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April 12, 1906 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1906-04-12

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The Michigan Daily



No. 14 1.

C E(+ he smAnn A lor Press, former ly
RECORD IN PR(ACTICE lknon as Paker & Snder, are negotiat
ingfora ste il aynard sret IfI
preenplans ar carisedoutilthtle will
Giaint Athlete Throws the Discus bildl i f~ine o 11printngofie onthils
About 149 Feet-Excels World li tt ittitr. Iflie Aitti:\elhorePes
Record by Several Feet-Relay -Ire tpritirs of itintmbertsifstutdentipith
Candidates Take Lay-Off. A-, ..and iiltrtndiii rnh
Johnnity" arrels, tae greatest ath--ytis lthetilltttiltotltely blietes e
n thiile-worldlrioke the wolds ree- to i'IThe MCicigitDaily tinoethee yearie.
oril for the eisets throwvyesteday after-,I hssenTeDiy-ilhv
noninspractice, lturlitg the platter well lie stits f tor iil romsltindlwillt
iver 45 feet Carrels h atlbens out hut hlie stablllised itsnitnelegnti ieswhme
aboui three times this springt o i
recoird-hreaking:.p'fermtier is alte P O ES RJ M SW
mire tiheniomientl. No sooiter adlte PO ES R A E
dfensleft the ig chamispots and iiltittGLOVER IS HONORED
iG, tels evidenct tt the trow was a
itiglly otne Fsen Keetieimzpatrick aUiest ntutrCle oWs
ususa-lly so cots.ervative admiittedl that. -convesit In vesutig allteonsir .
Nit stecl tape was at hmnd, so Direetrc n ntgte Is
litzptictk paced off the distaniceCmpnis
ifty full paces 1 Never hatch le\lichlaei~.Glvr rfssro ah
ifa attrack- coach bhenitacisedl of step- aicseandVinsrnem the eiersityi-
piiig lesstht~an tree feet whsest ieasiestercpeto aml hc san
tug toe does he ever give 'aitahtlete icosierabtlesihofnor t iselfsiansd
creidit for more tainle really does Yet creiil it ote sis e-~t. IHe left for.
thtere it was.*
I can hardly helieve that its I M1ilsoeaseey terlay afternoonsitoiseer
feel, letstaid. wlheni le ad recoveretd The01 Ii lissies f 4ioni asal
fee, is urrie. Bu is agod }9 ineda commisittes, ater te mannier
tees, all right." o h rsrn ntac netgt
'Johlsiy" Carrels has ad a phenom-Iii titliiiittiiteiiesit-
ci a treercas athediscu sroer. Two ng- comm iisst ~etof N ewsYorkito i aiesti-
steids agole legans working uinder Keene >r, te te in55sliace cempaieutis dinssg
izpatrick, but its his ftst tear he slI ns nta sae n rfso
ilve bireak mny recsiris or do anythinig IqIohier hIsisbeen seleteid as expert tot
its lmie evesnt really worthy of ote. Lcst -plthiisnciteeis mteos i i oladptiiofit.iurasie
year lie kept sit the work, Ihowever, assdsi sst liil ts ale ii i
at the Peirmsy relay gamses Apedl 29, Ire imporitan i tssttnd muflits Isisnor uiponi
threwe the sdisussx35 feet, brecakitg the trotes srfliter 1 t iicahises high.
woirldsrecordl. This was not alloed to conidenscec iiIis knowlsdgs issdl ibility
,stand owing tin, a teclhnicality. Againin m ituses sasttes It i 1 iskowni
te cosfereasceeliblrike the record, etais- litlow 1flin e-wit11le occupi55 ed ihthis
ig Iis previosfsnark toi t4 feel 2 3-8 idut.
