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October 11, 1905 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1905-10-11

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ANN ARBOR, '[TBHR0\VIG N, l\ ;DJ,.I AY, I C"l'( lli1 rI It. foo

Vol1- O I

NO. 14.

S. cond Mid=week Game Today on ~~Ci0iitCfitttI10 World's Champion Shot=buster Has
Ferry Field-Tom Hammond o _olit frio1 Entered University Will Be
Out of Game.Rotttit Eligible Next Spring.
itl thteam ''imoretcheditiI up iii' tha ' mittt cl n h \t iigaitio l rlVi ' ~c te«cri' hn
row11ti inil 0111i t ir t oneill who is tt r r 0 r00 ii liiit r.tih iis be n il t w
e:;er MiciganNsil mee Ohi Norhern theiuttigocae, oftrelthehestKand
Kritt lilt v ne ~ t':fe''t) C)n
at L: t is a ~ rno L os y ar the f r he ba ct etc s. Il t e e~r of th i1e0d ri!i e fo111ri0hl 00"a

li ii t
_, till'1'lii
1), W111( )l

4-tMt is P) f('t
W (he., this
A (mr Ad fri(
_etl i ttrla l ztt
t11T1 Nvil h I ]
Mal ('()llcerlt
who is trvilly
s Ili't1"mmp(,r to
4 with Ow .
t?) he inlililalt
l 1 Ulm ne
it forty--Si N f
efeated llitll t
'e t lai,!e a
lIzInn rick,
110 , reatc
p To the tillle
]fill] 'Ind tra
," h;"d
Under himic
i., I!ot at ail t7
Fits, he will s_,
;ith the di eli
e er ccrll, eie
the pkMcr
?; r ( elnent in
l ]iii(' t.e 1i11 t

. . .

howeerllc ecied h woldn
lefttacl t:tiy , ifti"Hard;tlement
rg t t' 'ttac tut , ri h t (it (] :o Noo'-
t 1on, hfull litacki
Tom 11111 ri ti ult api ll ei
la> to' oty y itto' itu 01 til l t'h
be il Saurdy's ,mi a: 111 t illn fer
with bad nee aiitfllis obfui fh
,ilgtit.) hetiame tefor iNebask
New itwotihli s beenIti id III)o r
'iutt''' ti tth''l-s, isot m n an yl
be iy flI tr\youtlati ull back. 1111111l iiks
hary I im olootClarkft otII S 111111
It titten ly i t he ();tit le fo
the idel~re. I am [, itmo d In iiih
in tilt'' f t gam ',tt leit guaf d. but
't'llis i ttelli l~to d tb fla e i t
Ii itititittil Sad111111
Te'll lt rh rl ea iine111 out
as li s i ic so ,letindlottil
lef i t t t clt: oI kl lo 1'' tlef tguurd
wiii( C pt.) , uarerb k : I [etop hlet
half bck f oll. igh hafhak :Aif Ikt
1l -toll in t o iii 11101 1 11r1111111t0
tor tliipo.;'ilthalifc1110the N[or ttol.an
l-ia1mn l IreferItred oto'ar'in't oiur ftil
in11100 appeas toda ill a liw Cudriis
oo f 1101dedly trO i tg t si-tur oafur it'-
11011 iv i tt tilacts. '. }nll't'r1111111 Ii i lltisi-t
utnueris espeii lly iiill go1 te11111 1 ,wlf l

of \t' v \1'attriutott
11 too, ,(J ot i n itt I rc ill

'1;1<l iti

QN-A~ assdor -dre IE). ittloitc, lito
w;[a' 11.4 prfesoi o h istory 1h e, stat
in[1that1filgheath for110 im tiltdti-
cli it tiov it t i toil iii toa oat
111 1011001et terheprisedt11101 d
and -1'' t''lttt o mmt itteilt i;to het ish''es
arrangem nts ccmtnittc i radto re
toi t 1asNvites. Th w its twill tre-
cie itm mbrhi iceta d in e
ifo t10011rvices. liiftheohr ea
of 0011rgnia ofthe I Ii lollhnne

meagre iittfac ts ittt't '1 ttt'ti 'tt lcit' h nt o
o t ll i stiit ot li ht I tLdti' I tt'i''MOllS, alli o
i lo i i p liltslto ime iti th tlheitso inlt r. it i
die tillcon tra tilothil at i tr li' il t itr of1
to 11111 an lnsm i ia d l cry foi i th
Co, whoistwetyEcr a rs ofage, tiit 1ie
h is f o i l' 11111111111- e 1111

