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May 05, 1906 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-05

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- rHR MICEI(}AN IAILY ______
an hrsi h iy We Have the Finest and Most Complete Showing of M N Y L A E
ansd allFHlh Class 6hat
\ \ F you haven't any particular sort of suit in mind, sup and Cllatral s turtY
Lower in Price j pose you drop around at your leisure and see suits' r W. J. LOURIM
Better in Quaity that have YOU in mind. If you're a YOUNG man 4 .y
-. 1 + 104 th Ae. toppositeourtiiouse
j: you'll get chummy" right off the reel with n , Two doossouth ofew Y.MC. A
Aska A. M. SMITH z .CLL G E, OrFIC c ts; 9:01to 11:3; 1 to 5;
t1 Ann Arbor savings Bank Block " " '1 I? r fB-stse S 7t 1.cntot
The Ann AbrSurplus, Bank P ' D s :CL TH E SA. G. SPALDING & BROS.
caitlstc. 3000., Just and justly for chaps around maturity. Made a grea . t.agft' t solretros .nto t til
oesorce,"0,00,000 '' t2 ) 5 Ci official Atlei t;Sphs
GeOrnrlBankig Bustness Transated ' deal better, styled a mighty sight smarter, but in price 'r
HriSOVcPos:1.1Frt.ahir6 not at all higher than the "<almosts " of designers, who F Base Ball, Lawn Tennis Foot Ball
orrFtOast Chas. 01.Hscock, Pres; W. D '' _4 Archery Roque Gof Quots
Harrman__iePrs.:_________________ at - - try to make the same models do for old and young men °'''" 4o Cricket Lacrosse Croquet
tS aun ry? JUST RECEIVED-Another Lot of NEW STIFF HATS. o sooraceni'-
LRowe's L eIi o Base Blli ottjo ocisoto
Thomas Rowe, Proprietor m4.ed h d e.o
326 N, Ftth Ave' p0 'situ'ttalit.
1ett Phone 457 Bell Phoe 45-L _______ -4-0n e flSal i s ti'Trade Lou''o
WANTED is ttttott e tttcsyy.'
iopoenumnto handle ilt kndots 1 If 1 iotto r+tr ~!<!mc
sandaeidivideadAlI '9 GA . MAN IN DFFICU.LTIY ttcl otot on ttantd'poably twotul not btc Oficial '0 Michign eals osolt i7.'tt l r ttt;;to, 1";;;'
Nc;0ctoo oo X oit'Ciy t lyicicoiitoo thoo "tlct ihatt , atol Sil YcStdentolShop. 51 i F. Woilli til w ] 0 "2 S Ch it'ig "llh'i ,(*oi
IV1. eeeuent~eerletaeha~- lw. cme fomMaie it, ic.,bt theIlo tgs 0are till perfci' tly' sond. slcc. Scnior lute'anditili too'a'ts
Ciro. J. HALLE R 4ft CO. of rialsandtto riblal~tio, xperincd Ott';e l o tolblorsonototo se r hs loot sococcol fo J M. pioc. Iit
by ot foromocr \Michigantili st lcit, XW . 'tu;ind o'whichlac It's tcaos nitp. itig
D. RI g. Therisci atocistrifci hoc tolarge op0110100' ntt ed ~t i8_0,owicho
C am pus B arber Shiop In'tot ,,,,r(tt totilt leselcctiontofa i ft ouIto'it ried ti'io' u oto fettt fool tt itV:ucitldn fshos tlhfre ilteerh h ento naE g a e
0. A. MOE. 705 N. Unis ersity Ave te cat1to of t'r. Riggs, doiffilties. fair sateo of prescrvti oni, toutghlome-0_______________________________ r v
M r. Ritgg' tns cosotforithocpositi to ohtbt too-
THlE [ARMEURS AND NMCHANICS BANK b1;toeocoool ciutiis iuttcroandat llCoil
MAIN AND 'HURON ST'REETS 0 10 c ittlit of impeingtttitiio stle cmeoic ~ lty t o Wisonsin out lds tooual
Cpta, $0,ooo,SuO s ssand rofits, $65,000 te0 the ci'too;nd usitgned his cottractil) thta It 000t00 t l'1iooosouot ol a t iocto Flat as a a pacahi ,ajuthie,metal ea
Jloesa aGeeral lBankisng Businues ad a y ~0 it tthe o niti s000..\Meanwh'ile te otoli. '1hi, is te irs titet h a 1,1t se pats evily siceedl. h y bolo
'per centitrest onTime andSavings u h ok ngy ety i
Itepo sis. Safety iDeP osit Boxes to ent 10' ' l o puot l ace0100 haot' o learctniedilof It ot.e t uto ' ,l io'o lotoocmtII, dulitrbok apure useeo ha ugly, bo Se ioallyaveiou
01 $.00 and upwards oma;to 'ulter lldothoghltboy' loot)1tootfaultl iwor;butoliis likoely l t oouth iitot too- ad clasp
It. Kace, Pres. 0W. (. SEVsENS,Vic-Pres.OresE ly
t'. H. RotoSn, Cash. 0H.A. OILLAs uAsst t Ii;;;)ith l Rgs,Itoey wererchighly i- l ev0001 t00000 th o n10 tooacl t lls for ato PURE SILK-25o A PAIROresE ly
sot), t as thou'r oPcoic toos oa 1000100etolroc met et yeatol rtt.
T Ceebrated or'tilorocoto