inies. 'This,'tro, sas ntosallowed as stirsN x ;y A:.io \Vlts ris ii tsroiushiwish this allel:
a recoril, ans Iuitoreiser Slericlaispassedl _____________________ ___ he__ liwsill gotoaOtftswa is a isi Itact its
the . siteucaacty sitcmitiisticsofithe
Cfees' -irk last sasu eIby abiosut twit ATlHPLETIC ASSOCI AIION Caaian patt rlciinwicuh hs b1en
feet. efu-ierlycniae eeSUEDI5FOR i5AACIAhS aptontdl tisiateh 5e life sr-
give-siacirest yestseday as it was fearedlants corpnuismes osithslitDominion.ts
they are gettingisvetrworked.Rotwe anid- s the result of thelbleacereacident ITle aselecisonsifiPrIfls sorsGlitve oe
Dtll eere the onily ones who iere th-atithIle I ihigai-Xisonsisiifooishall gamse thiswoustk isIf lt t"iog tedepatmsent
sloiwedlto aketsliestworkouttantithey Novsembtere18 f last yecrthe Pinivesity iol ilsranctiesitstheiviliesiy ath tus-
sik nklssy three Ilits.This~ they sego- f Mielsigeiiahleti assosciatiost is faing cte te ighs staningisof the depart-
tititesd in 3:26 Wild Williami" Coewes a sit fosr $,oo oghtigby ivFanish'. rctietail amonag itcof ifis.
sits working-it the shot as usual aindlSeott, a daninesg teeher of this ciy
Iis effosrts yesteiday were eagerly anth Ypsilati. )ht'I' TS IN ITHE DRAMA.
iatcedelby a lie''gels'owd of onlookers. Seot et s iamonsg thosehsitesbhy the
Hislits nerr tery- onistent, smithal- collapse s'of ite westhbleahilers antdlsass Pecy M\lespoekonit hisAnise -
thoussghsnomis seasuremsens were takeinttlie hias hieniprmlently itste :cn raa, sI tiunituisandisiluisil-
lisv seemaedl to le easily miser 45 feet. byhis linijuries. H-e is 'obligei o cr~iple -tis," iiSarhiiCIaste l itgll Isall Ilas
Piichs wacsinuth ryitig the highjump iabotitandiismmiti ahle. tos nalk upisgt'i nightiundter lte atspsheetoitthile PIhilog-
yessterday, hut coninehimhisself smosstly his sitaits iisidelarations andshist leadtl eIsoiteisA I iue ituietieslisteisesh
ts is-orkinigfr formt.lHe etsisly clereid mushleft itt lre permentas lyisjmised.ltoi tisetye's ioma isonteofitifhle
this bacr atl5 feet o iincesssh hid eaeyl iseclaiums slamt le ,Bseh h iss i iur t ~mis drmatice itlaioist111l smIits spe adhAmti-
imissedl six feet. Adams sas omt for the thisleft s~s mitandh Iecdianistil iIsileft etica iche disussed I iiiupe15515thirs1
first tisse ntldidic ciibsut 20 feeloinchesaransmthleg.ntlayigi-se-hist, le dh e torsof Amserica
inte bleIroad jiumip limt dish slushtry aims Theion titissimadeIs'hatiithis'ctodlthisprlutitctttinI.Ie dlelne of
high jiumuping.- beaherlesseerimoely cost t Ltsis in oitis shims ts thuses.imeiI srit
- smith is-suwre ovserodedltitlpeoplie I oheItisses
PROFESSOR ROTH4 TALKS 1waitthe shimy- tf the athletic assocsisatiniMr.s tthtes e telfirthltstme of ithe
(SNFORIEST'IANDIS tinsptrime safi' healiers Scot says amdudefeetssf OAeeica IIteatsals a- uei
_________ te negleteduthsutus Scums isrehre-to thmi otet-emipha szngm"of businmess
-'le regulmcumonthly nmeeting f theentedtby AtisesLe N. B ross-usof sianageet theusetuuof thistarsilt
forestry cotmmttiee sf the Collegiate Ypsiatciutstestssmith th induifuferesiso f this pushic.
