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April 24, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-24

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The Michigan Daily

dwo. XV.
Results of Committee's Labors Now
out--Advertising Posters Are
Wanted for Souvenirs.
Ilia Mihigan is lo hav\e the greates
;adntmntl ocarn11leveroxg0ve1(b0 h
0111111f1thebif Ameri1atounive1sfiel
ii< r all ssure fact Pr 1(1at till)o
L'ioni ns'0 t re1' carnv1111 (1,111h ifisl
n111(h1 ago o11r1antele deals to1f111h1e
<!┬░,ul1u 1 bdy has 1demost11ted th11
1111111 11the ietlithat an11(11 11111
'Ji11 111om 1it1111111nd11o10111of lever11 1
11111 1h1e 1 1ofe. inl stage11. 111
~be111fot1111lnt, for11t11ampaignltof1
i~t~hicity┬░similr to hat c rrieo il to s
-bin 1111or11011 llllotlll ohfa111 11110n
~11111111 111t tIll 1111 urn1ing1111tud 1e11s 11on
r.y hand an 1 1h1.is advis 011111'"SIe
[-Ilion -Minstrel111 111ar1ni11111an 1111he Me]-
1 d o f lIn) ig11111111l1 111110ost 111,1are
(111 iletill decided11 ly ov111(n11the11ad01111-
the11101'.IfThey 11are iet fdo(11anof and1
.'<eh.mmiteehsaayben01111 011I g)acl1
oCR1188ff a 1,o 5 1ltRYo Cl , so c
dI l'iedhdaring thebactinl t tt111100
11111a (IftBo1veir program1 16 01i1th11011cot
1wirll fr m etoi S tuda110h t
acclmeorace those110 11111wih to attendlf
1111a00 t neat1)011 he1 fll)111 ity 011foi lay.
cete n ~ t h Fridav111 a11 nd(0 0111ttt
dCIlfoAll teet fraltternifies1c1110, (ndor-tt

Captain Rame(0Yly resall who intendl~
1t1 enter the distance ev011110tstthis0sprintg
to1 gel oat all ta1k(60tiledaily runs110 witht
1110 c1111. The ru)111woill110 00sf' 00001-
111110at first, to enl a ll new1)(0m11111to
join the cluh at this time.

\\ N RIOR. MICHIGAN\T .'ITVI)A'1 '. 1 I1,24.11)01

O~. 143.

. a J

12 to 1 Victt
alists C1
iga li ach
camp to the
7,51ff was101
-1 I h ld 0h

Head of American History Depart-
PENNSY T AM CHOSEN ment Will loin Instructing Staff
of the Midway School.
Prf Andrew C. \I 1(100101111, lead
ory Over Congregation-I' 11 hiI' I'6F1AC TS C) ~ (Rowe, Cot, Ramey and Maloney oI (heI at(illi(10(1of 'hmoobo'mIhisory,
loe Scesu Trp '' 111 Make Up the Four-Mile Relay thei Uivers(1itof hicago 11 sortie11101me
ago Was Defeated. _i'm Team- Fast Time Made. aoadwl ne pnIi oka
ff1111111111 i~rucir~t t. O hi ci ((0 ,')e) nnV es(1 ee' -l2_Iour-t ile l')) 10-f .111'('0 1)(1 C o', ((((10olle eu
;,, ,td ar. gt is 1)11rst(01(1h 1
0 . A r] -1(1 It)e c of 11ch11( 1'Tinne see I. a If'an ll' ~ ''1 ) fl P ofess .I ckalii ('(1( (11 liis t 1 (I t (11 )' li1

bra i nt h ill 11(o 0(0n1)11(11111(0 If Snger , p 7
Du n lii' ' 33Ilg 1
honors and(lii (111 till t i h1(11 tinning '0 1'l1'11'(to
het wahig iven ragged (104(0(1(1In 'th
1111011( 0 ( (1 1 0. 100 07
ihbegni ty tke liingtol i ; (11 s1.( lants onii 11o (10
ii,2y 1) . 3 1 -