fl l ElI nndu ther ovooardol thocoititii' Slf)ES NEED REPAIRING? \Wce-22 STYLES
Ti o 0 0 0 1o f t oelinthlliisl'c tt 000m otonow 'av tebetolsiomaeroot'i th Iis pTO SELECT FROM
olNSDU TR adbetmdi:thoo lreats of torritg 'tictliel's SinotocSore, 009 Sothin 1ot07 ~Script, Pects cip, Titfany
aMANN'S DRUGtc.w STO Rytil'shetE9-11co u enepSco ediptan Srit
213 S. Main StC.RoaGtihde ol n
titte tc. h d arive atthei' d~stn- - --- ---- 71 Pioeetlts, Shdd Roman,,, rnc
aentigs o; aad u lo' toa lotrieod oe- Shir wuists nmde. Prices resonable. Miaket.0,. Oapeder.Bnstttl, it, ho tse
ST RIN GSn, _ohic,__________in
ITI G ~ n ,ad toe ctton t' suitticris andotlbc708 S. Saie sree. f _____________s____________ had
Italian, German, and of American ocitizen, 000 still a0 trftre.------- From $1.25 to $4.00
Manufacture 'Tle Aini Arbor Press (foriierly Par CAS(N GOWNS fo110 Cards sd Plteo
lOB AtLaSRIEt NSNTRUMEINTS 1(10II) OAD kNEARTI)1911 ker & Syer, prinoers o he Micign CAo ND10Cards from Plate 75cts
BEASONABLE PRICE.S (N W\ES'T'II fRON S'l'IOE1'l' Daily, 'Tho Aluioiious, Iilanider, Yost's For
SCH'AEBERLE & SON gret ook oi footall, te'Tecniic, S Commexvelcemerkt (
114 W. Lterty~t. ANN ABBOBRoA 00000 o loca totlory whlicho prob-o C. A. haiiobook, etc., ri., re printers Week THOS. H. SLAER
a lot 0010 kils theestabtli'shmet o foi to the sudeiit hoty 117 F,. Washiiig-
Enoch rDieterle Io0000 iyoto.oocoloo 's~rlt-Insre. f RNA,--so ooksllr
th_______wa uaathdyetedastnstee.iresTA. . -$.00anm>d Stationra
Embalmer and Funeral Director Mie'oorkmeidiggiii~goiilt "Vslt uoloot Odr m
Ambulance-Calls ateaded day or night. steetttoolttast of le Auto .Arbor iltrei's genuine velvet kisses at A. LOVEIJ. 116 South Man Street
Ittt etoo 110 cams, 00000 rosres ottoCshiiig's. A
210 S. 4ti Ave.:t Iesidienoe same _____________332 S. Stae St
Phonle 04. Ann Ahbor ol orttootoxtroft-0211 e-looeto four adutool------Aet f or
itec let1belo toe surfac. Jost ohoI Suoin pressed, 25c; troser, loc COX, SONS & VINNING, New York
ALtRM COCKSina otdetads tgot te.reoltoutsoiol is uller & OConior. f FINE LUNCHES
~i~o t ~ Ve cary te lah's inetott l'hesR
$.0 t $15 lMSC &MIltlCiaetsFlly Gt.aramsted p-.ll(omI'i'lO & 1 1orCigatr.A Copesa
OurDolarCloksarethebet m deli e ti,111.tt l ttetlCios. Ae otil
for the money. Rie te h 'paiingOXFO DS XFO DS O FOR S_ w fcc Hoouro& C'o., iONS &(i.0
aspecialty.'wtit0P0tlt.LEUI PPii El iES, also foe SA'S & SCHAFFFE'
_______________________aFeFchcotlat BON-ONS.
J. L. Chapm an, 206 . M ain St. i~[ A I U . E O L . s t aa St.
o a eteto -Ohio CentraIlines
H t ui1 oal,rooeten ad olumbu'
At Tuttle'.. 338 S. Stat Cae rie bewee 3oleottolmbstuld
Fine line of iow shoes all leather, all pholououehit tootni. ma v
_ tpe ialCoaosarto Jacklsonou9.30ia.ot.andi every
tohours utal 6:spou oi olm ot)t.ttt
LagUep Baseball Reports shapes. Up-to-date exclusive designs ourocser10.ice to joetroit 1 lto'.
Received by Innings Daily to 11151. 0.
At CALL AT W [R VR IO KAIIt J05,0005 s osit oto

HUSTON BROTHERS'Anhaealo Burnt Cork
Grease Palest
The University of Chicago ColdCekm
quarers tiner.yHer iSummetadeo A00 uttlo e e asSenior ates Eyebrow PerYOollav
tooml. Adnission iscgranted a leipeniitg of and nsad oter
each, 011 acuary t2d, Apil 2. Juoetehl, adolP Gowns Gve o
Otther lt.Gaduate Ostcucion is oleed a' to Fitsa
io te ratuate Ocdiuilsof Actusd liteo- poo te~reiSple
toes and etis llgd (xrd ) cho cin e. o o 00 oal tilua tol i uoffSudoeredi a S .pla
in the OeniySo thtie Law Schotol, thec
I~se atlae) n h hool of Education. Smmerc Quarer 1000,
Jane 1-Septenme IIFist temit June 10-
July 2; Second Termot July 27August :31.E A K S
Registratin is permitted foetentire ouar- Es Ea CALKINSg "
troo ar Faladrglrcet'A &s given fr work done. OSti'ial cour55sesar000 Doleedforfr'sjcceddio6 93J
For informationo adoess Horn-.367-R1/\i11. 30HouhSaeSre
The UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Chicago 1t1__________________

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