pii of411 foot I Hare and Hounds Run open to All
Interested-Fitzpatrick Urgea
I liiirga, he 1908 Men to Run.
toi obtain1 11 h prho( (Iom-liilop 0111 1111115 t
o 01111111 to 1111 11this 1year 0w1111till su t it'Ilees r
t i ftn- i i i111 iVtere 111tin loolg its~tne ym it han
f1110t11011 ilooiloiaiteIooo'o'ii ipol li
t' litt oftcreii ito uiti tte 111rs lllity ae jihu dsrntollbe
it d chii lls that11 ulledho f fti e latr patoiitbr
\iei <i to iiita 1ce i 0011111s 11111 1111 its i tislo'd Ill
ained hsiithItoc itgthese a ifew iutesitarti il' t urd 1
c's instructio for 00111cIspec ia stntsiill e( ptng a
mcr 5asd abou a th time f th 11111e o l it more1
t~lhl htw t l ivel oand itre'singiifor11evryone.i
s. r e 'y fet Ihe iea atfirtsti oo l oll fint hett
~'cer. Ileis lso run to lubioo ol 111110 ly b t1i1 ha
37 fe011110]wi 10branh ofspot'ai nv~tu f ito jsit i

at . t a

too thet
1itt p~i
tr' ll rcr

Prof. Truelblood Gibes A njua

In ;pic f te rin thevint pctol
ar o ;. I th ir ra ti lttmtsto i
iq te hry u a i hy rse
uatralcle en. T ey refatto a'cquiir-
ia~ te frmof ea co'eins.tl il
After001211110 i ii 11101ract'cei t ii.I i'
'ot rtheu tti uu'o hll'ar lit' lied u
11111 in teah thr lohpae ingo
f )rtn. The scrbs had t]] hlldi ng1
th iie pacie h cg rric
oertatitc n \-glu cshagds
uing s,1 111 0 I e ?'ll i to 1 ot todile.
Severat'oo'l 111111 itty 1e1madi n htthe
In h ntitinelit' u o viol it dtefense andu
ifDurin h ~rmacOco h
srb ." n na "1011 tti f t twtoitl t ill
Nucdt h ich mat lvo i m puouou t o t o f 1h1
li-it o r het maneroile wek
lt t~r I tht s Inc(it fttu 11sma ll hamilt
1000 ttltltlt w i tttOOmp on ithe iace 11111111111
Iar is maniilly ibeaity flor111111uieis wiliii
loonew me apeard nd t the ract00iceli
of the 01ilemenst Ntii t it'1101 oi
A1111o1001ii 1tiag ofsth giisif it iie

Shakespearean RecitalS

iveto Ieliiil)ntheseItosa000110.n to
fitol tut er honor'il ii ntese 1111ents.11veli
thl lrunIt Ituth 1.tiutirgued tht i tre Iis
of i le s itt t~ 11'og crss thei' fieldis in
pillc. K el" I~izpa tock istemphatiinil
his pit eo h lban h oki
I titi frliuni Iii, utri'I says,
\iincd hut try for11the'varsity
trc emnext hspriiugin tli iitaonce
tale thnida'l'tins, 010 lie will get 110e-
eh;. T hi.,,tra'iniingoo'ill 1btooflespial0
scru'ru' tou hi onhut I i cinder 0' 0111l t ractik."
Thi f satemen from liigun's grtooi
tootia'r. coupled wooithi thei' faol thout ill
of M1ichigant's lproinenlt d iistance 0r11-
iuoio'oaveloon Closs Cuntrylpm11e1,
shoulit hi' sitlicii'u t o i ncimth' allfrishi-
men titt ' 111 othtlndjin t l'teltb.
The cl.htublrundiony, lhaig heigyim
ory ' otnork.
001,.51 SNlMy)'l'\WINS.
Tetoss ol 1110'ofi Uncble Samn's corni-
,ittion0'copper ce001110yeosterday pgave Clten
Smo iltheliiofufiteof11 manal~ger of ifIeo'06t
liIuoilttrack tam. lWlit'e blilots 0w0e01
counted 'la1st1Friday it wa110fond Bth
iSmo'ttuandilGorge' I_. tMialcolm1, lthe rival
caundIidate, lhoii 0a0101rece1ived'l1t 7 voles.
Smo hastii 100e1101 Cain u1of the inniiing
Iuf tealollis 1a1memberl ot f Ithle Sigmao
Phi11frateo'rnity, and1 0liiis oplar0socially..

Iutiiisiou'. iiill give his fiftethitanual
Shakeiospein recuiooitlin rootmitIG. liaw
Ibnilding. Soilurdaoy' itottng, IWireriuo -4,
ati S oi'clok. hits enterta'inmttis 111
underthe' u lii 0111100 ofiittohe niooo'usi
Irtioicaluuo assoitiontil d utiheoceedsi'ti'l
atte to' ututl ixcluiv'y ottht hit'fithrii-
1110 of orator'uuy' 011111 ate ouin teiii c

Os-ill '1' 7> rt~t ti tlti tutuy"year,
i it s Ihoped that ith 'tstndLlt i odlitt i ih
turnili o ttind lullw thir prcitin
Iwe i -1e e t idisioni will bei
ciari l loii tuu tlithut'es of ittuassuocuuigion
wil Jwihit dmiittedt on tit lti'l' i ng th eirlo tiho-
atlth tut. u c ib shupticto ls
maIescre tay ii meutu firtweuty -
lit t s.

Order., the Dily To-Day?1
$2.00 Cash with Order DELIVERY STARTS IMMEDIATELY No Sack Nzmbers cats, be FIr-nsked

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