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May 04, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-04

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The Michigan Daily


\NoRR)R, MICllIlAN, 1]i1 D A, \f\1Y , 1o01.

NO.,I1 2.

Everything in Readi
cessful Performa
Parade and Placi
futll dre~strehearse
(I tod ot the first
Tile111 1111a0'(-"
I al-sl ileeltet o 1 a
10,1,thesow uoni-tittk
ti+ 1 rwith tdashand.
slnwee ostts (if thtl
;tires of therethea1111 .
pat S awthigte tfare
6 11tt)1 - tlc ijigt. 1

U~~~T I ~ erty-, tiownItLilerty 11o Matit alog Matit
XREL CAR IVAL,1to11111011 1111 110toStateo, 1111;Sate
tN.Univrsity,11111thlencer 1totegyml.
COMES THIS E E IN h odr-oIheprae:l ci
__________________________________________ galt Unionltband,111 Cottitteeco 3 Siti-
Elirbetan anne by Jim Grets 1111lchous,4 Jittt rtotptt elit
[iess for Suc- LtVtaudettttvtilit oto (1 t 1111le 110r1f1rmer1s,06 B13ker,1 7 1 s
nce--Line of soa 'lic, I)lal'>t'l~,cPl ap
toig ato St 1111(Il, ii Ka1111 5000((
itg of Organ- Sityloockit vendter ofIoldol othets, t 2 lotttositO 1V 010111 13 PiDeitT he-IIt
neckhitie 01111 c111111 bttttootttterciat l
ta 4 Alha1110 a ho it 1 P i la
l.. . . . . . . . ack r tttt rkt it I 00111'0(i 6011 6 o
ittstttigPtilttr teysttnJ slib, i7ocSigmaiArpti
Senororintonccotoo P1h11d1h i c dein011 ioI o 3 o
al o th e Ucion >.otttfh to Iosot i 1 1c tl~t oit - 0
heg lsrcte tes 1 JFloecI.tttkc,51000100101111Dootaitc Phidclph
o mpltel a1--o Senot lottit t lt 110f1 sse011 i sao e ihbb e lta , 2s tO 31 1N 1,1010111 Pt 3i, rIit.
peror ane o- Poti ..... ZelBrok :ajr,2\ Tt a DeolNta (Chilt C Btatit
att was rlie vettiLoancettl ilot oa fet hmtot ..t " lo.el- "" oTItt 37, Sc 11100 ltam 11 lots73Ph i t
t toot lstcc rss Clet SmotiotPi2 ill Ch, 9 PllR oSg a
01 tit er sal.fc1 6 I lh D k ,Cpkem n te tudenoltto Otttt101clot0 C tlS 4 i
locefo5(titsSigmolot Coo6Xthittor Lo
1t 1stt\itt Thofento Stosica a g tr otoShyoc. t.l.110.01..ti o 611010 tt
Ptoitoe 1107 1i 1c Doeeo C okes g t f lst Snoil lt Seior lawof38tHigh
000, 01- ttttsoante theeiroti o bSotno la0 itr t 1110 ot (o lt to
Schtot o Ochsta,39Sphnx Pes

Kiyo Sue Inui Delivers ils Prize Ora-
tion in University Hall Before
Leaving For Oberlin.
A1are10 ieet edol udience ith
ered[001 toil) ity oil yesterday after-
Itoolojesttober thtsingt 111tt itstent
too Kiy t 0 Slh101iseliter loot trizeor orb-
110011 1 too MissoofotINewc Jtauan." ioh
addtroess tastotouentlydelitvered -tint
thefc1(0t It it twas-aptrecitedtbyithe
audiencetwa00evideitcediby frequt oiot 1-
buost o f ttptolause.t itttocitely ofler
lio1 10 the. lpiterhtdtinishd tofessorTruItoe-
00011o ldtheotassetbly itta helotyttcheer
toeouoorbge thelielcigant oratoor for
Illts cotta Oe1r[inriott1011ihtt
01010nal ost of theottein
O~ratorticaltIagueis 00110eofitpinoitpal

One-Year Residence Rule Makes Big
Champion Unable to Compete
in Intercollegiate.
''biscis te timporlgofte nws hc
reatcho-diF\boui 'rb tot laosot ight. iPor
somtimlite it ltoos itoetn ktotwiit bIl tis
catse Ottobeinog inve stigatedo, >ttn tt
now Judge VI (tleo oefotis too re ceive 1
u1(01 or viicihit reiss10101tothe ttle -0-Iatt
iastt It oth ol 00)0at1alfo-tinboo
levstoogot toaotherticto legeo I eoshIll
nto 1h0-eligileolo repr(01(0n0(0thecsec-ondt
il idence theeltitIo totlea t o sots


icceeti onetatle 1-
tilt- stmoothntiess.
-e eintitledl"The
,01 buorlesque coti

:Mutsicttl Notes-Du rin g te Catskoet
Sceine sot-ralfaouns Pllioobtiorittitoes
are0 inttoroce. Ticotmutsic ini the