1,3l~a II 61 1110i1il 1ew6 11 h T er i )
13 i1 7 z o 37 .3 6 t~o"9 oo ossi ili y (tat 1Pnch \N l b e (1t1ak en O r
theO hi0-1 jump, butI i n i til1o ay1
3(2 oh20 100 tlace o i t ((((he i'iliiltiram. 0(111
1 est representtin o f ny 0(0 Cm
1 1 2 () 118 855 .97 (til ''most oints(10 in h i gii inect. Tut'
25 711(ri.1 l1
'1V3o . too) .970o, Piniaogh ihot 11'('i'lo (('11 s1(1' ctcallyi
til'4il Oio.050 1)))I1.00011( 1(1
3 0 (300

I 61111 hiI_ I t i tt tt
Gils l1001(0 toe Varity hat. 6oit'a-
re lil (, rom 1he ImOiNO)', 'iiiitli'
CM I1 o r' to (1(1(1 li 11W iit ((I;li (
ill) 6116two victoiesoto (1h1)1seit
11 11 c the 111(' ii liiliiiiia'i hf ' a t s-(
fato, 1the 11)r1(p1servedlii ()ow up sev-
lilt bl th0111 otcebl o fI(ithefil
11(n 1' ebsrn~n*deatetxhc
\ioi atiillI il i s c lIi s i al(ly 0((11 d1(0 1 iI-
baot an i i ; 1 errors1 in(t1 e irsgi'toiln 1(1)
the firtiollil'of the gaine.ff1I1)1
Taf~t, ho liii so1(1 I 10601' llatl'ar
liltp to1101xpeItt1ins.'He lumped1(1
horibyin il))ititn11)1and1)whilrfhostback-
s'tp C or iti o (>1Ill f l -i dll)')) soi ll
bukof he pltitg saforDie. eofer0 ie.
llstri11100mai1)ng, lOtoelinhesepecto

2 2? 3.0
t O 1.0010

C 'hao . .

pic adgi. 1(1'eOon thefirs
(ae n heOb1)(1)'linipue. ll.Itoe((w11
because1he was eing1)111 pedasotin aCny
accounts1 01would1011ave)t 1)11(1becausei og
Stangero stateout wel hlbhndigCi-t~g
(ca1)o (a(01'ver trimmO~ing,1and1'-fiio hon
t11e ifenticky1111a1m1). gAltogh11i(ldi(g
hioss1of 11111 1)1d1rbi11(0gmes,' 'ihie ('11
eery' effect)ife,))ut liiis1r )lkept 11im
futofti he 11a1meoftieoistfli et 1(1)
Cap))tillWnd'11111))))) nepratic
aly n itching1tf i 1 yea(-,100)0)slsen)tgin
66' ilfiolITenn1esse110) fu' 01111ff)r0') in
hted'fouro 00')')'1of1 111s01011)ifver 101
1111 RhIP00)l)(' 0)(1) gPiOle 0)00 fl

Th1(1 11 ob s fill 11e1 four-mile) te1 m
(((r0 ld ri day1) ,1(1 In I ity eall ir Ami
temle('ln III I. R 11(10 Coi and
Rae iishe soe vrdst he oo
las io 1ard 10te itlnciii ihellroc'
010oiwe "-;i ning0nxt1toIivii ~ o
who1was1set4ing0parff0111' C oeRamefy.
hMa lyadl olow(01 ('1000ing.' The il en
hhaintined(10the 10same0.respectii'iosoiiill
thrugou (fll1)1)1(101Stre iiot
fil theIstarlt if the(last q11(te1,((If
logo were0 000 111closely1) hiiiihe1,1hilt
at ltilo otnreDl emdioh al
ing radullybif idi Lp1)1i(tng heo
161k 11rtc the learscIutlobot a11101
rii 1s111i1n1, whiji r1(1 l ini) ai I gap b1)e-1
ing(mdeibein4d310e)11(11ee1 ie1s11n
Malney 1)1( hol 111 wa fs iil in iturn i1o ff'is-l~
th leder tsowed, andiloa1111)ileola.
200 11a'r0d 111, ' fiis i g in othe lre ('1101 l0
0ti01 of 4:,330.10 Itowe,'1i Collif a1(10Ramey1
11)ni'sh i wit1111a's1(1110 o1000 47 rfola01)10

