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May 03, 1906 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1906-05-03

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' of A L F-TON S , 0 N E S V. " ::.. . ,......... ". . . ;. ;. >4,.; .,. ". .. ...
WeHave the Finest anid Most Complete Showing of 0\!f 1 A c
and Shirts in the City. 3
ZINC ETC INGS OnWathes Diaonsd, reoelry
an n l i 111 lassIas h inl
C F you haven't any particular sort of suit in mind, sop-aradCltealsecarity
Lower in Price jj pose you drop around at your leisure and see soiwts. L UR+
Better in Quality+ that have YOU in mind. If you're a YOUNG manW .L V I
'you'll get "chummy"rih off the reel with ? 1044~tt A Oplpoit o M. ouse
Ask A.M. SMITH ' GI i ' OrcIoos 0Ot130 o
7 to 8 1
11 Amn Arbor Saving Bank Block BCtoOLrityLErGdEte
The Ann Arbor Savings Bank D A.G.IROS
Capital stock, $0,000. Sorplos, $00,000 (. o SPL'I G
Cet res y Just and justly for chaps around maturity. Made a great 1 LrgstitUlia tlis,o11the Wldo
A Genrral Bnking Bsiness Trnsaced fi: deal better, styled a mighty sight smarter, but in price ' Base Ball Lawn Tennis Foot Ball
OrFICERS: Cas. E. Hiscock, Pre; w. D 3 _ not at all higher than the " almosts " of designers, who 1 +3 Archery Roque Golof Quots
Harrimnsvice Pres.; A1. IF'ritz. casher try to make the same models do for old and young men'a Cricket Lacrosse Croquet
Fntnorsoe ran sprtso
Imlmnt a n ryJS kECEIVEDAnother Lot of NEW STIFF FHATS tury '.,. ld11'rrtos-rr
Thomas Rowe, Proprietor e 5~~atet1tt010eroott
326 N, Fifth Ave. S A /y'Jar~~!.1 W VI!. THiR rots 0ety ,fo Lw
'a'1t iTIenot ati od tl.
Nete Phone 47 Bell Phone 457-L 'a oaM Spadig'a1'trde flark oil
WANTED garfrtoItt't soi tottitto.'bh -ot a1 ear
ofinuan e ,idc t tife aloone'to and . ANARI \WILL APPEAR I N'[ SPEAKS T'I' A. {Official 'of Mihiganllsetr soltldvttls'itttttotot l'ttt
ace td otd tso11 tt tt od II -IL't X FETIALtlYe Stdet Sop, ft1tF. WiI.llm ,.C-SPALDING (e& BROS.
somecctt eiucttit r11tel stole butOt'rt e legttiottt bound1 for Otr belini, street. Setitr lats tttdlitiior tos
iEo. J. HALLEK ft CO. Cni1101 ettttt oinPge Ote.) olerete orttorictl cotes will le elt lleisr col for J. M. pipes. if
___________________________________ fellI o colleagtte especially speak iiglly Friday twill leavetow101n tig t. tttday
of intttte M ihigatt rereetttiv e Kiyo Stte
C amrpu~s BarbLer Shop ,C mttoitittri alwayitfoufnttd titc coea oti. will tdelierhisO trtttionbefore atO * Sve
0. A. MOE, 705 N. Unit ersity Ave d C I is hoy olerat oasontto tdeevoec .\liocteltipratontt ewttttla t lin etbefoe. 'l' ho tiletis
THE FARMERS AND NitUNANICS BANK Iter cottsist tf te best English, Ger- Iotor ofthetctersil. I le itwillospekltrd
MAIN AND PiUSION STREETS rttttF rence adl t a'itl lian litratare. He ilRtttttttPt. tf te l.'ttclilditty.at . a make a ig 'hit 'ih ollg anne
Does's Geneal Banking Business and Pay sll ctl :hsspr vie ueprts heaily nickl1d. Tey hldt
pen cent interest on 'imeeand Svings uei~l ts otorI ote. tr p the soks engly, ne aly. B
tieposis. Safety IDeposit Boes to rent syle a111matterly intterpreationst, t1110'FESTIV AL LI0IIRET'IfS fO' SA\LE. seenyea see 'Biteghon" eo to Seniors, Leave Your
at .,o andapwards andclas
it. KEMFas , Pres. W. C. SEaEN.o Vice-Pres. ititto tttnd ptrfect phlrising, all cil-PRlIK- 5 AROresE ry
P. LBasSe's.Cash. H. A.OWILIAM Ast.1h 11111111aIe histlo ttrl o nt 011inu11ted 'c- ltelilrettto of te lyF ih1al atee U ESL 25 AROresE ry
Th a Celebrated li It 1n11'w 1o tlc' te l 11111'ma c' I re. tc'ttr ctl at
C amp 11111'itlas ltappeared int specitl te oficec' ote Shol 111iiof il tit'. 'ITis O tl PE UM S rlil osofhe oyl pra ou sisheoiclpog mho.ofheF -
LO h I P IR IJ ~ l1111 Ic as yel tososeveral seslto at ovlith o culets tf te leaitirwisho. TOSE EC 1O