Alutmae was acld Tuesday afterinoon at FrcaikhScottitusselkhumnmisusYsilaniti Thisrmei ess proptuuousedl is-'thur seakee
thae hmae of Airs. F,. C. Codudarid:By nstlAustn 'emrstr s "Professor" Scott. utiln doedttt na utuonislitheliirliesteach-I
invsitation, Prof. Filbset Rolls addressed h-aee nuctuhss d i uummg shootusls ioths its-sf sheramimest ithe univsesty
ther mleetitig ensthe objects ofIthe Mfich- cities anth catems to.iisudmetu pactronasge l1catinvssesigating sum"eiamitetsreform
gals Foresryassociation, mm connuectiomvei it tiesseau mt ut mei
sithlswhich ltar committee is sworkimng. INTECLSCLE(IAT11dram satsiss
'fhr forestry associatioti is seeking to DEBAT'lINC SOCIET~Y \fter theilecure sass informalsrIecep-
caromse thur ieotle throughout the state mtu tn es uI ults ~sus uut
to aisettee of thur ecessity ofrecciaiig Next ridaiy eihtIuniesities sill ALlBRT LO(CK\\ h()5CO(N-
emt-miser ac urahamnet-oser forest tas ssenuth delegates o Cliago fur the titl- kLC1515 1H1STORICAL SIERIES
nowusienstg swcste. Theseaght heconae, pose of formingmansmittsrestllegiate thonotr
hsromugh propiaeiproitection andmus ancuage- society Theisvtsesi ties of Michigani A rareteat wai s ituffereito list-retuf
leut, ci source f large income andh ter- inneiusota, N eatha, WisconssinCli- chitss itlmuists e serdeay- aftenoonaits
muamenms hsuiserity to thur sate imsteadh cagos, Illinois, lostauand(1Northswesternsthusfinltoit rtimes ithethis ticas l set

of beting cm comansat andth eavysdrains.still lie represenstedl. 'thesociety stilltie fgis-ems by AlXbhert lsuckwius. 'lhe inatri-
WRitsixmillihoin acges of sucs laud, or the FPhi BtaciKaiipcuof Stesdebiaters, amid rCuse asduitffilhht compositionts if Liszt
o '-s it of, the.cestire state, hldulfoer i ittisslanedhtoihlucite rsociety corsmiansitlrcuhnswsererhersenited its ammats
no-is'yisems of taxe.sNMchigans seeds poseid of ltar studeneuts who save repre- sire which cciii he attainmed oly tiy the
rouse herrself. I lie Michigans For- seted their inastitionus iii tebate. It is trite mrtist. A fciir-sizedu audiienace turmaed
*theycassociations is doing a great stork sot known is yet who thar Michtigan oust andu the virtaoso wsa giveis a nmost
in preenting these facts to the peophe. repmresentatives will he. cordial recepios.

Delivered Satisfactory Report at New- Double-Header Results Disastrously
berry Hall Last Night on Chil For Varsity Baseball Team-Sull-
cago Slum Work. van Scorss Long Home Run.
.fciir-sizedl ciudiensce tiuried aoit 1ast Ihitme feast gaime of yesterdciy's do-alit
-ill to hirChster A. Carnarysolder Ihecaier time yantniganswn-mmifromtsthe s-ar-
iol this Chuteagum Cmssmons schoilarshtip, ini sity bIic score of 4 to 3,mmnl the seconidu
hits r eliti no IrumancyAmong Fosreignmresaultedl ini asetvutnting tiecat 4 tilt.
