr Eats,
sutns byss Inltistantush ahSc hutse 1bookts -luhpresidtedt useu-tile tmetigtthelist ear-
iseisic-ill ussut itandus a text-bosok a sitosteC Uitsn sistsa tth oe sihudlie
is ussedtusin ay high schls nd tushits pressedutoIistubscibetue tusisuhtenrry slt-
lege, amng wich relseuss ussentandevecry faculty msembetr shuosud
nensiti- if Colorados Carletonsscelhegelihtvesthisoupiutunuitty if sharng u ints-
tush Nuthwstsenscolls-gesit Naiperville. expsense if stselpictsune. its: siAngell
msemosrialstpoetrsit us tsohue ustreewnill
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FtrofessorsvnsFreytiths recentlyivis- SubhscruiersIts this portrailtsfunds issu
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and livesred a lecture buefosre she ucutd- resentasutis sinto the tfinanciaul secretaryi
uscal stasdsests asuithet-facustty.-is subs- of tse GUntin, it.C.Stesvenssoou maisy
jsst inas, lutist suitTeststure-Ccii- jhue fotundt sinte alumnssiroosilsb etweens
lets. t sunt 6 us'stichks es aftenonu.



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