and1astn1.Covnt t ofnItandrosadeonterten ds lewitt i prv>ofit oram110seoby22SI'LE
M~ANN'S D]RUG STOREItou stitNtrtdicat, Seibricht. eba Professotr Stanley. 'Te frotitpiec of Ptirrer _ a /Sript rch Script, Tifony
213SiainStI I tt ad thlergrealostar,. Lst te bott it la 0 i bi ,ft he ltte Prof. Co., d okrS 1 So , 'toy S'ia
21o.M inS. A. otie o thic, Shed 0Old Eng's
___________________on________ 1ch e t ded Iis o'tt coltcert 0011n-IattId f.KIOr Ptttl , ttftr tttttly ear 1 arelish, Shodd R oans, Frnch
to tO S 1 tiran ltle o nly itedting t a r silenttiof to alttrt i It ttIPhitda. Remna, tthi, wih hir lne'
i oiittlyt os te'shde.
Italian, German, and of American teosucctoss11an1 so numerous teoe- At te smoker gie the Relfynols frorer 12 to $.0
Manufacture 11,and110to Oeiltrtigret artist.101110it clbo Cicag u mvc tt , 5 CASAND IGOW~NS rec10Cd Crdad tltt
FOR ALL STRINGED INSTRU1MENT lcas tlee itotre ek.101) Crds from Pate, 75ctt
REASONABLE PRICES i n ko ig altt IttiDickey, et oOtantio r istttc'
SCHIAEBERLE & SON FtltCtodl olrmtmi op1tttteraemxenhthrlet
4 w. Lihernty S. ANN ARBOR I0100FS NEEDU REPAIRING ? We rvattdeville at theIlte tstte lthtlt le Week THOS. H. SLATER
1111have te est osoeaker i ooosasembolelcrowdtno i susua v I tile I
Etoch Dieterle staIIteldct get wsorklouC tromtly. tmatttter . .\tttttg ite pienttttttlt t RENTAL, - - $1.00 Bookelr
Emamran'uealDrcor 111liedt oettt'Sttre, 19 SotthbAain 00115 presetlwterc'Ol(iteRetd tntd H. Ordra aytiras. and Stationr.
oilrit496rleot F. Folertotto f teChi.tcgoT i buntlttte.
Amuac-Clsa ndddyorngt f h.. A. F. LOVELL 116 South Main Street
210S. 4tht Ave.: Of lsente ne ~~a 0OepSatrly Fr so~k tt olpos lltor332S. StateSi.
Fone 404. Ann Aor. \ N F - ast ep Stra o idk n upis mtu Aet for
01 ttigs ottlst are experrence. All- Deelopitg atd Pritttigot o Lnott n1111. COX, SONS & VINNING, New York
mand111 & Forste, 215 Maitt street. f pthotograpther, 721 N Pottestyolo tf F N V C
ALAR CLCKSVe care yte tareot le of 'l'I'ItlCjsL
$1.00 to $1.50 DOMESI li & IMIOTfCigftaftes aao$
FirIy Goaran+..iad DomeIt ict&tImpo11tel CoasA "In plet
Ou olrCok r h etmd liefall Is~oing atcle. Weat eaone49
GuollarCmoneyhaie atico n~pliad nO FO D ~ftr inoat as & (0INt in n& (o d3O
asapecalty. hl E fE llll ~fitechocolte BONBNS
J. L. Chapman, 206 S. Main StU.U I IUUB .EJLY Saai
Yov cn $eta --Ohio Central lines
H ot Lunch O M N A D O E 01 all trietwelcetn3Idostt
1 101 llmod rltorar s wisthttfirt-clas
At Tttl's,338 . SateCafe Service btetn Toiedo Colmbus atd
33 S ~o, THEY HAVE ARRIVED(I_ _____
Fine line of low shoes all leather, all ttooooCas 8ttrloit a . n vr
Se iaCst at ter n to ltc.tottat ev tr
League Baseball Reports shapes. Up-to-date exclusive designs 01opetlthallservice t o too 15a mt
Received by Innings Daily to3.1:5Ap nl
At CALL AT WI1[I OV[ER SflOP~ousn tanot st o55I
U T N B R T R S 3 1A d h av e a look . ra
_______________I11 South Maira Street.

Groas Pait
The University of Chicago Cold Ce~
The 'niserity yea is div idedtinito fttur FnswCp Senior RaeselorOW PeniC1ls
quarters, Winter, SgyoS.mer nd itAn-P a fd CN
toao. Aditiosis gralted atilo opesin , f and Gownsr
each, on Ianay 2d, April 2d Junot hu. ad oo tlr
intbe 1s.Gaut ntutosofrdthe Gadate Schools ofArts and fiter- O TA T
faces and tie Ogde l(eraduat) School of Sui htsThoetrioal Suppies
Science . Pofessional istrctoi oftfered
in the Diinity Scool theLoc a Schotooth le
RuhMdclClee(liitdadteSchool of Eduat ion. Snm er Qartee 10010
Jane 10 Sepenher I.Fist term:t Jose 1-
July2l, Saend tem:I Jly 27-Agst i. E'C KN
tfe oetherteni.Pa.ll nd eglar crdit A 1 T 1 I'll+ _t
is gie' efr m edod oar theltcoie uare ZT
ivnfrwr oe lpdlcussaeH "' L1offered for teaches. hoeMo. 893-J a..I1o nfrainadrs 2 othSae t
The UNIVERSITY OF CHiiAOO. ChicoaIll_________________

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