C.hisldren.it humdiscussinmg thur uquestions 'lhme varsity nat sadlty off foitmitesipec-
ferommuobsetesiouns -cuiredh hyfsve ially its hittitig.Withntlharexiceatiots if
;Montsthus'uinvesigations mumthi s lsuis Mr. ocecasionacl iummsentamy rallies, hate-hits
musney brouighut to light a large amtotunt terre very scettee ITle yannmigans gist
ofi neurtsdsmitsemgunmstiae lintersipersedh moure ginugermitb hei plal y lucusanlhire
wiin-t seestinug fistsmmd stitsics. sustposedhly stpi rue msits aims I sill
ITruans rnge froms this ages if tenm playeid threm fromusta rt to finshs. O'Brieni
so tuele Is-schoou rittmmsdiction inmumIllin- wssthur only smie of tievinity plcayers
os cletst iteen. Numseroums citet slwhushowuteshtny real clutinsg cilihty,
mueredi the urvuuenile court were while Sullivaim wills a humusem um and
ciedh all if wsichu islohiseid sad amid three sitagles, ans iddinsuugs with two
negectedt paren tlre1111tin 'Th s ual singles tunh twit triplesslush thu r ti
vemdc stefsi thuscourt is t invuesigate slugginug for thme witnners.
homet condimtionus.IDunnue slushgood work it hrst candi-hIs
thhusprotm stsmmof ttucy is i sermons husisplace cinsched, h while Patterson cit
hnbcuses it l eas tinsdelinquetncy atid shortstomp atsa looks likesa itureal-
inuevitabluylts-wrimmngdinutg.Trtsanciy it thomuighi Gidtngs, if he ster eteigible,
theucremoills iemuemusndnitety pee cesat would gusveattin a a rdhrace.l aremcake-
si th husainates if tie Illinois refortia- inis of thme outfield i s rather tuncertain.
theyt'uegasms their careers ini trusaincy. Mlarim sill, he at Iis otldstare in left
tboy sishoutsbecometruantis iduring Imhe anth CahatassaWesidell wilt probacibly play
mulitrsonmthsmtieresultstmer sessions.critter. IThe eight field positionstmcde
are munadvesable. vacanst sotne weeks ago hy "Carrie"
-;ts thuscamiuses if tuanmc~cy, ius Carrnhhers leckwiig college, is furnuishing
ustsathy fundmm that trutasat chilen are a ierplexiung probhlem. Kaufman, Pierce
the fecstibth maentatlly cinidphysicalty, andth eeler clt hate a chacnice, hint
hto thus chilrena of thaepsulic schools at which isse of thme trims sill lie given the
large. inbah hoy is sttbad through prefer erecanasot he determinaed. Today
hid istinctsmust through the prversioun the last tueaiticeliefiore the team leaves
if "toodu instincts. 'lhe pronhlenm is to trar Chicago anth thur south will b helard,
thnesu thoise arts of Isis mature thaiatad tot unitil thirtn-will Coach McAllister
hitt e iesn udevelopedh hy had rineieon asrmatincethur sake-uptiof the squad he
mesnst. 'l'hit1schotols uhenselves stay hue will take withihm.
a ptialci cause of- Ifiasihyr xas m d Of thue pitches, Satnger, D~eNeffe and
schsooh rutsoms oftenm treveuat: anty degree Capiain Wendsell are practically sumre of
tat persnsaini uteresit froam exifsting he- places, althaough as "Molly" will peal-
tss-enstpupil amid teacher: Tlhiis*quicklt ably heued- in thueuoutfield most of the
leades to tick of interest andthrtncy sun tisse, mt us possible another twirler may
thurt ilotf certains bosys. Furthsermsore.hue hthkem.In case this ptives true, Gil-
thun text-boouuks usedint the sluts distrusts I:hrt still dhoubhtless he tiemesasa. 'laft
tine poorlyiatptedl tim tluruse of foareigns withlhue expectesd to dho thur -macjority of
stinsscholars. 'Fle probslemtsof thae sing t41e backstop st-rk out thurtril, lcthlough
hue its thur issuegraiues iti umtanittsitteone 'attircatcher will haute tinshe taken.