InGetoolndobased entirely- 011l0110a 101light VGtaroeot Sc00(00con1ssts of
puslif. bTe tprts atot kentlot bythetxvOytantit10 titles.
000010001 00tlet5it tes0clebiiiottiewhse i oo o
too re il 0everbodi00ys tonigueo-fromotit ade Mtic alNFredStratitolast (1ight
000(endofttheItyear00tootheote. nmedtll1 lttohe ieotfimarcbhotnd oroer
Te totes t o tereeorsaol 010h oedof etries uin te Ci onmin tstrolcrivi-tt
that l of these- te-tohttve sworkedlikeiPaadet loeihtoo itate it imtperattivoethto
loot oo ot tomath e Mt OichigatitUnito ntovryagregtatiIoenits doltie roitto-
10 01 ItOasuces.Thy tv bent IYat 12:40 Saturoday,- as at ('0:45thoe
Mec otd1bylompeotent1(11m10n1 0wIo itave 1(drum (0m(lotrttilliwitrot 1is(0baton,0 toe
00 0000(11ability tatdlIotto t tot ca-tohandiotwil strike ntp a ilmatchtand te
otto II tinteatils.l Te orolt is great colet1ilon ss il Ieon Incs
tat toMiciganttutdets tool lotetahloto an011rgigation(haoi s (tot teet given1a
000000000aomittrenl crival 1tonitthlit 1pilacein line, \aoshaltai 11 in shoulite
till lbt far aoveotteorinary.Alsonootifoldttoe Pi DeltaPithoouose.
t tpooular a(nd1 unversali o ctof lftoe liTot arouso 0orghitionsothait 1wil
cets tofoot 00ert seatItonthoe Ihtotl i ae o part C 111n hocpatradticlot11assemble
enaleevrystudentolotoo wi(1ess0tilead orni 01(0i IiniteontltI ttUCivetrtitt
ithottw ob T ices Itwil Ito n011 satic-agai toavene. 11(0 otto ott 111100 ils beitas
today t tWtis, fiomott toto 2tntd from ollttos: jowtnitSouttt thtniverity ate
r too 6 o'clock. litotooSt1t10street, aog Sttetoo Iit-
Witiltheiio coceoltotof s0(1110stunts^^^^^

to-oot willIcretunto \Vonsobb lostatfll
tem ool -ottoears( Dir-ctor Cingell
lhas anonnhtt Ctithat 0gamt0s 10-0be0 n
aorranged ctiwttith NebraskIa,0Illinois0and
0 otil an o lha orn toia00(00 areo ttltlitt
proofssoorth otherweste1000 -s-ocooeos
an lit etlt- astetrn- 10 1011(000 0 oto
ofte .0 0 01001 int to Ii ol io t
otoblo-l. Joto- s Coool