ii iii ho .1. C. i.T li tlf i l kl'il. 1
\fe rrI~i) C I ( e110) 1111 t icll aw '
Ii11 1 In 11 lllio) 10 ((1h'1)17-8 h l'as l0nt ic lo
hu itoy t rm 188lo (8141 11e
Gv), asiotant) 1)prosoo) of hnoly.tIn
rohe\a no iiploeslor lo histidory.
%ih heCarezicInstllitute oil 6Wash
liii I 1) (Clobt irsum d i s pi o s10itionl
111ff 'o .S I (If ii1101 66 ft W1J
Inrpy i n 1art1iein1)-SundailysliDe-
111t ProfessorI Ii iiii Sowho irecent'ly ac
cetd aio ffer(1)'f'uo 1that (univeIrsity, ii)
cosieabeofaqunlar y, 11)10folow-o'
inigOuolirb1muii'tloll 101)111 tile'proifiessor
aplfill) l iri 1)1 e)'terdy's 1011)0
'1' the I 61 oriof the' treei tres:
Iear , Sir-fRegardn1(11 ain 0 srl 101-
(huub In yoor-Snttlay(iss111wichi't11110
repr 11Isl I iiotito s17
1 ii 1 0 ever-si) (1)1(11e1anythoing
"n a quandary as)) to oin11 g ltoStanoford
whore IhaveIsoen. ha I'lhieediii
Lil 1(1' tywl d open111( a101 l ii 111101 fall.
Thefac tit I 11101 noilyftohanded~t'i
Ili a1 formal) re1s('0(0)1111(1111 liit1(11 regents
of 1t11s 1(n)v11rsify isof of nsequenceObl(I~i.
tion1sold lia1)1)bee1010)give(0to it.6Whien
I accepl'tdtill 1ffe)r fromllStanlford, I
niitifiid Presidetl' Anellt(an1)11it wals
((11iii'th fTivl'l'itf' of Mihiganosoldh
0(111 1011)t 111th 1's icolleg (''hr). 1I (id 111t
ation, 1)111(1en 1111)1ew)IIlhmf'lot with
of fpersonah1li adva(ntag('e.('If thereIsould~l
be1 aily cl'fl.'lOO'1111)7reh'hnulb iioS011-
fiirid un)iversoify, it 10)11l 10)1 110 if m10
sekiog. VIery 1)1110 y11)1,
Georgoe npl.
AnnloArborApr1l 22.

iiga .. 0 0 0 01 7 0-7 73fetoot -2 linchie0100'd11(1 iiiiiilifi dinh
Chicg 00 0 00 0 0-2 6 7 4-I1111 10'Itheslillo actl~hiion.i ,hu-
111(1 101)11 ad ad af; W6aker,1 0t1)1r firsohand1a1posibhOht le secndtsold i
wh1)11 10 bi01110(11er140feetlso)))fi
(1(0 I Ilol 0 1) l f ol A.00(1 1 o 1)11 oae tno ifficut ito'0'~lltb" 0'iltl'"Wildi
011)1firsot nmeof te tin he)ilrno 11)as10'B[1)1 0oe1may(ef'ti 1 P1arry oIChicalgo
ion) proovldt h11de1r than the Chicago fil orlecond. LI 11)0been1111 1101
(Continuedon 1 page two.). (Continued 011 page two.

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