hue becomsues udiscosurageud amidrefuses ts KeeniaCeiwell atnd lEmereiniare alt
n esta-in itlschol.u As Ntcondeitionss stanmd makingg a stronaglaid for the ltte. tet-
isushty thuresmualetttainuinag schoosius time knsap at litd amid shortandh Hawkins at
insst succeessfulh solluons of thue tunct short, are thme others whuo save bieen
unroblemmaus itsarouuses m nacturcal distposi- dinmg ther best wuork. Magareity, who is
thumsosumseslur sit if thur hoy-ttsrbemdusm- miot eligible accordinug to- the one-year
turiosus.- residence rule, looks good, hut his ap-
hum sumint ereine at thme concltusionu if ptaraceof "gratsd-stanseing"eetracts
shun tissueaideress, Professor, Cooley largely' fruit trite appreciations of his
-t statsedtthat lie ntis tethsatisfiedth th e- wsprk. -

weork donte by Mr. Carsney ati hiat there
eelssuit lithe duhbit is tmtime repsort bueing
tethedh. (Snly thurppiiular portionss of
Mn. Ctarney-'s report* were given last
evninguglmt it still he presentedh ittfull
- tpewrtnsforem to time coammuittee coma-
F istinig of lirusfessors Cooliey, Aehamus andi
Ialr in use ho w sill udecide formsally upoin
ins acceptianceall after a favorahle de-
cisiomusts sbeets renduereed Mr. Carnry
susilmu' ge-itedshsix hsisiecretdit its the
tiusemrsite fume his efforts.-
hs Fenacers' chum has aswarded the
fein di insigniai. Psually feour smenre-
setivedte M.XlF. C.'This. year only
shine esnai hateeen honored swithather
iigia.i I hurt tire thae three.-umens whmo
gust sutothsinaus:Cradle, Zohelercad
1Thue Fesncinug chits is cain old organuiza-
slums.Itwss sfoiunedeshback sonic twenuty-
huts: years agm.(Sie of timeflest leaders
andt iintutomrs n-as time cute Professor
fIDePotutwho, wstatktoswn ctas fenscer of,
cossssierale shill.
Thurtannsual junior exhaihitions at Yahe
t ecestly stas stoahy' a stiudent from
ChicagoNMarshsall Olds Johnssonswho
esluhout In "he 1usd hence at thue West atm
IAnmerican Idheals." He won the Teis
tI ,yck priethe income at a fund at

Thle first gamoe the vsarsity started off
im ihirlWinul style. Maetin inguled, went
to secondi on 'laft's perfect saceifice, tin
third whiet Kelly flied to eight, andh
tcolmed out Weller's ereor.
'lhe yananigans caume hack isa the samte
inninug.- With one ant O'Benu's error
gave "MNagarity a life. A sacrifice hit
atndc fielder'. choice senst him across the-
plate, tyinig she score. This ended the
run-gettisng until the fouurih, whuen the
tenths jtumspedl it the leadl, three hits
andutu baise out halls nehttng a- pair 1sf
tallies. With two omit intshue fifth Mae-
til tiriplesh to cretter anduscosessd whets
Pierce threw wild to catcthutsm at thirdl.
The yannuigan's last rit case in the
seentmh. Weller sinagled to right, weiss
tom secondshott a passed bacil, third ass
Sullivans's sacrifice, and scoreth on cm
fielder's choice. 'lhuevarsityomade cm
brilliatut rally iii the eighth andehAllebachs
ws largely resptitsihble for their fainure
-to tie time score. After M~artin hatd
fomuleshoust to Walsh, 'laft sitsgirul, stote
secondsihandl thirdh, ande scoredt on Wiiheeh-
er's idouuhae. Duinne's lest effort was cm
hittng fly to right field.
'lie seconds ga-ae wcis more itt a farci-
than aun exhibitiotus of the nationmal spoem
For three innuinigs McHumgh. with hatsltose
hall heldi the varsityylittlest, limt finally
the regulars came- toasnd tied tip the
score. In the sixth the yannsiganis
hiunchled lits off Cilbert, _ coring, twit
(ConU tauds on:l a , ):

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