intbrcolbeiateoiol-or-tatoialsevenosof tt th .o tt one1ti0e10r001000teOxo f lsordo
yerteidsMcitgtntatitObefroin1(11 Oi(050sity itt tba thltcsboot lots otobee
61 otto sot-I -6lotWisconCicato, t 100011 tudt thereboitfoor sevool Iyears0,sot0
tool Noorlothetr illsbeirit rse10101 ass upposed 0both byoOguoooo othe (o
It tosoclaimedobytoProofessorTirIutebloodooaouthorioo b(otie ee thatote ouodobeb oo o
todol thber t icbs oft hoc 011iv0rsitthatlit i .b000000 asto Ills elgi t lity-. 11000000,
him0 Its the beohst taddreos lt toa i hthe Ionferencetse(0001 havetplaced1
yseI gotenott d -t ciooogantot hcitso fornwtpre001lta000000 tin o o the 0yea rst-
winig re--sebce4t itFobbooss1ing ;ts lot tcortle, so C ot toill lot be o wed 050
bhe programofutheotcontetoo o o1000lot t oopesn Mcignutooi bhefoottbaoll
"Rot [otto Message.tittit [0.-A.6eon nxttt( -1
\V, G oitoenoughtOb er~otlin. Te decisoiore-ceived labst nightdoios
ITh boo intoloui tttglasiDcbaotes"i-otoFbot-oot- toytoay ffoot is100 tic1000 o
.M1 Mc11ahon, Wisoiiointhe boo C loo ottoof 11(0100010niatmetoo
"Aleoxander totiatil obotoootth ewinit oladlhia lstwee. ilohbte
Initualsmto"LiroilC rnu 1011Iowa0.0exceptoionof the chapionbi~(ship relaoy
lilte InnterLi(gilt of Amiutcaism" aes teevns at IPbiladolpia areoontot
11. Rs triggs, Cito.notercolia -te00e0entsoil Ittouiowtoo
bloheIPssitog of theo Ilottito.Lileo has-tevertibooeotta-coltgoe0man00is oligible
Te o iosioit o f Nctt-Jotpato,' K. . otsinr ittitby troo mpeioo~te-omo th
6Wa0(0(01dPtblit Opitiiot"iFP 61,it Si ciiigato ohac,.M sid en
Reed, i Northweste1rnio. tirtain(0of0 firsb t place 0 ooin hes otrt, ie 0
- --- - wa V s prtctial Ir fseodin bte
SbIi- 111111lb'C-NIS CANXi1. odisousto w, ando htool ork 00115 blb ble
I 001i0000 (00001tlbsidctteo ls that 0 eboo uldtt~
Shota oi tot(requtisOtt the(Ito- ttO vootoadooba-overoybformoidbabb lloonti
lout whbotpicked up thebooloototed cnetoil I us y, hocC bitc-I-Oosiar
near thbe 10100n0at ttimeocof tile ight Cthottuoo.e aot t at 010in ath-1
to (ote ly lottoatseretuthtot samceotito ccsthots spring-, C otoe il roeumainotod
tot 111111. It 0 ist o tteouseod atthlien trital, try foo thueo loootball otiti 1 nexi toal. Ito
00100 wiill boe returnedoobtoote studncit speaking ofthedesonot w0000hoob ich ltdeprived
10ewad M00l1of compting.Cooetsaidlost oight:0
{ Iwa uto surpised Isoutim0e00 tgso
A nnual SV ing-Out t o as to y eligibiliity 1111vr
Sb itbigan' sreng~both icdefootogCi-
:agot ttato-he idual ndcoferitoc metocs.'

tha w1 ill too itheblto soiliseslt
trga1 oo thetiio-tttii catoovi l IS as
IToe Cttcle: Iterlocuor-Bteit Claok.
boico"Fintz" Kiloeen, I11-ILoeffler.
Stut" C titittocit eltol I)ttooo
"Stic S" 'ttt1soo t oboFreh" S otfot i
Cooal-blactk titl toou a otti 0 oit Sinclait,
I] b n, Dae"Dbinos,
6t us 6Cilsoi "Pil"tl[asout .JacC"
So-irs, "Whites- Whithceado "Spetk..
Canon "Sid"Sillb ..Rob" oubuto ut
foe{>[I tHakins.o"Jot"iBerty,"otoic"
Ireroot 1F01 S ongr tonaric Storkeci
"Newst"NewoCo ck ltoloste
Itete Ib~lis Cionk" Pots Pop"
Smiul thubal"Smtht"Butnou"Kuster-
er, "Jock"Crighototut"Ien" Cai.
111w"lot1 to Potts.'IPohior
bOchestraII:Lder-H. ulbock.
1-st violins- 11,. E. Cli otIou S. I.
Snail.Seodubtolintoots I tnkleS.
K. IHoloes. Viotla-6Wenig. Cellot
H. 1u(1110011 a 111110Zi 0100m11
Pinte-ovestt. Ciariotet-N. A. Coors.
ContW 011HbX btinly. Iromonooe-G.
piart.tu tone M 0 itn.trums
-C. J.Scoroeder. Piatuot-C. Natan.
O)11o, utrotduchnboa contstellatiotitoil
vuiltle hatdticootecly-st-r)s:
Joe Ileto 'r--lotte b-p1-0-uniing.
Cli Gatchel--Cholk patomttttime0.
St. Johtntatoh Sc oiutoCloser lotti-
ill" teatm.
C.C.Moote--I nitatn soilgs oil
PreshmatntBallet-'Stub" Crtuupooek-
er, LI.it' t~y-ttoit, "Dud' Keinietdy,
13ocn PFritch, Spike" Dtunnte,"Shoot'
Hillier, "Prankie" Rowell.

Jvichigan Senior Classes Hold Their

Fiour Ihtt u bedstrotg, thin groove ool
departmueints "swvung out' yesterday~
afterotonttin onte ooticebretiest atuo
htest-ttcndodcbservnsoo tofutlhis nuts-
11o110whicht ittslitcomttoclue-bhonioredbah
Mihigan.As iut smilue ontthte ost
yearo peoplc inttheirtofbost steptoswartds
drbtintg loot Miclhugaithble stutn camte
tolt just intilue to hue amtong those
tresentatheibaf fair.
Ledl liptheirpresidetbl, Prankbint C.
bParkbs, andtihle chairmantofibheiorcaut
andt gowssucomttbee, Loutis D. Stink-
ney, ubhe its fled aitLtUniversityhyiabl
out 4 o'clocok. Tere auso ssemblhedtihte
enuginueers. Dne the seniors hod taken

Jametos [B.6Ango-bb's otddrss, betgbanu.- yonus-whot expecttooboosgot-ottmtoutbooth boo
Presidett oo-bbs otoaddress twos deo-(it boo oiscouratgeud wityoourilot if
lioeredohin thot sunupybkindtone h whc siiohi sotccottosbodlotoro t aidyattendtIyour
efot;,bbooase00there-rI ue amuong clout
bheoouuo eposoiwhtn ottaking to hits sht-somte lothomut undloubtdly, rebpoesenot
denso t sedas uhooughlteito-est-el 0 dbiarsteotuie.IReimembter, you
ush tolkoti t or ithtiteachi i o r ttoorecan lw ys e irtuuous antu pril t
th avsaiit f dptnotio ha themsicl umes if hbpogram
1100o us t intgeteral int theuuglituso to t blocn- iwe it tetder tutuituProf.us .oil ;So nl eyga
cteredtaoter i-oh on itt i Ito oran100dttleeclub.It- -.Stttr
toreebfoitsheowseemedtoespe6ill it otuthh snioboo s eadngb.h
loitt t tiito litesuon theo l stye arohbt- -(lx Iil o ctiu is i oitg, t
sotite-rs oothittarchtedom ntit Civer-
oets ily hItlbut 114030 oo'ocndtitbeugaii
"Pu pi t i((e, iitit 11and fidbelihy b-to heirtou11110oil thleetiampus. Tbheior top-
1(00 auubttuuuu s oob oo t )hsh uea uoo e t s a sigiual four tihe htashtotud
cols ou oo iiotiot ld n ob tusdy immiaic ttc gaoheritug uof sptectatuors otutt
hutmuble os(0(on(ain atotgreoe00110 ithutgeon"utlonugtbelue eofitoarcbo.
IFuriterint bit des (1011 . toAigo-bl Iheline I of blt-gown-edbsoeiorsrn
s oaiudtteeto uu :otog (oiiodn Pg o,

'16SS I A lb 61 b 61M6NACIEIS
111111) 16111 1 '' -Vb'uN;
Ati etshingos Iof the inteentbaseballi
booaers huhditthbooatuble t ssocot-
t(tolicelsOt n"ghuh 0esoul iuts wtr0
)seltoo ihe effect Idthtierafterotoo
eralts foor00010ch clss 1te11(0 ItOtas ttlsoo
vidthro reio is 0a0 dispte.l
bheitteclab- s- rio-s boeginos iooboo
u-itahotrgoer tut boot of enotries thanoo
,xrbeoorlous PIrouttbtoe 'bouiou rg, tc
IOmlinl il tappears ttooiebotette
0030(0 butsthisptosseIntholdero 0f tl
title.o n ithe11 bsoh ibs, hostyear's rut--
00top Ibi I' hiatercladss its 01 large
squa i oi caiauth 10tesout is toolbl(to
mtost of ltot yoar's bhno.o "Rocnky"
Iltobulot tho hooleerttleshoro~tsbt otto
Ohio (131( aggregatttion, lhas 1001(0ctoosent
cataoinofoilthe teom toth promiseis tboo
lehotblisienutotohue cohampuionosip.u"Maoo-
aoger Datvis is ibsot nitdtt
Cutilhe colection t1010n101p dutintg theu
LeladT.uh'IP[owsecureocfour the Sant
Foranciscto suofferrs, tho sotmtoof $t-->
waus roused. This tell1 toeturnin otot
thor Inteontuaiotual Y. NI.-CC. .futob
swhichi isbleinug collbectedamonugthoe unti--
sersities of thueubouhntry Itorthou poutg
men aitdbwtoimei whuouw-roe renderedb des--
litte hy teearthiquakoe andl fire,


"hSlyocbo in AitArhoo,"or The their pbaces,Itoe swenog-onh exercises, the
Merchuant of Michigan'" acteod in lhebprinc~ipalh featuree of which was Pots.

No doubt there are many among l

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